Hello everyone Sora Sentry here. Welcome to the start of the journey following our favorite emerald cinnamon roll of sunshine and the spiky paopu fruit of sunshine. Disclaimers: I don't own My Hero Academia or Kingdom Hearts or none of their characters. Rated T due of the more mature themes, this may change later on. Enjoy and Plus Ultra!

What's Beyond?

Not all men are born equally…

Since I was little that's something I've had to understand the hard way. In This world that's a fact that I nor anyone else could change, ever since that one night so many years ago that would change the world forever. It all started in China when a shining baby was born and from there more and more people started to develop 'quirks' superpowers unique to each person on the planet causing massive change to the world's order in all aspects, no one knew where these quirks came from truly, people could only theorize and guess but in the end there wasn't a real answer. By now 80% of the world's population has quirks leaving 20% quirkless, something that came to be odd these days. With the coming of these 'genetic gifts' many people's lives improved, but the downside was that criminality also suffered an exponential rise that put the world at chaos, to counter this the new super human society created a new career that would ensure a proper way to fight back the criminal in the whole world: Super Heroes. In this new world, where people develop super powers starting on average at 4 years, it came to no surprise, it was like the world became one of the superhero comics and other media of old, a dream come true to many… Many except for me…

Since childhood I had only one dream: Become a professional hero, a cool one at that, to save people with a smile just like my favorite hero of all time, All Might. Years ago Toshinori Yagi A.K.A All Might came from nowhere and saved thousands of people in an accident and he did it in a matter of minutes and from then on he became the no.1 pro hero in Japan, making it the safest country on earth with 2% on criminal activity. Ever since the first time I watched that video of him not just did I become probably his no.1 fanboy of all time but it also made me want to be a hero like him, I just didn't want to do anything else with my life, it was like it was calling me… But… I was quirkless.

At the age of 4 I learned that wasn't born with no quirk at all, I'll never forget that day, it was like a part of me died. My mom was inconsolable feeling guilty for my heritage or lack of it. My fellow students at kindergarten just kept making fun of me, calling useless all the time. Most of all Katsuki Bakugou, who I always call Kacchan. He had an amazing quirk that allowed him to create explosions out of his nitroglycerine-like sweat (I know, sounds a little gross), but our classmates and even adults just keep praising him and even said to him that he could become a great pro hero, even I did too, How couldn't I? He was really awesome and was awesome at pretty much everything. He was gifted and thought he had his life resolved, but still he was mean to me for so long, he even gave me a nickname that would feel like a wound that would always be there. For him I would always be useless, I would always be 'Deku'.

However, despite all of those years of people just telling me to give up, to stop dreaming of something impossible, of Kacchan just bullying me, I kept believing that maybe, just maybe I could become a hero like All Might and kept seeing Kacchan as a friend, sure he was a jerk, but deep down, really deep down, had a good side. But everyone had a point, there was no such thing as quirkless hero, How could I become one with no power at all? But I still believed.

Then that fateful day came, during my last year of middle school. I was attacked by a slime villain that tried to take control of my body, I couldn't breathe and I thought I was done for… When it happened…

All Might came in and saved me. He even left me his autograph after that, but when he was about to leave I just couldn't let my one and only chance of asking him the same question I've been asking myself for a long time, so I literally held on to his leg when he took off, that sure was an experience I'll never forget. When he dropped me on a roof I asked him if I could become a hero even without a quirk. What happened next left me shocked for two reasons: 1) I learned that All Might was gravely injured five years prior when I saw transform into a skeleton-like appearance. 2) Even All Might told what everyone kept telling me through my life, that I should give up. When he left the place I was honestly thinking to do so, looking for something I could do, like become a policeman, but then as if fate kept knocking on my door, the same slime villain was attacking again, this time trying to take control of Kacchan, all I could think of was the guilt of letting that thing escape and how much Kacchan was suffering. The pro heroes in the area weren't able to stop the villain that was causing havoc with Kacchan's quirk. I just couldn't stand there and do nothing while he was suffering and before I knew it my body moved on its own and rushed to help him, even if it was hopeless. Little that I knew was that All Might saw me do just that which pushed him to jump in and save both of us.

When everything settled I was scolded by some of the pros while others were praising Kacchan for his quirk and how he could become a great hero and All Might was of course being the center of attention.

On my way back home, all I was thinking was about what just happened, sure I didn't do anything and I stood in the way or so I thought, but at least I tried to help, It felt good enough for me, even with Kacchan coming in and yelling at me (which in a weird way was him thanking me for at least trying to help him) I felt happy that for a moment I felt like a hero and I was ready to move on.

But destiny kept striking in, All Might just appeared in front of me to tell me how I pushed him to save us and that my attitude is just that of any hero during their school years, which of course led him to telling me the words I thought I would never hear: "You can become a hero." I was overwhelmed with so much emotion that I broke down in tears (Which honestly I often did, It comes from family I guess), after that he told me about his sacred quirk known as One for All, an ancient power that comes from the first generation of quirks that was passed down from person to person, all that power and hopes gathered into one quirk for the safety of all people. All Might told me all of this because his own time as a hero was running out, the injury was weakening him by the day and he needed a successor and he found him, in me. No way I would turn down the chance so I accepted without thinking twice and from that day on my road to become the best hero in the world began.

First to inherit the power I have to strengthen my body so under All Might's coaching I went through a really strict training, which included cleaning a beach that was full of trash. I went through 10 months of arduous training before the entrance exam of UA Academy, a high school with the best hero course in Japan and All Might's former alma mater, of course I had entered, but it wouldn't be easy with its acceptance rate of under 2%, only the best of the best made it there. Those months were like hell for me, but it was all worth it, I've barely made it but I was ready to inherit One for All and the responsibilities as the next Symbol of Peace that Japan would need after All Might's retirement.

Still even with this chance that I was blessed with, throughout those months I had those thoughts lately. That in countless media many heroes arise to the occasion to save the world and many were no different from the average person. I know those were fiction and things from the old world, but I kept thinking: Was it possible to be a hero without a quirk? To help others and save the world? Is it possible to achieve the power to become a hero from other ways other then One for All? If there was it wouldn't be in this world, back then I thought it was a silly thought, that it was something out of a video game or something, but It made me curious to the idea: A world in which people never develop quirks and that only a few people acquire power to either conquer the world and bring it to ruin or save it and keep it safe and in peace. Definitely a good Idea for an Isekai or a Shonen or even a video game, fantasy or not I wonder if such a world exists and if it did how would it be? Would there be a way to get there? Those were the thoughts that sometimes came to me, especially during the nights after training and before going to bed.

On the night before the grand day I had the weirdest dream yet: I was sinking into the ocean, descending slowly, into an endless abyss, just descending until from the bottom of the darkness I saw a bright warm light, for a moment I thought I could see All Might and he would save me (A normal dream for me to be honest), but then from the light came a circular stained glass with a picture of a boy that seemed to be my age and there were images of other people and things I couldn't make out of the light, the more I descended towards it the more bright the light became until the light consumed the whole darkness in a blinding white light.

When I opened my eyes again I was standing on the shore of a beach, I thought it was the beach park at first but then I realized it was a tropical and beautiful beach and the sun was rising, it was a beautiful sight but I had to cover my eyes a bit due to the light of the sun, then out of nowhere there was someone in front of me that was standing on the water, I don't know how but I was sure it was the same guy from the picture, but he looked different, maybe more mature or something. He was looking at the horizon with his left hand in his pocket and what seemed to be a key-shaped sword on his right hand with its edge over his shoulder. As the sun rises and the rays of sunlight were staring the pass around him I felt the very same heroic aura in him that I always felt in All might, I knew when I looked at him that in him beat the heart of courageous hero. I wanted to talk to him so I took a step forward as I raised my hand towards him, he seemed to notice my presence because in that moment his head started to turn around and when it seemed that I could look at his face… Nothing. I woke up from my dream feeling weird but then I shrugged off as just a dream and got ready for the moment of truth. Little that I knew in that moment that it wasn't a dream that I just saw, it was an omen that was saying that my life would change even beyond forever.

My name is Izuku Midoriya, but you can call me Deku. And this is the story of how I became the best hero while growing with the best hero of a world far far away from here, it's champion of light… Sora…

To be continued...