It was a lazy evening for Team JNPR. At least some of them.

Jaune laid on his bed, hair still slightly damp from his post-training shower with Pyrrha. His partner had elected to continue on without him even after he had finished. He supposed that was simply one reason she was the four time Mistral Regional Tournament Champion. The girl was a machine, and she probably wouldn't be back for another hour or so.

Meanwhile Ren was out purchasing ingredients for his infamous green goo health food shakes. Another example of the driven nature of half of his team as opposed to the more laid-back, slothful pair who currently inhabited the room.

Speaking of sloths, Nora emerged from the bathroom after her own shower, vigorously rubbing her hair with a towel as she moved over to her bed. Warm and humid air began to filter in from the open door to the bathroom now, and the scent of some indistinguishable fruit filled his nostrils.

It was a surprisingly quiet and peaceful night for the pair. It wasn't as if they were uncomfortable with one another, but it seemed as if they just preferred the company of their respective partners. Ren and Nora were childhood friends with a wealth of shared experiences. Jaune and Pyrrha had bonded over their training and sharing of secrets. Sometimes he wondered what he would even speak to Nora about in a private, one on one setting. The same for Pyrrha and Ren. Maybe those two would discuss diet and nutrition? But still, what would Jaune himself have in common with Nora?

Minutes passed by, and Jaune glanced over to see that Nora had donned her large headphones. With a scroll turned sideways in her hands, it was clear to the blond that she was watching something on it. At least she had the courtesy to put on headphones. Knowing her it was probably something loud and obnoxious.

Jaune flipped the page of his X-Ray and Vav comic. Truth be told, this peace and quiet was just a little bit boring. Maybe he had just grown too used to the insanity that was Beacon Academy. Where were the food fights? The sap collecting missions? Even dance shenanigans? A normal night had become something so mundane that Jaune was just wishing for something to happen. Something like battling an Atlesian mech in the middle of downtown Vale like Team RWBY. That would certainly be a show.

The squeaking of mattress springs earned his attention, and Nora was apparently coming his way. When he had wished for something to happen, he wasn't quite sure that an encounter with Hurricane Nora was what he had wanted.

The girl casually hopped into the bed next to him, laying down before removing her headphones and tossing them onto the adjacent bed. Jaune never could have expected what would come next.

"Hey, Jaune," his teammate said, shoving the scroll in between the two of them so that they could both watch whatever was on its screen. "Check out the gazungas on this chick."

Blue eyes focused on the scroll video. Those eyes widened at what they saw.

A redheaded woman, a fully nude woman, was busy bouncing up and down on a fully nude man's penis. Large breasts jiggled with every movement, and Nora had adjusted it so that volume was now coming out of the device's speaker rather than her discarded headphones. The sound of the woman's moans filled his ears, as did the slapping of flesh on flesh as she rode the man on the bed.

"What the- Nora!" Jaune protested, squirming up on the bed into a sitting position. "What are you doing?"

"Watching porn," she said matter-of-factly. Like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "It's a pretty good one, too. Amateur stuff is always the best."

His eyes couldn't help but be drawn back to the video. The video that Nora was shamelessly playing aloud for both to hear and see. Hardcore. Uncensored. Utterly real. There was no tucking it between the legs for this. No simulated penetration here. Nope. That woman was sliding on and off a guy's cock, and Nora felt like sharing that with the world. Or at least him.

"Yeah but... why?"

"It's fun. What, are you gonna say you never watch porn?"

He wasn't going to say that. Quite the opposite in fact. He was a young man in the midst of puberty with a healthy sexual appetite. He attended a school full of young, incredible beautiful women, some of whom loved to show off their bodies in tight, skimpy outfits.

Yang was the first to come to mind. Yang and her glorious chest.

Jaune shook his head. Now was not the time to think about Yang like he had so many times before in private. Yes. Private. That was his response.

"Yeah I watch porn," he confirmed. "But... not out in the open like this. And definitely not with one of my best friends."

"If you can't watch and comment on porn with your best friend, who can you do it with?"

It was an odd question. And in a way it made sense. Yet in another way it made no sense. He would never do such a thing with Pyrrha. He would be mortified even discussing sex stuff with his closest friend and partner. And as for Ren, well, Jaune wasn't much into the idea of getting all worked up and aroused around another guy. It would have just been awkward for him.

"So... this is like a bonding thing for you or something?" he asked.

Nora shrugged. "I dunno. I guess. Just wanted to know what you thought about it and all. About her."

The woman in the video was beautiful, of that there was no doubt. There was something about amateurs which made the whole thing seem more real and genuine. There was no production company behind the scene. No fake plastic boobs. Probably no fake orgasms either. It was just two people, two regular people like Jaune and Nora themselves, going at it and deciding to record it.

"She's hot," Jaune admitted.

Nora hummed. "Yeah. Guy's cute too. It's nice when both are attractive, don't you think?"

It certainly helped with the experience. When Jaune saw videos of a smoking hot girl getting screwed by a fat, hairy, old man, it definitely took away from the experience.

The couple on screen had switched positions, and the woman was bent over the mattress now. Each thrust of the man's pelvis slammed into her ass, and the rhythmic slapping noise was music to Jaune's ears. It was also beginning to have a predictable effect on what lay below his waist.

Hair pulling and ass slapping followed, and the woman's moans added to the cacophony of pleasure and lust filling the room. Jaune's legs squeezed together, and he brought his knees up to shield his natural reaction the best he could from the girl beside him.

"You think that feels good?" Nora asked.

Jaune shook his head, clearing the thoughts from his mind. "What? Sex?"

"Nah, that speaks for itself," she said. "I mean the rough part. Some girls like it rough from what I've seen. You think it feels good to have your hair pulled like that? Or to get spanked?"

He'd never thought about it much. He'd never thought about being on the receiving end of it either. In all his fantasies and dreams, Jaune had been the one giving it to a girl. He had been the one administering the rough stuff. It just seemed like a given that girls would like that based on what he'd seen online.

The boy shrugged. "I dunno. I guess it has to feel good if it's so common in porn."

A thoughtful hum sounded in Nora's throat. "I guess you're right. If it ain't broke don't fix it, right?"

"I guess," he agreed.

The two continued to watch the scene play out on Nora's scroll. It was surreal. Nora, his friend and teammate, was lying next to him watching a girl getting fucked. Like it was the most normal and casual thing in the world. And to Jaune's surprise, he didn't seem to mind it either. Now that the initial shock was over, he felt perfectly comfortable just watching it with the girl. Commenting about it. Speculating. Like they were movie critics watching a summer blockbuster.

Eventually the climax of the video was reached, in more ways than one. The redheaded woman as on her knees, and the man stroked his hard erection over and over until a stream of cum shot out onto her face Rope after rope of the sticky white stuff struck her on the mouth. The nose. Even her closed eyes. Thankfully they were closed. Jaune couldn't imagine the pain of being hit in the eyeball with a stream of the stuff. If anything would ruin the perfect moment of a loving couple finishing with each other, it would be something like that.

"Pretty good stuff, right?" Nora asked.

He had to admit, it was. It had only been one video, but Nora seemed to have excellent taste in porn.

Words the boy never thought would enter his mind.

"Yeah. It was."

Nora smiled, and her gaze averted from the screen onto him. More specifically, a certain part of him. "Wow, really doesn't take much to get you going, does it?"

Jaune followed where her eyes were pointed and saw that his hardness was peeking through his pants. Despite his best efforts, he hadn't been able to hide his erection from the girl next to him. He wasn't about to feel bad or ashamed about it. After all, Nora was the one who had come over to his bed and showed him hardcore pornography.

"I mean, I'm lying here with you watching a girl getting fucked," he explained. "It's kind of a natural reaction."

To his surprise, Nora hadn't bothered to look back up at his face when she spoke. She continued to stare below Jaune's belt. "Still, it it only took a naked chick to get a guy hard, what's the point of a fluffer?"

"A fluffer?"

"Yeah. A girl who blows a guy to keep him hard on set."

That was a thing? It occurred to Jaune that his knowledge of the pornography industry was woefully lacking. Or maybe that Nora's knowledge was just incredible. For some reason that did not surprise him. Nora was ten pounds of crazy in a five pound bag. Jaune didn't think that he could be surprised by any weird facts or secrets the girl might know.

"Seems like you really know your stuff," he commented.

"I like porn," she said with a shrug. "No big deal. I think it should be a lot less taboo, ya know?"

"Why's that?"

"Well think about it. Porn makes people happy. And happy thoughts keep the Grimm away. If you ask me, the world would be a much better place if people were just boning more."

Jaune laughed. How could he not? With such a simple, honest explanation like that, who could say she was wrong? He may not have ever actually had sex, but he had masturbated plenty. And she was right, it felt good. He knew that on some chemical level it made the brain happy too. With that line of logic, maybe the world would be a better place if people were just happily having sex with each other.

"You really are a weirdo, you know that?" he chuckled.

"Yeah, I know," she agreed. "But like I said, no shame in that. Doing what makes you feel good in your own private time shouldn't be a bad thing."

It shouldn't. It didn't harm anyone. They weren't stealing or anything like that. They were just watching sex. One of the most beautiful and natural things in the world. Everyone and everything did it. It's just that humans did it for pleasure in addition to reproduction.

"Yeah. I get that," he nodded. A brief pause followed, and he saw that Nora was scrolling through the list of videos on screen looking for another. Apparently she wasn't done with this conversation yet. "Hey, Nora?"


"Do you like watching porn with me?"

He saw a soft smile play on her lips, and her head tilted slightly as she continued to peer down at the screen. "Yeah. It's fun."

Fun. That was surprising. Or maybe not, considering that she had come over in the first place. Considering that she was looking to continue. "Really? Why?

"I dunno," she answered honestly. Another pause came after as she probably attempted to come up with an explanation as to why. "Just fun to do commentary sometimes. Ask other people's opinions. Maybe ask a few questions about things I don't know."

Jaune hummed. "Oh really? Queen Nora of Pornlandia doesn't know stuff?"

"Some stuff. Guy stuff."

He supposed that was true. After all, Jaune could hardly say he was an expert on female anatomy. No matter how much media he consumed, he didn't know what actually felt good for a woman. If the kinds of things he would have wanted to do would be satisfying for her. He'd need to hear it from her mouth to know for certain.

"Yeah, I guess that makes sense," he admitted. "But if you have questions why me? Why not Ren?"

Nora's hand froze from its scrolling, and she turned to regard him. "Ren is... complicated. I don't think he'd be comfortable doing this kind of thing with me."

"Really? Jaune asked with genuine surprise. "Is he not... into you or something?"


"Oh, well, it's just I thought you kinda had a thing for him. And now that you mentioned that I figured maybe he didn't feel the same way?"

"What? No way!" Nora practically shouted. "We're just friends. Like brother and sister close."

Jaune blinked. "Oh. So all those times you said you weren't together-together..."

"I meant it." Nora laughed incredulously, shifting her attention back to her scroll. "Wow. It's like I say something and people just assume the exact opposite. Ugh! People sometimes!"

He raised his hands defensively. "I'm sorry. I thought it was kinda one of those reverse psychology things. Where you were in denial and all that."

"Nope. He's my brother. And even if he wasn't, he's not exactly the kind of guy you can plop down next to and show a girl getting bent over a table and plowed from behind."

The language Nora used to describe the act sent a shiver down his spine. It was so... carnal. So primal. The idea of doing that with a girl, taking his hands and firmly gripping her hips, and just ramming her hard from behind... it made the his reaction from earlier come back with a vengeance.

"But I am? he wondered.

"I guess. I mean, we're doing it right now."

"Yeah," he shrugged. "You're right about that."

Another video started playing. Again, it was a well-endowed girl on top. It seemed that Nora had a type of genre she preferred watching. He couldn't blame her. He had his fetishes too.

"Hey, Jaune?" she asked.


"You think that chick has better boobs than me?"

The question came out of nowhere, and it hit him like a truck. Comfortable or not, he wouldn't have expected Nora to ask such a personal question concerning herself. It was one thing to comment on the bodies of the people in the video. It was quite another to do so about themselves.

"What?" he asked, the reaction coming without even thinking about it.

"Her tits," she said, pointing a finger at the large breasts bouncing up and down. "Think they're better than mine?"

"Uh... I don't know."

"Oh come on, you can say yes. I won't be offended."

Offending Nora was the last thing on his mind right now. Discussing the boobs of one of his closest friends in the world was kind of a step up from discussing those of strangers.

But still, it wasn't the only reason either. "I honestly can't say," he explained. "This isn't me trying to play games or anything, but I've never seen yours. Only hers."

To Jaune's surprise, Nora set the scroll down on her raised knees and it rested there as her hands came up to her white sleeping shirt. She squished the hidden treasures beneath the fabric together, making them suddenly a lot more prominent than they had been seconds before.

"You can't tell me you've never noticed these puppies before," she argued.

Oh yeah. He had noticed them before. He'd noticed them just like he had so many other girl's breasts at Beacon. When a girl wore a tight white top with a heart-shaped cleavage window, it was hard not to notice.

"Noticed, yeah," he agreed. "But I've tried to never stare."

"Tried doesn't mean you haven't," she smirked.

Again, he was guilty. Try as he might, there was just something about boobs which knew how to draw a man's gaze. And close friend or not, Jaune couldn't help but have peeked a time or two. Or ten.

"Well, yeah," he admitted. "I'm a seventeen year old guy. Can you blame me?"

"Nope!" she agreed happily. At least she wasn't offended. He imagined someone like Weiss wouldn't have taken kindly to the looks he had given her rear end before. "Now come on. How do mine compare?"

"It wouldn't be a fair comparison. I've still never seen yours."

The girl next to him hummed. "Good point." The words hung in the air for long seconds before she continued. "Want to?"

Jaune's heart skipped a beat. Had he heard her right?

"I'm sorry, what?"

"Do you want to see them?"

Nora Valkyrie. His friend. His teammate. His hot, porn-loving teammate, had just offered to show him her boobs. While they were lying together in his bed.

Had Jaune died? Maybe a training accident earlier in the evening with Pyrrha? Had he fallen off the roof to his death, and now was in the afterlife?

He felt that his mouth had gone dry. His heart was hammering in his chest. A glance over at Nora showed that there didn't seem to be any trickery or deception on her face. She was genuinely offering to show him her boobs.

"That's... kind of a bold question to ask a guy," he finally managed to spit out.

"I'm offering to show you my tits. Shouldn't be a hard call."

"Something's hard all right..." he muttered.

Nora snorted a laugh, and her eyes went back down to see that he had gone fully erect once more. "Yeah I can tell. So really. Wanna see them?"

"You're serious?"

"Yup. I'm comfortable with it if you are. I mean, we've been sharing a room together for months. I'm sure we've caught peeks of each other before."

In all honestly Jaune hadn't. Growing up with seven sisters he had a healthy respect for the women in his life and their privacy. He went out of his way to avoid seeing Nora and Pyrrha in any compromising positions.

But knowing what he now knew about Nora... did the same apply to her? Had she maybe caught a glimpse of him getting out of the shower? Or changing? If so, did she like what she saw? Could that maybe by why she was so bold and comfortable around him?

"I... I guess," he stammered out. "Yeah. I'd love to see them."

"Right answer! I might have taken offense if you said you didn't wanna see these things. I'm kinda proud of them, ya know?'

Setting her scroll aside, Nora shifted her position on the bed to kneel next to Jaune. His breath was caught in his throat as he looked up at her, in this dominant position above him. Almost like the girls she liked to watch in the videos. The only difference was that Nora wasn't riding his hard cock. That she wasn't moaning as she slid up and down on his big, hard, shaft...

Jaune shook his head. No. No reason to get so horny. She was just showing him her boobs. He shouldn't wish for anything else than that.

Grabbing the bottom of her shirt, Nora lifted it up to first reveal a flat, smooth stomach. A pair of bouncy but firm tits jiggled as she tore the shirt off over her head. Jaune sucked in a breath at the sight of them. They were huge. Beautiful. Pink nipples sat in the middle of each, and he was hard-pressed to remember a better looking pair he had ever seen on some video. Here, right now in the flesh, were the two most beautiful tits he had ever seen in his life.

It took him a moment to remember how to speak. But Nora deserved all the praise in the world for those things. "Wow. Nora. Just... wow."

The topless girl above him giggled. "You like?"

"They're... amazing," he breathed. "Wow."

"Lost for words," she smiled. "Quite a compliment."

"Yeah..." he nodded. "It's just that I've never seen them... in person before. And they're so big."

"Yup! This short stack is packing D's. And my height makes 'em seem bigger too."

"They're really nice. Way better than the ones in the video. Yeah. Definitely. Way better than the ones on that girl..."

Nora's hands came up an began to playfully tap her breasts back and forth. The way they moved and jiggled was hypnotizing to the boy, who merely stared in awe. "Aw, you're so sweet. Thanks."

Jaune was staring up at Nora as she continued to play with her boobs. It didn't matter if his jaw was slack with amazement. If there was drool building up in his mouth. If his eyes were wide and glued to the sight before him. He loved Nora's tits. They were as amazing and incredible as he had told her. No lies. No exaggeration. They were so big and full and beautiful. Yang Xiao who? Move over, blondie. Nora had the best tits in school.

Nora was his new fantasy...

"Hey, Jaune?"

The words broke the silence Jaune hadn't even realized was there. He had no idea how long he had been staring. How long he had been silently watching as Nora touched herself and swayed her torso back and forth to make her tits move.


"I have a proposal for you."

He had to swallow hard in order to speak. "A proposal?"

"Yup. Wanna touch them?"

A bolt of lightning struck him and sizzled his body from head to toe. "Really?" he asked hopefully.

"Yup!" she confirmed happily. "Poke 'em and squeeze 'em all you want. But I'd ask for one thing in return."

Poke them. Squeeze them. Do who knows what else to them. Could he even dare to ask to do more? Could he ask if he could suck on them? If he could take those enormous things in his mouth and suckle on them? Or would that be too bold of him?

"What did you have in mind?"

"Well..." she asked bashfully. It was surprising coming from the girl who had no problem watching porn with him. Who had no problem stripping her top off and kneeling in front of him with her sweater melons hanging out. "I've always wanted to see a guy's junk in person. And touch it. Just to see what it feels like. Watching porn is one thing, but the actual thing is totally different."

He could say now from personal experience that this was absolutely true. It was one thing to see boobs on a computer or scroll screen. It was another to have them only a couple feet away from his face.

"I can touch your boobs if you can touch my dick?" he asked.

"Yup. And seeing how you're already rock hard," she said, motioning to the tent in his pants. "It won't really matter if you're a grower or a shower. I'll just be seeing all the good parts."

It wasn't a hard decision, in all honesty. He wanted to touch those things. He wanted to so badly. Seeing them up close and in person and not being able to touch them would leave him with a case of blue balls that no amount of masturbating would be able to get rid of.

"Yeah," he agreed. "That sounds good."

Nora grinned. "Aw yeah. Let's see what ya got, fearless leader."

Jaune chuckled, and moved to stand up so that he could take off his pants. Undoing his belt first, he unbuttoned his jeans and slid the zipper down. The pants fell down to his ankles and he bent over to step out of them.

"Woo!" Nora cheered. "Shake it baby! Take it off!"

A blush crept onto the boy's face. "Not helping, Nora."

"Sorry, sorry," she winced.

"It's okay." His thumbs moved to the waistband of his boxers, and he teased the girl by lowering them only a couple inches. Then he stopped, a realization coming to mind. "Um, Nora?"


"Just so you know, I haven't exactly done any, uh, manscaping down here lately. I wasn't exactly expecting to show off little Jaune to anyone today."

"Little Jaune?" she smirked.

"Big Jaune!" he quickly corrected.

"Heh. We'll see. But it's cool. I don't mind seeing an all natural Jaune."

He nodded. Steeling himself, Jaune made the final push and dropped his boxers down to the floor. A hard erection jutted out from his body, and he looked over to gauge the girl's reaction. To his relief there was no giggling. No covering her face to try and hide any mocking looks. If anything there was a sense of wonderment and awe on her face. He wondered if his expression had looked similar to hers.

"It's nice," she commented. "Good size."

He moved back over to the bed and laid next to her. His cock stood straight up in the air now, and Nora couldn't take her eyes off it.


"Probably," she admitted a little bluntly. "I only have porn stars to compare to, and like, no one's gonna come close to that. They go on camera for a reason. But for an average guy? Yeah. Looks good."

The words warmed his heart and put him at ease. Nora thought he was a good size. Jaune himself had always thought so too, but hearing it from a girl made him feel really good.


He saw as Nora's arm reached out, and her fingers gingerly brushed against his erect member. It throbbed just a tiny bit from her very touch. It felt strange. Having something, or someone rather, that wasn't him touching his penis. Fingers grasped around his shaft, giving it a gentle squeeze. Despite how many times he had done the same himself, it felt so new an incredible to come at another person's hands.

Hers was so small too, especially compared to his. Seeing Nora's tiny hand wrapped around his shaft made his cock seem a lot larger than usual. It was a little uplifting to be perfectly honest. A good size indeed. At least in the hands of a girl.

"Wow. It's so hot. Like, temperature hot," she clarified. "And hard. Is it really just blood filling it up?"


"It's weird. I used to think it was a called a boner because there was a bone in there or something." Her hand moved up and down its length, as if feeling for the mystery bone that laid beneath. "Like, how could something be so hard if there wasn't a bone inside?"

He didn't know, but he knew enough to know that there definitely wasn't a bone inside when he was soft.

Nora moved her hand back to the top, and her thumb started to rub against the very edge of little- of big Jaune's head. He couldn't prevent a pleasurable gasp from slipping through his lips.

She ceased her movements immediately and looked him in the eye. "Whoops. Did I do something wrong?"

"No. Not at all." He smiled, watching how Nora kept a firm but motionless clasp on his cock. "It felt good, actually. That spot's pretty sensitive."

"Oh. Really?"


"Huh. Learned something new today." She grinned, staring back down at the dick in her hand. "See, I couldn't learn that from porn."

True enough. There were some things you could learn only through experience.

Nora began to rub around the head of Jaune's cock more now, this time intentionally. He grunted softly, sucking in sharp breaths as Nora worked him.

"Heh. Like putty in my hands," she commented, staring down at her handiwork. "Speaking of which, you kept up your end of the bargain. Come and feel my boobs."

He didn't need to be told twice. Honestly he had forgotten all about that as he had been watching a pretty girl playing with his dick.

His right hand moved across his body and grabbed onto Nora's left breast. It was amazing. So soft. So squishy. Like a giant marshmallow. He couldn't get enough of it.

Jaune tried different things, first trying to encompass the large breast in his whole hand. They were literally a handful and then some, and he found that Nora was a bit too well-endowed for him to get the entire thing inside his palm. So he settled on merely squeezing it as many different ways as he could. With his fingers and thumb on the top and bottom of her breast. Then on the left and right. He poked it with a finger, watching it jiggle briefly before falling back in place. All the while Nora continued to rub his cock. It all added up to the greatest feeling in the world.

"Try the nipple," she suggested. "It's kinda like your spot. Feels good when you do things to it."

Jaune's thumb and forefinger migrated over to the hard pink nub, and he gave it a gentle squeeze. This time it was Nora who moaned softly from his touch, and he felt his cock somehow get a little bit harder in response to her noises.

"It feels good?" he asked.

"Really good," she gasped as he gave her another pinch. "You have big strong hands too. You're getting me wet just by doing this."

For long moments which could have been seconds or minutes, the two continued to explore each other's bodies. Time was lost to the young man who was experiencing his first sexual encounter. Who for the first time was being intimately touched by another, and was doing the same with her. He never wanted it to end. He wanted to do so much with Nora right now. But he knew that he had to settle for what she was willing to give him.


He was broken from his trance of the redhead's boobs. "Yeah?"

"I have an idea. Don't freak out."

He didn't get a chance to ask what it was before Nora let go of him. Looping a leg over him, Nora made herself at home straddling his legs just below his pelvis. The feather-light weight of the girl pressed down impossibly hard on him, and her pair of enormous marshmallows dangled tantalizingly above him.

"There," she said in a satisfied tone. "Now you can touch and I can touch a lot easier. No restrictions."

Both Jaune's hands came up now to grab hold of her tits. Her hand came back down and grasped his hard erection. Yes. This was so much better. The fact that she was straddling him made it easier to simulate that they were actually fucking when he closed his eyes. It helped that she had begun to stroke his shaft up and down with more vigor than before, rather than just touching and feeling him.

Jaune began to feel a familiar pressure building inside him. Nora pumped his cock without mercy now, and there was no way she didn't know what kind of effect it was having on him. Still, he needed to give her fair warning.

"Nora," he gasped. "If you keep that up I'm gonna cum..."

"Is that okay?"

Okay? Okay? He wanted to beg her to please make him cum, but he didn't know if she would get freaked out by it. Instead he tried to play it cool. As cool as he could be for a guy getting a handjob from a hottie like Nora.

"I mean... for me yeah. Is it for you?"

"Yeah," she said eagerly. "I wanna see a cum shot in person."

Jaune couldn't help but smile. Another porn-inspired idea. Nora may have been a perverted little porn addict, but he loved that new facet of hers that he had discovered. Not just because she was getting him off while he fondled her chest. It was just so... different. So flawed. So human. Normally people kept their fetishes and desires to themselves. But Nora trusted him enough to not only share them with him, but to ask him to participate in them. It spoke to a level of trust that went beyond mere friendship. It went beyond being huntsmen on the same team. Jaune had wondered earlier what he and Nora in particular could bond over. Was porn the answer? Sexual activity in general?

He heard her grunt, and the pace of her stroking increased. Opening his eyes, he saw how Nora's jaw had clenched as she looked down on her work with a slight frown.

"Does it usually take this long to get to the cream filling?" she asked.

Jaune chuckled at her comparing him to a donut. A Long Jaune, maybe? That was a good one he'd have to remember for another time.

"Not when I do it myself. I can pretty much control how long I wanna prolong it for."

"Then why's it taking so long for me? I'm pumping super hard and my arm's getting tired!"

Little did Nora know that she was making good progress. He was close. He could feel it.

"It's really about... uh... technique I guess?" he breathed. "I know where to hold it and how to do it just right. Just takes practice I guess."

"Oooh! Is that an invitation to practice more on you?" she winked. "I guess you really like a topless girl sitting on you working your junk. Naughty boy."

He laughed, giving her tits an extra hard squeeze. "Nora, it'd be the biggest lie in the world to say that I wasn't enjoying every second of this."

"Heh. Well that makes two of us. I'm down for more practice if you are."

Oh he was. Definitely. Jaune would do this every night with her if she let him. He'd do so much more to her too, if she wanted. He'd make her every porn-fuelled fantasy come true.

The pressure was getting too much for him as she continued to work his shaft, and he had reached the point of no return. It was coming. No stopping it now. He was about to erupt.

"Nora..." he gasped. His hands clamped down on her boobs, squeezing them mercilessly. "I'm cumming!"

A moan left his lips as sperm shot up from him as Nora continued pumping. Shot after shot spurted up into the air before arcing back down to land on his chest. And she kept going. Like she wanted to milk every last ounce of it from his body in order to satisfy him. Or maybe herself. Maybe seeing her handiwork and making him cum got her off too.

Jaune stared at the ceiling, breathing heavily as warm fingers removed themselves from him. It felt cold without them now. He wanted them back.

"Wow," he heard her say. "That was intense."

"Yeah," he agreed. A grin was plastered on his face from ear to ear. "Wow."

"I never knew there was so much in a guy," she commented. Jaune looked up to see Nora raising her hand. Sticky cum covered the tips of her fingers. "I thought porn exaggerated it."

Jaune sat up, looking to see where the rest had gone. Looks like he'd need to change his shirt for tonight. And do some laundry as soon as possible.

Nora moved off of the bed, and he looked over longingly at the half-naked girl. "Do you... do you want me to return the favor?" he asked hopefully.

"Maybe another time," she smiled back. "Ren and Pyrrha will probably be back any minute. We should get cleaned up."

Jaune had completely forgotten about them. What if one of them had walked in while he and Nora had been doing this? How would they have reacted to find a topless Nora straddling Jaune while stroking his cock? Neither of them would have been able to explain it.

Yeah, not going any further for tonight was the best idea.

"Besides, I already got off right before this."

"I thought you were taking a shower?"

"I was. I like to multitask," she added with a wink.


Jaune got up, following Nora toward the bathroom while stripping his own shirt off. He threw it in with the rest of his dirty laundry.

He had just had his first sexual encounter. With Nora of all girls. It had been amazing. And she said that maybe they would do more again. Another time.

He looked forward to that.

Author's Note: So this idea came to me a few months ago simply because Miles tweeted a joke that Nora referred to boobs as "gazungas". I pitched the summary to the story in my Discord server, and there it laid dormant for months until last week when I thought about it again while at work. Naturally my first instinct was to stop working, and go sit down somewhere that I could just write the stream of consciousness dialogue that was just flowing from my brain. Before I knew it I had been sitting there for about 20 minutes with the bare bones of their conversation down on my phone.

I really have no idea if people will like it, but it was so super easy to write I figured I'd do it and see what people thought. There's a chapter 2 in the works as well, so be on the lookout for that sometime in the near future.

Anyway, I do hope you enjoyed whatever this was. Nora's Arc is a pretty rare pair, so if I could contribute to it positively I think it's worth it.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you thought.