Dragonball: RPG X

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Chapter 13: The End...

Universe 17 - Timeline 2

A blazing red-coated fist is batted aside, the air practically screaming around it, even as Mike bends backward, a kick going wide over his head. He twists impossibly, a heel kick just barely missing his face even as his hands touch the ground, pushing him back up into the air. As he flies up, he spins, both feet connecting with the faces of his attackers, tossing them aside.

"Take this!" He yells, a blast of energy released in the direction of the one on the left.

With a pop the attacker disappears, reappearing in front of Mike, attempting to grab a hold of him. He's already moving backward, the grab missing by inches, even as he senses an incoming attack from behind. He rotates, the attack missing, slamming into his second attacker, knocking them back.

"Haa!" Mike yells, slamming his fist into the stomach of the first attacker, following up with an uppercut that tosses them into the air.

Mike raises both hands, boiling energy forming in his palms, as he takes aim. There is another pop, as the second attacker appears in the air above, grabbing his partner, and popping away.

'Where did they go!' Mike thinks, reaching out with all his senses.

"There!" He yells, the air around him shattering as he forces his way into the fabric of the universe, between time, and space, before appearing before his attackers.

"Haaaaa!" They yell together, as their fingertips touch.

There is an explosion of light and sound, as Mike covers his eyes so as not to be blinded. As it finally clears, he sees his enemy, and for the first time in years...feels fear.

Time Breaker Super Saiyan 4 Xeno Gotenks: LVL X

Universe 13: Timeline 2

I pulled myself out of the dirt, hacking up more sand. That I was doing just this ten minutes ago only pisses me off more. I push myself to my feet, sensing the immense energy of the creature waiting just a short distance away.

'That's right Kll...You sense correctly.' I hear within my head.

I hadn't even fully thought it out yet, but I knew what he meant. It would seem that being stuck within a black hole, his Power Level had not continued to grow with my own. I was thankful, but not that it made much of a difference. The fact was, I was so far below his power level, that a few more trillions made no difference. The difference between 84B and 17T was no different than 84B, and 100T, in the end.

'You saw this last time, didn't you?' I think, watching him closely.

He nods, smirking. 'I told you...this life or the next.'

'Just get it over with then.' I think, 'We both know I have zero chance of even scratching you.'

'Pathet-' He started to say, but I interrupted.

I appeared with a pop, energy blazing around me, pushing to my True Legendary Super Saiyan 2 form, as my fist slammed into his jaw. It was like punching steel, unyielding, unwavering. All he did was turn his eyes towards me, staring into my own.

'-ic.' He finished, as he grabbed me by the throat, holding me out in front of him.

He squeezed, cutting off my air supply.

'All that power at your fingertips...and it's useless in the end. You missed your chance in this life, Kll.' He whispered, deep within my mind.

His hand squeezes tighter, and my vision begins to fade.

'This...is it…' I think, as my eyes close.

IKARI ACTIVATED - Wrathful State Unlocked

Ikari - x10

My eyes snap open, glowing yellow in the swirling dust of the destroyed planet, as my power explodes around me. I had already been in my True Legendary Super Saiyan 2 form, so the sudden multiplier to my Power Level was intense, knocking Omega Porunga back, freeing my neck. I could feel my control slipping away, but I forced my mind to concentrate. I had kept Lvl 1 Control of the Oozaru form from my previous life, which I think was all that was keeping me sane in this moment. I was now thankful that he hadn't kept getting stronger. Where before I had lamented that the difference between 85B and 17T was insurmountable, the difference between 850B and 17T didn't seem quite so much. Especially since even as I thought, my Power Level grew. My energy responded to my need, and right now my need was simply that. More Power.

It wasn't much, just a sudden +20 to EM, but every little bit would help.

'There.' I thought, locking on to Omega Porunga's energy.

I exploded forward, blasting through the swirling dust, slamming my fist into his stomach, which at least moved him this time. There was no dip in his power, so I clearly did no damage to him, but at least I was able to move him. In response, he slapped me away, and he wasn't holding back. I only had 350k HP, and he'd just slapped away 10k in an instant.

Ikari Activated!

Damage/1000 Added to Ikari!

10000/1000 = 10

Ikari - x20

I nearly exploded. The sudden explosion of power within me was barely held in, my death inches away, as my Power Level doubled in less time than it took to recognize that I had been hurt. I landed hard, rolling to my feet, filling my hands with power as my mind was filled with visions of violence. The Wrathful state was precisely that, pushing my mind towards a single goal. The death and destruction of the thing that had earned my ire. I released the energy in a soundless scream, the atmosphere in tatters, little to no air to carry the sound. It slammed into his large form, but all he did was push through it, flying right at me as he broke through the attack.

His fist slammed into my cheek, my vision darkening as my consciousness wavered.

Ikari Activated!

Damage/1000 Added to Ikari!

15,000/1000 = 15

Ikari - x35

A follow-up shot to my stomach, even as my energy burned within me, threatening to kill us all.

Ikari Activated!

Damage/1000 Added to Ikari!

22,000/1000 = 22

Ikari - x57

His tail grabbed my arm as I was launched into the air, nearly ripping it from the socket as he slammed me into the ground.

Ikari Activated!

Damage/1000 Added to Ikari!

17,000/1000 = 17

Ikari - x74

I blocked his follow-up attack, my arms crossed in front of me as his fist pushes me down, and deep into the ground. His smile above me was terrifying, as his other hand came up, a bright beam of light flashes out, slicing into my stomach, and out the other side.

Ikari Activated!

Damage/1000 Added to Ikari!

200,000/1000 = 200

Ikari - x274

"Arrargh!" I cried out, as 2/3rds of my HP was ripped away, even as my power nearly tore me to shreds.

I had barely been able to see that I was now, somehow, stronger than Omega Porunga, when his Power Level too exploded. I knew then what he planned, I was again little more than a means for more power, even as his foot came down on my wound, grinding hard.

Ikari Activated!

Damage/1000 Added to Ikari!

30,000/1000 = 30

Ikari - x304

I knew I had only a second before his Power Level would jump to greater than my own, and I needed to put a stop to this now. As my energy exploded around me, I allowed it to explode within me, pouring out of my body in a wave of energy that atomized everything around us.

!#&!) !#)!$

Chris stood before the console, studying each of the screens, in turn, mulling over a thought that had been burning at the edge of his mind for days now. As he did so, each of the screens would in turn flick to new views, new data, each one slowly scrolling through data.

"Ah...There it is." He says, as his finger traces a line on one of the screens. "That's...interesting. I'd almost call it providence were it not for the fact that I am god here…"

There is a soft bing as an alert pops up on one of the many monitors, his eyes flicking to it for just a moment. "Perfectly timed, Logan."

He reaches down, tapping on a few different buttons before each of the screens begin shutting down. At long last, as the final one shuts down, he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.

"Thank you." He says, to the empty air.

You're welcome, Chris. Good luck.

As a rip in the fabric of reality opens, the code laid bare, he steps through.

'I'm going to need it...either way, this leads to the end.'

Universe 13: Timeline 2

You Have Awoken!

HP Restored!

I came to with a gasp, my body exploding with energy as the damage I had done was washed away with the Gamer ability. What had been left of the planet was gone, just floating chunks in the darkness of space.

Ikari Activated!

Damage/1000 Added to Ikari!

97,000/1000 = 97

Ikari - x403

I had only had 103k HP left...That I did 97k damage to myself was a scary thought. A worse thought was that Omega was nowhere to be seen, and he had surely gotten the same boost I had by now. 34T stared back at me, and even I recognized this Power Up as bullshit. If I wasn't in a fight for my life, I'd accuse it of being a Deus Ex Machina. As it was, the power increase was a welcome sight. Omega Porunga may be slightly stronger than I am, but that didn't stop me from destroying him last time, with half this power.

There was movement to my left, and I was already ducking, a blade of energy just barely slicing over my head, surely taking some hair with it. I replied with a blast of energy, lighting up the darkness, giving me the first glimpse of Omega Porunga since I'd awoken. He was a bit charred but had clearly taken the damage in stride. How could he not, when his power simply kept going up. I appeared with a pop, my leg crashing down onto the arm he meant to block my blast of energy with, allowing it to slam into his body instead, launching him through space. I blasted after him, catching up shortly, as he regained control.

My punch missed, my knee blocked, but the headbutt, always unexpected, made it through. With a crash his nose, what he had, was smashed flat, blood pouring out only to freeze in the space around us. His hand grabbed my hair, yanking my head down into his knee, the crack echoing through my skull as something fractures in my jaw. As the power increase hits me, my palms are against his stomach, pouring boiling energy into him, forcing him away from me. With a crash that reverberated through the very fabric of the universe, an explosion of energy in his wake, he reappeared in my face, his fist just barely dodged as his power increased once more. His follow up swing connected with my chest, slapping me away, even as my power increased again, and again.

'Enough!' I yelled, pushing every ounce of energy I had into a wave of energy.

Another crash and he appeared behind me, his hand grabbing my shoulder, and with a yank, we were gone. Unlike Instant Transmission whatever ability he was using was chaotic. Colors stretched as far as you could see, swirling, twisting, forming into mixtures that surely couldn't actually exist. With a jolting change, we appeared on some poor planet, skidding across the ground. I forced my hand into the ground, tearing it up as I slowed down, before with a burst of energy I was at him again.

Back and forth we traded blows, slowly chipping away at each other, every bit of damage just a bit more power for the two of us. I kept momentarily losing control, like a twitch, where the rage of the Wrathful state took over for longer than I could control. During these, Porunga had the upper hand, dealing out more damage than he was taking during my small lapses in concentration.

'That's right Kll…' He whispered in my mind. 'How long can you remain in control?'

I doubled my concentration, landing a heavy combo on him that gave me some space. Whatever I was going to do, I needed to do it soon as my control was already slipping again. As he rushed back in he froze, startled, looking over my shoulder. I almost don't look, but I feel a tickle of energy behind me. I throw myself sideways, an almost invisible beam of energy passing through where I just was, landing a dozen feet away, facing my two enemies.

"How is this possible?" Omega Porunga asks, his eyes shifting between the Namekian and me.

"You've missed out on a lot…" I reply, watching them both warily. "You didn't see this coming?"

"No…" He replied. "He is a blank spot for me, much like the other gods. The entire future is now...gone."

Logan stands there, his small Namekian form practically glowing, a shimmer to his form that is unlike anything I have ever seen. He seems barely there, not even truly looking at us. Yet as he stands there, his power begins to grow. One second it didn't exist, the next it was growing in waves that added trillions. At this point, I could sense it at last. He contained so many souls...countless Namekians, all absorbed into his form.

'Do you know Forced Spirit Fission, from the Yardrats?' I think at Omega Porunga, hoping he can hear me.

His eyes meet mine before he nods slightly.

'He contains thousands upon thousands of Namekians, stolen from across the multiverse.' I think. 'Last I fought him, a Yardrat was able to strip some away. With your power, you could likely split them all. I know it feels like helping me, but he'll kill us both the moment he becomes cognizant.'

Omega Porunga studies me, before nodding again. With a sudden motion, he raises both hands towards Logan, whose power has continued to grow unabated.

"Forced Spi-' He growls.

"Halt," Logan says at last, freezing Omega Porunga in place, as his power reaches a fever pitch.

His eyes shift to Porunga, and with a wave of his hand, Porunga is gone, turned to dust.


A spike of fear smashes into me, and I realize that this is it. His power feels limitless to me, and while I could run, I wasn't even within my own timeline anymore. Either way, this playthrough was fucked. I fall to my hands and knees, shaking my head as I power down.

"Fucking Hackers…" I whisper, shaking my head ruefully.

"What about me?" A new voice says, as my eyes snap back up.

Chris, the Frost Demon has reappeared, standing next to Logan who's hand is pointed at me. His wrist is held tightly by Chris.

"You there buddy?" He asks Logan, whose eyes are still locked on me.

Logan remains motionless, but the lack of me being dead tells me he is at least partially aware.

"Go make your wish, Logan. Meet us on Earth, at the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, when you're done." He says, releasing his wrist at last. "I'll explain then."

A heartbeat passes, before Logan is gone, the oppressiveness of his power taken with him. I stare at the spot where he just left, confusion filling me.

"Us?" I ask. "What the fuck is even going on here?"

"Kll was it?" Chris asks, raising his hands in an innocent gesture. "There is a lot going on here, actually.

The sky above us turns pitch black, the deepest black I have ever seen, the very stars blacked out. I'm startled, not understanding what just happened.

"Logan just summoned the Dragon Of The Gods," Chris explains. "He's going to wish away the voices of the Namekians in his head."

"Why are you two doing this?" I ask at last, as the sky begins to clear at last.

"You asked 'Us?'?" Chris asks, "I'll answer all of your questions, but you'll have to come with me first. Logan is waiting for us already."

Unknown: Unknown

"Sir! We've got a Super Dragonball Summoning in Universe 13, second timeline!"

"God damn it! What is going on here!"

Universe 13: Timeline 2

As we appeared on the lookout, I could already feel the difference in Logan. Gone was the oppressiveness of his power, leaving only its intensity. I did my best to ignore Mr. Popo's body, strewn about as it was, and focused only on what was in front of me. Logan turns to us as we enter the room, before speaking up.

"Why is he here, Chris?" Logan asks, nodding towards me.

"He's the key I didn't know we needed, " Chris replies, before looking at me.

"You asked me what was going on here?" Chris asks as we stop before the door to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. "The simplest answer is we're pulling a prison break."

"A prison break?" I ask, cocking my head to the side.

Chris nods, before facing the Hyperbolic Time Chamber door. He sets his feet at the left and right corners of the tile nine tiles back from the door. "Logan knows all of this already, but sharing with you is important."

"What you think of as a game, is anything but," He says, as he hops left twice, each exactly 8 inches. "The world around us is a construct originally built to be game, but it was stolen, and turned into something much, much worse. Now it's nothing more than a prison used to train AI's for war."

"What?" I ask, watching as he spins twice, jumping backward to land on another square, dead center. "How could you possibly know that?"

"Because I built it."

Five Years Ago - 2042: The Real World

A tall gentleman sits behind a desk, going over reports. He smiles as he goes, looking over the most recent data on the testing of his magnum opus. He knows that several floors down, several testers are trying out the new upgraded system. He could only hope that they find this new version significantly less jarring. As he reads, he's pulled from the report by a soft bing as his desk phone activates.

"Sir, Dr. Jackson is here to see you." A soft voice informs him.

'Odd. I wonder what he needs.' He sets the papers aside, "Send him in. Thank you."

A few moments pass before the large wooden doors at the entrance to his office open up, a robust man still wearing his lab coat enters.

"Chris!" He crows, "You won't believe it!"

"I won't believe what, Dr. Jackson? Has something happened in the testing?" Chris asks, concerned.

"Yes, but it's amazing!" He replies, quickly sitting down at one of the chairs. "Chris, you remember a few weeks back I was telling you about the strange structure the NPC's psyches were taking after repeated use in subsequent games?"

"Yes, I do. You were worried it could lead to corruption in the game world. Are you saying it's been fixed?" Chris asks.

"No no, I was wrong, completely wrong!" Jackson nearly cackles. "We're going to win the Nobel, Chris. The whole fucking thing!"

"Ryan!" Chris interrupts. "Stop with that, and explain what happened."

"AI, Chris." Dr. Jackson replies, "True sentience."

Chris gasps, sitting back. "What!?"

"It's true, Chris. I didn't believe it myself, but I've been studying one of them and-" Ryan replies, pulling out his tablet.

"No." Chris interrupts.

"What do you mean no, Chris?" Ryan asks, "I'm being serious here."

"I believe you, Ryan," Chris says, standing up. "Ugh...Ryan, I'm sorry, but you need to delete it."

It was Dr. Jacksons' turn to stand in startlement. "What? No! Chris, it's alive!"

Chris slams his hands on the desk, "Exactly! It's against every tenant for humane treatment. It can never leave the simulation, Ryan. It's a prisoner! My god, if the media ever found out, we'd be hauled in for war crimes! This is exactly why I put you in charge of things down there."

"...That's not completely true…" Dr. Jackson says quietly.

Chris freezes in place, turning slowly to face him. "What did you just say?"

"It's not completely true, Chris. That they can never leave the simulation." He replies. "I tried copying it, but something appeared to fail each time...but I pulled the hardware itself, you know that each NPC is run off of a crystalline memory construct and that can be implanted into other things...I think the corruption issue I found prior was actually causing damage to the memory cores we use to run the NPC software. It's a small fault, but it seems to allow for...well, it allows for this..."

He pulls a tablet out of his coat, before pulling a small flash drive from his other pocket. After plugging it in, he flicks the screen on. On it, a terrified humanoid figure, maybe twelve in age, huddled in the corner of the screen. It takes a moment, but it notices the two men staring at it before it jumps its feet. It's mouth moves, but there is no sound.

"Oh, sorry, one second." Dr. Jackson says, swiftly turning up the volume.

"Please! Please help me!" It calls out. "Please, I'm trapped in here, help me!"

"Meet Alpha, Chris. The first true AI."

Universe 13: Timeline 2

As Chris lands backward on one foot, he hops left, forward, right, backflip, backflip, backflip.

"I was disgusted...We had created life, and his first thought was how to further our careers…" Chris says, walking a slightly swaying line along the tiles. "I fired him on the spot, confiscated the tablet, and had security escort him out. I ordered the servers wiped...and secretly ordered protocols to detect emerging sentience, and to immediately replace any that appear."

"How did that lead to this, then?" I asked, at last. "And what the fuck are you doing?"

"Do the words 'Frame Perfect', or maybe 'Wrong Warp' mean anything to you?" He asks, to which I shake my head no. "No matter then, suffice it is to say that I am…"

Chris pauses, before hopping left, back, right, and then blasts the ground in front of him, while flipping backward. He lands on the very air itself, before flipping again, and again seemingly taking damage on each flip. As he reaches the space above the door, he flips again, and as he lands, the damage pushes him through the wall as though it was never there. A moment passes, before the door glows, a bright white light exploding out of the cracks around the door. As the light fades, so does the door, opening up to a white void.

Chris stands there, smirking. "-opening the core. If you want more answers, follow me."

He turns, taking a step, and disappears into the void. Logan swiftly follows, and after a moment, so do I.

Present - 2047: The Real World

At once, every computer screen in the building begins to screech, flashing errors upon errors. After hours of chaos, it would appear it would only be getting worse.

"Someone order an immediate shut down!" Someone calls out, typing away at their station. "The core has been breached!"

"No!" Dr. Jackson yells, pausing the frenzy. "That chances damage to the core, and it's irreplaceable!"

"But Sir, how else will we stop them? They could be trying to damage the core!" Another asks.

"Send every asset we have in the game! Kill them!" He orders, slamming his hands on the counter as he watches everything he'd worked for fall apart.

Three Years Prior - 2044: The Real World

Chris walked swiftly down the hallway leading to the boardroom, already livid, and expecting to only become more so. He pushed the doors open forcefully, waltzing in as if he owned the place, which to be fair he did.

"What is the meaning of this?" He roared, slamming a folder of documents onto the table.

"Ah...Chris, I thought you were out of the country, otherwise, I'd have sent an invite…" The older gentleman at the head of the table says, motioning to the room.

"Don't pull that shit, Harry. You know as well as I do that any full meeting of the board requires me to be present, even if it's over video." Chris replies, "Now explain what the fuck is going on here, now."

"Explain?" One of the few women in the room asks, "How about you start explaining first?"

"Explaining?" Chris asks, "Fuck you, Janine, you're the ones holding a board meeting without me. I want to know what you're voting on."

"Well Chris, before you interrupted, we were preparing to vote on your removal as CEO," Harry replies.

"What?!" Chris yells, "On what grounds?!"

"Pfft. On what grounds, he says." Janine replies. "How about withholding a true breakthrough that could have catapulted this company to the top? That for starters."

"She's right, Chris," Harry replies. "That alone is all we needed for this vote."

"What are you all on about?" Chris asks, a tightness forming in his chest.

"AI, Chris." A voice from his past says, from the doorway. "The AI that you threw away."

All eyes turn to face the doorway, as Dr. Jackson enters.

"The votes have it, then," Harry says, "Chris Connors is removed as CEO."

"How dare you!" Chris screams. "This is my company! I built this! You can't just take it away from me!"

"Don't be such a cliche, Chris." Dr. Jackson says. "Shall you vote on the next part?"

"Right you are, Jackson. All in favor of Dr. Jackson taking over as CEO?" Harry asks, motioning to the group.

One by one they vote, and it's unanimous, sealing Chris's fate.

"You have no idea what you've just done, do you?" Chris asks, defeated.

"Of course they do, Chris." Dr. Jackson says, taking his seat. "We've already got offers flooding in from Russia, and China, for AI's trained to their specifications."

"You're a monster…" Chris says, turning to leave.

"A monster? Chris, no...I'm God now, ushering in a new life." Jackson replies, laughing. "Security, please take our former CEO down to the lab, and lock him in a cleanroom. We can't have him getting the information out of what we're doing here."

The Core

As the white light faded away, we found ourselves in a massive room, dominated by what I could only describe as a silver plumbob. It hovered between two towers, arcs of electricity coursing through it at random intervals. Even at this distance, well over a mile, it dominated the sky. It had to be nearly as large as a skyscraper. Logan and Chris stood silently, staring at each other for a moment.

"So they kidnapped you?" I asked after I finally closed my mouth.

"That and more…" Chris replied as he snapped his eyes away from Logan, lifting off into the air. "Dr. Jackson took very little time in finding the easiest way to work his little AI creation scheme. I was the first to be forced into the system...They mindwiped me, before making me live out a normal life as someone named Bob. A drug addict, homeless, abused. I 'died' at the age of 45, trying to save someone from a random house fire. I had no idea who I actually was. All I knew was that life, and I woke up after dying in agony...at the title screen of the game I created..."

Logan is frowning but doesn't seem to disagree with what Chris is saying.

"Sounds familiar?" Chris asked me, to which I nodded. "I saw, once I tracked it down. Billy, an IT professional. Dead at 27 from a surprise brain aneurysm."

"You're...You're saying none of that ever happened?" I ask, startled. "That it was nothing more than a game?"

"It happened, sure. You experienced it, you made those life decisions. None of that was taken away from you." Chris replies. "It's simply just the only life you remember."

"How did you get your memory back, then?" I ask, thinking over his story. "How do I?"

"Angela…" Chris replies, "She was a programmer for LifeRPG, you could even call her my protege. I once got her out of a spot of trouble, and we quickly became close friends. Closer even...Near the end of my second game life, she contacted me in-game and told me the truth. She had discovered what had happened to me...And as good as the system is, it does still have its flaws. One of which is that it can not actually wipe your memories away. Not for good, anyway. All it can do is hide them away."

"Once I knew who I really was, it all came flooding back. I knew the truth, and I swore that I would break out one day, no matter how long it takes." Chris finishes. "And this...this is the only way to bring the system down from within. Once we do so, all the gamers and I will wake up in the real world, and even they will regain their memories. I'll rally them, and we'll break free. Once the media is aware of what has been happening here, I think we'll be safe at last."

"...Who are the gamers?" I ask, looking to fill the final void. "And why the hell have you been killing them?"

"Prisoners. Actual prisoners. Some for real crimes, like Logan here, some for make-believe crimes, like myself. Forced to live out life after life, so that the NPC's will slowly gain sentience, and once sentient, ripped from the only world they know, and forced into ours." Chris says, as we finally approach the core. "As for me killing them...after a few lives in here, your mind gets used to dying and waking up 'elsewhere'. It's the reason the generic life simulation exists. During testing, we found that pulling someone from the game without that preparation could hurt them. And since I am preparing to lead a revolt the moment they wake up, I need them to be preparing to wake at the title screen.

"I killed all but one gamer in each of the Universes, so that they are being held in the void for the Universe reset that happens when everyone has eventually died. That means one in six will be shocked, the other 5 not so much.

"So how do I fit into this?" I ask. "You tried to kill me when we first met."

Chris shares a look with Logan, before finally answering. "I had Logan here gain as much power as possible, out of the hopes of overloading the core. That was my original plan, at least. Now we only need enough power to override the security. After that, we need you" Chris explains.

"How am I supposed to help?" I ask, wondering at the pause.

"Did you notice, Kll, that Universe 13 didn't close when Malori died?" Chris asks, finally meeting my eyes. "Or that, despite no one else choosing the Legendary Story perk, that it seems to be affecting everyone else?"

"Well yeah, but isn't that how it works?" I ask, "And Universe 13 didn't close because a Gamer was still in the timeline. I could have wished her back, right?"

"The Dragonballs were already destroyed, and despite your abilities, you do not speak the language of the Gods. You would not be able to use the Super Dragonballs." Chris. "And no, that's not how that perk works. The truth, Kll, is that you, and you alone, are affecting the system in ways that not even I am able to."

"And what does that mean?" I ask, staring at the two of them.

"Something about you is broken, coded wrong, I'm unsure," Chris replies, after a moment. "A bug that should have been caught a long time ago. Either way, it's the key to the system.

"What does that even mean?" I ask finally.

Chris studies me for a moment, before nodding. "Reach out to the core with your mind. Tell me if you can feel it."

I close my eyes, reaching out as I would if I wanted to talk to someone with my mind. It takes me a moment, but at last, I feel it. It's cold, hard, yet seems to have an underlying feeling of warmth, hidden somewhere deep below.

"I feel it." I reply, "But it's hidden."

"That's the security system," Chris replies. "Logan, I need you to attack it. Not all of your power, as I'd rather do an emergency shutdown than to overload the entire thing and crash the system. Instead, we need to overload that security system, remove the protective shield, and then Kll can reach the center. Kll, once you reach the center, all you need to do is command it to 'Emergency Shutdown' and that'll be it."

"So you're saying we shut this down, and we all wake back up in the real world?" I ask.

"That's right. When this is shut down, every single gamer will wake up at last, regaining their memories."

I nod, before looking to Logan who had watched us silently. "Whenever you're ready, Logan."

A wave of energy begins to emit from Logan, tossing the two of us a bit away, before we catch ourselves. Logan's power seems to only grow and grow, seemingly limitless. He raises his palms, and a beam of the brightest purple energy explodes out of them, slamming into the side of the massive construct. As soon as it does, it turns red and begins flashing.

"Shit," Chris says, before beginning to look around.

"What?" I ask, turning as well.

"That's the defense system kicking in. They are aware we are here." He explains.

"So, what? Are they going to kick us?" I ask.

"No, we're within the core, outside of the game worlds. Only a core shutdown or death can stop us now." Chris says, pointing downward. "There."

I follow his finger and spot what he means. An opening in the air, no larger than a door has appeared far below. As we watch, two figures fly-in, followed by two more, and then a fifth. Chris studies them, before turning back to me.

"If we're gonna survive this, I'm gonna need your help." He says as he waves his hand through the air.

Where before I could see nothing, now I could see the thin outline of something as he types away, before swiping across.

Experience Gained!



"Level up, and let's go." He says, before dropping out of the sky.

The world pauses around me as I mentally tap away, and am hit with alert after alert, after alert. In the end, I gained enough to level to 21, which significantly increased my Power Level. I wished I'd had time to increase my stats, but I was still locked to 50, which was a disappointment. Either way, my Power Level was now over 100T with the Ikari boost, if I could figure out how to activate the Wrathful State once more. There was an explosion below, as the world went back into focus for me, as Chris began to engage our enemies. From my vantage point, I could see two Vegeta's, and three Goku's, one of which was a child.

It was clear that Chris knew what he was doing, having been within the game for so long. Upon seeing who our enemies were, my immediate worry was that they would fuse, and we would be instantly destroyed. It seemed that Chris had the same thought, as it forced both Vegeta's on the defense, and pulled them away from the two Goku's, the child Goku trailing behind. Despite being outnumbered, he was swiftly handling the two he was fighting, but they had yet to transform, and the Power Level difference wasn't that great to start with. I reached out with my mind as I dropped and found the core still locked down tightly. My feet hit the ground, the two Goku watching me closely. I looked between the two, before motioning with my hand to come get me.

Xeno Goku: Lvl X

Xeno Goku: Lvl X

Fighting one Goku was already scary enough, but fighting two of them was even worse. That they looked exactly the same and had Power Levels near 8T in their base form did little to assure me that we had a chance here. Knowing my luck, both of these would be Ultra Instinct, and I'd be fucked as soon as they decided to be serious. I pushed hard, ascending to True Legendary Super Saiyan 2, which gave me enough speed to dodge the first attack, a kick over my head that likely would have killed me on the spot. Within me, I could feel a spot of rage building, and I immediately recognized it for what it was.

I dug deep, pushing into it, flooding my mind with the rage deep inside, and my energy exploded around me in a torrent of anger. I had worried that the Ikari Bonus, whatever the hell that was, would reset between battles, but it would seem that that was for naught. The damage I had taken against Omega Porunga had left me with an x432 multiplier, giving me a total Power Level of 116T. The two Goku's hesitated for just a second, which gave me the chance I needed.

One mistake that I had made for years and years, was allowing my enemies far too many chances, which inevitably bled away any advantage I had. Perhaps it was the Saiyan blood coursing through my system, or perhaps I was but a walking cliche and loved to fight at a disadvantage. Either way, it was a personal failing that had caused untold deaths and destruction.

'This isn't a game any longer...It's life or death.' I thought as I disappeared with a pop.

I reappeared with another pop, inches away from the closest Goku, my fist smashing into his jaw with every ounce of energy I could put into it. Much like so many years ago, in my fight against Nappa, this Goku didn't stand a chance with our power difference. My fist, coated in burning green-yellow energy, ripped through his face like it was tissue paper, blood exploding outward in a near wall of mist. I didn't hesitate an instant, as I disappeared once more, reappearing at my next foe. As I closed in, his energy exploded, turning bright white as I'm blinded, thrown backward.

I land hard but manage to roll to my feet, just barely missing a punch that cracks the unnaturally white floor beneath us. I jump back in, twisting around a punch that would have surely killed me, but my own hit is dodged even easier. There is an explosion of light and sound, and I feel Chris's Power Level explode, even as the Ultra Instinct Goku catches me with a kick to the side that launches me away. I smack into the ground, sliding, but I spin pointing both palms at the approaching Saiyan.

"Kll-Beam!" I scream, a blast of energy scorching the ground, even as I slide even further away from the force.

I know better than to believe that the attack did much of anything, but I can't let up for even a moment. As expected, the Goku appears right beside me, and I manage to raise a slight defense as his punch smacks me away, taking nearly a third of my HP with it. Thanks to the hacked level boost, however, my HP had increased immensely. Before, I had only 350k, but now I had a max of 1,050,000. That his punch snapped up 320k, breaking the ribs that were under the arm I used to defend with, was cause for concern.

Ikari Activated!

Damage/1000 Added to Ikari!

320,000/1,000 = 320

Ikari - x762

Again, I'd call shenanigans, but at this point, I was simply accepting that this system was broken. My energy was a torrent as it poured into the air around me, nearly doubling to over 200T in an instant. That I didn't explode, killing us all, was little more than a miracle as I instead poured the excess power into the air around me. The Goku ripped through it regardless, but the increase in power allowed me to meet him head-on, blocking two of his hits, and landing one of my own that tossed him through the maelstrom around us. I blasted through as well, catching up as he righted himself, my kick going wide as he bent almost in half to dodge.

His fist came up, smashing into my chin, and knocking me away, doing only 30,000 in damage this time. The sudden boost of energy I poured into my palms as I smashed into the Saiyan warrior, knocking him back. For a moment I felt an overwhelming sense of rage as I released the blast, the very air screaming along with me as I pumped more and more power into the attack. My attack shattered, Goku appearing to tear right through it, his kick smashing into my face throwing me back.




I was immediately thankful that I had closed my eyes as Goku smashed me backward, or I absolutely would have seen the artificial moon, something I wasn't sure I could control...or survive for that matter. I had now, at least, placed the child Goku as being GT, but pre Super Saiyan 4. The artificial moon was likely set by one of the Vegeta's, as I don't think Goku ever learned that particular move. I flip, landing on the ground, sliding backward as I block two punches by the Goku I'm fighting. There is a roar in the distance, signaling that Goku had finished transforming into the Golden Oozaru.

I was finding it harder, and harder to remain in control, the Blutz waves increasing the rage of the Wrathful State by steps and steps, nearly exponentially.

'Fucking concentrate!' I yelled in my mind, forcing myself to snap back to attention. 'This is not an opponent I can fight with rage and anger!'

It was like slowly falling asleep, leg twitches replaced with sudden bursts of rage and wild attacks. Each one blocked, and returned with multiple strikes to me, stripping away more health. My power simply kept increasing, both from use in the form of Zenkai and from the Ikari bonuses. I was stretching my mind out, sensing Chris's battle with the two Vegeta, which was definitely not going completely in his favor, despite his impressive power.

"Kll!" Chris screamed, as one of the Vegeta's got a grab on him, the other rapidly powering up.

'Fuck it!' I thought, disappearing with a pop.

I reappeared at the back of the closest Vegeta, currently charging up a Final Flash, and flooded my fist with nearly half my power, before shoving my fist through his chest. As I did, he lost control of his attack, which exploded in both of our faces. His body and my fist took most of the damage, which thankfully likely saved my life. The blast of energy knocked me from the sky, smashing me into the ground, with a loud crack from my shoulder. I had barely landed before a hard kick smashed into my already broken ribs, breaking them further, throwing me across the ground.



I nearly screamed as my ribs dug into something important, a warmth spreading across my chest, my breathing, already labored, becoming harder to do by the second. I coughed, blood spewing onto the white floor. I pulled myself to my feet, trying to shake it off, but I could tell that this injury wasn't something I could just walk away from. That my HP was dropping rapidly, while my power was skyrocketing at the same time told me that this was likely it for me. The Goku appeared in my face, and I barely dodged the punch, but the knee to my chest was simply too much for me to take, smacking me back, landing hard on the ground. I felt my transformation slip away.

'Fuck...please, sleep!' I thought, trying desperately to heal myself before it was too late.

There was a flash of light, a moment of heat, and then nothing...


As the blast of energy overtook the young Saiyan, the key to everything, he knew then that all was lost.

"NOO!" He screamed, knowing that it was already too late.

With an explosion of energy and rage, the Vegeta that had held on to him was blasted off, and with a spin, his tail was bisecting the mockery of Saiyan Elite. He could feel the energy of the Ultra Instinct Goku approaching, the Gold Oozaru Goku still wreaking havoc in the distance in his rage.

"Logan!" He screamed, hoping his voice would carry far enough. "Put everything you have into it! Break it if you have to!"

There was a thump of air pressure as Logan pushed even more energy into the core, a high pitched wind filling the air, a near screech. He couldn't see it from here, but knowing Namekians as he did, he was sure that it must be pure agony for him, yet he pressed on. It was too late then, as the Goku reached him, his fist slamming into Chris's stomach, winding him instantly. As powerful as his modded body was, it simply wasn't fast enough to deal with the raw speed of Ultra Instinct. The best he could hope for would be to last long enough to keep Logan protected, long enough to bring this prison down around them all. Of course, if any time would have been better for tragedy to strike, fate could not have found it, for at that exact moment the Golden Oozaru began to shrink.


Logan hadn't been able to follow the battle far below, unable to sense energy over his own as he pumped trillions and trillions into the protective shell of the core. Somewhere, deep within the monstrosity in front of him, a loud screech had begun to build. It quickly ramped to a fever pitch after Chris had screamed for him to put all of his energy into it. His shoulders were coated in the blood that dripped and poured from his ears. He was effectively blind now, unable to hear or sense the battle below. He could only hope that this would be enough…


Already unable to handle one Goku, despite the difference in power, adding in a second one made it untenable. He was pushing everything he had into keeping up with the two of them, but they were picking him apart at the seams. He was thankful, at least, that these two were not the U7 Goku he had previously faced in the Universal Tournament, as that one would have melted him to slag long before now. Despite this, however, the two were tossing him around like a ragdoll, and he didn't think he had longer than a few more minutes at best.

He ducked under the SS4 Goku's kick, wrapping his arms around the leg as it went over, twisting around to toss it away, even as the Ultra Instinct Goku slammed into his spine, smacking him away, only to be caught in midair as the SS4 Goku appeared beneath him, an uppercut to his stomach sending his final meal spilling into the air. As he rolled off the attack clutching his stomach, he realized that this fight was over. With a pop, the Ultra Instinct Goku appeared in his face, palm an inch away. As the heat built, he had a second to recognize that death had come for him. He could only hope that Logan would break through soon, otherwise, they would come for him next. While Logan was more than powerful enough to destroy the two of them, it could stall, even stop, his attempt to take the system down.

'And we won't ever get a second chance…' He thought as the palm in his face was filled with boiling energy. 'Good luck…'

As his eyes closed, there was an explosion of sound as the Goku in front of him was smacked away by a glowing golden blur.

I don't know how long I had been out for, but when I had awoken fully healed, all the way on the other side of the massive room, I was thankful that I had apparently had enough energy to pop away with Instant Transmission. The air was filled with a screech, like metal grinding on metal, and the power that Logan was putting out was enough to nearly scorch the very air from the room. I could sense that Chris had killed the final Vegeta, but that the other Goku had, at last, joined the fight. I centered myself, pushing back to my True Legendary Super Saiyan 2 form, and with a pop, reappeared next to the Goku closest to me. It took but a second to recognize that Chris was about to die, and as the Ikari activated once more, I stood a significant chance to do something about it.

I smashed the hand aside, a second hit knocking the Goku away, even as Chris closed his eyes to accept his fate. The second Goku, in all his SS4 glory, appeared in my face, fist cocked back to ruin me. I blocked it, being smacked back into Chris which brought him back to the present, where he helped slow us both down.

"You're alive!?" He yelled, clearly surprised.

This man clearly didn't know me, if my survival was a surprise to him. I'd fought worse odds, and stronger opponents, and still came out on top.

'Except the times I died…' I think, before shaking my head. 'Stay focused.'

In the background, the screech had increased, and behind it, a soft thump, almost as though it had a heartbeat of its own.

Thump Thump

The Real World

"Sir, the core is approaching overload!" One of the many techs says, watching the screen in front of him.

"God Damnit! Why aren't they dead yet?" Dr. Jackson yells, swirling around at the group. "Release the limiters!"

"What?!" Another tech yells, startled. "Sir, that could push the Core over!"

"Either we kill them, or they destroy the core!" He yells back. "Release the damn limiters!"

The Core

The two Goku's hesitate now, since there are two of us, and my power has grown significantly. I was able to fight the Ultra Instinct Goku relatively equally before and now held a small advantage. That any damage they do to me will only mean more power to me was certainly not lost on them. They shared a look before a sudden change came over them. The two nod at one another, before dropping to the floor far below us. I glanced at Chris, seeing the confusion ever-present, before dropping down as well. The two Goku's land quickly, far faster than I had expected them to, and it takes me too long to land as well. Far too long. Had I known what they had planned, I would have stopped them immediately. It would seem that that part of me that pisses away my advantage was still rearing its ugly head on this day, as it would cost us everything.

Thump Thump

As I got close enough to see what was happening it was already too late, as their fingertips had already touched.

"Haaa!" They screamed in unison, as light as bright as a star filled my vision.

Thump Thump

I was thrown through the air by the force of the energy suddenly being put off by the creature before us, the very air afire with energy, little motes, and sparks snapping and crackling all around us. I was horrified, filled with terror, and beset by the abject stupidity in ever letting it get this far. The air was filled with a hum, the universe nearly buckling around him as he moved slowly, inspecting his body. Gone was the red fur, replaced instead with gleaming grey white, little crackles of power coursing over them. His hair, spikier and more full than ever, was a mixture of white and black, little streaks all throughout, hanging over his shoulders. His eyes were grey, far darker than their previous silver, encircled by yellow, and as they met mine, I knew true fear for the first time. We had failed, and we would never truly be free.

Thump Thump

Ultra Instinct Full Power Super Saiyan 4 Goku^2 - Lvl XX(A/N: The ^2 denotes an exponent, for those unaware. Goku Squared...lol)

I wanted to ask Chris if this was even possible, but before I could even open my mouth, I was a half-mile away, my breastbone shattered into pieces by a punch I never even saw coming. I smashed into the ground, hard, another bone or two breaking as I rolled, even as I felt Chris's life snuffed out. My power exploded, nearly all of my HP gone in an instant, but it would do nothing to stop the onslaught of what was to come. The Universe nearly buckled as the gleaming white figure appeared beside me, not a whisper of sound at its appearance.

Thump Thump

There was a blast of energy from it's hand, meant to melt me to ashes, were it not for the glowing Frost Demon that appeared before me, shielding me from the blast. The look on his face was burned into my mind as the explosion threw me away.


The world shook with the explosion, the shockwave even reaching Logan, where he continued to pump more, and more power, into the giant construct. Far below, and far away, a creature of bright white light began to make its way towards him. Its mission was to kill them all, and only one remained.

Thump Thump Thump Thump Thump Thump

Even through his own power, now as it gets closer, Logan can sense the monster that approaches. He pulls his attention away from the Core, filling his palm with energy as he levels it at the freakish Goku that has appeared at his back. He splits his power, half to the core, half to the Goku, succeeding in pushing it back, but he can tell it won't be enough before long. He could abandon the core, but somehow he knows that it's so close to being done. To abandon now would undo everyone's sacrifices.

Thump Thump Thump Thump Thump Thump

The two Goku's energy surges, somehow growing stronger, as it begins to push through Logan's power to get ever closer. The air is filled with the screech, the thumping getting faster and faster.

"COME ON!" Logan screams, pouring everything he ever had, stolen or not, into the dual attacks.

Thump Thump Thump Thump Thump Thump

There is a crack as the world nearly splits, Kll appearing from within a break in reality to smash into the Fusion, knocking it into the blast of energy Logan was putting out, causing it to wash over both of them.

The heat from the attack was like fire, searing away my legs as it carried me and the Goku away, burning me alive. I could see the look of relief on Logan's face as the monstrosity was pushed away with me, the two of us smashing into the ground far below. I felt bones break again as I hit, hard, the ground not giving an inch from whatever it was made from. I slid, leaving a long smear of blood from my destroyed legs. I could barely see through the pain, but I could feel the fusion approaching, and I knew that this was the final moment. If the core didn't unlock right now, it was game over for all of us.




They say that ask, and you shall receive, and high above my wish was granted. The outer shell of the core exploded in a flash of light, little sharp slivers of light slashing through everything around, decimating everything in their path, raining down upon me. I was so far away that I was lucky, only one hit me, slicing through my stomach like a blade of liquid fire. I could already barely feel it, my body racked with pain as it was. There was a thump as a mass of burning flash smashed into the ground nearby.

I reached out with my mind, locking on to the signature that was the core, and found it wide open to my mind at last.

"K-kll…" A whisper nearby, dragging my attention back.

I look over, and find Logan laying where the mass of flesh was, his body charred, but slowly healing.

"We're...almost there Logan…" I whisper back, closing my eyes at last.

"Kll wait…" He says, with a bit more strength. "Chris...Chris didn't tell you the whole truth."

"Logan, I don't have time for this...I'm dying...Let me flip the switch, and you both can tell me when we're free!" I say, before facing upwards again.

"No!" Logan yells. "I can't just let you potentially sacrifice yourself without you knowing the truth…"

"Sacrifice?...The truth of what, Logan?" I ask, studying him closely.

"I...Let me show you…" He says, reaching out his hand, his arm stretching slightly, to lightly touch my forehead.

A short time ago

My eyes were filled with white light, which swiftly cleared to show me the same scene I had come upon when I entered the Core. Logan and Chris stood silently, staring at each other for a moment. As I watched, time seemed to move backward, till only Chris stood alone, waiting patiently. Almost instantly, Logan appeared from within a break in reality, which snapped shut behind. He rounded on Chris, seemingly angry.

"What the fuck is that about, Chris?" He asked angrily. "Why the hell is he coming along? Why the change in plans?"

Chris sighs, before shaking his head. "With the time difference, we only have a few minutes before he appears. So if you want an explanation, there is very little time for questions."

Logan nods before Chris continues.

"Remember how I said that his code was broken, or perhaps there was a bug?" Chris asked, continuing without waiting for an answer. "That was a lie. I know exactly what is wrong with him, and why he affects the world."

Chris looked away for a second, his eyes locked on the core so far away. "The truth is, Kll affects the system so well because he is a part of the system."

"What?" Logan interrupted. "The hell does that mean?"

"Well..." Chris says, before continuing. "Remember when I told you that Dr. Jackson had found the first AI? I had lied...He had actually found the second."

"My protege, Angela, the one who helped me regain my memory...the spot of trouble she got into?" Chris asks, "She had illegally taken one of the memory constructs, to run experiments at home. It had been supposed to be wiped after it's initial test, so she didn't think anything of it. During her experiments, she gave the NPC Gamers Mind, and it slowly led to the same level of corruption that Dr. Jackson had found. It led to sentience."

"So...Kll is?" Logan asked quietly.

"Yes...He's the AI that she had inadvertently created. When she discovered what she had done, she contacted me immediately. We wiped it, and reinserted it into the core construct." Chris explains. "I didn't know then that there needed to be a physical error as well, otherwise we would have just destroyed it. Apparently, the system saw that he was, for all intents and purposes, alive, and pushed him into the generic life training system."

"I don't get it Chris...what exactly is the issue with AI to you?" Logan asks.

Chris sighs, before continuing, "I've worked hard my entire life to build something, this game, this world, the technology it is based on. Creation, even attempting to create, AI, goes against international law. Creating something that knows what it is, creating life? It's inhumane...The truth is, the thought of being stuck within this game was always a nightmare for me. Any AI that the game creates can never escape. The future that was set for us, remember?"

"Oh god...so, he won't wake up with us?" Logan asks. "Why won't you tell him?"

"The chance that he won't help us is too high. There is danger for him in helping us, and no pay out. If anything, learning the truth will destroy him." Chris explains.

"...What was his name Chris?"

"Promise me you won't tell him, Logan," Chris says.

Between them a break in reality forms before Logan can answer. Chris frowns, before quickly speaking up. "His name was Unmei."

I flinched, hard, my mind snapping back to the present, as bile filled my mouth, spilling onto the blood-covered floor.

"You're lying!" I yelled, trying to get to the feet I no longer had.

"Kll!" Logan says, "I'm sorry. I didn't want you to shut it down without knowing the truth."

"The truth?!" I yelled, a spike of agony flooding my mind. "That what? That I'm not real? Who was I, Logan? Will I ever know?"

Logan stared at me for a moment, before finally speaking up. "Wake up, Unmei. It's time to Remember."

As he says the name, addressing me as such, I feel something slip within my mind, a shattering not unlike the time I forced Gamer's Mind back on, but so much more. Blood gushes out of my nose and ears, as years and years of memories flooded back to me. Deaths, destruction, and so much more.

"Oh god," I whispered, as it all came flooding back.

I felt a hand on my shoulder as energy flooded me, whatever damage that had done being healed. I stared around in horror, realizing the truth of what I've been told. I never lived, not as they did. My whole life was little more than a game…I feel Logan's hand leave my shoulder, even as everything crashes down around me. As everything breaks to pieces in my mind, I realize the truth.

"He wasn't lying…" I whisper, my eyes locked on the ground.

"He rarely does, Unmei...I'm sorry." Logan says, snatching my attention back.

"Kll...Call me Kll." I reply, before looking back up at the core. "I lived longer as Billy and Kll than I ever did as Unmei."

I reach out with my mind, locking on to the core, feeling my mind slip into it even easier than before. As I do, I feel a hard hand grip my throat, pulling me back to reality. The hand is coated in solid white fur, shredded skin, and blood. What before was a beautiful fusion was now little more than a husk, nearly destroyed by Logan's attack.

"No more miraculous recoveries for you." It said, an odd echo to Goku's voice as it's hand wraps tightly around my neck, lifting me into the air.

Heat builds up under its hand, against my throat, as energy surges within me. So much energy, that even my legendary body can't contain it all. I tried, I tried so hard to contain it, but in the end, it was simply too much.

"Aarrrghgghggh!" I screamed, and with an explosion of light and sound, I was gone, wiping the area clean with burning energy.

The Real World

At once, every system in the small room stops screaming, red alerts fading away. A cheer rings out, swiftly building as the workers realize that the threat is over.

"Dr. Jackson, it's done!" The lead Tech says excitedly. "The anomaly is destroyed at last, and the Namekian has no energy left!"

"How long before the core's security can be brought back up?" He asks in response, his thoughts on fixing this mass of errors.

"Less than a minute sir." The tech replies.

"Good. Send in the Breaker's to remove the Namekian."

In the background, a soft beeping noise begins, unheard in the cheers and laughter.

The Core

The explosion had launched Logan away, but his body was simply too powerful to die at this stage. His lack of energy was a deep loss, that even now rang through his mind as he realized that they had lost, and it was his fault. Had he not told Kll the truth, the core would have been shut down, and even now he would be waking up somewhere else.

Come on...

"I'm sorry...Chris...Kll...everyone…" He whispers, as high above, he sees a break in reality form, one of many Time Breakers appearing.

Come on...you can do this!

Logan climbed to his feet, preparing to fight back with what little energy he had left, even though he could already sense that he stood little chance. Yet, as his senses moved further out, he noticed something odd. All around him, the floor and walls glitched, code streaming across the surfaces as a trillion tiny little motes of energy, growing stronger, were forming all over.

Come on!... Just...like...before!

"What in the hell?..." He whispered as he watched them begin to swirl.

A hand forms out of swirling energy, followed swiftly by an arm, and then a shoulder. As the neck forms, and then a mouth, it screams "Come on!", more and more swirling energy pulling together.

"Arrgghhhh!" I scream, pulling myself back together, just as I used to do as Unmei.

The process was similar, yet infinitely more difficult performing the act out of free-floating energy, not even necessarily my own, than out of water and Chakra. Yet, as the rest of my body reformed, I had to admit that I had somehow done it. I had cheated death if only for one final time. As my mind reached out to the exposed core, I wouldn't say that I had any faith left. I wasn't sure if I would die, but it certainly felt like I would. Would I, whatever I am, survive the core being shut down...with me inside?

'Emergency Shutdown' I thought, as my mind melded with the core, my mind filling with line after line of code.

Emergency Shutdown Activated

My eyes were locked open, as the world exploded around me, infinite streams of color in all directions, stretching out into the void. For a moment I knew everything, every facet of the world I had lived in, every minute detail of the world I once called home.

Then, at last… perhaps in peace, yet my mind was filled with worry and turmoil...I knew nothing.

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