Blah blah blah. Blah blah blah.

Professor Port's class really was the worst. It wasn't the hardest one. It wasn't his worst subject. But it was just. So. Boring.

It didn't help matters that the events of the previous evening were still fresh in his mind. Jaune sat in between a pair of redheads. To his right was his partner Pyrrha. A girl who he had nothing but the utmost respect for. The strongest fighter in their grade, and perhaps even in the next one as well. He was a lucky man to have a friend like her.

To his left was Nora. A girl who he could now never look at the same way again. Underneath the happy and bubbly personality of hers was a girl who loved porn. Nora had admitted it herself. She watched it to get off. She watched it for entertainment. She watched it alone. She watched it with him. And they talked about it. That was perhaps the strangest part. They watched it like they would a sitcom, commenting on the positions and acts.

Jaune glanced over at the latter girl and saw how she was barely staying awake as well. Her chin was propped up on her left hand. He wanted nothing more than for the redhead to take her free hand and reach it under table. He wanted her to unzip his pants and jerk him off like she had yesterday until he exploded onto the underside of the desk.

It was hard not to think about things like that. He had fallen asleep the previous night thinking about Nora's incredibly soft and squishy boobs. Recalling how he had enjoyed every moment of touching them. How he wanted to do so much more to them than just squeeze them. He wondered if she felt the same way about him. If she had enjoyed the experience enough to the point where she was looking forward to the next time they could make it happen. Whenever that might be.

The bell mercifully rang, and students leapt to their feet in an attempt to be the first ones to escape Port's class. Being caught between the always-polite Pyrrha and lethargic Nora, Jaune could make no such attempts to flee the scene. Not that it particularly mattered anyway. This was the last class of the day, and he had nothing to do now but do a bit of studying and training on his own time.

He along with the rest of his team found their way out of the classroom a few moments later, and Nora stretched her arms over her head. "Aw, man," she groused. "I thought that class would never end."

"I'm sure there's... valuable information in his lessons," Pyrrha offered. "Somewhere."

Jaune smiled. Pyrrha could always see the good in any situation. Even Professor Port's lessons.

"Does anyone have any plans for the rest of the day?" Ren inquired.

None that Jaune could think of. At least other than the business as usual. However at this point he merely considered his extracurricular training as just a normal part of his day rather than anything planned.

"Oh, Jaune," Nora said. "I need you to help me get that book from the library, remember?"

"A book?" Ren asked.

"A book?" Jaune echoed.

"Yeah! Up on a high shelf. Kinda need it, but me being a short stack and all, I can't reach it on my own."

This short stack is packing D's.

Nora's words echoed in his mind. As did the memories which came with them.

His eyes were drawn to his teammate's chest for the briefest of moments before he averted them up to Nora's teal eyes. She held his gaze, knowing what he had just snuck a peek at. Knowing that he was indeed inclined to stare sometimes. A knowing smirk grew on her face, like she knew exactly what was going through his head. It was her fault for putting the thought there in the first place.

"Oh, right," Jaune lied. He felt bad about lying, but it's not like he was hurting anyone. Right?

"So we won't be too long," the girl continued. "But me being spontaneous and all you never quite know where it'll lead. Things could get car-ay-zee!"

In other words, Nora was giving her teammates fair warning not to come along. Like a rattlesnake shaking its tail to ward of potential enemies, Nora wanted to make it clear that what she had planned, or in this case, didn't have planned, could only be bad for all those who tagged along. Jaune was just unfortunate enough to be getting dragged along with her. No one else needed to suffer, however.

"That sounds... fun," Pyrrha managed to say. Polite as always. "I'll see you at our usual time on the roof then, Jaune?"

Nora's words had been enough to scare off Pyrrha. Mission accomplished, he supposed. "Right," he confirmed. "Wouldn't miss it."

His partner smiled, and before he knew it Nora had hooked an arm around Jaune's and dragged him away. "Well, see ya in a little while," she called back to the stationary Ren and Pyrrha.

Once they had turned the corner and were out of sight Nora released him and he kept up with her under his own power. It was amazing that such a tiny girl could walk so fast, keeping up with even Jaune's powerful strides. Then again someone with Nora's energy could probably jog full time rather than walk and not suffer any adverse effects.

It occurred to Jaune that something fishy was going on when they moved past the library. No, they were heading to the dormitories. And not theirs, either. The rooms set up for the incoming exchange students for the Vytal Festival were located in another wing of Beacon Academy, and it seemed like that was exactly where Nora was going.

He followed her up the stairs and down the long corridors until she reached a lonely door at the end of the hall. Producing a keycard of unknown origin, the electronic lock clicked open and Nora shoved the door in. The two entered, quickly closing the door behind them.

When the lights went on Jaune saw an obviously unoccupied room stripped of everything but the bare essentials. A quartet of neatly made beds filled most of the space, while an empty book shelf and desk sat against two of the walls. Nora took a few bounding steps before leaping off her feet and onto the nearest bed. She bounced hard on it a couple times before her body settled in, laying her back against the headboard.

She patted the area next to her, and Jaune moved in far more calmly before taking his own spot next to her. It was reminiscent of their positions from yesterday. As was the scroll Nora had just taken out of her pocket.

Jaune saw that she was back on a familiar website scrolling through all manner of explicit videos. A twinge of excitement filled his body thinking of the possibilities to come. And, well, the possibility to cum.

"So I take it we're here in this private room for a reason," he noted.

Nora nodded as she continued to thumb her device. "Yup. I thought about how lucky we were yesterday that we didn't get caught and didn't wanna risk it again. So I thought, 'Hey, Nora. Where can you go and diddle yourself with no risk of getting caught?"

Diddle yourself? Jaune smiled at his teammate's unique vocabulary. "And so the exchange student dorms came to mind."

"And bingo was his name-o," she said, booping his nose with a finger. "Figured we needed a place to enjoy our new hobby. A clubhouse of sorts. The Porn Corner." Her eyes lit up. "Oh! The Porner! How does that sound?"

"Like a really bad super hero name from a comic book."

She snorted. "Yeah that could be you, Jaune. The Porner. By day a mild mannered student at Beacon Academy. But at night he takes his mighty phallus and pleasures all the needy women in Vale!"

Mighty phallus? He wasn't about to question her decision there. But still... "All of them?"

"All of them, Jaune," she grinned. "Old ladies have needs too."

Jaune blanched. "Not the imagery I need right now."

"Well then let's wipe the slate clean, shall we?" She held up the scroll to him as a video began playing. "Description says she's 18. That work?"

The girl in the video did look young enough to be a student here at Beacon. And there she was, down on her knees sucking a guy off as his hand gripped her hair tightly. Sometimes he held her in place completely, letting his hips do the work for her as he practically fucked her throat.

"Yeah," he breathed. "That works."

Choking and gagging noises from the video filled his ears. He'd be lying if he said it wasn't turning him on.

Question was, did Nora feel the same way?

"Do girls actually like that?" he asked.

"What? Deep throating?"

"Yeah. Seems like it'd be uncomfortable. Or... I dunno. Disrespectful?"

"Depends if the girl's into it I guess," she shrugged. "Some people like the abuse. As long as it's not abusive."

"Non-abusive abuse?"

"Yeah. You know. A little choking. Spanking. Or maybe even full BDSM. Different strokes for different folks and all."

Jaune supposed it made sense. Or maybe it didn't make sense at all. He was about as vanilla as they came. Maybe a little aggression would be fun, but he couldn't imagine getting overly physical in the bedroom. Not to the point where it would be as Nora put it, non-abusive abuse.

"Are you into that?" he asked.

It was a bold question, but considering it was their new past time to lay together watching porn, it wasn't that out of left field.

"Probably not," she admitted. "I don't know, really. I don't think I am. Never felt what it was like."

"Ah. Yeah, same." He paused. "I mean, both that I don't think I'd be into it, and that I've never done it."

"Heh. To be honest I think I'd be more of a dom. I think I'd like it on top."

Jaune smirked. "I can tell. A lot of the videos you've picked are cowgirl."

Nora laughed again. "I guess you noticed. But still, doesn't mean that's all I'm into. I could be a switch."

"A switch?"

"Sometimes I like watching the girl in control. And sometimes I like watching a guy just dominate her. Both are fun. Both are hot."

He couldn't disagree with her there. Jaune supposed he might be a switch too then. A vanilla switch. It sounded like some sort of strange dessert food.

"So you're a dom?" he asked, wanting to know more about her earlier comment.

"Probably. Like I said though, can't know for sure until I try it. But I think I am."

He didn't know why, but just discussing this sort of thing excited the boy. If nothing else it would aid his fantasies for later on if he knew what Nora's preferences were. "So do you think you'd be into the kind of stuff they do in the videos? Pin the guy's arms above his head and all? Or maybe just press his chest down onto the bed?"

A soft hum sounded in her throat, and her eyes shifted away in thought. "Maybe. I gotta show I'm in control, don't I?"

"Yeah. Helps that you're really strong too. How many of you can you bench again?"

"Like five or something."

"Ah. Definitely means you'd be in control. Not that any guy would want to escape from underneath you or anything." Jaune knew this from experience. Despite their first encounter only being a handjob, he knew how wonderful it felt to have Nora on top of him. "And the fact that you're so small just makes it really hot..."

Speaking of hot, Jaune himself was getting hot and bothered just by talking about this sort of thing. For a guy his age who had gotten his first taste of the female form just yesterday, it was incredibly easy to get him going.

"Hey, Jaune?"

Nora's voice broke him from his stupor. "Yeah?"

"You suddenly seem very interested in my bedroom preferences. Anything interesting happen lately that might have caused that?"

A glance at her face revealed a shit-eating grin on her lips. That would have been enough, but the fact that Nora was wiggling her eyebrows suggestively made it abundantly clear that she was being facetious.

"I don't know," he said feigning ignorance. "Maybe because a certain ginger teammate of mine gave me a handjob while I felt up her boobs?"

Nora gasped. "How scandalous! What would Headmaster Ozpin say if he knew his young, attractive students who face life and death situations every day were fooling around in their coed dorm rooms!"

The utter ridiculousness of the reality of their situation made Jaune laugh. It was especially obvious when said aloud as Nora had. "Teenage hormones in stressful situations. What could go wrong? In hindsight, not a great plan."

"Oh really? Was yesterday not great or something?"

The question made his eyes widen. "No no!" he insisted. "It was great! Incredible! One of the best days of my life!"

Nora was grinning again. "Come on, don't stop. Keep praising me."

The smile was infectious, and Jaune found himself grinning as well as he looked at his friend. "You really want me to?"

She shrugged. "Maybe? I was just messing with you, but if you have something serious to say then by all means say it."

"Well there's not much more to say that I haven't already said." Jaune racked his brain trying to think of something, anything more he could say on the matter. Sadly nothing poetic was coming to mind. "It was incredible. You're incredible, Nora. One of a kind."

Her hand lightly smacked his arm. "Aww you're gonna make me blush."


"Don't be! I like that you liked it." The blush on her pale features darkened. "Because I liked it too."


"Well duh, Jaune! I wouldn't have brought you to a nice secluded room with just the two of us if I wasn't interested in doing it some more."

Actions did speak louder than words. And here they were, once more on a bed together watching porn. "Oh," he said softly. "I wouldn't have asked or anything, but if you're up for it then I am too."

"I can see you're up for it," she said, motioning to his waist with her head.

Jaune looked down to his pants and laughed. "Guilty."

"I can help you with that if you want."

Jaune's body flinched as he felt a hand graze against his pants. Against the tent that he had pitched while watching porn with Nora. While discussing all manner of lewd things with her. His eyes moved from the screen to her face, and teal ones stared back into his.

"Hey, Jaune."

"Yeah?" He swallowed, hoping against hope that this was leading where he thought it was.

"I wanna give you a blowjob."

Blue eyes widened. That had gone way beyond where he had ever expected it to. "You do?"

"Yeah. Not like the one in the video," she motioned with her head. "But like, a regular one."

Jaune looked back to the video to see the woman slurping down cock like an all you can eat buffet. Nora wanted to do that? With him?

The most honest possible question slipped from his lips. "Why?"

Nora laughed, and when he shifted his gaze back to her saw that she had quirked an eyebrow. "You know, Jaune. Most guys wouldn't ask why when a girl says she wants to blow him."

True. But then again Jaune wasn't most guys. And Nora wasn't most girls.

"But the reason?" she continued. "I wanna know if it feels as good as the guy makes it sound. Guys make it sound like the best thing in the world. All they say is 'suck my cock'. Or 'blow me'. You ever notice that? How much guys say that to like, insult people?"

Now that he thought about it, that was true. Jaune had played perhaps an unhealthy amount of online video games in his life. The demands for oral sex when it came to disputing players was a bit disturbing.

Luckily this was not that case. Nora was his friend. His teammate. And she had already made him cum once. So, Nora offering to blow him? Like he'd ever turn that down. "Well if you really want to..." he trailed off. He didn't want to sound too eager for it. "Yeah, why not?"

Nora grinned at him. "Oh please. Don't make it sound like I'm twisting your arm to let me suck you off."

The comment made Jaune laugh. It really was nice to hear her speak so candidly about it. Like a little bit of physicality wasn't too big of a deal. They were just a couple of friends exploring the more mysterious parts of life for the first time.

She wasted little time, setting her scroll aside and coming to her knees. Her fingers reached toward his waist, but Jaune was way ahead of her. He was quick to unbutton his jeans and shove them down to his knees, leaving only the thin fabric of his boxers to contain his hardness. It was nothing Nora hadn't seen or felt before, and she pulled those down without hesitation.

"Looking nice and clean down there today," she commented with a smile.

Jaune had made sure to do a bit of trimming this morning in the shower. "After what happened last time I just wanted to be prepared if we ever did it again."

"Thanks. Not that I minded or anything, but it's the thought that counts."

For a few seconds she gently rubbed Jaune's erection, taking the sight in as if studying it. The anticipation was killing the boy. He wanted those full, red lips wrapped around every inch of him. He wanted to feel the warm, wet inside of Nora's mouth.

He wondered if she would try to be as talkative as usual if she was filled up with his cock.

"Well, here we go. Tell me how it feels."

Nora opened wide and plunged down onto him, her mouth taking him halfway in before stopping. Lips tightened on him, and a few shaky breaths slipped through Jaune's mouth. He was getting a blowjob. Nora was going down on him right now. He could hardly believe it.

A head of orange hair bobbed up and down, each time going just a little bit deeper until finally the entirety of his shaft was taken in her mouth. It felt nice for him, but not mind-blowingly nice like the guys on the videos made it seem. He wondered why that was. Were they just faking it like all porn stars did? Or could something be improved?

"Try putting more pressure on it," he instructed. "Like you're sucking a straw or something."

Nora stopped mid-motion, her eyes shifting to look up at him. The sight sent a shiver down his spine. Nora was staring at him with his dick in her mouth. He never would have expected that the day they had met during initiation.

She followed his orders, and her lips an tongue seemed to tighten around his cock, almost squeezing down as she went back to sucking. Now it felt better. A lot better. Worthy of letting a satisfied breath slip through his lips, among other things.

"Oh, fuck," he whispered. "Nora..."

To his disappointment she pulled up, letting his throbbing member slip out of her mouth. "Not quite yet," she smirked. "Still only oral."

It took a moment for him to realize what she had meant. Yet? His heart skipped a beat at the implication of 'yet'.

"Still, it sounded really hot to hear you moan my name. You should do that more if it feels good."

Jaune nodded. He would. He absolutely would.

Nora took his cock in her mouth once more, applying the same pressure as before as her head bobbed up and down on him. Her hand took hold of his shaft as she did, gently stroking it as she went about her business. Up and down she went, over and over again, each time putting just a bit extra as her lips travelled along his head. The swirling she did with her tongue on the tip of his member made it difficult to control his breathing.

"Nora..." he gasped, both genuinely and because he knew she wanted to hear it. "Nora that feels so good..."

A hand reached up to gently grab hold of her hair in order to aid her movements. Not that she needed any extra encouragement as she voraciously moved up and down on his cock like it were a pancake flavored popsicle.

Huh. Introducing food. Chocolate syrup. Whipped cream. There was an idea. He wondered if Nora would be into it.

Who was he kidding? Of course she would.

Jaune's chest heaved as minutes passed by watching the orange hair of his friend move and sway as she continued to take in every inch of him. Apparently she must have been enjoying this too if she had gone on this long. Did it taste good? Or maybe it just felt good for Nora to have his dick in her mouth? He couldn't say. All he knew was that he didn't want it to end.

But end it did as soon as he heard his scroll buzz. They must have been here for too long, and their friends were wondering where they were. Definitely not in the library like Nora had said.

Jaune reached down to check the message he had received. Nora came up for air as he did.

"Pyrrha or Ren?" she asked.

Seeing who it was from, Jaune shook his head. "Nope. Ruby."

"Oh. What does she want?"

"To know if I want to go to the comic book store."

"Do you?"

He looked over to see Nora's face mere inches away from his twitching cock. It wasn't a difficult decision to make. "Nope."

Nora smiled, diving back down to take him in her mouth. The sucking and slurping noises she made as she blew him were music to his ears. Yeah. This was way better than any comic book. This would be his new hobby, should Nora ever agree to it.

Still, he had to tell Ruby something. He couldn't just leave his friend hanging like that. He began typing out a response on his scroll. He could hardly believe it. He was about to text Ruby while getting his dick sucked.

He felt the cold air on his wet member as Nora once more removed herself from it. "So whatcha gonna tell her?"

"Definitely not that Nora's giving me a blowjob in the exchange student dorms."

She snorted a laugh. "Do it. See what her reaction would be."

"No way! I wouldn't ever joke about something like that."

Nora began to stroke him as she stared into his eyes. It was so sensual... so sexy, the way she did that while looking at him with that lustful grin.

"Not like she'd believe you anyway," she added.

"I know. But still. What we're doing is private. It should stay that way."

"Aww," she cooed. "You're such a softy. You'll make a girl really happy someday."

"And you'll make a guy really happy with tongue skills like yours."

The compliment seemed to really hit her, and Nora's face brightened up with unbound joy. "You really think so? It's my first time doing it."

He meant every word of it. "Would it be insulting to say you're a natural?"

Nora laughed at the compliment. "Nah. Remember I've studied a lot of porn."

"Studied. Sure. Let's say that instead of masturbated."

"Oh like you haven't."

"Well yeah," he admitted. "But I don't claim to be an expert or anything."

Nora continued to gently pump his cock as they spoke. To keep him hard during the conversation. "Wanna put your knowledge to the test?"

"Huh? How?"

"Well," she smirked mischievously. "After you pop, this time you can return the favor. I didn't get off in the shower earlier, so I'm horny."

Hearing Nora say she was horny was probably the sexiest thing he'd ever heard in his life. Especially with the implication that she wanted Jaune to scratch that itch for her.

"Oh. Wow," was all he could think to say in response.

Nora grinned. "Yup. So show me if that silver tongue of yours is good for more than just talking. Sound good?"

An invitation to go down on Nora. To return the favor of her sucking him off. Like he'd ever deny her that pleasure.

"Sounds... yeah. I'll give it a try."

"Good. Now then, where were we?"

She shifted her hand to make room for her mouth once more, and took all of Jaune's cock in again. Her movements had become faster. Her fingers curled tightly around his hardness. Her strokes became quicker and more frantic, as did the movement of her head. She wanted to get him off quickly it seemed. Probably so that she could get her own satisfaction. Jaune couldn't blame her. After all, she'd already been blowing him for several minutes now. She needed her release too.

Just as Jaune needed his. The buildup was becoming stronger, and he could feel himself nearing the end. He was surprised it took this long with a beautiful girl's lips around his cock, but like he had said yesterday, it was all about technique and familiarity. Nora was not yet familiar with all the tricks of the trade. With all of the subtleties which made a guy tick. Yet.

His breathing grew heavier by the second as he watched her in action. As the sloppy, wet noises continued to pour from her mouth. As excess saliva dribbled down his shaft and onto trimmed pubic hair. Nora looked like one of the women from the porn videos they so loved to watch. Like she was a pro at it. Like she had been doing it for years. But she hadn't. This was her first time. He was her first time. Just as she was his.

Jaune's grip on her hair tightened as he felt wave after wave of pleasure course through his body. This was it. "Nora... I'm cumming."

She kept going. He would have thought that she would come back up for air and finish him off with just her hand. But she didn't. Her head continued to bob up and down on him.

"Nora. It's about to come out. Right now."

And yet it didn't matter. Jaune held back for as long as he could, but Nora left him no choice. An explosion of semen shot out of him and straight into Nora's mouth. All the while she maintained her tight hold on him, taking in every drop he expelled without losing a beat.

Deep, heavy breaths were forced out every time a new round of cum was milked from him by the redhead. As seconds passed by Nora lessened her pace to help him come down from this pleasurable high until she stopped completely. Her lips came up from his cock, a soft popping noise filling the air as her tongue and lips cleaned off the tip.

"Nora..." he gasped. "You swallowed?"

"Yup!" She said enthusiastically. Nora opened her mouth wide, sticking out her tongue to prove him correct. "No mess, no cleanup."

That was true... and a good call by Nora. The last thing they needed was to have some sort of accident and return to their team with semen-stained clothes.

"I guess it was a pain to clean up last time," he agreed.

"Yup. So... my turn now?"

There was an eagerness on Nora's face which couldn't help but turn him on. Despite the fact that he had just came, he felt as if he was ready to go another round already. Just from her sexy face alone.

"Yeah... just gimmie a minute to catch my breath though."

"Sure. It'll give me time to lose these."

Nora scooted over to the edge of the bed, allowing her legs to dangle off the side. She slipped her hands underneath her pink skirt, and a second later a pair of light pink panties slipped down her legs and off her feet. She crumpled them up into a ball and tossed them onto Jaune's lap.

The boy picked them up, unfolding them and holding them up to see in all their glory.

"Most guys would kill to get a whiff of those," she stated smugly. And smug or not, she wasn't exactly wrong.

"Yeah. I guess."

"But... you're gonna get the real thing," she said motioning to underneath her skirt. "Not just the panties."

His breathing hitched again. Yeah. Jaune was about to see... smell... taste... everything. He was about to go where he'd never gone before. Do something he'd never done before. He could only hope that all the videos he'd watched would be enough to prepare him. He hoped he'd be able to satisfy Nora like she had him.

"Now come here," she ordered. It was kind of hot. Okay, really hot. She was indeed a dom. "On your knees, Jaune."

She motioned to a spot on the floor right in front of her. In front of her opened legs. Even if he hadn't caught his breath yet, he wasn't about to turn down her demand to get on his knees for her. If she was a dom, was he her sub? Would he gladly take orders and abuse from his mistress in order to pleasure her?

As Jaune knelt down on the carpeted floor, the only answer that was going through his mind was yes. Yes, he would do anything to please Nora right now. He wanted her to cum just as she had made him. He wanted to hear the soft moans of pleasure on her lips just as they had been on his.

He grabbed the edges of her skirt and lifted them to reveal the smooth, pale thighs that were normally concealed from his eyes. To see the pink folds of her pussy that no man had ever laid eyes on before. Bright orange pubic hair, shaved and trimmed to perfection, greeted him.

Nora was primed and ready for him. Already wet simply from performing her own oral duties on Jaune. He wasn't about to let her needs to unattended. He wouldn't give any less than she had for him.

A strong but not unpleasant musk filed his nose as he leaned in. If nothing else the unique scent he had never before smelled only spurred him on. It awoke something primal and natural inside him. Like an animal who had gotten scent of his mate. Jaune wanted this. He needed to taste Nora's pussy.

His tongue darted out, and he gave a tentative lick to the moist pink folds before him. He had expected to hear Nora's pleasurable groan in response.

"Jaune, that tickles!" the girl giggled.

Not that.

He pulled back so that he could view her whole body laid out on the bed. "Sorry."

Her head rose to look down at him. "Don't be. Just caught me off guard is all." She took a deep breath as she composed herself. "Okay. Ready."

Nora fell back down onto the bed, and Jaune dove back under her skirt. He spotted a small fleshy nub near the top of her pussy. That would be his target for the second attack.

With all apprehension about the taste and feel of her gone, Jaune went all out, running the entire length of his tongue across her clit. He could feel and hear the sharp intake of breath in Nora's body in the moment. It wasn't a laugh this time. She didn't squirm or pull her body away at all. She liked it. It had to mean she liked it. It gave him more confidence as he went back in for another lick.

More and more breaths and noises erupted from Nora's mouth with every pass. With each passing second he grew more and more confident, more and more sure that what he was doing was right. Or at the very least, not wrong. The fact that labored breathing rather than orders and directions were the only sounds she was making had to mean that she enjoyed it.

Jaune felt as her hand came down and grabbed hold of his wild blond locks, keeping his head in place as he continued his work. Absolutely a good sign. She wanted him down there. She wanted to be in control of him as he licked her wet slit. Fingers tightened on his hair, nails digging into his skin. She must have been feeling it. And it must have felt good.

Up and down his tongue went, taking in every inch of Nora he could touch. Right and left, dutifully taking in every drop of fluid her body produced like a dehydrated man in a desert. Nora's hips began to sway and buck lightly, sharp breaths shooting through her mouth and nostrils as each second passed. By the gods did it sound wonderful. Even without the vocal screams and moans which were so common in porn movies, Jaune knew that Nora was enjoying every moment of this. And it was all from his touch.

"Jaune..." she gasped. Yes, there it was. Nora was right about the sound of someone moaning your name. It was so hot. "Jaune try... try..."

She couldn't even compose a proper sentence. It spurred him on even more, his tongue attacking her pussy with reckless abandon. He wanted her to lose control of her voice. Of her senses. Of her very mind. Him and his tongue were the only things he wanted her to be able to think about.

"Try... try swirling... tongue..." she finally managed to get out.

His mistress had just given him and order. Who was he, a lowly, pathetic servant, to deny her?

Jaune changed up his strategy and began to move his tongue in circles around Nora's clit. Her hand pulled and squeezed at his hair, and for a moment he thought that she would rip it clean off his scalp. It held firm, however. As did the swirling motions of his tongue as he continued to target every single piece of flesh he could hit. Not just her clit, but every area around there. He kissed and sucked and licked Nora's most sensitive spots, her reactions guiding his path like a lighthouse in the darkness.

Nora's short legs closed around his head like a vice grip, but on he went. Despite the fact that they covered his ears he could still hear her fervent moaning. He hoped that wasn't merely for show. He hoped that he was making her feel as good as she made it sound. In any case it only encouraged him further, hoping to elicit more and more of the passionate sounds from his friend. They were the most beautiful sounds he'd ever heard.

"I'm nearly there..." she panted. "Jaune... I'm about to..."

Much like with what Nora had done with him, the approaching climax did nothing to halt Jaune or his enthusiastic tongue work. It was only when Nora's pelvis began to move and buck wildly that he became dislodged from his position between her legs. Still, his fingers buried into the soft flesh of her thighs in an attempt to keep her in place so that he could keep at it for as long as physically possible. Jaune was strong, and his large hands forced Nora's waist to remain on the mattress as he finished lapping up every last drop of Nora's love nectar.

"Fuck! Fuck!" she cried, legs splayed wide open, kicking and squirming with unprecedented passion and pleasure. "Jaune!"

Finally the pain on his scalp got too much for even Jaune to handle, and he tore himself away from Nora's sopping wet pussy. Pressing his palms onto the mattress he forced himself up, trying to catch his breath as he did so. If Jaune was breathless, then Nora must have been on life support.

A look down showed a panting girl desperately sucking in air through her wide open mouth. Teal eyes were squeezed shut, a testament to the powerful climax she was still coming down from. It was a sight that would be burned in his memory forever. Nora, his friend and teammate, had been pushed over the edge of ultimate bliss, and it had been by his doing. More specifically, by his tongue. An immense feeling of pride welled up inside of Jaune. This must have been what Nora herself had felt when she had made him cum.

Jaune crawled back onto the bed, laying on his side with a hand propping up his head as he watched Nora's chest continue to heave up and down. A full minute had passed by now and she was still recovering from his work. Pride and satisfaction lit up in a bright smile. He had done this. He had made her feel this good.

Finally Nora's eyes fluttered open, and she stared blankly at the ceiling. "Wow," she finally said.

Wow indeed. The shoe was on the other foot now. He could picture how Nora must have felt now when she had brought him to his own climax. Twice. He wondered if they should be keeping score, or if he should bring that up to her. He'd be more than willing to ensure that she got off again before he did in order to make them even.

"Jaune," she breathed, still sucking in air as quickly as she could. "Wow."

"It was good then, I take it?"

"Wow," she said yet again. Apparently in Nora-speak, that meant it had been amazing.

Jaune himself had been at a loss for words when he had first laid eyes upon Nora's breasts. Now she was experiencing that same condition after he had gone down on her. As it turned out, it was just as satisfying to give as it was to receive. Experiencing someone else's joy and pleasure could be just as good as feeling it yourself.

A buzz from his scroll earned Jaune's attention, and he moved to grab it again. At least this time he wouldn't have to type out a response with his dick in Nora's mouth... oh crap. He had never gotten back to Ruby. He hoped she wouldn't be too upset with him the next time they met.

It was from Pyrrha this time. She said that she had just come from the library and was wondering where they had gone too. He didn't know what to say or how to respond. All he knew was that they should get back to their teammates as soon as possible.

"I think our time's up," he said to the girl beside him. To his surprise, Nora started to laugh uncontrollably. "Nora?"

A wide toothy grin had erupted, and she spoke in between giggles. "Do you mind if we stay here for a little while? I think my legs might be a bit too wobbly right now to stand up."

Jaune smiled. "Yeah, no problem. I'll think of an excuse. After all, spending the afternoon with you can get pretty crazy, right?"

Nora laughed again. "Yeah. Crazy. That's the word."

As Jaune began typing out his response, he thought about how there were many words to describe his and Nora's new hobby. Unexpected. Taboo. Sexy. There were too many to count. But above all else, one stood out that he knew applied for both of them.


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