"So does it actually feel good when someone does that?"

The activity Jaune brought into question was playing on the scroll's screen right now. A particularly well-endowed woman was straddling a man's hips. He was sitting upright, his hands pressing her breasts together as his mouth went back and forth on the two natural mounds in his face. Sloppily and greedily sucking a nipple for a few seconds before moving on to the other. All the while the woman grasped the hair on the back of his head, keeping him in place as he did his work.

"Well it does when you do it," Nora answered. "The nips are pretty sensitive, so really any sucking or pinching is gonna get a reaction."

Jaune so loved when he made Nora react to his touch. To know that he was making her feel good spurred him on further and further to make her reach the next peak of ecstasy. There was no more powerful motivator in the world than the pleasurable moans of your lover.

For the past couple of weeks he had enjoyed just such a thing. Since introducing him to her past time, the two teens had explored each other's bodies with little hesitation, and zero regret. They knew what made each other tick. They knew the right spots to rub and stroke. The most effective ways to use their fingers and tongues.

Even now as Nora held her scroll between them with one hand, her other was wrapped around Jaune's hard cock giving it gentle strokes. Prepping it for a powerful and satisfying cum shot which would inevitably come later. Both Jaune and Nora had ditched their clothes once the porno had started playing, knowing that it would inevitably lead to them both becoming horny to the point of needing release.

"Yeah," he agreed. "She seems to really like it."

"Maybe, but she's obviously faking it."

"Really? How can you tell?"

"Trust me. Women don't scream like that just from a little titty play," she smirked. "I mean, have you ever heard me make any sounds like those?"

He hadn't. And now that he thought about it, he would probably be disappointed if she did. Contrary to what porn liked to show, most women were not that vocal from being touched or fucked. Sure, there were always the exceptions. Screamers were a thing. But for the most part, soft little gasps and moans were the extent of a woman's vocal reactions. Those, for the very least, were real. And Jaune wanted nothing more than to give Nora the real thing. To satisfy her fully and completely.

Still... could it hurt to try? "Not yet," he offered suggestively.

Nora turned, teal eyes dancing with mischief as her attention was drawn to him rather than the video. "Is that a threat or an offer?"

Jaune held her gaze. A month ago he couldn't have imagined being so comfortable and confident talking about sex with a girl. Especially while she was stroking his junk. Especially when that girl was Nora. But here and now, Jaune was as cool and carefree as he was in a comic book shop. He stared into Nora's playful eyes like he would read an X-Ray and Vav comic.


The ginger girl grinned, giving a particularly hard rub of her thumb to the edge of Jaune's little head. A soft, involuntary grunt was drawn from his lips, and that only made the girl next to him smile more. "I don't think you're on my level."

Jaune had faced many challenges in his life since coming to Beacon Academy. Slaying giant beasts of Grimm during initiation. Confronting the boy who had bullied and blackmailed him. Confessing the truth about his transcripts to Pyrrha. Letting go of his pursuit of Weiss at the dance so that she could find her own happiness.

Yet, there was no challenge he wanted to overcome more than Nora's challenge to get her off. To make her moan and scream his name just by sucking her breasts.

He moved like lightning, twisting his body toward Nora before throwing a leg over hers. His torso followed after, and Jaune shifted his arms to prop himself above Nora, who remained flat on her back. She opened her legs willingly to accommodate him, and she stared up at him with a sly smirk on her lips.

"Not on your level, but I am on you," he quipped.

Nora raised an eyebrow. "And tell me. What do you plan on doing now that you're on me?"

Jaune brought his face down to hers, his lips brushing against her own. "You."

His lips met hers, both parting slightly to allow their tongues access to one another. It began slow and gentle, but quickly picked up pace as hot and heavy breaths were breathed into each other's mouths. The taste and feel of Nora's tongue was something he never got tired of no matter how many times they made out. Ever since the first time they had kissed, it had become one of their favorite activities to do together. They didn't always ditch their clothes, and they didn't always get each other off, but kissing was a simple act that they were able to do anytime and almost anywhere.

And that they did. Even outside of their secret porn clubhouse.

Jaune pulled back, moving from her lips to her cheek. A pleasurable sigh escaped Nora's lips as he did so. She loved his soft pecks of affection. As much as she loved porn and sexuality, she loved kissing just as much. After learning what he had about her and her past, it made sense. Nora simply wanted to be shown love and affection. He was more than happy to provide.

Her neck was his next target as his mouth moved south, and another telling gasp slipped from the girl's mouth. He wouldn't remain there long, sucking only a little bit so that she wouldn't get a hickey. No one needed to know about their amorous hobby, and leaving his love marks on her would be a sure way to alert others to their activities.

No, his true goal was a place where no one would ever see. A spot so beautiful and wonderful. The first bit of forbidden flesh he had ever seen bare. After tearing himself away from Nora's neck, Jaune's lips travelled down once more, coming to rest on the nipple of her left breast.

Like a newborn baby needing to be fed, he suckled on the hard, fleshy nub. Underneath him Nora's chest and stomach heaved, taking in huge gulps of air as Jaune sucked and played. Her face was close to his ear, and he could hear and feel every labored breath as he enjoyed her breast. When he wasn't sucking his tongue was at work, drawing circle after circle on Nora's hard tip. Flicking up and down and back and forth.

"Mmmm... Jaune..." she breathed. The feel of her hot breath on his ear sent jolts of electricity through his body. Yet this wasn't he wanted. He had heard those sounds before.

He wanted more.

His hand snaked its way underneath him, finding the impossibly hot space between her legs. Fingers grazed the wet folds of her pussy and began to stroke them. Nora's reaction to the new stimuli was immediate, and a particularly harsh breath shot through her wide open mouth.

"Jaune..." she whispered once more.

A pair of fingers came to rest on her clit. He rubbed slow circles around this most sensitive spot on his friend's body.

Again, her reaction was made blatantly clear. One of her hands came up to grab the hair on the back of his head. Not to pull him away, but to keep him in place upon her chest.

"Jaune... that's- that's cheating..."

He overpowered her grip, and came up from the breast he was working on. Probably for the best. Righty needed some love too. "You never said I couldn't multitask."

Even as Nora spoke her eyes were closed, lost in whatever scene was playing in her mind as Jaune stroked her pussy. "If I scream... it's because of the pussy..."

Jaune stared down intently at Nora's face, muscles moving and twisting in rapture as waves of pleasure crashed over her body. "You're really gonna complain about me making you cum?"


He grinned at her non-responsive response. "I thought not."

Jaune plunged back down, this time taking her right nipple in his mouth. He sucked at it like a straw in a thick milkshake, desperate to get every sweet drop of it, and her, into his mouth. A particularly loud and uncontrollable cry of pleasure sounded from Nora's lips, and Jaune knew that he was winning. Double-teaming her boobs and her pussy would draw out the kinds of noises from Nora that he had never gotten before.

Nails dug into his scalp. Breathing intensified. His fingers were soaked in her juices. Jaune was on top of the world right now, and that world's name was Nora. She was close. He could feel it. He could feel her.

"Jaune!" she cried. "Jaune I'm gonna-"

She never had a chance to finish when his face came up from her breast and crashed down on her lips. Her words and breaths were lost in his mouth, and whatever Nora was trying to say was stopped by his lips sealing against hers. It didn't try to stop her, however, and she continued to mumble incoherent nonsense even as he kissed her.

One high-pitched squeal later, and Jaune knew that she had came. Nora had been spared the embarrassment of screaming the noise into the air thanks to his kiss, but they both knew what had happened. Both knew what she had done. Jaune had made her scream. Maybe not like one of the fake ones in the pornos they loved to watch, but he had gotten a very loud and vocal reaction from her.

Removing his lips from hers, and his hand from her pussy, Jaune came up, propping himself above Nora to look down at the girl. Her brow was wet with perspiration. Her eyes were still closed, and she breathed heavily from the orgasm she just had. He smiled, and came down once again to gently kiss her forehead.

When he came back up her eyes were open now, and she stared at him with a familiar loving gaze. "Jerk..." she breathed.

He chuckled. "But you did scream."

"Only... 'cause... you cheated..."

Jaune rolled over back to lay next to her. Her breasts still moved and heaved with every breath she took. It was a nice show, to be honest. It kept him hard even without any physical stimulation.

"And I'd do it again."

Nora grinned, and a few laughs slipped through her heavy breathing. "I hope so..."

He slipped an arm around behind her, pulling Nora close to him. She moved willingly, her body coming to press against his side, and her head on his chest.

For long minutes they laid in silence as Nora recovered from her orgasm. He wondered if maybe they would fall asleep then and there despite it being the middle of the afternoon. He certainly wouldn't blame Nora if that was the case. After all, he had just totally rocked her world. A sense of pride and accomplishment flooded his body. He loved making Nora cum. More than anything in the world.

Just when he thought that the girl next to him had drifted into a peaceful slumber, she moved. Her nose gazed his, and she tilted her head to give him a long, gentle kiss on his lips. It went on for several seconds, far longer than any typical, non-makeout kiss they had ever shared.

When she finally pulled back, he saw those gentle, loving teal eyes of hers that he adored so much. Adoration was clear and present in them as well.

"What was that for?" he wondered.

Her tongue darted out to lick her lips. "I'm horny," she whispered.

The two words were all it took to get Jaune's faded erection rock hard again. Nora leaned in, kissing him again before her leg moved over his body. She mounted him, coming up to sit on his thighs just below his growing hardness.

"Really? Again?"

She smiled. "Mmhmm."

He was horny himself. If Nora was again, he wasn't about to deny her that pleasure. "Well them I'd be more than happy to-"

"I wanna have sex with you."

The words hit him like a truck. Jaune had longed to hear them, but hearing them here and now had been completely unexpected. "Really?"

She nodded. "Yeah. For real. All the way."

The naked girl sitting on him with her giant tits dangling down in his face wanted to have sex with him. It was a dream come true for the young man. And yet... he couldn't help but feel just a little bit apprehensive. He didn't want to do something that they might both regret. He needed to be sure.

"I want to too. But... you're sure?"

Nora nodded again. "Yeah. I wanna know what it feels like to do it."

Her answer hadn't been the one he was expecting. A frown crossed his lips. "Is that the only reason?"

To his surprise, she frowned too. "No. I want to do it with you 'cause... well, it's you."

Jaune didn't know what that was supposed to mean. Not exactly at least. They had shared so much together. Experienced so many wild and fun things. Explored so much. Made each other gasp and moan and cum. Yet all of it hadn't been full-blown intercourse yet. This would be the next step. The final step. A gigantic step.

They were friends with benefits. The question now was, were they more?

"Do you love me, Nora?" he asked. "Like, romantically?"

Her breasts jiggled when she sighed. "I do love you. But... I'm not in love with you. If that makes sense."

The answer helped to put Jaune's mind at ease. It mirrored his own feelings. "Yeah, I get that. I love you too. You're one of my best friends. Way more than friends."

"Friends with benefits," she smirked.

"Yeah. Definitely that."

"Sex is important. And the first time too. But even though we're not in love, I still wanna do it with you."

"Because there's still something special behind it?" he asked, recalling an earlier conversation.

"Yeah," she agreed. Her hand came to rest on his chest, and she began to rub it soothingly. "It'll be special with you."

"It'll mean something between us," he said, his own hand coming up to her own chest. To gently fondle the tantalizing breast that hung above him. "It's more than just sex. Because we love and care about each other."

"Exactly!" she smiled. "Gods, I'm really glad you understand and this isn't awkward."

"Yeah. I mean I love you, and who knows, maybe something will bloom in the future. But for right now I'm okay with jut being friends. The closest kind of friends there are."

Nora leaned down to bring her face closer to his. "Friends who fuck," she breathed huskily.

She kissed him before pulling back to gaze into his eyes.

"And friends who cuddle," he whispered back. "Friends who kiss. Friends who are always there for each other."

She leaned back in and brushed her mouth against his. "Friends whose big strong arms you can fall asleep in."

Jaune reached up and pecked her lips this time. "Asleep in each other's arms after fucking."

Nora grinned. "Gods I like the sound of that. I wanna fall asleep next to your hot, sweaty body."

"I wanna fall asleep with my arms wrapped around you. And squeezing your big, soft tits."

"Mmm, can't wait," she moaned. "But first... we gotta actually do it."

The boy laughed. "Yeah. Can't just skip dinner to have dessert."

Nora giggled as well. "Only we would call cuddling the dessert after sex."

"No one ever said we were normal. Or what we have with each other."

"Never be normal," she whispered, moving in for another kiss.

"Never with you," he said softly, accepting her lips with his. "There's no one I'd rather share my first time with than you."

Another quirked eyebrow courtesy of the girl conveyed her suspicion. "Not even Weiss?"

Jaune sighed. Weiss. A girl he was once head over heels for. Key word, was. After several failed attempts at courtship, along with her own blatant interest in Neptune, Jaune had ultimately decided to end his pursuit. He would simply be happy to be friends with the heiress. Should she ever decide to forgive him for being such an annoyance. He hoped that convincing Neptune to speak to her at the dance would be a good start there.

"Maybe once," he admitted. There was no doubt that he would have loved to do the kinds of things with Weiss that he did with Nora. But that clearly wasn't in the cards. It never would be. "But she's made it pretty clear she's not interested."

"Lucky for me," Nora offered, a her hand moving to lovingly graze his cheek. "She doesn't know what she's missing. You'd make her hit all the high notes with that tongue of yours."

He chuckled lightly. "Thanks. And she only wishes she had... gazungas like you."

Nora's hands came up to playfully tap and poke said breasts. Yeah, Weiss couldn't compete with her in that department. "Yeah. I don't think you'd be able to have half as much fun with her as you do with my fun bags."

Jaune's own hands followed hers, and he grabbed a pair of soft pillows, fingers and thumbs squeezing the nipples lightly. "Nope. Not at all."

She moaned softly from the pressure of his touch. Gods, how he loved it when she made those noises. He was so ready for this. Ready for her. Ready to sheathe Crocea Mors in the best way possible.

The lustful look on Nora's face told him she was ready to. But just when it seemed she was going to make the first move, she stopped. Eyes lit up with sudden inspiration.


He hoped she wasn't having second thoughts. "Yeah?" he asked nervously.

"Let's make a porno!"

Okay. He hadn't been expecting that one. "What?"

She hopped off him, leaving a very cold and yearning lap in her wake. Grabbing her scroll, Nora moved by the table a few feet away from their bed. "Yeah! Like, we're always watching porn, right?"

"Right..." he agreed apprehensively.

"And we're always getting off to it. To other people."

"We are."

"So... we should make a porno too! And then we can watch it when we do our thing! Comment on it, see where we need to improve, get better in the future!" She grinned mischievously. "And late at night you could watch it in bed and jerk off under the covers to me getting fucked by you."

It was... a very tempting idea. Rather than only having the memories of Nora and her voluptuous body in his mind... he could pull out his scroll and stare at Nora in all her glory whenever he wanted. He could see her getting fucked whenever he wanted. Fucked by him...

His heart skipped a beat at the thought of it. Yes. He wanted this now. A little personal video just for Nora and him. A memory of his first time he would be able to treasure forever.

He smiled, nodding in approval. "Only if you do the same."

Nora's eyes narrowed, but her grin remained. "Sure. We could make it a competition. Whoever wakes up Ren and Pyrrha while doing it loses."

She leaned her scroll up against the lamp of the table so that the camera was facing the bed. Once she was satisfied with the setup she came back to Jaune and crawled in bed with him.

"You play a dangerous game, Nora," he smiled, wrapping an arm around her as she came to straddle him once more.

"Not that dangerous," she said, tossing him a small plastic package. "Here."

Jaune looked at the thing in his hands to see that a circular disc was inside. It was his first time ever holding a condom wrapper. The boy blinked. Where had she gotten this? And if she had it, did that mean she had been planning this for some time now?

"Safety first," he mused.

"Yup. Don't wanna get pregnant or anything. I mean I started on the pill, but apparently it takes a little while for it to kick in. Until then, we gotta be prepared."

Jaune tore the package open. He marveled at the last bit of preparation he would need before finally taking the plunge. Before stepping over the threshold. Before having sex with Nora...

It was a good thing Nora was so beautiful. It was good that they were already so comfortable and familiar with one another. Jaune was still hard as stone, and he slipped the thing on with no trouble.

Nora wasted little time as she used his chest to lift herself up off his legs. As she moved her body just a little bit forward onto his. As she grabbed hold of his cock with one hand while balancing herself with her other.

"Glad this isn't a rollercoaster," she commented as she guided him towards her opening. "Because this is one ride I don't wanna be too short to miss."

Jaune held his breath. This was it. This was what he had been waiting for. What he had dreamed of since first becoming interested in girls.

The tip of his cock kissed the folds of Nora's pussy, and for a brief moment time seemed to stand still. He stared up at her, and her own eyes were focused underneath her to ensure that she was guiding herself to her target. Her teeth sank into her bottom lip.

One deep breath later and he was in.

Her teeth clenched and her eyes squeezed shut. But she had done it. He had done it. Jaune was inside Nora. Sheathed all the way to the hilt of his sword, Nora sat atop him. Her hands pressed down onto his chest, nails slightly digging into his flesh as she sat there. For long seconds she remained, recovering from making the final push onto his manhood.

Jaune's hands drifted up to her hips, resting on them as he studied Nora's face. "Are you okay?"

She nodded. "Yeah. Just... wow. It's so much bigger than my fingers is all."

Of course. There was no doubt that his or really any other penis would be longer and thicker than a finger. Even two. Still, the fact that he could get that sort of reaction out of his lover filled Jaune with immense pride and satisfaction.

His fingers moved from her hips to her sides, feeling her stomach and ribcage and giving them gentle rubs. "Figures you'd want cowgirl for your first time. Miss Dom."

Nora's own hands migrated up from his chest to just below his neck. Her thumbs toyed with his Adam's apple, as if making an unspoken threat of just how rough she was capable of being in this position. "I haven't even begun to dominate you yet, my little Jaune," she purred suggestively.

That. Was. Hot. Jaune wasn't sure what his kinks were, but what he did know was that he loved the idea of Nora being in control of him right now. To have him at her mercy as she rode him.

"So, Nora. You gonna moan for me like one of your porn girls?"

Her lips curled into a tight smirk as she stared down at him. "Oh. Oh yeah," she said sarcastically. "Oh baby. Yeah fuck me, Jaune. Fuck me."

Even while he was inside her they were still able to joke around. Even in this special moment they were still loose. Well, figuratively speaking. Nora was tight. And she was squeezing in on all sides of his member even as they sat still. But the fact that they were able to remain so relaxed even now made the experience all the more better. The joking chased the nervousness away.

Nora whipped her head back exaggeratedly, eyes closed and mouth agape. "Yeah! It feels so good! I'm cumming already!"

Jaune burst out laughing, followed quickly after by Nora. Her breasts moved with every heaving breath of laughter, and he couldn't help but be hypnotized by them. By her. His gaze came back up to her face. The face of the woman he was sharing his first time with.

He ran his hands along the sides of her stomach and waist. "But now I wanna hear you for real. I wanna make you feel good for real, Nora."

Her amused grin turned genuine, and she looked down lovingly at him. Jaune loved that affectionate look in her eyes when she did that. "I wanna make you feel good too."

"So... I guess we should get started?"

She nodded. "Jaune."


Leaning over, her breasts rubbed against his chest as she brought her lips to his. One brief and tender kiss later she pulled back. "I love you."

Jaune came up to return the favor, taking her mouth with his before settling back down on the pillow. "I love you, Nora."

Her hands settled on his shoulders, and Nora's hips began to move. It started out slow, and she gently and deliberately ground her pelvis against his. Harsh breaths were already slipping from her lips. She was so tight and this was so new that it wasn't taking much to get her off. Jaune hoped the same wouldn't be true for him. He wanted this to last. He wanted to personally last. Not just for his sake, but for Nora's as well.

Soon she picked up the pace, and the grinding evolved into riding. She slid herself up and down on Jaune's hard shaft, using his shoulders and chest to give her leverage. Her breasts bounced and jiggled with every movement, and Jaune laid there in awe at the show before his eyes. Nora's face, her beautiful face, was contorted in ecstasy as she rode him. Bouncing breasts moved and slapped together above him. Now more than ever he was happy this was being recorded. He would be able to enjoy this moment in time forever.

Hot breaths shot out of Nora's mouth every time she came back down on him. Soft moans left her lips. He couldn't get enough of it. Of her. Of her pussy squeezing down on him.

"Oh my gods..." he breathed. "Nora..."

Teal eyes opened to gaze down lustfully at him. "Say my name again..."






"Tell me you want me to fuck you!"

"Fuck me, Nora!"

Wild breaths shot from her nose as she ground herself against him. "Beg for it!"

"Please fuck me, Nora!"

Her intensity picked up at the same pace their voices did, and soon enough Nora was fucking him like a pro. She bounced up and down on Jaune's dick like a girl in one of their favorite pornos, and uncontrollable breaths of exertion came with every movement.

He needed more. He needed every inch of Nora right now. Jaune's upper body came up and he grabbed hold of her bountiful tits with his hands. His mouth greedily took hold of one of them, sucking and biting at it with the voracity of a starving man at a buffet. Mewls of pleasure came from Nora's mouth into his ear, and her arms wrapped around his back to keep him in place. One hand dug into his skull with an all too familiar feeling, and it felt as though her fingernails were about to rend the flesh off his scalp like a Beowolf tearing apart its prey.

All the while she continued to buck and grind and bounce on his hips the best she could while he sucked her tits. Cries of pure bliss slipped through both their lips. Jaune could see nothing, his eyes closed as he attacked Nora's breast in a passionate frenzy. But his other senses more than made up for this. The feel of her tight pussy wrapped around his cock as she rode it. Of her hands squeezing down on his flesh. The sounds of her gasps and moans as she grew closer and closer to her climax...

The sudden feeling of her hands on his shoulders returned, and he was forced off her tit when Nora shoved his torso back onto the bed. A look up revealed a red-tinted breast and nipple courtesy of his handiwork. It also revealed a desperate and gasping Nora staring down at him as she pinned him to the bed. As her pace somehow began to impossibly pick up in intensity and speed.

The bed creaked and shook as Nora bounced on top of him with so much fury that he thought the entire thing was about to collapse underneath them. He stared up at her and her heaving breasts wide-eyed, unable to comprehend the sheer magnitude of the movements from the girl above him.

"Oh my gods... Nora!" was all he could think to say in that moment.

"Almost there..." she panted desperately. "Almost there..."

His hands reached up to grab her breasts again, but were intercepted by her own. Grabbing hold of his wrists, Nora pinned them down above his head. She brought her face down close to his, all the while continuing buck and thrust her hips against his own.

Jaune was truly at her mercy now. Unable to use his hands, and unable to move out from underneath her, Nora was fully in control of his body. Of his climax. And of course, her own. The only free part of him still was his head, and he used it to lean in and kiss her neck. Love mark or not, he didn't care. He took hold of the soft flesh of her neck and suckled on it with as much passion as he could. All the while, intense and labored breathing filled his ear.

"Jaune... Jaune I'm gonna cum!"

The pressure on his wrists doubled, and for a moment he thought Nora was going to snap his bones. Then it came. Then she came.

Nora screamed. Not like the exaggerated and fake screams from porn. No, this was primal. Natural. Maybe even a little embarrassing, had the two not been so completely lost in the moment. An uncontrollable cry of pure pleasure and bliss as Nora orgasmed on his cock. Her movements slowed almost immediately until all that remained was the heaving and panting body of a girl on top of him. Hip to hip. Chest to chest. Her face buried in the pillow next to his head.

Jaune was able to move his arms now, Nora so drained from her climax that she no longer had the power to keep him pinned to the bed. He wrapped them around her back, giving her a gentle and loving squeeze. His face turned and he gave a long kiss on the side of her head.

Still she didn't move. She remained there atop him, her back rising and falling with every desperate breath she took. Desperate to suck air into her lungs. Desperate to come down from the extreme high of having just been fucked to an orgasm.

For long seconds Nora remained in his arms. Jaune wondered how long she would need to recover. He wondered how long his cock would remain hard in her soaking-wet pussy. He began to rub small circles around her back trying to sooth her. More kisses were planted on her face and head. More than anything, however, he was just basking in the afterglow of Nora's wild ride.

Finally she moved, using his chest once more to lift herself up and off of him. She stared down at the boy, teal eyes filled with a level of love and adoration he had never seen before. Her tongue darted out to wet her lips. Finally after catching her breath, she spoke. "Wow."

Jaune grinned and laughed. Yeah. That was one way to put it. "Wow," he echoed.

"I can't believe... I did that..."

What part? The sex? The forceful and dominating riding? Or maybe the part where she pressed his arms down onto the bed and turned him into her own personal fuck-toy? In any case, Jaune loved every single second of it.

"You did," he pointed out. "And it was amazing..."

Nora grinned this time. Her eyes drifted over his body, roaming down to where they were still connected before moving back up to his face. "You didn't cum, did you?"

He hadn't. But Jaune didn't care. He had made her cum. And that was the most important thing. "Nope."

"Well... we can't have that," she breathed. Followed by uncontrollable laughter. Jaune's brow furrowed. "I have no more energy left... Jaune... I..."

She continued to giggle incredulously before falling back onto his chest. Her back continued to heave as she laughed.

"Nora?" he asked. The darker part of his brain wondered if he had just literally fucked the brains out of his friend. Of course he knew better than that, but still. Her behavior right now was unusually odd, even for Nora.

"I can't ride you again like that," she laughed between heaving breaths. "I'm so sorry, Jaune."

Was that it? She was worried about being unable to get him off because she had exhausted herself? Well, he could always give her a little boost of energy courtesy of a little lightning dust. Her Semblance was a beautiful thing like that. Or...

Using his superior size and strength, Jaune's arms clenched around Nora's back as he moved. He threw his legs off the bed, carrying Nora with him as he stood on his feet. Once Nora was back on her feet as well she looked up at him with curiosity and surprise.

"There's more than one position, Miss Porn Freak," he grinned.

Before Nora could even respond he turned her around and grabbed her shoulders. He bent her over the bed, positioning himself directly behind her wet opening. It was easy enough in her tired state, and Nora went willingly wherever he directed her body. At least now that she was resting on the bed she wouldn't need to prop herself up.

Leaning over her, he brought his lips to her ear. "Maybe you'll enjoy getting dominated now."

"Do it," she breathed huskily.

Needing no further encouragement, Jaune took hold of his member and slid it in the already slick slit of Nora's pussy. Another mewl of pleasure slipped from her lips, and before long Jaune was once more up to his base inside his friend.

Grabbing hold of her hips, Jaune pulled out before thrusting inside again. Another breath shot from Nora's lips. Again he thrust out and back in, and another noise courtesy of Nora. He could get used to this. He could get used to being the one in control. The one dictating the pace. The only eliciting all the breaths and moans from the girl bent over the bed.

The boy picked up a steady rhythm, and the wet slapping sound of flesh against flesh was like music to his ears. As were the tiny squeaks and cries that came from her friend and lover every time he thrust himself into her. A look down gave him a fine look at her ass. Jaune had never much paid attention to it before, but Nora had a nice butt. It too like the rest of her was soft and ample. Not at all like the tight backside that Blake or Weiss possessed. No, Nora was thick. More than enough to grab onto. More than enough to...

With a flick of his wrist, Jaune's palm came down to lightly smack the flesh of Nora's ass. An especially hard cry escaped her lips. He was sure it was one of pleasure rather than pain, but he had to make sure.

"You like that?" he growled. Something inside of him, something primal and animalistic, was taking hold of him.

"Yes..." she mewled. Jaune saw how her fists were clenching at the sheets above her head. Nora was feeling it. All of it. All of him. And she was loving it. "Do it again..."

Another smack of his hand against her ass echoed in his ear. Another harsh moan shot through her lips. He wanted to keep doing it. He wanted to continue to elicit all those sounds from her. But he didn't want to overdo it and risk hurting her either. No, he would let his cock do the heavy lifting. But apparently it wouldn't take much there either.

Having already climaxed twice, it didn't take much to make Nora peak again. She was an oven that was already pre-heated, and it would take no time at all to cook the thick meat going inside her. Jaune's fingers squeezed down on her ass cheeks, and the feel of her thickness was nearly as good as that of her chest. Top or bottom, front or back, Jaune just couldn't get enough of Nora and her gorgeous body.

"Fuck... Jaune!"

More music for his ears. He knew she loved it when he said her name during sex. He loved when she did the same. He picked up the pace, slamming his hips into her backside over and over again. He was close, even with the condom on. The sheer intensity she had ridden him had done most of the work, but even now he was working at a vigorous rate that was nearing its end. And what a spectacular end it would be.

"You feel so good, Nora," he breathed harshly. "You're so tight..."

Jaune pounded her mercilessly, all the while eliciting those sweet, sweet sounds from his lover's lips. Her hips squirmed and her back arched, but he was all over that in an instant. He wanted to dominate her like she had him. Moving his hands up, he pressed them down on her back and forced her back down onto the mattress. He followed down after her, his chest leaning heavily on her as he humped her rear end.

His face brushed against her hair, and his lips were near her ear. "Here it comes, Nora," he whispered.

He didn't even get a response in words. Merely the undecipherable moans from the girl underneath him.

Jaune pulled out an instant before he exploded into the condom. He wanted to take no risks, and pulling out combined with the rubber would hopefully do the trick. His hand rubbed and stroked his cock as shot after shot of semen filled the tip of the condom. It felt so awkward and uncomfortable, like there wasn't enough room at the front of the thing to contain all his cum. Next time he would have to pull it off right before he blew his load.

Next time. Was he already thinking that far ahead?

His breathing was harsh and heavy, but it was nothing compared to the girl who still lay face down and halfway on the bed. Her legs remained on the floor as she laid bent over on the mattress, her back heaving with every desperate gasp for air she took. That was his handiwork. He had brought her to that point. He had made Nora an exhausted, helpless mess of a girl. Nora the Indomitable. The Boundless Ball of Energy. He had brought her to her limit. Forced her past it. He had fucked the energy right out of her.

And of that he was immensely proud.

Tearing the condom off and throwing it into the nearby trash bin, Jaune moved over to the table and took her scroll. He stopped the recording and came back over to the bed. Nora had recovered her breath enough to crawl into bed completely and lay there. Her chest still heaved as she gulped down sweet, precious oxygen.

Jaune laid next to her, one sweaty body beside the other. If they stank it didn't register. All he could smell was the intoxicating scent of his lover. The girl he had made cum. The girl who had made him cum.

He wrapped an arm around her and Nora eagerly snuggled against him. He kissed her forehead, drawing another tiny moan of happiness from her.

For long minutes the laid there recovering. Saying nothing. Merely basking in the presence of each other. In Jaune's case, he recalled every sight and sound of the love-making they had just done. Everything. From her bouncing tits to her jiggling ass, he remembered it all. Her soft moans. Her loud gasps. He treasured them all. He treasured her.

Both their breathing had steadied, and Nora slipped out of his grasp to lay on her side. She looked at him, her adoring eyes smiling in their own right along with the one on her lips. Long eyelashes batted at him, and somehow that more than anything else about her sent chills down his spine. For as sexy and voluptuous as Nora was, her face was what did it most for him. Her sweet, beautiful face. Her gentle, loving eyes. How he loved Nora's eyes. He loved the way they looked at him like he was the greatest man in the world.

Nora leaned in and pecked him on the lips. "Jaune."

His tongue came out to taste what she had left on him. "Yeah?"

"I love you."

He smiled. "I love you too."

Nora leaned in to rest her head in the crook of his arm. As she did so she grabbed her scroll, and he saw how she was looking at the video they had just recorded. Their porno. Jaune could still hardly believe it. He and Nora had made a porno. It was nearly as unbelievable as the fact that they just had sex.

"I can't wait to watch it," she said softly, using her thumb to quickly speed through the video. "The way you rammed me from behind must look so hot..."

From his top-down perspective it sure did. But he couldn't wait to watch it back from the scroll's perspective.

"I'm gonna send it to you," she said, working at the keypad with her thumbs. "But after that... I kinda wanna sleep."

Jaune nodded in agreement. He was exhausted too. That was normal when it came to spending a day with Nora. Especially so when that day consisted of fucking Nora. "Yeah. Me too."

"Asleep in your nice, strong arms," she sighed happily.

"Just like we planned."

A few keys later and it was done. "There. You have a nice treat waiting in your inbox when we wake up."

Jaune grinned, pulling the girl closer to him after she set her scroll aside. Another kiss on Nora's hair made her breathe a sigh of contentment as she laid against him. Jaune closed his eyes, happy and relaxed with the girl of his dreams in his arms. The scent of her shampoo filled his nostrils, and he was already on the verge of falling asleep.

Only one question from his lover prevented him from doing so in that moment. "Hey, Jaune? What does BCC mean when you're sending an e-mail?"

His half-asleep brain didn't know. He knew his fully-awake brain wouldn't either. "I dunno."

"Yeah. Me neither."

Sleep never came quicker or easier for the pair of teens.

After a refreshing and much needed post-sex nap, Jaune and Nora were out and about. They couldn't help but walk next to each other a bit closer now, standing nearly shoulder to shoulder as they strode down the halls. At least they would have had their height difference not prevented it.

Both students were starving now, and they made their way to Beacon's cafeteria to get some food. It was dinnertime anyway. The pair had spent their entire afternoon after class watching porn, fucking, and then sleeping. But neither could ever be convinced that they had wasted their day away. No, both would agree that it had been the best afternoon ever. One they would cherish for the rest of their lives.

Team Cardinal was loitering in the halls, and as Jaune and Nora approached, saw how they all turned to regard them. A knowing smirk erupted on Cardin's face, and Jaune wondered what the boy had up his sleeves. Surely he wasn't about to return to his old bullying ways, right?

The foursome chuckled and grinned as they approached, and Cardin held out a closed fist at him. Jaune stopped, warily looking at the silent challenge his former rival offered.

"Dude," Cardin urged, nodding his head to his outstretched fist. "Don't leave me hanging."

Jaune looked curiously down at the fist and then back up at Cardin's face. Was that really it?

Clenching his own fist, Jaune bumped knuckles against Cardin's. "Uh, sure?"

Cardin grinned a toothy smile and nodded. "Yeah, man. Nice job."

A heavy hand came to pat Jaune on the back as he passed, and the other three members of Team Cardinal did the same, all offering words of encouragement and congratulations as they continued down the hall.

It was odd, but Jaune wasn't about to blame Cardin for being friendly. Maybe the boy really had changed his old, mean ways for good.

"Wonder what that was about," Jaune commented.

"I dunno. Maybe that thing at Forever Fall really did change him?" Nora offered.

Jaune shrugged. Maybe.

As they neared the cafeteria another familiar pair of people came into view. Coco Adel and Velvet Scarletina stood chatting against the wall. The faunus girl leaned in to whisper something in the other girl's ear, and Coco turned to regard the pair of teens as they neared.

A single finger came up, and Coco lowered the sunglasses she wore even indoors to reveal her chocolate-brown eyes. Eyes that looked Nora up and down her short stack of a body.

"Damn, Nora," she commented, her eyes lingering on the other girl for a couple seconds before coming back up to look Nora in the face. "Looking good."

"Aw, thanks!" Nora replied cheerfully.

She and Jaune continued on their way, but now Jaune had an unusual feeling in the pit of his stomach. People didn't normally go out of their way to compliment him and his friends.

Apparently Nora didn't feel the same way. "How cool is that? It's not every day a bona fide fashionista compliments your clothes. It feels nice."

Jaune frowned. "I guess?"

They walked the final stretch into the cafeteria. Thankfully they saw the other six members of their teams sitting at their usual table. At least now they could finally have some normalcy. No weird and unsolicited compliments from the likes of Cardin or Coco.

As they approached all eyes were drawn to them, but there were no greetings. No smiles. No, all of their friends seemed to possess the same strange 'deer in the headlights' look in their eyes. Jaune swallowed hard. What was going on. Had someone died? Was it Professor Port? As much as Jaune hated his class, he hoped it wasn't Port!

The two took seats next to each other in vacant chairs. Still nothing was said. Just an awkward silence that had settled over the table like a dark raincloud. No one was eating. No one was speaking. There was simply a void of any and all activity. A stagnation of movement and sound.

Until Yang spoke.

"Okay. So are we not going to discuss the fact that Nora sent us all a sex tape of her and Jaune?"

Blue eyes went wide. His head whipped over to Nora to see that her teal ones had done the same.

Jaune swallowed hard. "Um... what?"

A look around the table showed that no one would meet his gaze. Everyone, even the normally stoic Ren, had a tinge of red creeping on their faces. Some more than others. Ruby and Weiss' pale flesh was entirely red. The normally calm and collected Pyrrha was toying with her thumbs on the tabletop. Oddly enough, only Blake was showing no physical effects of the words her partner had just spoke.

The boy turned his attention back to the ginger girl by his side. "Nora... what did you do?"


"Nora. Did you send all of our friends... the video?"

"Is that was BCC means?" she asked nervously.

"Blind carbon copy," Blake stated matter-of-factly.


"Oh?" Jaune asked.

Nora giggled nervously. It would have been adorable had the situation not been so dire. "Um... oops?"

Oops. Yeah, this was a big oops. All of their friends had seen him and Nora naked. Seen them have sex. Seen the most personal and intimate sides of them. Not just their friends either. Apparently everyone on Nora's contact list! Cardin. Coco. Who knows who else!

"So... are you two an... item now?" Pyrrha asked hesitantly.

Honestly, Jaune wasn't sure what they were. They were friends. Friends with benefits. Lovers. But both knew they weren't in love with one another. But were they exclusive to one another?

Thankfully it was Nora who answered for him. "We're friends," she offered. "The best and closest kinds of friends there are."

Pyrrha nodded. Whether or not that answer helped her, he couldn't say.

"I mean, at least you didn't embarrass yourselves," Yang offered helpfully. "I'd give it a seven out of ten."

Jaune sighed. "Yang? Not helping."

"Okay, okay. Eight?"

"Not the point..."

"Now that's a katana," Ruby offered just as unhelpfully.

Both Yang and Blake shot her a look. It was the latter who spoke. "How do you know that reference?"

The young redhead shrugged. "I may have dabbled in your literature a time or two."

"Ruby, this would normally be a great conversation I'd want to have with you," Yang said. "But right now not even you reading Blake's smut can distract me from the bombshell that just got dropped on us. Apparently not Weiss either."

Jaune hadn't noticed, but Weiss hadn't said a word. Her eyes were glued to the table. Specifically the portion of the table that stood right above where Jaune sat.

Yang wrapped an arm around the white-haired girl who sat next to her. "See what you missed out on, Weiss? Bet you wish you hadn't been so cold now."

The heiress shook her head, breaking her from the trace she had been in. "Shut up!"

Yang snorted a laugh. "Poor girl. So repressed."

"I am not!"

Yang and Weiss continued to bicker back and forth. Jaune wasn't paying attention to any of it. He still couldn't believe it. They had all seen him and Nora. Even Ruby. Sweet, innocent Ruby.

His was shaken from his thoughts when a harsh slap sounded on the table next to him. All voices went silent. A cold chill ran down his spine when he looked up to see Miss Goodwitch standing above them.

"Miss Valkyrie. Mister Arc. My office. Now."

"Uh oh, I think the riding crop's about to get some use," Yang quipped.

"Miss Xiao Long," Glynda snapped. "Detention for the next week."

The blonde girl merely shrugged. "Meh. Worth it."

Their professor turned and stalked away. Jaune assumed that she had seen the video too. Whether someone simply told her about it, or Nora had accidently sent it her way as well, he couldn't say.

"Maybe teacher wants a turn," Yang offered suggestively. Now that she was free to speak without consequence from the older woman.

"Oh gods, don't even joke," Jaune sighed. He turned to Nora next. "We should probably get going. We're in enough trouble as it is. Don't wanna keep her waiting."

The pair stood, and Jaune looked over the table's occupants one final time. Only Yang was able to meet his gaze, and she simply gave him a wide grin and a thumbs up before they turned and left.

The walk back down the hall was the exact opposite from the one they had just taken. Rather than feeling excited, Jaune felt apprehension. He wondered how he and Nora would be punished for their... actions. Surely they couldn't be expelled, right? There was nothing against love or sex in Beacon's rules. Maybe just detention?

"You know someone's gonna release that online," Nora said as she walked beside him. "Right?"

Jaune sighed. Now that she mentioned it, that was probably the case. Still, he couldn't bring himself to be angry at the girl. Not Nora. Never Nora.

"Yeah..." he agreed.

"You wanna do it first?"

He turned and gave her a quizzical look. "What?"

"You know, make a channel on PornPlace for ourselves and put it up. At least then we'd get to monetize off it."

"You're really considering this?"

The girl shrugged. "Sure, why not? There's nothing to be embarrassed about. I mean, we're both hot. And you totally rocked my world. No one's gonna be commenting on it talking about how we can't fuck or you having a small dick or anything." Nora smiled genuinely at him. "Our video kicks ass, Jaune. Trust me. I'm a bit of a porn connoisseur."

The last bit made Jaune laugh. "You're really serious."

"Yep! What should our channel be named?" A moment later her eyes lit up with excitement. "Oh! What about Beacon Sluts!"

His smile turned into a frown. "You'd be okay with being called a slut?"

Nora waved off his concerns with a flick of her wrist. "It's all just branding. I know I'm not a slut. And neither are you. But the name will get all the clicks."

"I guess you're right..." he conceded.

"So do you wanna? Who knows. If it takes off maybe we could even record more videos trying out new things..."

The temptation of having more sex with Nora was too much for Jaune to resist. And seeing how all of his closest friends and teachers had already seen a sex tape of him, what did he care if a bunch of complete strangers did as well? At least this way the power would be in his and Nora's hands. If they released it themselves they wouldn't be the victims here. They'd be showing the world their stuff. And they'd even make a little lien doing it.

"Alright," he smiled. "Let's do it. Beacon slut."

Nora grinned, raising her hand for a high five. Jaune gave it to her. "That's the spirit, fellow Beacon slut!"

It was the beginning of a beautiful partnership. A business relationship as much as a personal one. The world would not be ready for what was to come next.

Author's Note: Whew, that was a wild ride. Longest chapter yet. And quite a shocking end, if I do say so myself.

So now we've reached a crossroads. This story has reached its end. At least, that's all I had originally planned on writing. But the other day an idea came to me. An idea I want all your opinions on.

This story can remain as it is, purely Nora's Arc. Or, this story can diverge, and there can be more to it in say, an AU of post chapter 4. Nora and Jaune have made what's essentially a Pornhub community channel for themselves. So what if... in light of seeing this sex tape, other girls want in on it now? What if Jaune and Nora were to become true business people, and decided to make more videos featuring themselves along with other girls from Beacon?

Yang, Weiss, Glynda, even Cinder. I could come up with all sorts of reasons for others wanting to get in on the action. It'd just be extra chapters of more comedy and smut, each featuring Jaune and Nora with a different girl each chapter. I'd like to know what you all think of this idea. Is it something you'd like to see? Or should chapter 4 be the end?

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Update: This story is being continued in an AU fic called, Hands-on Education - Extra Credit. Please check that out if you're interested in Jaune and Nora with other girls in RWBY.