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May your Hearts be Guiding Keys.

The Tournament, Part 5: Explosive Light.

Riku, Shouto and Izuku returned to Class A's Booth. Some of the classmates were surprised that Todoroki showed up here, since he never did during the whole tournament. Riku of course received praise for winning in such a flashy way, although he could pick up that some were a little scared of his power now, he doesn't blame them. Izuku returned to his seat with Tenya and Ochako as Riku returned to his, Shouto took a seat near him.

Riku turned to the left and saw Kyouka smiling at him, he smiled back at her nodding. The purple-haired girl was glad that Riku came out of such an intense fight in one piece and did what he wanted.

"Man, I can't wait for the next match!" Eijiro said, hyped as usual. "Riku and Todoroki sure gave an epic one, but now it's the turn of Sora and Bakugou, honestly if my bro Sora wouldn't be there, I'd be rooting for Bakugou." He added smirking.

"Let's just hope Sora doesn't look as menacing as Riku did. He sure looked scary" Kaminari said, trembling a bit. Mineta shared the same sentiment. But of course Sora is supposed to be the best of the class so might as well not hold breath to that.

Momo had a concerned look on her face. "Worried about Sora-kun?" Mina asked, noticing her expression. The vice-rep nodded in response. "Well, can't blame you, we saw how Sora was before going off to his match, something was sure off with him." The pink girl said again, also looking concerned. "Don't wanna jump to conclusions, but maybe he has something against Bakugou, but of course who could blame him?" She questioned crossing her arms.

"I know that, but you know that earlier he just looked… different and that's what worries me, he's not like that." Momo replied, she couldn't get out of her head the image of Sora sounding so dull, his eyes lacked their usual charm. That wasn't the boy she knew.

"Oi, you shouldn't worry too much, Sora is gonna be fine." Kyouka said to her, since she was behind them she heard what they were saying. "Riku says that Sora was just pissed, he'll be fine when he lets out some steam." She explained to them trying to not focus on the off putting image of Sora enraged.

"Is that so?" Momo asked her, still looking a little worried.

"Yeah, he's Sora's best friend. He knows how he is when he's mad, so don't worry, it'll be fine." Kyouka replied looking calm, but of course she was also concerned, but opted to take Riku's word.

"...Alright." Momo turned back forward, but that didn't shake off her worries.

Little that the girls knew was that Riku, Deku and Shouto were looking at the arena silently. Shouto and Riku were looking calm, unlike Deku, who seemed worried.

"I hope Sora-kun wins." Ochako thought out loud.

"Of course he will win, he's the best of the class." Tenya replied, moving his left hand like a robot. He was sure that Riku and Sora were on a whole different level after his fight with Riku, and Sora is supposed to be better than him, although they're almost tied. "Of course, Bakugou-kun could have a few tricks up his sleeve to try to win. What do you think, Midoriya-kun?" He asked his greenette friend, but he didn't reply. "Midoriya-kun?" He repeated, but Izuku seemed to not be paying attention to them.

"Deku-kun?" Ochako asked him, arching an eyebrow.

"Huh?" Deku heard her. "You guys say something? Sorry, I guess I was caught up in my thoughts again." He explained to his friends.

"I can see that alright, but usually you mutter them instead of being silent." Ochako replied being a little confused, it's normal for Deku-kun to lose himself in thought, but he usually mutters.

"Oh. Anyway, what were you guys saying?" Izuku asked them.

"I was asking you what do you think of the next match." Iida replied.

"...Honestly, I'm not sure." He replied with uncertainty. His friends were a little surprised by his response, at this point he always had an idea where the matches could go, so it was weird that he doesn't know what to say.

"Don't you think that Sora-kun can win?" Tenya asked him, confused.

"No, he can definitely win." He replied. "That's not what I'm unsure about." He added vaguely. Ochako and Tenya just seemed even more confused. Izuku was concerned about what can happen in this match regardless of the almost certain outcome.

The crowd roared as the torches on the stage ignited once more. The next match was about to begin.

"And here we are after the first great match of the semi-finals! The second match of the semi-finals!" Present Mic announced excitedly. Both contenders we're already in the ring. "The explosive teen, whose rush has been unstoppable! From the Hero course, Katsuki Bakugou!" He presented Katsuki, who was wearing an eager maniatic face, surely he's been looking forward to this fight the whole day. "Versus… The swordsman of light, another who's already considered a hero! From the Hero course, Sora Nomura!" He now introduced Sora, whose eyes were obscure by his hair, but one could also tell that he also looked forward to this fight for the longest.

There was a sense of anxiety and tension in the air among the students of 1-A. Especially to those closest to a certain spiky brunette boy.

Katsuki and Sora didn't need to direct a word to the other, both knew sooner or later they would come to blows with each other. Their mutual disdain for the other was about to reach its peak…

"Get ready for a blast of a match! Start!" And so the fight has begun!

The second the match started, the second that Bakugou made the first move and propelled himself at Sora via his Explosion at full speed! It was written all over his face how much he wanted to blow him to a million pieces. "Die!" He closed up to Sora quickly, who didn't even move an inch, and lounged at him with his right hand, causing a big explosion.

"Bakugou goes in for the win immediately! But would that be enough against Sora?!" Present Mic narrated.

"It won't." Riku said, looking at the match besides Shouto. He wasn't concerned in the slightest, it was a rather predictable move from Katsuki.

When the smoke cleared it was seen that Sora effectively blocked the attack with his keyblade seemingly with no effort, he didn't even budge, it was visible in his face a deep frown and his blue sky eyes were dull with a cold, glare full of silent hatred. And of course Katsuki was enraged. "Bastard!" He tried to attack again furious with his left hand but at the second he was about to connect the attack, Sora vanished much to his shock.

"Slow." He heard that darn Deku 2 behind him, the moment he was about to react he received a painful attack on his side, way faster than his reaction speed! It happened in a mere instant!

Katsuki was sent flying to the side until he used his explosions to brake and stop. He immediately got up and ignored his aching left side, he was glaring furiously at Sora, who was simply just glaring back at him without moving.

"As expected, Sora is way faster than Kacchan's reflexes, so much so that he avoided a point-blank attack and attacked back at him." Izuku analysed seeing the match.

"But if he can attack him faster than Bakugou-kun can react, why is he not following up his attack?" Ochako asked, seeing that Sora remained still, as if waiting for Bakugou to make his next move.

"Is he trying to provoke Bakugou-kun?" Tenya asked, seeing this as well.

"...I'm not sure." Deku replied seeing this with worry, that's not how Sora fights. There was something different about him…

Riku could tell this as well, there is just something off about this and he didn't like it.

"Is that it, Kacchan?" Sora said to him in a deep voice.

"Asshole! Don't underestimate me!" Katsuki furiously propelled at him again and tried to throw another explosion at him, but Sora dodged it by side-stepping out of the way, taking him by surprise.

"Too slow." He insulted him again before hitting him in the stomach with his right knee, knocking the air out of his lungs. He followed up with a horizontal slash, sending him away again making him roll on the ground.

Katsuki got on one knee holding his midriff coughing, that attack almost made him throw up his lunch. "I'll crush you!" He shouted enraged at him, before propelling himself skywards and then dashed to him mid-air. However, he was taken aback when seeing that freak jump into the air in no time and attempt to throw his weapon at him like a boomerang. Katsuki easily dodged the attack in mid-air only to see that the bastard was no longer there! "...!" He knew he was somehow behind him in mid-air.

Using the Strike Raid as a distraction, Sora suddenly got behind Bakugou! Sora attacked him in the back with an Aerial Slam knocking him towards the ground with high force!

Katsuki got up staggering due to the pain through his body, when he did he saw Sora landing on the ground and glared at him still with those cold, resentful eyes.

"Sora is so fast! He was able to counter each of Bakugou's attacks each and every time, even in mid-air! That's crazy mobility and skill!" Present Mic commented loudly as the public went crazy with Sora's ability.

"Bakugou's reaction time is very fast, the fact that Sora was able to attack him before he could react is a feat in itself. Sora has demonstrated time and time again that he possessed the best speed and mobility in the class, to the point of possessing mid-air mobility just like Bakugou, giving him the chance to fight him more evenly." Aizawa added.

Bakugou glared at the darn key-freak full of rage and disdain. "You son of a bitch!" He shouted at him furiously before dashing at him and Sora silently charged at him as well. When they were just a few feet from the other, Katsuki used his explosions to leap above Sora, the keyblader knew what he was trying to do so he quickly turned around and blocked the blast Bakugou tried to throw at him from behind, the same trick he used with Deku at their first training.

"Don't you have something new?" Sora flatly taunted him again. However when the smoke screen faded he saw Katsuki smirking confidently at him, with both of his hands generating small explosions which generated a concentrated blast of blinding light!

"Stun Grenade!" Katsuki utilized one of his special techniques, utilizing his explosions as a flashbang after deceiving Deku 2 to catch him off guard and then stun him! After the flash of light, an explosion was seen and a huge cloud of smoke was left in its wake.

"Everything is covered with smoke! What happened?" Present Mic narrated as the smoke was dissipating.

Sora's friends were taken aback by the move Katsuki pulled. But nonetheless it was impressive. As the smoke was fading away, the silhouette of Sora and Katsuki were seen, one pinning down the other, just as when the students of one Class A thought that Bakugou got the upper hand on Sora…

"...Damn you" It was revealed to be the other way around in fact. Sora was able to pin down Katsuki, with his left hand holding down Katsuki's right, his knee rendering him immobile the other and of course the blade of his Keyblade aimed at his neck.

"Wow, Sora pinned Bakugou down after that explosion!" Present Mic excitedly narrated. The crowd cheered at this.

"Amazing…" Izuku uttered, taken aback.

"Indeed, but how did Sora-kun withstand a flash of light from so close?" Tenya questioned, impressed with Sora as well.

"That's easy." Riku replied. "You can't fight fire with sparks. Kacchan's move was a good one, but he just couldn't stun Sora with light, that is his power after all." He explained calmly. As it turns out, Sora wasn't affected by that blinding light at all due to his light-based powers as well as resistance.

"You're light is a sham. Worthless." Sora said to Katsuki coldly. Katsuki was of course beyond furious to be in this position, his move backfired badly. The explosive blonde was gritting his teeth enraged. "It's over, checkmate." Sora declared still with those strange eyes of his.

"Not yet!" Katsuki shouted back at him as he ignited an explosion from his left hand! Yet another cloud of smoke was risen and from it, Sora came out unharmed, he just glared as the smoke vanished revealing Katsuki standing up again panting as he was rubbing his left arm, he was frowning deeply at Sora.

"Bakugou was able to break free from Sora's grasp! He refuses to go down!" Present Mic narrated as the public roared again.

"Shit! That was a close one." Katsuki thought glaring at Deku 2 angrily, none of what he was doing was working and to make things worse, he was reaching his limit…"Dammit, not now!" He could feel the strain in both of his arms, he was in a fucking pinch.

"Dang, just like Riku did with Todoroki, Sora is just anime flexing on Bakugou." Eijiro commented looking at the match, he was having mixed feelings since Sora was just dominating the fight, but on the other hand Bakugou seems to be taking a beating.

"No kidding in that." Sero replied. "We knew that sooner or later that karma would come back to bite his butt, but… Something's not right here." He added, others were starting to tell something didn't seem right…

"The fight is already decided." Shouto said to Riku. "No matter what Bakugou tries to do, it won't work and he seems to be tiring." He added seeing that Sora did follow the endurance strategy.

"Yeah, but I don't have a good feeling about this." Riku replied. He could feel it in the air, something was definitely wrong with Sora… If Katsuki is all but defeated, why doesn't Sora just finish the fight…? He wasn't the only one thinking this. Shouto, Deku and even Momo realized this as well.

"What's wrong, Kacchan?" Sora scornfully said to him. "Already on your last legs? Not so high and mighty now, are you?" He continued with venom in his tone and hate in his eyes.

Katsuki glared at him with furious rage. "Stop playing around, baka." He said back at him with a deep tone. "Am I not strong enough for you to come at me with everything you got? Hah?" He asked him scornfully as he was wiping his chin after recovering his breath. He knew that shitty Deku 2 was just playing around with him, he could tell as much. "You think this is funny? You find this hilarious?! Hah!?" He shouted at him seeing that the son of a bitch went silent, he's eyes got obscured. As he was talking he generated a few tiny blasts in his palms. "You bastard… I'll show you what happens if you make fun of me! I'll kill you!" He shouted furiously at him after generating a bigger blast in his palms, he was pissed off right now. Sora didn't even flinch. "I want an indisputable first place! I won't reach it if I beat scum that underestimates me! It doesn't make sense if I can go higher then Deku and that emo. If all you care about is just fucking around with me, then don't stand in front of me!" He shouted at him again before running towards him. "Why are you even here!? You asshole!" He just kept shouting over and over again at him, thinking as if he could defeat Sora…

"Shut up…" And he just had enough of hearing his insufferable voice… The bolts of dark red electricity were manifesting around his body, the grip on his keyblade tightened and his teeth clenched. His rage was increasing at alarming speeds...

Then, as Katsuki was fast approaching Sora… "Shut up!" In a blink of an eye Sora just stopped him dead in his tracks by delivering a heavy punch to his guts with his left hand, knocking the air out of his lungs! This instant action took everyone by surprise, however that wasn't it as due to the force behind the blow sent Katsuki flying backwards extremely fast! But, instead of Bakugou simply flying out of the ring, Sora warped when he was about to go out and sent him back to the ring with a powerful slam of his keyblade! This caused the explosive blonde to crash into the ground creating cracks!

Once more, the public was taken by surprise at it all happening so fast that no one saw how it happened, everything was like a blur on the outside.

Bakugou himself was taken aback as in one second he was going after that bastard of Deku 2 and in the next everything was a blur and he ended up against the ground beaten up. "...Shit…" Katsuki muttered as he was standing up again even if he did receive major injuries.

That was when he felt himself being suspended in the air by the neck of his jacket and when his vision cleared… He saw it…

Obviously it was Sora who was grabbing him and raising him up in another impressive display of strength, but what was shocking was what Katsuki saw when he looked at him. His eyes were glowing in a bright red color and his body was surrounded by dark red bolts of electricity…

"...!" Katsuki was perplexed and outright shocked at the sight of Sora's rage filled eyes… eyes with killing intent…

"I'm sick of you already." Sora said to him in a voice devoid of nothing but rage and hate. Something which sent chills down Katsuki's spine.

At the same time at Class A's booth.

Riku suddenly stood up shocked when he saw everything went down. He sensed a spike in darkness coming from none other than Sora as well as how fast and brutal Sora was with that last attack, he indeed was able to see it unlike most others.

Nonetheless all of the students were at a loss for words. Riku wasn't the only one that noticed this sudden and drastic change in Sora.

"...No way..." Riku was so impacted and confused by this, he just couldn't believe what was happening to Sora…

"Riku, what's happening?" Shouto hastily asked him, he could tell that this was wrong.

"I…" Riku still couldn't believe what he was seeing with his own eyes, what dark presence he was picking up. "...I don't know" He simply replied with a fearful voice. His classmates looked at him shocked for the fact that Riku was scared.

"You mean… Something like this never happened before…?" Deku fearfully asked.

"No. Never…" The silverette replied to him. He was trying to wrap his head around something that Riku believed to be impossible, his best friend… Overtaken by darkness...

It was to be expected that the heroes in training were very mortified and scared with this, beyond the great feeling of unsettling and shock due to seeing the fun-loving, happy-go-lucky Sora suddenly changing to the point of almost being unrecognizable. Especially to those closest to the boy, Momo was one of the most, if not the most shocked out of all of them.

It couldn't be described the dread that the raven haired girl felt in that moment, the wrench in her heart when she saw Sora, it was like… The sweet Sora she knew ceased to exist. Her worst fear came to be… She was speechless and with fear, uncertainty, worry and anxiety all swirling within her and to make matters worse, there was nothing she could do except watch with fear plastered on her face as she clenched her hands over her chest.

Back at the fight.

Bakugou was still being held up by the neck of his jacket by Sora, his whole body felt heavy and sore due to the beating he just received from the spiky brunette.

Sora's eyes were literally glowing with burning rage as Katsuki was weakly squirming in his explosive blonde however, refused to be put in such a low and pathetic position.

"Let go, you freak!" And so, even battered he created a point blank explosion! Yet another huge smoke curtain was raised.

The smoke made it hard for the public to see what happened to the contenders, but within the still thick cloud of smoke, Katsuki managed to free himself from that bastard's grip. However, his right arm was going numb, it felt like it could fall off at any moment while the rest of his body felt like it was about to give in and collapse but in his usual stubborn fashion Katsuki refused to give up. He tried to get up again only to lose his balance and fall to his knees.

"Shit…!" He cursed trying in vain to get up again, but his body was so tired and beaten down…

Then he heard steps coming closer accompanied by the bone-chilling sound of metal being dragged against the pavement, he looked ahead and he saw that from within the fading smoke there were a pair of glowing red eyes. Bakugou was shocked beyond belief at what he saw, which was of course Sora approaching him completely unharmed, not even a bruise on his body…

Sora's glowing red eyes fixed on Katsuki, his body surrounded by dark red bolts of electricity as he dragged his Keyblade against the floor with slow heavy steps.

"N-no way…" Katsuki started to tremble and not because of the numbing feeling and the pain in his body… He saw as Sora slowly approached him with a stoic yet terrifying glare directed at his own eyes. Bakugou for the second time in his life felt actual dread, it could be easily seen in his eyes. The explosive blonde tried to get up again only for him to fall on his rear and started to drag himself backwards in a pointless attempt to get away from the spiky brunette. "...The hell? Am I... scared? Of HIM?! Just what the fuck is with this guy?! He-He's a monster!" Katsuki thought in shock that he was actually afraid of this guy that moments before was no diferent than that shitty nerd… But now… He was no freak, but a monster…

Bakugou then suddenly stopped the moment that Sora aimed the tip of his keyblade a few centimeters near his face as he looked down at his pretty much defeated opponent with disdain and rage in his eyes. "...Do you get it now?" Sora said to him bitterly. "You now feel the fear and helplessness you caused others?" He added. "...Get up. Get up already, I'm not done with you yet" He declared to him in a threatening tone.

"Shit! What the hell do I do? What the hell happened to him?" Bakugou thought shaken to his core with horror.

"I said: GET UP!" Sora roared with fury as he violently punched him in the face before he grabbed Bakugou by his shirt and lifted him up over his head.

"Have you lost your freaking mind?! Are you trying to kill me?!" Katsuki accused him, trying to sound strong, but honestly by the look of Deku 2's eyes… He actually thought so, and he was actually fearing for his life for the second time ever…

"...That would be your easy way out" Sora replied coldly, causing a chill to run down Katsuki's spine. The enraged Sora then threw him back to the ground, hitting it with a loud thump. "I'll make you pay for everything you've done!" He shouted at him, his eyes glowed more intensely. Katsuki just glared at him with fear reflected in his eyes as Sora began to approach him again. "You would know the pain and suffering you've caused to Deku and Ochako!" Sora declared with intense rage in his tone, dark bolts of electricity flaring up around his body as he raised his keyblade above his head ready to attack him again!

"Huh?!" When the explosive teen heard this and quickly joined the dots of what the hell was happening to this freak. "You bloody idiot!" He shouted pissed. Sora then stopped when he was about to slice at him. "Is this because of Uraraka? Really?!" He continued, sounding like he was swindled and he hated being made a fool of. "*Tch* I could get that you pity that useless Deku, but pity Round face? You're as stupid as you look!" He accused him.

"What did you just say?" Sora asked him in a deep voice as he lowered his arms.

"What you heard, you freaking dumbass." Katsuki replied harshly as he slowly got up, it seemed that out of frustration he could ignore the pain and get up again despite being badly battered. "Out of all stupid reasons to pick on someone, you just had to go and pick the worst one of them all" He began, glaring at him pissed off.

"What are you talking about, you rotten?" Sora talked back bitterly. "You didn't just defeat her, you humiliated and demeaned her!" He glared at him angrily as he aimed his keyblade at him. "On top of that you treat everybody around you like trash, you don't respect anyone but yourself! You don't care about anyone but yourself!"

"Oh, pull your head outta your ass and stop treating me like a rapist or something, will ya!?" Bakugou swore at him angrily. "If you're looking for someone that demeaned and disrespected her so bad, then you should beat yourself up!" He added.

"What…?" Sora just replied as his enraged expression lossed to appear rather confused.

"That, you fucking asshole!" Katsuki scowled at him. "You're always about friendship and all that crap like that, but now here you are accusing me of a bunch of bullshit when you're being a hypocrite about it all! You're the one disrespecting and demeaning her, treating her as if she's princess made outta fucking glass!" He just kept up ranting angrily.

"..." Sora just glared back at him looking as if he was processing what he just heard, deeply considering the new information.

"I bet you didn't even hear what Aizawa said, right into one ear and out the other." Katsuki bitterly criticized him. "You really are a goddamn idiot, you can't even tell the damn difference between a frail girl and one that is tough as nails!" The explosive teen just couldn't believe how big of an idiot this freak was that he had to outright shout at him his stupidity in the middle of battle!

Sora's face twisted into a perplexed expression as he slowly lowered his blade as his gaze fell to the ground, his pupils darted from one side to the other due to all of the info that Kacchan just kept hammering down into his brain.

As of that moment, the smoke and dust around the arena was finally dissipating, therefore finally coming into view for the crowd, especially for certain students from Class 1-A. Riku, Shouto, Izuku and Momo to be exact were silently tense in anticipation as the students were able to finally see Sora and Katsuki after what felt like an eternity in suspension of what happened.

Kirishima breathed out in relief to see Bakugou alive, but after he and everyone else were confused at the scene in front of them and understandably so, since Bakugou seemed like he was run over by an army and seem about to collapse, but then there was Sora, who didn't even have a dent or dirt on him, but he was just standing still looking very unfocused.

"Riku, what do you think is happening?" Todoroki asked the silverette again, with a calm look on his face, but was very concerned about Sora.

"I honestly have no idea what happened down there" Riku replied just as in the dark as everyone else. "First a sudden spike in darkness coming from Sora, then after that last blast it increased even more before it started decreasing significantly…" Riku analized what he could sense from Sora as he looked at his best friend that was just standing still looking at the ground. "Just what's going here?" Riku was unable to understand what's happening to Sora and couldn't help but be deeply concerned and worried for him.

Despite the air of fear being somewhat lifted, it still felt tense, heavy and unsettling. The concerned looks on most of the heroes in training reflected that very clearly.

Deku was trying to come up with something, anything that would explain what was wrong with Sora, why he was suddenly so drastically different, but despite how fast his mind was racing he couldn't just understand at all if just but a moment ago he was just fine. "Dammit…!" He clenched his left fist in frustration.

Momo was watching with a knot in her chest, watching silent fear, apprehension and concern. She could tell that something was horribly wrong with Sora. She wanted to scream for him to wake up, but the shock left her speechless…

Back at the fight.

Within Sora's mind there was a swirl of conflicting emotions as he was just standing there in front of a heavily battered Bakugou, who was breathing raggedly after shouting a piece of his mind at the spiky brunette. Sora's pupils darted in every direction as he let everything the explosive teen said at him sink in, it was like there were two voices within Sora's head, one was like a raging cry that demanded him to simply finish Katsuki off, that was a voice of rage. The other was telling him that Bakugou was right, to ignore the other voice and listen to common sense and reason.

"...Is...is he… right?" Sora thought doubtfully as the raging voice was growing weaker and his voice of reason was growing stronger. He kept hearing the rageful one screaming: Attack him. While the other is sternly saying: Don't. Sora looked back at Ochako's fight under the same perspective as Bakugou and even remembered what Aizawa-sensei said during that match… The raging part of him was trying as hard as it could to deny what was obvious… Katsuki was right.

Katsuki was just standing there, waiting for that crazy psycho to just come at him and finish him off, but he was just standing there looking as if he was dumbstruck. Until suddenly Sora started shaking a little to then grip his head tightly because he was suffering from an intense headache. Sora then dropped to his knees, shocking everyone.

Everyone was speechless as they witnessed Sora on his knees, gripping his head as if he was in physical pain. The pain he suffered was sharp, however it vanished as sudden as it appeared. When he opened his eyes again, they no longer were bright red, but their usual sky blue with their normal light also restored.

"Huh…?" Sora blinked confused as he looked around. "What?" He asked as got back on his feet. It was as if he blacked out and recovered consciousness. That was when he glared forward and saw a heavily battered Kacchan, and it all came back to him. Sora gasped shocked at what he did to Katsuki.

Sora just stared at him with shock in his eyes as Bakugou just glared back at now really confused. "Oi! What are you looking at?!" Said explosive teen shouted at him, snapping him out of his stupor. "Will you just end this fight or do I have to go there and kill you?!" He continued pissied off at that asshole just standing there like an idiot! "Just what the hell is wrong with you!?"

"I…" Sora muttered trying to understand what just happened to him.

"Okay, just what the fuck is happening here? First that freak tried to kill me, then just stopped and as if flipping a switch he seems to be back to his spineless self, even his eyes are normal again and he isn't sparking anymore." Of course Bakugou took notice of whatever was happening and tried to wrap his head around it.

Meanwhile at the 1-A Booth.

As expected the students from class A were now suprirsed and confused and what was going on down there. However one of them sighed in relief and took his seat again, this was Riku.

"I have no idea what just happened, but Sora's darkness suddenly dropped, he's back to normal. Thank goodness…" As intrigued as he was, the keyblade master was just relieved that whatever happened to Sora has ended.

"Riku?" He heard Shouto call him.

"Don't worry guys, Sora is alright now" Riku explained to his classmates. Immediately after hearing they all turned to listen to him.

"R-really?" Deku asked him hopefully, a sentiment shared by the others, including a certain black-haired girl.

"Yes." Riku nodded looking calm.

"Can you tell as much?" Shouto asked him while sounding ever serene.

"Just look down there if you don't believe me." The silverette simply replied, understanding that his friends and classmates seemed concerned, worried and confused about all of this. But the heroes in training did as told and looked back at the arena.

"Sora seems… like himself again." Izuku said looking at his otherworld friend at the ring and could and somehow could tell as such. The emerald child let out a breath in relief.

Momo was also able to sense this just by looking at Sora "Thank goodness…" She softly said clutching both of her hands tightly to her chest, after an eternity she felt like she could breathe again…

One by one the rest of the classmates felt relief wash over them.

"Damn! Who would have thought that such a nice guy like our boy Sora would have such a berserker side?" Kirishima was the first one to comment about it being just glad that whatever it was seemed to have stopped.

"No kiddin', for a moment I thought that he would do something extreme to Bakugou like- Well… you know." Sero replied but unable to fully announce his thoughts, but everyone seemed to get what he wanted to say as most teens tensed at such an idea.

"I second that." Kaminari chirped in with a fearful look on his face.

"Me too." Mineta also added nodding feversly. It was to be expected as they both experimented what meant to be a target of the keyblader's wrath.

"C'mon dudes!" Eijiro replied back at them, frowning. "This is Sora we're talking about here. Sure, he doesn't like Bakugou at all and I can get why, but he would never dare to do something like that!" He added, sounding upset. "...Right?" And yet, he finished off with a doubtful tone.

There was a very brief, yet tense silence in the booth. No one said anything before someone finally broke the silence.

"...Of course he wouldn't." It was Momo who said that. "Sora-kun… Sora-kun is pure of heart and would NEVER do something as horrible as that, that's not how he is at all!" She added with a pronounced frown with an deathly serious voice as she clenched her fist tightly. The girl refused to even entertain the thought of her dear friend Sora doing something as lowly as that… Even if in the back of her head there was a faint shadow of doubt.

"I agree with Momo." Riku replied with a calm tone.

"Me too." Deku also agreed. Despite the fact that both of them know that it was somewhat of a white lie. After all, Sora did strike down quite a few enemies in the past, but he would never do so out of spite or vengeance.

The rest of the teeenagers seemed more at ease after hearing this, feeling a little ashamed for ever doubting such a gentle and nice guy as Sora.

Back at the fight.

Sora was still trying to comprehend what just happened to him, of how he was actually willing to physically torture Kacchan just because he was angry at him or what was that raging voice inside his head urging him to go through with the vengeful thought. Something was definitely wrong with him… Horribly wrong.

"Kacchan, I..." Sora began with a remorseful look in his eyes. "I'm sorry-" He tried to apologize but he was suddenly cut off.

"Save it, you freak!" Bakugou harshly interrupted him. "If you stop shitting around, come at me with everything you got, you hear?!" He demanded with his usual frown.

"Huh?" He blinked in surprise. "Are you serious?" He was taken aback by what Katsuki wanted, knowing it was serious. "Just look at you, I can tell you can't continue." He argued seeing that the explosive teen wasn't in condition to keep up fighting anymore.

Katsuki scoffed at him. "This is nothing! I'm not done yet!" He shouted at him, despite that he felt like he could collapse at any moment now, but he refused to give up.

"But-" Sora tried to reply before Kacchan cut him off again.

"Stop being a spineless shit head, will ya?! We're in the middle of a fight! Don't show mercy to your enemy!" He shouted at him furiously. "If you stand in front of me, then focus on winning! If not then get out of my sight!"

Sora just stared at him for a few seconds before chuckling a bit while shaking his head. "You're nuts, you know that?" He said to him, smirking.

"Hah?!" Did that freak just make fun of him?!

Before Bakugou could shout at Sora again, the Keyblader raised the tip of his Keyblade into the air and then suddenly the blonde boy felt a wave of relief wash over his body, his wounds healing and even the strain in his arms vanished.

"What…?" Katsuki was taken aback by this. He stood straight as he looked over his body, he moved his arms and they didn't hurt. Did Deku 2 heal his wounds?

"There, you should be as good as new." Sora said to him as he lowered his weapon.

"You… healed me?" Bakugou asked him knowing full well that he did. "Tsk! You really are out of your freaking nut. You know that I'll kill you now, right?" He scowled at him feeling his body refreshed and stamina restored.

"Well, how else would I defeat you if you were all beaten up already?" Sora jokingly asked as he rested his blade on his shoulder with his free hand on his hip. He wore a confident smirk. Katsuki seemed taken aback by this.

Meanwhile at the Booth.

Riku wore a deadpan face in contrast to most students that seemed surprised at Sora healing Bakugou. "Yep. He's normal again." The silverette said with his arms crossed now certain that Sora was himself if he had any shadow of doubt.

"Why did Sora heal Kacchan?" Deku asked, arching an eyebrow. Sure, it was to be expected of Sora to do that to those in need, but in the middle of a fight?

"Deku, you know as well as I do that Sora can be very competitive." Riku replied, leaning closer to his nerdy friend. "When he feels challenged, he won't back down." He added with a look in his eyes that says: 'There he goes again'.

"If that's the case, then Kacchan is in for a really rough one now." Deku knew Sora enough to know what happens when Sora goes serious in a challenge.

Back at the fight.

"You wanted my best? You got it!" Sora declared as he crossed his arms in front of his chest, then swifty uncrossed them causing a burst of light to come out of his body, briefly blinding Bakugou. When it died down, Sora was still standing there, but his body was surrounded by a light red aura and sparkles of light exhauding from him. "Just warning you, I hate losing as much as you do. Don't forget you asked for this, don't go crying if I send you to the hospital." Sora said with a confident smirk on his face. Everyone (Except for Riku) looked in awe as Sora activated one of his Formchages, Second Form, which he could still use even without his outfit that normally would cause the colors of said clothes to change to those of his previous outfit. While on Second Form, Sora's abilities increase by the double (Similar to the Kaio Ken in Dragon Ball Z), and with Sora's already inmmense strength in his base form it is a huge increase in power, speed and other stats. (If you're asking, Sora does have his other Formchanges, but since he lost all of his Items, which included his keychains, he lost access to Magic, Blitz, Power and Guardian Form, that's the in-universe explanation for these 4 forms specifically not being implemented, the real-world reason is that I couldn't properly adapt them and I feel there's no need for it. For now he only has Second Form, but since we're under anime logic now, expect the other ones to be unlocked throughout the rest of the story.)

Katsuki stared at his opponent in awe. He could feel it in the air, he knew without a doubt that he was now using his real power! The explosive teen smirked exhilarated. "That's it! Just like that! This is what I've been waiting for!" He declared pumped. Finally someone that would tackle like it should, a worthy rival!

"I'm not sure what just happened down there. But it seemed that the combatants needed a second wind! They're rearing to go at it again!" Present Mic narrated pretty much vocalizing what most people in the public thought.

Both Sora and Kacchan got into a fighting stance smirking competitively at each other. "The real fight starts now, Sora!" The explosive teen shouted at him before dashing forward with explosions.

"Bring it, Kacchan!" Sora shouted back before dashing forward as well. Both opponents dashed towards each other meeting in the middle of the arena. They cried as they were about to clash attacks, Katsuki used one of his trademark explosive punches and Sora used a Firaga spell. The collision of attacks resulted in a big blast, causing Bakugou to recoil from the force of the resulting shock wave.

Before he could look up again, Bakugou suddenly received an incredibly fast thrusting attack even before he knew what was happening! It was Sora who took advantage of the brief opening he had and exploited it using one of his fastest and classicest techniques, the Sonic Blade, Sora thrusted at Katsuki again and again relentlessly, not giving him the chance to even react!

After thrusting at him 6 times consecutively Sora went for the final one. However Bakugo was able to see the red blur that was him and dodged the attack by using an explosion to move to the side at the last second by an extremely close margin, knowing that Sora wouldn't be able to stop immediately due to the momentum. The second that Sora passed him at incredible speeds was when Kacchan unleashed a powerful blast at him, so powerful in fact that it also pushed him back considerably before rolling on the ground to stop and stood up as quickly as possible.

Suddenly, out of the smoke came out at least 24 projectiles of red and orange energy homing at him! When Bakugou's explosion was unleashed on Sora, he quickly blocked the attack that pushed him back a little before using yet another one of his classic attacks, the Ragnarok, unleashing a large fusillade of energy shots directed at Katsuki.

The explosive blond readied himself for the incoming barrage of attacks. "Dammit!" He shouted as he used his explosions to block all of the energy bullets that came at him in quick succession!

Riku and Deku were amazed by the speed in which Kacchan was able to move his arms to create tiny blasts to block Sora's Ragnarok, in fact most people were.

Bakugou successfully was able to block off all of the energy shots with his explosions. However, performing this action briefly left him short-breathed due to how fast he had to move his arms to counter all of the shots just in time, not to mention that he could already feel how he was starting to approach his limit again due to the large amount of explosions he used in a short succession.

The explosive teen looked forward again only to find that his opponent was not there. "...!" That's when he knew it, that last barrage of bullets was a red herring! Sora was right behind him! "Not this time!" However, Katsuki was ready this time and he used his explosions to propel himself skywards, barely dodging Sora's slash. It was extremely hard for him to keep up with Sora's insane speed and dodging his attacks by a hair's reach.

When Bakugou looked downwards he saw Sora jumping after him, in response Katsuki turned around in mid air and propelled himself at him ready to clash again! Sora and Bakugou were at an arm's length to each other ready to clash their attacks at each other again. However in a surprise move, Sora used Doubleflight to jump over Kacchan's explosive attack taking him by surprise as Sora was now right above him and attacked him using Blitz sending him towards the ground.

Katsuki managed to react just before he impacted by using an explosion to stop his momentum. He hit the ground and rolled over before getting onto one knee and looking up at Sora landing near him harmlessly.

"Giving up already?" Sora said to him, smirking at him letting his keyblade rest on his shoulder. "C'mon, Kacchan! I know you're stronger than that." He added in a rather sincere way instead of a taunt.

"Tsk! Damm sly bastard. That was my move you know?!" He replied, getting to his feet again. Despite Sora just using one of his moves against him, he was smirking back at him.

Sora just shrugged in response. "It isn't that hard to pull off anyway. And I didn't see you paying rights to own it." He joked.

Katsuki just chuckled slightly in response before getting into a stance again. "C'mon! We're far from over!" He challenged him with a competitive smirk.

"You said it!" Sora agreed as he got into a stance again as well.

The two rivals dashed at each other again and the resulting clash created yet another grand blast. They clashed with each other a few more times, each creating explosions. Bakugou was pushed back by Sora after another explosive clash with his Keyblade, that was when Sora suddenly appeared before him, the blade of his weapon glowing gold as he attacked before Bakugou could even react! Using his Ars Arcanum, Sora relentlessly slashed at him in a fast and powerful combo up to twelve times, before using a spinning rising slash bringing himself and Bakugou slightly into the air, Sora brought his keyblade overhead as it charged even more energy to then finish his combo in a powerful downward slash creating an energy shockwave upon landing the attack!

Katsuki was sent flying backwards before hitting the ground hard, he was dangerously close to the edge of the arena. The explosive teen slowly got up again even after receiving so many heavy blows and once more looking heavily battered.

Bakugou took a few steps forward. "How did you…?" He muttered before collapsing to his knees and panting out of exhaustion, his arms felt sore and heavy.

Sora approached him nonchalantly as he let his Keyblade disappear. "Sorry, but I told you I hate losing, I warned you, didn't I?" He said to him camly. "You can't go on anymore like that, it's over. You lost, Kacchan." He declared after seeing the state of his opponent.

Katsuki glared at him with frustration in his eyes. "Not even… a single scratch! Dammit… Dammit!" It was more than clear to him now, that he could not keep up with Sora. He didn't even land a significant blow and Sora didn't look worn down… No doubt now… Sora was by far above him… "...N-not... yet!" He uttered as he got up on his feet staggering slightly.

Sora stopped approaching him and frowned at him. "Oh. C'mon Kacchan, even you must know when you lost." He said with an annoyed tone. "You got what you wanted, I fought you with my all and you couldn't keep up. But it's alright, you gave me a great fight and you gave it everything you got, you shouldn't feel ashamed or disgraced for losing like this. You still tried that's what really matters." He tried to reason with him seeing that he still tried to continue fighting. "So, we can stop now, your body might not be able to handle anymore either way."

Bakugou was back on his feat breathing raggedly as he held his right arm. "Even so… I refuse to lose! I won't accept defeat until I can't move anymore!" He said to him with determination and conviction. Despite that he knew that he couldn't win he refused to give up.

"You really just don't give up, do you?" Sora chuckled slightly, shaking his head, seeing that Bakugou has a very strong will and fighting spirit, it was commendable to say the least. "Then, it's time to end this, Kacchan." Sora acknowledged Katsuki's unwavering will to never give up until the bitter end, therefore he decided to put an end to this fight before he could get any worse. He summoned his Keyblade once more ready to finish the match once and for all.

"Yeah. Let's end this, Sora!" Despite being wounded Kacchan ran at Sora ready to clash with him one last time! When Sora was about to dash at him, Bakugou propelled himself upwards with his explosions, taking Sora by surprise. : "Let's see how you deal with this!" Katsuki crossed his arms as he prepared to use his final attack, his strongest explosive technique! He created several blasts to make himself spin in mid air, creating a whirlwind due to how fast he was spinning.

Sora knew that he had to retaliate with a powerful technique as well. "Let the shackles be released!" Sora held his Keyblade with both hands and prepared himself with an attack stance. The aura around him grew larger and turned white as he charged up his technique!

Katsuki quickly approached Sora as both were ready to clash their last attacks!

"Howitzer…!" Bakugou's hands glowed orange as the whirlwind around him came undone and dived at Sora. "...Impact!"

"Light: Salvation!" Sora performed a rising spinning attack as he unleashed a lot of light pillars! The resulting clash between Kacchan's strongest technique, the Howitzer Impact, against one of Sora's strongest light techniques, Salvation, resulted in a violent clash of powers creating a massive explosion and blinding white light!

"He added impulse and rotation to the strong explosion he showed in his fight with Uraraka! He looked like a human torpedo! Sora responded with pillars of brilliant light! The force of both powers clashing is unbelievable!" Present Mic narrated extremely hyped at such a crazy clash.

The shockwave of that final clash was comparable to the final clash between Riku and Todoroki. Which means that yet again on top of the blinding light, there were violent winds again within the stadium. (And Yes, Mineta was yet again nearly blown off, and they say lightning doesn't strike twice. XD)

After a few moments the light died down and everyone looked anxiously at the arena, which once again was extremely damaged just like the other times (Cementoss deserves a raise after this.), this is more evidently with the students of Class A as they waited for the remaining smoke to clear so they can know what happened to Sora and Bakugou after such an epic clash.

"Boy… These Keyblade wielders are something else to make such damage like this…" Cementoss softly commented after getting up and adjusting his eyesight to see the damages and it was incredible how powerful they were.

Meanwhile Midnight also got up rubbing her eyes due to being so close to that huge flashbang of an explosion, she was really thinking that she should ask for a raise after this and maybe pay a visit to the opthamologist. "Who would have thought that there was something as 'too much youthful passion'?." She commented dusting herself off.

After a few silent and tense seconds the dust slowly faded to reveal who was still standing… And there was Sora still standing with his left arm shielding his face, he lowered it as he opened his eyes to see what happened. He stared forward to find Katsuki Bakugou… knocked out, with his jacket burned off and with several minor burns around his torso, but most importantly… against the wall out of the arena…

"Bakugou-kun is out of the limits!" Midnight declared as everyone was shocked at the results. "Sora-kun advances to the finals!" And so the winner of the match was declared and the public roared like crazy.

"After that incredible match we finally have the combatants for the epic finals up ahead! Sora vs Riku!" Mic announced loudly and extremely hyped.

Sora just stood there watching at Kacchan's unconscious form for a few moments before he turned off Second Form and let his Keyblade vanish. He briefly stared at his two hands as his mind was drawn again to the rage that nearly consumed him… He shut off his thoughts for the moment and stared back at Katsuki being taken away in a stretcher before he turned around and walked away silently.

The students of Class A were floored at the outcome of the fight, not because Sora won, which was actually predictable of all things considering the boy's prowess and skill. Instead because of what transpired in the fight itself from Sora near berserked state to the literal explosive finale that yet again left the arena short to be decimated but Sora came out completely unharmed,.No matter how many times they are reminded of it, they're always surprised of Sora and Riku powers and skills.

However, Izuku was trying to process the fact that, for the very first time in his life, he saw Kacchan, of all people, utterly defeated. Not like in the battle training, but a true defeat. He knew from the get go that Sora outclassed him in all regards, but it was still surreal to see that Kacchan genuinely lost a fight.

Riku on the other hand, while excited at the prospect of fighting Sora once more, he was far more concerned with that spike of darkness that surged within him. Something was wrong with Sora and he needed to go and check up on him to make sure he was fine and try to understand what happened to him, his gut was telling him that Sora himself was as taken aback as anyone else.

Meanwhile, some of the students of Class B had some thoughts on the fight as well:

"You sought to fight someone amazing, eh?" Itsuka teased Neito as she softly bunked the back of his head as the obnoxious blond didn't really react. Sen just looked at this awkwardly.

"No, he was just lucky until now." Neito replied, keeping his confident smile. "Those 'Heroes of 1-A' sure are different breeds all together, aren't they?" He added, while looking serene he knew now better than to dare mess with them, in fact most in Class B now grew a little more weary of the Keyblade teens.

"Of course they are!" Tetsutetsu said to him with a toothy grin. "We're talking about the most badass and manliest dudes around! My bros Sora and Riku are in a league of their own, I knew they would get to the finals!" He continued super hyped, especially after seeing so upclose what they can do.

"You sure became fast friends with them, eh?" Juzo said to him.

"Heh. Well they are super nice, Sora mostly." The steel teen replied still grinning. "I mean, sure this whole sports festival ended up being a paradise for Class A and stinks." He commented with a frown. "But we can't say that Sora and Riku didn't earn it." He added shrugging and he was certain that no one would argue with that.

"But that Sora guy went a little crazy with Bakugou for a moment there, didn't he?" Juzo commented to his friends. In fact most in Class B noticed something off during the match in terms of Sora.

"Duh. Anyone will be like that when it comes to that asshole, I don't blame Sora if he lost it for a bit." Tetsutetsu replied not giving it too much thought due to his bias. "What matters right now is the finals!" He changed off topic wearing an excited smile as he looked at one of the screens displaying the upcoming final match: Sora vs Riku. "Boy, I'm getting pumped at the thought of the two of them fighting to prove who's the best! I can't wait!" He really looked forward to what might be a match of a lifetime.

"Honestly I'm a little scared what will happen if those two fight." Kendo commented, while also wanting to see another epic match she was concerned what will happen when they clash.

"Agreed. If they cause such damages in their previous fights who knows the amount of mess they'll make if they clash with all they got. They might even level not only the arena but the whole stadium." Monoma for once said with a serious face. He wasn't kidding when he said that Sora and Riku fighting might cause an insane amount of destruction to the point of tearing down the stadium.

"...I can't disagree with you there, hopefully they don't go too crazy on each other." Tetsutetsu said gulping nervously.

The door to the waiting room suddenly busted open.

"Sora-kun!" And surprisingly not only Sora's closest friends were at the door, but actually everyone from his class came as well. As soon as Sora left the field Riku went to check up on him and everyone else just followed him also wanting to know how he was out of concern. Momo was actually the one who opened the door and called for him, it was evident how worried and distressed she was.

However, when the teens entered they saw Sora, who was sitting in one of the chairs as he was looking down at his hands in the table, looking in deep thought and he didn't seem to react at the sudden call of his name.

The raven-haired girl wasted no time in quickly approaching him as he wasn't even reacting, as if in a trance. "Sora-kun?" She called him again seeing his fixated expression with concern as she warily grabbed his shoulder. That seemed to do the trick as he flinched to her touch and suddenly turned to face her as if he just woke up from a deep sleep.

He blinked when he saw her and everyone else in the room. "Momo-chan? Guys?" He looked confused as he stared at his friends. "When did you guys get here?" He asked as he stood up. He really didn't notice them enter, he was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn't notice.

"Never mind that, are you okay?" Momo asked him with a worried look in her eyes. Sure, Sora seemed fine, but everyone could tell that he was anything but fine right now.

"It's nice of you to come check up on me, but I'm fine." He said in a calm tone. "See? Not even a scratch." He showed them that he had no injuries.

"Sora, we saw what happened back there. You're not fine, even you know it." Riku approached him with a stern yet concerned look on his face.

"That's right, Sora. We saw what happened there… That wasn't like you at all." Deku chimed in with a worried look on his face.

"I speak as a representative when I say that we're all happy for your victory and all, as expected for you. But during a moment you behaved totally different than normal and everyone, including myself, were scared for your wellbeing as well as Bakugou-kun's" Tenya said to him, also looking concerned as well.

"It was pretty crazy, Sora-kun." Ochako said to him worried.

"If there's something happening to you, it's better that you tell us, Sora. We both know that bottling stuff up only makes it worse."Shouto said while looking calm, he was also concerned for his friend.

"...I." Sora looked to the side, not looking at anyone in the eye.

"C'mon man! If you get in trouble, if something is not right, just say it." Eijiro said to him, trying to convince him to speak up.

"At least it might make you feel better, ribbit." Tsuyu said, in her normally blank face there was worry as well.

"Sora-kun. Don't you trust us?" Momo asked him once again as she softly grabbed both his shoulders, he briefly looked at her before looking down, a despondent look on his face.

"I do trust you guys." He replied with a solemn tone. "But that's not the problem." He said as he grabbed her hands and removed them from his shoulders. "I just… *Sigh* I don't know…" He said to his friends as he raised his stare back at them.

"What do you mean?" Izuku asked him, confused and more concerned

"That I don't know… What's wrong with me." He replied. "I know something is happening to me, but I don't know how or why." He stared at his hands once more with a scared look in his eyes. "All I know is that… During the match I was just… I was just furious with Kacchan and then my mind started clouding and everything just turned red and I…!" The more he talked the more distressed he sounded, inciting even more worry to his friends.

"Hey, hey. Just calm down Sora, breathe." Riku quickly got beside him and put a hand on his back trying to calm him.

Sora took a deep breath and stared at Riku. "I almost couldn't… I didn't want to stop…" He said with a shocked expression on his face, his voice cracked a little. His friends just stared at each other even more worried than before. "I couldn't think straight, I couldn't look ahead or what was around me that there was something inside of me shouting or rather howling: 'Make him pay'. I… wanted to make him suffer, I wanted revenge… That was the only thing on my mind… And I just don't know why..." He finished with a broken voice as he put his left hand on his face and started to breathe raggedly. The others were just speechless at how Sora, the most happy-go-lucky boy in their class, seemed so down, scared and vulnerable.

It wasn't the first time for Riku to see Sora like this, but it hurt just as horribly as that time.

Izuku wanted to say something to cheer him up, but what could he say to him at this point?

Momo was probably the one who took this the worst, her eyes watered, her chest hurt and felt heavy. She wanted to embrace him tightly and comfort him, but she couldn't move due to the shock of seeing him suffer, she couldn't even utter a word.

"Sora…" The boy felt a hand on his shoulder, he looked up and saw his best friend staring at him with a compassionate look on his face. "You're not like that. I know that you're not, you're the strongest and kindest person I ever know and I know everyone here thinks the same." Riku said to him as everyone nodded in agreement with his statement. "I know you're confused and scared with this, but you don't have to be scared of us leaving you. We're friends, we won't abandon you and we're all here to help you out whenever you need it every step of the way." He continued with his heartfelt speech as Sora looked around and saw nothing more than genuine desire to help him out and support him from all of his friends.

"Guys… Thank you" He thanked his friends wholeheartedly as he looked down trying so hard to not cry as Riku gave him a side hug with a soft smile on his face.

"C'mon Sora, stop moping like that. Deku is the one that does that." Riku joked a bit to cheer him up.

"Hey!" Deku shouted at him offended. "Although… he's not wrong." He added rubbing the back of his head with a blush of embarrassment. Sora started to laugh a bit. "There, that's more like you Sora, always with a smile on your face." He said to him with a warm smile.

"Right, thanks Deku." He thanked him, smiling back at him. "Sorry if I freaked out and you got to see me like that." He apologized rubbing the back of his head.

"There's nothing to apologize for, Sora." Shouto said to him with a small smile on his face. "Anyone in your position would be like that."

"Todoroki-kun is right, what matters is what Riku said. We'll be here if you ever need to talk or help out, that's what friends are for." Deku said to Sora maintaining his smile as Ochako, who stood beside him nodded with her usual cute smile.

"You're right guys." Sora nodded in response. "Also I think I owe you an apology, Ochako-chan." He then looked at the round-faced girl.

"Huh? Why?" She cutely tilted her head confused. "You did nothing wrong to me." She added, not understanding why Sora should apologize to her.

"No, you're wrong." Sora shook his head in denial. " I think the reason why I was so mad at Kacchan was because I was just so sick of everything he did and the bad blood between us, but when I saw him defeating you in your match… I felt something snap inside of me, I guess that was the drop that spilled the glass."He explained to her. "I believed that he humiliated you making you seem useless when in fact I was the one that took it all wrong. I was actually the one belittling you by thinking as if you're a frail, weak girl. Now I know that you're anything but those things, that's why I'm apologizing, but for believing that and letting that take over my mind. So I'm sorry." He bowed down in apology.

"Oh. You don't have to, Sora-kun. It's okay, I'm not mad if you believed that, anyone would have believed that." Ochako quickly replied, waving her hands in denial trying to make him feel better.

"Still, I wanted to get that off of my chest." Sora said back at her, he now felt like a weight was lifted off his shoulders. "You know, I think I'm better now. You were right, Tsu-chan, saying it made me feel better." He said to the frog girl.

"Told you." She replied before croaking twice.

"That's a relief." Momo said smiling in relief.

"Sora-kun, forgive me if this sounds like I don't believe you, but are you really sure you have no idea what the reason why you had that sudden change in behavior?" Tenya asked, trying not to sound unsensitive. Sora just shook his head in denial.

"If I may." Fumikage approached.

"Fumikage, I would understand if you said: 'Revelry in the Dark'. But it's not the best moment right now." Riku said to him with a slight deadpan face.

"...I wasn't going to say that." He lied.

"Yes, he was!" Dark Shadow came out of his midriff smirking knowing his host lied.

"No, I wasn't." He swiftly grabbed Dark Shadow's beak and pushed him back within him. After the slight awkward moment and a few snickers here and there, the bird-headed teen cleared his throat. "I might have a theory as to what happened to Sora." He said calmly as he crossed his arms. "I believe, based on what Sora described, is that he succumbed to a blinding rage and that same rage was what let him be briefly overtaken by darkness, the darkness within your heart, Sora." He said pointing at his chest. "I could feel it, an intense and deep rage and hatred that brewed the darkness within your heart that nearly consumed you." He continued sounding as edgy as usual.

Sora thought about what Tokoyami said before something came to his mind. "No… Could it be?" He muttered loud enough to be heard.

"What is it? Did you think of something?" Riku asked him, seeing that Sora might have realized something.

"Yeah, now I think I know what caused me to go… well crazy." Sora said with a serious frown.

"We're listening, Sora." Shouto said to him, eager to know as much as everyone else.

"Okay, just don't freak out at what I'm about to tell you." He warned them before taking a deep breath. "I think the reason is because… I became a Heartless once." He said expecting the reaction.

"HEARTLESS!?" And it came. Everyone, except obviously Riku and Izuku, shouted shocked. Many started to ask questions like when or how or why. Riku and Midoriya were taking it better as they already knew this, however they were taken by surprise.

"Hoooold it!" Kirishima shouted, making everyone shut up. "We shouldn't freak out, guys! Look, Sora's still here so that means it must have happened long ago!" For once the hardened-quirk user was the voice of reason and everyone calmed down knowing that he was right, Sora is here so it was okay.

"Thanks, Eijiro." Sora thanked the red-head and he replied giving him a thumbs-up and a big grin. "Geez, you guys really are scared of the Heartless, huh?" Sora commented seeing that mostly everyone reacted the way they did.

"Duh, man! They are freaking hearts-eating zombies! Who wouldn't be scared of those things?!" Denki said to him as if it was something obvious with Mineta nodding feverishly beside him.

"Ahem! Well then, it is safe to assume that it was Riku-kun who restored your humanity, right?" Tenya said composed now as he flipped his right arm up.

"I was there when that happened, before entering in U.A when the Heartless first started to appear at night. But It wasn't me that brought Sora back." Riku explained lying a little about when it occurred such a fateful event. "It wasn't by my powers that Sora's humanity was restored."

"Wait, you didn't? Is there another way to make a Heartless human again? And You guys never said anything about side effects." Kyouka questioned Riku confused at this, most teens were in fact.

"There aren't side effects when your heart is restored, but Sora's case was different as he wasn't restored like most people." He clarified. "Apparently there's another way, I say that because the only one that was restored that way was Sora, we don't know if it would work on other people." He elaborated.

"It's a long story that I wouldn't rather talk about." Sora said with a small tinge of sadness.

"It's alright, Sora-kun. You don't have to explain anything if you don't want to." Momo said to him, sounding compassionate.

"Thanks." He nodded in gratitude. "But I can tell you that my Heartless wasn't destroyed, it was purified by a brilliant pure light, that's how I came back." He explained vaguely not wanting to dwell too much on the topic. "I guess no one expected that there would be an unexpected side effect." He shrugged.

"That sounds like a miracle." Shouto commented with a serene face, but inside he was intrigued by this.

"In a sense, it was." Riku said to him.

Izuku the whole time remained silent as he knew everything regarding the occurrence. However, it made his heart drop hearing about it again. More so now that this whole time Sora was carrying the unexpected consequence beyond the miracle.

"Is there anything that can be done to cure him?" Ochako asked, concerned for Sora's wellbeing.

"I agree with Uraraka-san. We can't leave Sora-kun like this." Momo said with a serious frown. Yet again she took the news of Sora, the brightest boy she met, turned into one of those monstrosities, thank the heavens he's himself now, but the thought terrified her and made her sick. She didn't want to leave Sora with a reminder of the incident.

"I wish I could have the answer for that." Riku said, crossing his arms with a slight sad look on his face. "Something like this never happened before so we don't know if there's even something that can help him at all." He replied being frank about it. Everyone was silent for a moment as they let that sink in.

"There's something I can do." Sora broke the silence. Everyone looked at him with a determined look in his eyes. "The only thing I can do is... face this head on, accept it and learn to control this." He continued with full conviction.

"Accept it? Learn to control it?" Deku asked, taken aback as everyone else.

"Sora, do you know what are you asking for, right?" Shouto questioned with an undertone of concern.

Sora nodded with certainty. "Even if there is a cure, I don't want it." He said, his determination never wavering. "I've been carrying this burden, this 'curse' this whole time, I'm not sure why it came out now, but I've made up my mind, I'm accepting this." He continued with a serious tone "Many people learn how to live with pain that never truly vanishes and with their burdens, I'll do just that, I don't need to get rid of this, after all carrying around a little hurt isn't that bad, right? I mean whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger." He finished with a smile as he shrugged.

"I'm with you, Sora." Riku said, putting a hand on his shoulder, nodding with an approving smile. "When Sora's heart is made up you can't help but only believe in him, I'm believing." He turned to look at his friends struck by surprises and awe. "If Sora can control the darkness within him, like I did, he will become incorruptible, better yet he will be able to bend darkness to his will just like I do." He explained why Sora had a lot to gain if he's able to control the darkness in his heart.

"Who knows? I might be better than you once I make it." Sora said to him smirking as he put his hands behind his back.

"Hey! I'm the one that invented using darkness for good, no way you're one-upping me there." Riku replied, smirking back at him.

"We'll see about that." Sora teased in reply. As the two boys laughed for a bit and everyone else joined in as well.

"Well, if this is what you want, that you have our full support." Izuku said to his best friend with a smile drawn on his face, everyone else nodded in agreement. "But, how are you going to learn to control your darkness?" The emerald boy asked him.

"Well, I'll just have to keep my negative emotions in check and don't let something like my rage take hold of my mind." Sora said assuming accurately that he just has to prevent losing his temperament to prevent going berserk.

"That seems accurate, Sora." Fumikage nodded approvingly. "The key to control the darkness within one's heart is to have control and discipline over the negative emotions and violent impulses, if you can master that, you can master your darkness." He elaborated as Dark Shadow came out and gave Sora a happy thumbs-up.

"It seems that whatever your 'curse' is seems to feed on your negative emotions, maybe even extreme amounts of stress and increases by tenfold the usual small amount of darkness within you. As long as you're above being consumed by them, especially rage that seems to be the most dangerous, you'll be just fine." Riku analyzed and explained what Sora needed to do.

Sora nodded understandably. "Being honest with you guys, I'm scared. Scared of what will happen if I lose control and succumb to the rage and the darkness it brings… I don't know what'll I do if that happens and I do something to any of you." He said looking at his left hand before closing it as a fist. "But I know you guys will be there to help me if I go astray, right?" Sora said, smiling to his friends.

"Always." Riku nodded happily.

"Sora-kun." Momo approached him wearing a smile on her face. "I know all of this must be hard for you, but you know you can count on me to always be there for you when you need it the most." She said to him with a warm smile on her face.

"Right, thanks Momo-chan." He smiled brightly at her.

"Don't ever forget, you're the bravest person I know, no one else would be willing to face what you want." She said warmly to him then she pulled the boy into a warm embrace by her which he returned. "Please Sora-kun, don't ever change." She softly said to him as she snuggled into his neck.

Sora not only felt his cheeks heat up from the contact, despite the several times they hugged already, but also his heart skipped a beat when he heard her speak the very same words he once heard from a certain red-haired girl… She even said it in a way so similar to 'hers'... "It's a promise." He said softly as he tightened his hold on her a bit.

Mina and Tooru obviously squealed at each other at yet another beautiful 'ship moment'.

For once Denki and Minoru didn't seem to complain about this as they felt bad for Sora, it was safe to say that he earned this one, he needed it anyway.

After a few more seconds of embrace, Sora and Momo separated, although she did so reluctantly.

"Oh right! With all this rage stuff, I almost forgot about the upcoming finals!" Eijiro said out loud. "Oh man, oh man! I'm so hyped for it! You guys will finally fight each other and you can bet I won't miss it!" He said to the otherworldly teens with a hyped grin.

"Good thing there's a break after the number Sora did on the arena." Hanta said to him, also grinning. "You two seem to really make a mess when you go all out." He said to them jokingly.

"Hopefully you don't, hmm I dunno, destroy the whole stadium while fighting?" Denki said to them crossing his arms with a frown with Mineta nodding in agreement with his tiny arms crossed.

"I would say that is exaggerated, but considering the caliber of our 'Heroes of 1-A', it might not be too much of a stretch." He said as serious as always. "I hope you two take in consideration the spectators, your fellow classmates from and the school property while fighting." He advised them professionally.

"C'mon, we won't cause that much damage." Riku replied, crossing his arms.

"Says the guy that sliced a huge robot of solid and sturdy metal like it was nothing, not to mention that you almost destroyed the arena." Shouto said to him nonchalantly.

"We both know I'm not solely accountable for that. We did that together." He rebutted.

"And in my defense, Kacchan's last explosion was huge so when it clashed with my attack it left a huge mess, so that wasn't fully my bad." Sora defended himself shrugging.

"Okay, we'll take your word for it, but if you blow everything up I'll haunt you from the beyond." Mina said with a toothy grin.

"Me too!" Tooru said energetically.

"Duly noted." Riku smiled back at them.

"I really wonder what will happen when you two fight." Deku said to his otherworldly friends smiling. "You guys fought each other plenty of times, right? But with how you are now, I actually can't help but also be scared of you causing great damage just by clashing with each other." He sheepishly said to them.

"Wow. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Deku." Sora said sarcastically. "And in case you're wondering, I'll tell you what will happen: I'll beat him, plain and simple." He said confidently pointing at himself.

Riku chuckled. "Sorry, but did you forget the many times I defeated you?" He asked with a teasing tone.

"No, but those were in the past and this is now. Besides I defeated you a few times before." Sora rebutted as he put his hands behind his head.

"Did you now? I don't remember." Riku said jokingly.

"Hey, no lying! You do remember!" Sora played along.

"Hmmm. Nope, doesn't ring a bell." He jokingly replied, crossing his arms.

"Heheh. Good to see you back to your usual self, Sora." Izuku said to him, smiling as Ochako and Tenya also smiled beside him.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm heading back so I won't miss a second of the manliest fight ever. Good luck you two, may the manliest win!" Eijiro grinned at Sora and Riku giving them a thumbs up before turning around and walked out of the room. Then little by little the others wished the finalists good luck in the upcoming match before leaving the room.

"Hey, Riku." Kyouka said to him with a small blush. "Good luck out there, I hope you win." She wished him good luck smiling at him.

"Thanks, Kyouka." He thanked her, smiling back at her. Kyouka's blush deepened a bit before she waved goodbye at him and turned to leave.

"Good luck, Sora-kun. I'm sure you will win." Momo said to him smiling brightly with a red blush on her cheeks.

"Thanks, Momo-chan." He thanked her with the beautiful smile she grew to adore to see. "When I win, I'll owe it to you, Deku and Ochako-chan." He added giving her a thumbs-up and winking at her.

Momo's blush deepened at this gesture, she looked down with a bashful smile before looking at his eyes again. "I'll look forward to it. I'll see you when you win." She smiled sweetly at him before waving and turning around and leaving. (If Mina and Tooru saw that they would have squealed like fangirls again at the other boyfriend-girlfriend dynamic there.)

"Riku, I wish you good luck. Hopefully you can win and then we'll have a rematch." Shouto said to him with a small, but noticeable smile.

"You can count on it." Riku replied as both bumped fists.

"I hope you don't take this the wrong way, Sora." Todoroki said to the spiky brunette.

"Nah, it 's cool." He replied with an understanding smile. Shouto nodded before taking his leave.

"Well guys this is it, I guess." Deku said to his best friends with a big smile. The keybladers nodded in response smiling as well.

"Good luck you guys!" Ochako said with a cute grin. "I hope you can win, Sora-kun." She said to him smiling brightly "Don't be mad at me Riku-kun!" She said to him rubbing the back of her hair smiling sheepishly.

"Thanks, Ochako-chan." Sora thanked her with his usual smile.

"No worries, Ochako." Riku said to her smiling.

"I wish luck to both of you and may the best win." Tenya said to them with a smile, the two of them nodded smiling. "I hope someday soon we can fight, Sora-kun." He said to Sora.

"Yeah, me too, Tenya." Sora replied with a competitive grin looking forward to it.

"I'll observe the fight carefully so we can have our rematch, Riku-kun." Tenya said to the silver Keyblade Master.

"You're on." He replied looking forward to it.

Suddenly Iida's body started to shake. "Whoa! What's that?!" Sora, Izuku and Ochako said at the same time freaked out and Riku just stared eyes-widened.

"My phone." Tenya replied with a shaking voice before fishing his phone from his pants and answered the entering call which stopped his shaking.

"His phone, eh?" The three of them repeated relieved, with Ochako and Sora having a hand on their chests. Riku just relaxed.

"You might want to lower the vibrations of your phone." Riku commented, still taken aback by the absurd amount of vibration the tiny device had.

"My mom?" Tenya saw that his mother called him, taking him by surprise that she called him right now. "Excuse me, I have to attend this. I'll see you later." He said to his friends and they nodded in reply before Tenya left to talk to his mother.

"Well, see you!" Ochako said goodbye to the boys cheerfully before taking her leave. Now the Hero trio was left in the room.

"Well, good luck guys. I would like to cheer for one of you, but it might be unfair, right?" Deku said to his friends smiling and the keybladers chuckled in response.

"It's okay, man." Sora replied smiling at him. "But don't be surprised if I beat Riku again." He smirked crossing his arms.

"You mean, if I beat you again." Riku said to him, smirking competitively and the three boys laughed for a bit, then Deku approached and gave Sora a fist bump before doing the same with Riku and turned to leave.

And so the childhood best friends remained. "Well I gotta get ready, I'll see you on the battlefield." Riku said to Sora with a smile as he extended his fist at him. "The time has come for our rematch, but don't you think it'll be the last."

"You bet. and I'll keep being ahead in the score, still 1 to 0." Sora replied as he bumped fists with him.

"Not if I have something to say about it." Riku said smirking confidently and the two of them laughed for a bit and so Riku took his leave and Sora was left alone in the room once again. He was still trying to come to terms with his newfound troubles so he decided to take a brief stroll around the hallways to digest everything and to steady his nerves for the final match.

While walking, Sora's thoughts were drawn to Kairi, how much he missed her and the others and how he longs to see them again soon. He took Kairi's charm out of his pocket (He never goes anywhere without it, always keeping it with him.) and looked at it with nostalgia.

"I hope you're faring better than me, Kairi." He thought out loud with a hint of sadness in his voice. "I hope that by the time we meet again, you don't have to know this new side. I swear I will overcome this." He continued with determination and hope that by the time he reunites with Kairi and the others again he would have mastered his newfound 'curse'. Now that he knows that he has it, might as well put it to good use.

The boy then saved the lucky charm before looking forward again and to his surprise he saw none other than Katsuki walking forward with both hands on his pockets, he had bandages on his biceps and forehead and most likely under his new jacket. The explosive teen seemed to be on his way to the booth.

Sora took a deep breath before making a decision. "Kacchan!" He called him, making him stop and look behind over his shoulder.

"Hah?" Bakugou looked behind him to see Sora quickly approach him, when he did he fully turned around to face him. He had a blank look on his face, which is unlike him. "What do you want?" He asked not really sounding angry or annoyed, rather calm and neutral. Again something rarely seen in him.

"I… Uh." Sora felt really awkward now, but he still needed to do this. "I'm glad to see that you're okay." He said to him trying to break the ice.

However Katsuki didn't reply, he just kept staring blankly at him. "If you got something to say, just get straight to the point, okay?" He said to him, still keeping his unsettling calm.

Sora briefly looked down before sighing. "Look, I just wanted to apologize… about what happened in the match, that wasn't me at all. It's a complicated story, but now it seems that every time I let myself be controlled by strong negative feelings, especially rage, I just lost control and I did things I really didn't want to do. Sure, I did have those bad and vengeful thoughts, but I would never dare to go even as close as what I did today. Thing is that I've been through some stuff that I was bottling up and it got worse today and well I just couldn't stand you anymore, so I just took all that rage and frustration out on you" He talked to him with honesty and with an apologetic tone. "You could have ended up badly wounded or worse and you didn't deserve it, well at least just a bit." Kacchan growled at the last part. "Hey, I'm being honest, you gotta admit that the bad you did would come back to you someday." He shrugged. "The point is, that I'm really sorry about that. I know that the concept of forgiving is one that you don't really use and I get it if you won't accept my apologies, but at least I hope that we can put this behind us." He concluded his apology.

Kacchan just stared at him, still with a blank face. "Is that all you have to say to me?" He asked him knowing that he had more to say.

"No, I also wanted to thank you." He replied.

"Hah? Thank me for what?" Katsuki was taken aback by this, having a clearly confused look on his face.

"For helping me back there, if it weren't for your shouts you could have ended up worse than you are now." He explained with a soft smile. "You were right about Ochako and I feel stupid for not picking it up because I was just angry at you." He added.

"You're damn right about that." Katsuki said, crossing his arms with a small frown.

"So yeah, for once, shouting like a madman actually saved your butt, at least for a bit. You helped me get out of that state so thanks." He thanked him smiling softly.

"Whatever." Katsuki replied with a neutral tone. "You better work out those freaking rage issues before you kill someone, you hear?" He said in a stern tone. Sora then chuckled. "What?" He asked him seeing that he laughed.

"Heh. Sorry, it's just that it's pretty ironic that you said that to me." Sora replied, still smiling. Bakugou just scoffed looking to the side.

"You just watch it because you're stronger than me, we can't have you shitting over your chance to be a hero. Or else I won't be able to reach you, Sora." Bakugou said still with a calm but stern expression.

"You… just admitted that I'm stronger? And did you just call me 'Sora'?" Sora was very surprised at the words that came out of Kacchan's mouth.

"You fought me with your real strength fair and square, no point arguing." Katsuki replied as if it was something obvious. "And of course I called you 'Sora', that's your name, isn't it?" He added, he had outgrown the nickname 'Deku 2'.

"Um, yeah, but it's weird coming from you. I was used to you calling me 'Deku 2'." Sora replied, rubbing his cheek. "Actually, now that I think about it, you call me by my name back in the match." He remembered that Katsuki indeed did that, he just didn't look into it at the moment of the battle.

"You're a lot of things, many similar to that damn nerd, but you're not a Deku, you're a powerful rival that respects his opponents and seeks proper victory. I noticed it while we were fighting." Katsuki replied with a soft expression, now understanding how ill-fitted the nickname 'Deku' doesn't fit Sora.

Sora smiled at this, seeing that now both were able to look eye to eye and respect each other. "And I realized that you have a strong will and determination and I totally respect that. Maybe Deku was right, maybe you do have a nice side within you, I could feel the worth in you." He said to him, keeping his smile. Kacchan just humphed, glaring his head to the side. "You're such a tsundere, ya know?" He teased him.

"Hah?! No way I'm a freaking tsundere! Do I look like a girl to you or something?!" Katsuki replied in an angry tone.

"And there is the good ol', Kacchan." Sora just smirked at this. "And just so you know guys can also be tsunderes, Riku is a bit of a tsundere." He added putting his arms behind his head.

"Whatever." Katsuki just growled a bit at him.

"Seriously though, are you okay?" He asked him.

"Yeah, but the old nurse said you almost broke the bones in my arms and some of my ribs." The explosive teen replied.

"I did warn you." Sora said shrugging before raising his right hand and casting Curaga on him. "There, you should almost be at full health." He said after casting the healing spell.

"Tsk! You're too nice for your own good." Kacchan said as he put his hands in his pockets."...But, still thanks." He thanked him, which is definitely something no one would have thought coming from him.

"Wow! Now that's a first!"Sora replied with a grin as Bakugou only frowned at him. "Well, I think I should get going, my match will start soon." He said turning around.

"Wait, Sora." However, Katsuki stopped him making the boy face him again wondering what he wanted. "If you tell this to anyone I'll kill you." He extended his right fist to him. Sora smiled and bumped fists with him.

"I meant it when I said you gave me a great fight." Sora said, smiling as their fists separated.

"And I won't make it easier for you next time. One day I'll surpass you and if I do that, I'll be no.1" Katsuki said to him with a competitive glint in his eyes.

"I'll look forward to that day." Sora accepted the challenge.

"And do me a favor, kick that edgy emo's ass. I don't care if he's your best friend." Katsuki said with full seriousness. "If you lose, I'll go down there and kill you, you hear?" He threatened him, but Sora knew it wasn't serious.

"Don't worry, I'll win." Sora said with a confident smile.

"You better." And with that Katsuki said before turning around and started to walk away. "Heh. That Sora, damm sly fox." He smirked and muttered softly.

Sora just stood there watching Kacchan walk away when he just realized something. "I guess this is us friends now. Huh what a crazy day, Riku and Deku won't believe it when I tell them." He thought with a smile before he walked off to the arena.

Meanwhile, Tenya answered the call from his mother.

"Hello? Regrettably, I lost, Mom. I was weak…" He said to his mother about to apologize.

"No, that's not it!" Tenya's mother replied through the other line sounding distressed. "Oh. I'm sorry." She apologized realizing she might have straddled her youngest son. "Tenya, listen calmly." She tried to warn her son about the news she was about to drop on him. "Tensei… Your brother… Was defeated by a villain!" She revealed the grave news about her eldest child, her voice breaking a bit.

The world felt like it came to a stop after Tenya heard such horrible and unreal words from the mouth of his mother. Something just broke inside of him…

In the city of Hosu there was a shadowy figure that looked over the police and civilians at a horrible crime scene. This figure with glowing blood red eyes was wearing a demented smile as he licked the blood off the edge of his chipped and worn out katana.

This man was none other than the Hero Killer himself, Stain…

"You don't even realize it. A society tainted in hypocrisy and vanity. To all those who call themselves heroes…I'll make you realize it." The killer with the tattered red scarf and multitude of sharp weapons gave a monologue to himself as he crouched over a water tower, looking over where he claimed his latest victim, the so called Turbo 'Hero', Ingenium...

Stain then just slashed out his katana behind him, knowing there was someone there. However when he looked over his shoulder he saw a man, with a black coat, an eye patch and a large scar on his face, that just grabbed the blade of his sword with his gloved right hand like it was nothing, the man was wearing a smug grin.

"Hey, chill out a little there, Bloody Edge." Luxu said to him as moved the blade away from him with minimal effort. The Hero Killer flinched at this and seemed ready to attack at any moment. "Relax, man. I'm not here to fight you, I'm on your side." He said in a lax tone as he let go of the blade and took a step back before Stain had a chance to move. "Oi, Misty! I told you he was here!" He glanced over and then Kurogiri appeared right behind him. "I guess you owe me today's lunch for finding the man of the hour." He said to his Misty associate crossing his arms with his usual carefree attitude.

The mist man didn't reply and instead focused on the Hero Killer. "Calm down." He said to Stain seeing that he was tense and ready to strike at any moment. "We think the same. We've been looking for you, Stain, the Hero Killer." He spoke calmly and formally at the intrigued Stain, who was just perplexed at this pair of individuals, mostly the one with the eye patch, he sensed enormous power emanating from his mere presence. "We heard about your notoriety and we wanted to find you." Kurogiri continued.

"Which I did, if I can say so." Luxu chimed in still with that smug grin.

"Can we have a moment of your time?" The mist man politely asked the infamous serial killer.

"Translation: We have an offer that you might find interesting. Care to at least take a look? You'll lose nothing in just checking it." Luxu nonchalantly said to him, never erasing that smile off his face.

Stain just narrowed his eyes at the pair of villains as he mulled over this 'offer'

Shigaraki was in his lair, sitting in front of his computer "Hero Killer… Stain." He muttered as he saw an image that caught Stain fleeing from the scene, only his back was visible. Maybe he just found a new party member…

To be Continued...