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May your Hearts be your guiding keys and go plus ultra!

Far-reaching Consequences.

The night was finally coming to a close. Chaos finally let up.

A news helicopter flew over Hosu city to film and report the situation. However, the reporter and cameraman were able to catch from afar the sight of two people from atop a water tower on one of the roofs, they seemed to be suspicious peepers.

It turned out to be Tomura and Kurogiri, the former watching with binoculars the outcome of this failed attempt to cause mayhem and destruction. Shigaraki scratched his neck as he watched from afar all of the fallen Noumu, one detained by the police, another cindered and armless and the last one dead. The decay villain grabbed his binoculars with all of his fingers, activating his quirk and turning the object to mere dust almost instantly.

"Let's go." He dryly said to Kurogiri.

"Do the results satisfy you, Tomura Shigaraki?" The mist man asked him as he created his portal for both to leave.

"Idiot. It'll depend on tomorrow." Tomura replied as he stepped into the portal and both vanished from the sight…

The next morning came, Sora and the other were now at Hosu's general hospital. They spent last night there since they had to be checked in due to the chaotic events from last night, even if they were mostly fine, Sora and Riku especially, who came out unscratched.

"Could you guys sleep?" Riku asked his friends from his bed, they all wore hospital pajamas and shared the same room.

"No, not much." Izuku replied from his

"Figures. Me neither." Shouto said to him, also sit on his bed.

"I barely could." Sora said as he lied in his bed, resting his head behind his hands.

"Of course, you did." Riku replied to him with a tiny smirk.

Tenya remained silent on his bed. He was the only one that had his left arm in a cast, due to his more severe wound on his shoulder. Even if it was closed using healing magic.

"Thinking it well, we did something incredible." Izuku commented to his friends as he looked up to the ceiling.

"Yeah." Shouto agreed. "Especially you, Sora." He glanced at the spiky brunette, who sat on his bed. "You fought the Hero Killer on your own and you could have defeated him rather easily if you wanted to sooner, you even held back against him and you still came out on top." He recalled how Sora basically outdid Stain not really going all out.

"I meant what I said about not taking his life, if I did go all out against him, I could have one-shotted him. He was tricky, but not the strongest threat I fought." Sora admitted that if he did give it his all, he could have killed Stain, with not much issue. "Besides, I actually intended to kill time while keeping an eye on you guys." He elaborated on what happened at the fight last night.

"Well, if you weren't there we could have died there. We could barely deal with those Nobodies, we wouldn't have stood a chance against them and Stain at the same time." Deku said to his best friend.

"Still, defeating Nobodies is not a small feat. For Sora and I might not be much of an issue, but for somebody else it would be more difficult." Riku said to him. He was surprised that there are now Nobodies in this world, but it was to be expected with the possible large number of victims turned into Heartless.

"Speaking of them, you guys haven't really explained what were those things other than you fought them before." Shouto said to his friend in an inquisitive manner. They didn't speak much of the events that took place last night until now.

Sora glanced to the floor before he looked back to the half teen in the eyes. "The Nobodies are the consequence of a person turning into a Heartless." He replied.

Riku nodded in agreement. "Normally when somebody turns into a Heartless, the Heart leaves the Body and the Soul behind and these wither away from existence until the Heart is restored to the person that lost it. You guys already know this." He began his explanation. "However, when someone with a strong will loses their Heart, instead of the Body and Soul simply fading away, these come to life as a distinct being, that is how a Nobody is born. The empty shell of a person that was left behind by the Heartless. Spirits that linger on even if their bodies vanished, those that shouldn't yet still are here." He elaborated.

"So they basically don't really exist, they're nonexistent." Shouto seemed to understand this. "In other words, they are ghosts with physical forms." He added.

"Pretty much, yeah." Sora nodded in response. "But they're not like Heartless at all, they don't have feral instinct, they can still think and be organized even if they have no Hearts, no emotions. But they only obey the strongest of Nobodies, those that came from people with the strongest will, Humanoid Nobodies, those that retain human appearance." Sora explained.

Shouto and Tenya seemed surprised to hear this. Deku, however, remained calm as he heard this before. "Can they look human?" Shouto asked them.

"Yeah, normal people won't be able to tell a Humanoid Nobody from a real human." Riku replied. "Because they can act and make it seem like they have emotions thanks to their memories." He explained. "But here's the twist to that, even if they start off as heartless with no emotions, these Nobodies can actually grow a sort of substitute heart. The body, by nature, will always try to replace the missing piece the first chance it gets, the same way that we humans develop our Hearts throughout our lives, through experience and memories." He added to the explanation as he put his hand on his chest, Shouto and Tenya seemed eye-widened at this.

"So those kinds of Nobodies would be truly indistinguishable from a real person." Shouto replied. The Keyblade teens nodded in response.

"In these cases, to restore back a human, both Heartless and Nobody must be destroyed. When both halves reunite they recomplete and turn whole once more." Sora said to his friends.

"I see." Todoroki replied. "But the Hero Killer used Nobodies, but he was definitely a human, right?" He wanted to confirm this thought.

"He was." Sora did just that. "Nobodies can't be ruled by a human, so the only explanation I have is that it was someone else that did that and made it seem like it." He said as he crossed his arms. That was the only logical explanation he had, Riku and Deku shared this line of thought.

"It might be a stretch, but is it crazy to assume that the League of Villains is behind this? They have Heartless under their command, they somehow must have Nobodies as well. To be precise a Humanoid Nobody to command them. Let's not forget that they were behind the commotion at the City." Riku said to his friends in a cool-headed and analytical manner.

"Then the Hero Killer really was with the League of Villains." Deku replied as he looked down to his knees.

"If so, then good thing that we stopped Stain." Sora commented.

"I think you're amazing, both of you. At that last moment, everyone just froze, but you were the only ones strong enough to still move and face him. That speaks a lot of your courage and willpower. Not even my father could move." Shouto said to both otherworldly heroes. Only they stood up to face Stain when everyone was petrified by his intense bloodlust.

"It wasn't like Sora and I weren't scared, we were. Thing is that when you constantly battle the darkness like we do, you become resistant to such intense intimidation." Riku replied as Sora nodded in agreement. They both faced terrifying beings, not just the Heartless, but intelligent enemies like Xehanort. That gave them the resistance and willpower to stand defiant at such imposing and overwhelming individuals.

"I see." Shouto replied in acknowledgment. "I also think that you're amazing, since you faced him when he attacked you directly." He turned to look at Tenya.

"No, that's not it." The bluette denied. He glanced down. "I…"

That was when the door opened, revealing Gran Torino and Manual. "You're awake, kids?" The old hero said as he entered the room.

"Gran Torino!" Deku greeted him with a cheerful smile. Sora was also smiling.

"Manual-san…" Tenya greeted him. A tinge of dejectness on his expression.

"You both, I have so much to complain." Gran Torino said to both Sora and Izuku as he approached the latter's bed.

"We're so-" The greenette tried to apologize, but the tiny old man interrupted him.

"But before that, you all have a visitor." He said to the boy as he turned to look back at the door. The teens saw another man enter the room, one that Sora and Riku recognized. "Chief of the police, Kenji Tsuragamae-san." It was indeed the dog-headed man that Sora and Riku met before.

"Chief!" Sora greeted him with a big grin. He stood up from his bed.

"What are you doing here?" Riku asked him as he also stood up. The other three boys did the same.

"Why am I not surprised that you know him?" Shouto sarcastically said to both Sora and Riku.

"Well, we're basically gonna work for him and the police when we get our license, so… yeah." Sora said to him, shrugging. "You know, Heartless hunting and stuff."

"*Ruff* It's good to see you both, pups." Kenji greeted the young hero with a smile. He still had his tic and dog puns.

"Ruff?! Pups?!" Deku seemed stupefied by what Kenji just said.

"While I congratulate you both for keeping your esplencing work in ridding the world of those flees, the Heartless, that's not my reason for coming here today." The police chief said to the young Keybladers. "Sora, you and your friends here defeated the Hero Killer, right?" He glanced at Sora.

"Yes, sir." He nodded in response.

"The police chief came, why?" Shouto wondered what this was about.

"About the arrest of the Hero Killer, he has grave wounds with burns and broken bones and he received attention under vigilance *Ruff*." Kenji informed the hero students. "Since you are students, you must already know. When super powers appeared, police gave importance to leadership and standards for quirks to not be used as weapons. Then the hero profession to cover it *Ruff*. Thanks to heroes that followed the rules and edicate of the profession, they can use powers that could kill others and their acts are accepted instead of being properly denounced *Ruff*" He reminded the youngsters about that aspect of modern super human society. "Even if it was against the Hero Killer and the Heartless, that's a violation to the rules that individuals with no approbation use their quirks without supervision of their guardians. You five and the professionals, Endeavor, Manual and Gran Torino will be severely punished." He declared in a collected tone.

Shouto and Deku seemed taken aback by this statement. Tenya just glanced down with a dejected expression. Sora and Riku just looked at the chief being completely calm about it.

"Wait a moment." Shouto said with a rather upset look on his face. "If Iida didn't act, Native-san would be dead. If Midoriya didn't arrive, both would be dead. If Sora didn't come we all wouldn't be here. If Riku didn't deal with the Heartless, plenty of people would lose their hearts." He sounded indignant about it

"Todoroki-kun…" Tenya muttered as he and the other boys glanced at him, surprised by how upset he seemed. For Riku, it's been a while since he last saw him that angry.

"No one noticed that the Hero Killer appeared and no one else could deal with the Heartless. Should we have followed the rules and left them to die? Left countless people to turn into more Heartless?" Shouto continued as he took a step forward.

"W-wait!" Deku said to him.

"You're saying that it doesn't matter to break the rules as long as it ends well?" Kenji asked back, completely calm.

Shouto flinched in surprise before having an enraged frown. "A hero shouldn't save people? Sora saved our lives, Riku saved countless people, they're heroes! Doesn't that mean anything?!" He shouted angrily.

"That's why you're not a complete hero. What does U.A and Endeavor teach *Ruff*?" The police chief replied, this made the young Todoroki even more angry.

"You dog…" Shouto angrily stomped forward.

"Stop. He's right." Tenya tried to stop him just as Deku tried, but the half teen didn't want to listen.

Riku extended his arm to stop Shouto. "Calm down, Shouto. The chief is not done yet." He calmly said to him as the icy hot teen glanced at him confused.

"Would you get to the good news now?" Sora casually asked him with his arms behind his head.

The dog-headed man smirked at the young Keybladers and continued. "That's the official opinion of the police. And the penalty would occur if it was made public, *Ruff*" He said as he scratched his nose. "If it were public, people would acknowledge you, but you would be punished. On the other hand, if it doesn't become public, the burns signal Endeavor as the savior and everything ends there *Ruff* Fortunately there were few witnesses. This fault would end like that *Ruff* But that would mean that no one would know about your achievements and good decisions. What would you prefer?" Kenji explained to the teens. While Deku, Tenya and Shouto looked surprised, Sora and Riku were still looking calm. "Personally, I don't want to blame you promising youth, especially such extraordinary ones like Sora and Riku here, for just a mistake. *Ruff*" He gave the teen a thumbs-up.

"Anyway, we'll be made responsible for not watching over you well." Manual said as he dropped down his head. Even if he wore a smile on his face, he had cartoonish tears in his eyes.

Tenya approached him. "I'm really sorry." He bowed down his head in apology.

"Good. You caused a lot of problems." Manual gave him a soft chop on his head. "If you get it, don't do it again." He added sounding serious.

"Hai." Tenya replied in acknowledgment.

"I-I'm sorry." Deku bowed down his head.

"Thanks for taking care of it." Shouto did the same.

"This arrangement would also include complete censoring of anything relating to the Heartless in the events. You must already understand the reason for that. Which is a shame, because most people won't know about the heroic endeavors of Sora and Riku to protect the people of not just the country, but the whole world." Kenji said to the teens, reminding them that the general public must not learn about the presence of the Heartless in the world.

"You know that's fine with us, chief." Sora replied. "We still take pride in our good deeds, even if they go unseen." He added with a smile.

"Yeah, at this point, we don't need fame that we already have." Riku said, smiling as well. More than enough they have with people recognizing them as prodigies from the sports festival.

Kenji smiled at them. "Even so, because of adults, you won't receive the compliments that you would have deserved. But as a protector of peace I thank you all." He bowed in gratitude, especially towards Sora and Riku, they kept proving their worth as heroes every step of the way. Truly both are extraordinary youth.

Sora chuckled as he rubbed his nose with his thumb. "We just did what we had to." He said cheerfully.

"Next time, start with the good news, Chief." Riku said to him, crossing his arms.

"Agreed." Shouto agreed with his best friend as he glanced to the side. Riku gave him a pat on the back.

"Todoroki-kun…" Deku glanced at him with a smile on his face. Tenya glanced down with a tiny smile.

As so it was decided that the events on the fight at the alleyway, that unexpectedly started, ended without people knowing it. For most people it was Endeavor that stopped Stain and saved a group of students, and everything about the Heartless would be once more covered up.

However, the ramifications would have a huge impact in the events to come without the heroes knowing it…

"The Hero Killer was arrested! Amazing!"

"Really? Who did it?"

"Endeavor! That's why he's no.2!"

"I feel more at ease, but it's a shame."

"Yes, I understand you."

The general public receive the fabricated narrative behind the events that took place last night.

"The villains arrested in the unrest at Hosu City are men with unknown identities. Due to their particular appearance and the two people that NHA filmed by chance, it could be related with the League of Villains that attacked U.A. last month." A male news man reported on TV, on the screen it showed the images of the three Noumu that was detained last night, the Noumu that attacked USJ, an aerial image of USJ and a far away picture of Tomura and Kurogiri observing the events from afar.

"The Hero Killer, Stain, killed more people than any other criminal since All Might's appearance. With his arrest, everyone in Japan will feel better." The news woman said.

A young man with spiky black hair watched this on a huge screen on the street before silently walking off.

"The Hero Killer, Stain, was gravely wounded and is under treatment at the hospital under police custody. The Police await his recovery to investigate the motives of his crimes." In a misty forest stood a large shadowy figure listening to the news on a radio.

"The villain will leave his mark on Japan's history, no, of the world. The Hero Killer, Stain. Why did he commited his crimes? What was he after?" A blonde schoolgirl walked in an empty warehouse with a happy skip in her step. She listened to the news on her earbuds.

At the League's lair.

"We report live from Ekou Street. Last night past 8, Endeavor arrested the Hero Killer, Stain, here." On the TV was a reporter on the site where said events occured, before Kurogiri turned it off.

"Everyone talks about it." Tomura sat at the bar, he was reading today's newspaper. It only read about Stain. "The Noumu doesn't matter? Again they didn't talk about the Heartless!" He angrily wrinkled the newspaper before throwing it away. He slammed his fist against the bar table indignantly. After all the chaos that he caused last night the world didn't forget about that lunatic… "They didn't just forget him, they also ignored us." He said with rage as he narrowed his visible eye. Last night was a total failure…

Kurogiri just glanced at him silently. Then a dark corridor appeared and both villains glanced to see Luxu appear. Unlike other times, he wore a rather serious look on his face. "Hey there." He greeted them. "Looks like we just had a rough morning, huh?" He said as he approached the villainous duo. "Even after all that happened last night, all that destruction and chaos we caused, the media barely acknowledged us and instead focused on Bloody Edge. Can't blame them though, he was the bigger fish in the pond, of course they would focus mostly on him. Even so, I'm just as angry as you about them not even mentioning the Heartless again. That's another thing with this trash society, the government can buy off the news media whenever they don't want certain information to come out, that's why people hate politicians, am I right?" He said to Tomura as he crossed his arms.

"This is all your fault!" Shigaraki stood up from his seat as he faced the one-eyed man. He was clearly furious. "What didn't you kill that crazy when you could?! Where were you last night?! Why couldn't I call any more Heartless!? Why didn't you just go there and muder those fucking brats!?" He demanded to know why he didn't do anything, why his seemingly immense power, he could have wiped those three cursed kids from the face of the Earth.

Luxu didn't even flinch, just stared back at him calmly. "I get that you are mad at me, and trust me, if it were up to me I would have taken care of Sora and Riku long ago, they owe me a few scores after all but I have my reasons to not do anything. It's not time for me to act yet." He defended himself with a cool and collected expression. "As for the Heartless, you were the one that spent them all last night with your reckless summoning. When beaten by someone with a Keyblade, they stay dead, remember? Now I have to go and make more, good thing it's not much of an issue for me." He explained to the younger villain. "Like I told you, I'm not mad or disappointed in you, you did rather well with them this time around, but you still have much to be desired." He added. Tomura still glared at him with deep rage and hatred. "And if you're both wondering why I didn't get rid of Bloody Edge, even if I could with no problem at all, it's because, despite not liking him, this was all meant to happen. What happened last night was the conclusion of his role." He explained with a serious tone.

"Role?" Kurogiri asked.

The ancient Keyblade Master nodded in response. "Stain had a role to play, he couldn't have been taken out of the picture until it was completed. The same goes for Sora and Riku, they can't be killed yet as they still have their roles to play. That is why the time for me to act is not right just yet, until then I must merely watch it all play out and only intervene unless strictly necessary. Why else do you think I remained behind the scenes, doing things in secrecy?" He explained.

"The hell is that supposed to mean?" The decay villain demanded to know, nothing that this freak said made any sense.

"We all have our roles to play, some bigger that have an impact in life and its fate and others smaller and insignificant." Luxu replied. "I am, what you can call, a Watcher of Fate, my role is to simply stand back, observe and make sure that everything plays out the way it should. Until then I can't come into the spotlight, but that time will soon enough." He cryptically explained.

Kurogiri narrowed his eyes at him. "And how do you know what are these 'roles' we're all meant to play out?" He asked him.

"Simple." Luxu glanced at him. "It is fate, it is etched. Destiny is never left to chance." He cryptically said. "I must stand back. observe and make sure that everything goes as it dictated by fate. Simple as that." He said about what has been his role for the longest time and what he continues to do.

Tomura scoffed. "So what? Are you gonna tell me now that you can see the future or some bullshit like that?" He was incredulous about what Luxu was blathering about.

"Not me." Luxu replied with a confident smirk. "But I do know a good chunk of what is supposed to happen, not everything though." He added.

"Is that your plan? Make sure that events that you assume as fate occur?" Kurogiri asked him.

"Not that I assume, it's truly fate. And let me tell you, this job requires a lot of patience. Luckily that's my greatest virtue, I can wait for a long long time." The man in black coat replied as he still wore his smirk. "I know that for you I must sound crazy and that you don't understand anything, but believe me when I tell you that soon enough everything will make sense, but it's not time for you to know though." He said to both of them knowing exactly what they were thinking.

Shigaraki just glared dirtily at him. "Tell us the truth, Luxu. Did our Master order you to give us your power and orders to carry over this whole time?" Kurogiri asked him with a deathly serious tone. "Is he the reason behind your power?"

"...?!" Tomura seemed shocked by this assumption. "What… Did you just say… Kurogiri?" He asked his right-hand man, he seemed shaken up and alarmed.

"Tomura Shigaraki, I know it is a crazy assumption, but it's the only logical explanation about his knowledge about us and how it is that he has more than one ability at his disposal." The mist man said to him, trying to calm him down. The gray-haired man clenched both his hands into tight fists, he glanced at Luxu with fury.

"Is it true…? You work for our Master?" He asked Luxu, but he didn't reply "Answer me!" He demanded.

"I could tell you, but better let the old man himself tell you." Luxu said as he turned to look at the screen, which was on. Tomura's Master was now communicating with them.

Both villains looked at this surprised. "Calm down, Tomura. I'll explain to you what you need to know." The man said from the other end of the screen. "To clarify, Luxu and I know each other. You can say we're good associates, friends even." He explained to his successor and right-hand man. The younger of the two flinched in shock.

"Friends, sir?" Kurogiri asked, almost not believing what he was hearing.

"Correct." The man confirmed. "One day, Luxu appeared to talk to me. We talked at length and agreed on many things about the state of the current world among other topics. That was the reason why I sent him to meet you with the intent to observe and help your growth, Tomura. His gift, the Heartless, are a valuable tool for our goals." He explained to his disciple. "And if you're wondering, I didn't bestow him with any quirk, his power truly is his own. I dare say it rivals my own in my prime." He added.

Luxu smirked. "You flatter me, Old timer." He said casually to him and the man chuckled at him in response.

Tomura just stood there, frozen out of shock. He couldn't properly process what he was being told. "But… But… I still don't understand what's going on." He tried to talk to his master.

"I know you must have many questions right now and I promise you, you will understand everything when the time is right, but not a second before that. Until then, you must trust that Luxu knows what he is doing. Master the Heartless that he commands, amass a group of the elite and then dismantle this false peace that All Might has created, Luxu will make sure all of this happens as it was decided by fate, only he will know when you are ready for the truth." He told his successor with a calm, compressive tone.

"But Master-!" Tomura tried to object.

"Are we clear, Tomura?" However, his master interrupted him with a stern tone.

The decay villain looked down as he shook a bit in frustration. "...Yes, Master." But he conceded.

"Good. Luxu, my friend, you know what you have to do." The villain said to the ancient Keyblade Master.

"Roger, Old man." He casually replied. The screen then turned off, the communication ended. "Well, there you have it." He turned to look at his fellow villains as he shrugged. Kurogiri didn't say anything and Tomura just glanced down silently. "Hmm, I guess I can tell a bit of the things I do when I'm gone, it wouldn't do any harm to know a bit more of what I do. One of the things I usually do is go around this country to create more Heartless, something I actually should be doing in a bit. Another is that sometimes I go pay a visit to your master to talk about your progress and just talk in general, that old dude is a good conversationalist, shame we can't really sit and play chess." He explained to the villainous duo.

"...I see."Kurogiri replied in acknowledgment. Tomura just kept looking down, even with the hand covering his face, one could tell he looked sad and disappointed.

Luxu took note of this. "Look, kid. I know you're disappointed with what you just heard, but you just need to bear with it for a while, okay? And don't worry, I don't plan on replacing you or anything like that, you are your master's successor and I'm just the guy that will make sure his dream of you is realized." He said to Tomura in a soft and compassionate manner, which is odd coming from him. "You might not believe this, but I actually like you, kid, really. You sorta remind me of myself when I was your age and trust me when I'm telling you that I know how it is to be uneasy and anxious about answers that you feel you need right now, but there is a reason why you're not ready to know yet, but like I told you many times, you'll be ready soon enough. In the meantime you need to keep growing until the time comes to for you to realize the depths of your true potential and to take up the place that is rightfully yours." He put a hand on his shoulder. "Tomura Shigaraki, you will become the Symbol of Terror, I will see to it myself for that is your role." He declared as the gray haired man glanced at him.

"...Fine." Tomura had no other choice but to accept this until he can learn whatever this truth is...

At Best Jeanist's agency.

"About the incident last night at Hosu, with the arrest of the Hero Killer, Stain and the Noumu-like villains that attack U.A… You should be worried. Yes, it worries me too. People pay attention to the events. But it's right now when heroes should be at ease. Chaos can tempt people and draw out the cruelty that sleeps within them. So, today we'll work as usual. Let's get ready with our best jeans." Best Jeanist gave a speech to the pro heroes and intern under him.

"Yes, Best Jeanist!" The pros replied in acknowledgement.

Katsuki, on the other hand, did not look happy at all. For one his hair was now combed and he was forced to wear a pair of jeans and also he was forced to remove his gauntlets. He looked positively pissed off. "I wanna leave…" This explosive boy really picked wrong this time…

At Fourth Kind's agency.

"Reply from Midoriya! It was at Hosu, so his position was an SOS. He says that he'll explain everything with Sora and Riku next week. I'm glad that I reported it." Eijiro said relieved after he checked the group chat of his classroom. He had plenty of questions about what happened to his friends when that whole fiasco happened last night, but at least it's good to know they are fine.

"Oi." Tetsutetsu called his attention. "Fourth Kind-san will punch you! Let's go." He said to him as he closed his side of their shared locker.

"Wait, I'm gonna reply." Eijiro tried to type on his phone as Tetsutetsu turned around only to pale in fear. Next that happened both of them hardened as they received a knock on the head from Fourth Kind.

"Didn't I tell you to be punctual?" He angrily scolded the two hardheads.

"We're sorry!" Both apologized in unison.

"Good, let's patrol!" The four-armed man ordered them.

"Hai!" The alike boys replied in unison.

At Gunhead's agency.

"I see. I'm glad that Iida-kun, Sora-kun, Riku-kun and you are alright. Since you only sent your location I was really nervous." Ochako talked to Deku-kun on her phone. She was very worried about him since hearing about the whole ordeal on top of being uneasy with him only sending his position on the group chat.

"Sorry, Uraraka-san. A lot of things happened and I couldn't call." Deku replied from the other.

"I know there was trouble." Ochako replied with a smile. "Rest and you'll tell everything later." She right now wanted to know exactly what happened, but at the very least Deku and the others were fine and that was enough for her at the moment.

"Right." Izuku replied.

"Uravity-chan, let's train." That was when Gunhead approached, taking the girl by surprise.

"Uh, Hai!" She replied nervously before focusing back on her phone. "Well, I'll see you at school. Sorry to bother you. Bye." She then ended the call.

"Was that your boyfriend?" Gunhead asked in yet another cute gesture. Somehow a blush could be seen over the mask.

"N-no! That's not it!" Ochako nervously denied with a deep blush on her cheeks. (Ochako, he is your boyfriend, it's just none of you know it at the moment.)

At Hosu's general hospital.

Deku just finished his call with Uraraka and he was shaking like a leaf in the wind. "Talking to a girl on the phone is amazing! Her voice sounded so close!" He thought. His face was burning to the point of steam coming out and his eyes were bulging out. Right now he was standing at one of the waiting rooms.

At Uwabami's agency.

"They work fast. It's a demo, so it'll be broadcasted in a month. It'll have many effects." The Snake Heroine just showed her two interns a demo of a commercial of hair spray in which the two girls participated. (And likely didn't get paid for it.)

"We'll appear on TV, eh?" Itsuka, who wasn't wearing her mask at the moment, said to her new friend Momo with a smile in an attempt to cheer her up. However when she glanced at her she was looking at her phone, in fact she's been focused on her phone for a while now, probably she didn't even listen to Uwabami.

Momo was typing on her phone, she was texting someone hoping to get a response, but so far nothing and it was internally freaking her out. "Creati?" Uwabami called her attention. The raven-haired girl looked up to the blonde woman. "Is everything alright?" She asked her.

"Um, yes. Excuse me, but I need to make an important call." Momo replied and took a few steps away as Kendo and Uwabami blinked twice in confusion. Momo made a call. The phone was ringing. "Please, please pick up…" She muttered to herself really hoping that a certain boy in red and black picked up her call.

Back at Hosu's hospital.

At the room where Sora and the other boys stayed at the moment.

"You weren't kidding when you said Sora was a sound sleeper." Shouto said to Riku as both of them watched Sora sleeping in his bed without a care.

"Told ya." The silverette replied with a smirk. Deku left to attend a call from Ochako and Tenya left to be checked, so right now it was just the three of them.

Then Sora's phone rang, his ringtone stirring him from his sleep. "Hmmm?" He lazily sat up as he rubbed his left eye. He grabbed his phone and saw who was calling him. "Momo-chan?" He saw Momo's name and picture on the display. He answered the call and put his phone on his ear. "Hi, Momo-chan, what's-?" He said before being cut off by the girl on the other end.

"Sora-kun! Thank goodness you finally picked up!" She said to him loudly, making him move his phone away from his ear. "Oh, sorry if I scared you." She quickly realized that she spoke too loud.

"No worries." Sora replied. "What's up? You sounded anxious there." He asked her.

"I heard what happened at Hosu. Since then I tried to text you, but you didn't reply. I got worried so that's why I called you." Momo replied sound now more calm now that she got to him.

"Oh. I see." Sora replied in understanding.

"Are you okay?" She asked him, she sounded worried.

"Yes, I'm just fine. I'm with Deku and the others at Hosu's hospital-" He tried to explain only for the girl to cut him off again.

"HOSPITAL!?" She freaked out. "Did you get hurt?! Is it grave?!" She spoke too loud again, making him recoil in pain from the volume of her voice. Shouto glanced at Riku with confusion and he just shrugged as he shook his head.

"Whoa, whoa! Momo-chan, chill! We're all fine really!" Sora quickly tried to calm her down. "We're just here to be checked up, but we're just fine. We should be able to leave tomorrow, so don't worry about it." He explained to her.

Momo let out a huge sigh of relief. "Good to know…" She said as she held her chest. "I'm glad to know you and the others are fine, I was really worried about what could have happened to you." She said now being calm. God, since when was she such a worrywart? This is Sora she was talking to and he rarely got hurt. But she couldn't stop worrying about him.

"I can tell. Sorry if I made you worry about me again." He apologized. At this point he knows that sometimes she worries too much about him.

"We're friends, so of course I would worry about you even if I might do it over nothing, you're important to me." Momo said to him, a small blush appeared on her cheeks.

Sora chuckled. "I know. You're important to me too" He replied. Momo's blush deepened when hearing this. "I guess now you must have a lot of questions about what happened last night, right?" He guessed as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Yes, but I suppose this is not a good moment to talk about that, right?" She replied.

"Yeah, It'll be better if we explain everything next week back at the classroom. I bet everyone would also like to know the full details." Sora said to her.

"Right." She replied in understanding.

"So, how is your internship with Uwabami going?" Sora changed the topic, feeling curious of how the brunette was doing.

Momo got tense when Sora asked her that. "Um…" She briefly glanced at the TV with the demo commercial. "F-fine. I'm uh learning… a lot…" She lied as she wore a nervous smile as she sweated a bit.

"Cool." Lucky for her, Sora fell for it. "I can't wait for you to tell me everything you did next week." Sora cheerfully said.

However, Momo just got even more tense when hearing that. "R-right. Me too." She nervously replied as she was now sweating more profusely. "What did I just do?! How will I face him when he learns that I basically worked as a model and assistant?!" She just realized that she set up herself for another embarrassment in front of him. "Okay, Momo calm down, breathe in and out. Sora-kun wouldn't laugh at you and he never thinks less of you, so it might be alright." She then remembered that Sora is legit the nicest boy she ever had the fortune to meet, he would never do anything of the sort. So as embarrassing as it might be to tell him the truth when she sees him in person, it would be alright. "Anyway, I hope you and the others stay safe. And sorry if I bothered you." She said to him with a happy smile.

"Thanks, Momo-chan. See you next week." He said goodbye.

"Same, bye." She did the same and hung up the call. She held her phone closer to her chest. "Wow… I just talked to a boy on the phone. He sounded so close." She thought with a red blush, she actually never talked to a boy on the phone and she just did with one that is very significant for her.

"Soooo… Is your boyfriend, Sora, doing well?" Itsuka said to her with a teasing smirk.

Momo suddenly turned. "B-boyfriend?!" She sputtered, her face burning deep red.

"My, I didn't know you were dating Sora Nomura, the champion of the first year. He must be quite the catch, you're a very lucky girl. I bet you two must make quite a couple." Uwabami said to her with a happy smile.

"Wait! Hold on a second! Sora-kun is not my boyfriend, we're just friends!" Momo quickly clarified, feeling super embarrassed right now.

"Really now? I don't think a friend wouldn't call another like a worried girlfriend like you did." Kendo teased her again.

"That's because I care a lot for him! It doesn't mean that he's my boyfriend or anything!" Momo defended herself.

"Don't worry dear, I understand if you want to keep your relationship with him secret." The Snake heroine said to her, maintaining her smile.

"I'm telling you that's not it." Momo kept denying this.

"Girl, the more you deny it the more obvious you make it." Itsuka said to her with a teasing smirk as she crossed her arms.

Momo just covered her burning face with both hands out of shame. The other two women chuckled a little at this. "Me… and Sora-kun t-t-together…?" She found the idea crazy and yet… somewhat appealing. "No, don't think about that." She shook her mind off that thought.

"Well then, shall we patrol?" Uwabami said to the two girls as she walked towards the door.

The teens glanced at each other with big smiles. "Hai!" They replied as they followed her, finally a hero activity!

Meanwhile, back with Sora.

He just finished his call with Momo. "Momo was worried about you again, wasn't she?" Riku smirked at him with his arms crossed.

"Yeah. Who would have thought she could be a worrywart sometimes?" Sora replied as he scratched the back of his head.

"Yaoyorozu has you in high esteem, she would care deeply about you." Shouto said to him. "It's not surprising that she would be worried about what happened last night." He added.

"Still, she has seen me do a lot of crazy stuff, so it's a little weird that she still worries too much about me." Sora crossed his arms trying to understand why Momo has that tendency of worrying too much about him sometimes.

"Maybe girls in general can be like that sometimes." Riku shrugged.

"Hmm, maybe." Sora replied, not giving it too much thought. Riku's phone then rang and he picked up to see who was calling him.

"Kyouka?" The silver Keyblade Master saw that it was the purple-haired girl that was calling him. He accepted the call. "Hey, Kyouka. What's up?" He greeted her.

"Hey, Riku. Good thing you picked up." She replied from the other end. She smiled in relief.

"Let me guess. You heard about last night and you wanted to check up on me, right?" Riku pretty much guessed why she called him.

"Um… yeah." Jirou replied with a slight bashful tone and a small blush on her cheeks. "I saw Midoriya's message in the group chat and I assumed that you guys were alright, but I still wanted to talk to you, you know to make sure. I mean I could have simply left a text on the group, but I prefer calls." She explained to him.

Riku chuckled. "That's nice of you." He said to her smiling.

The punk girl smiled. "And is everything alright over there?" She asked him.

"Yeah, we're just being checked out at the hospital, but we're safe and sound." The silverette replied.

"Good to know. I was worried about you and the others over there." Kyouka said to him, she felt more at ease now.

"Hope we didn't worry you too much." Riku replied.

"Nah, it's cool. I mean we're friends, so of course I would worry, but I know you and Sora are tough so I sorta expected you two to be alright." Kyouka smiled as she shrugged. Riku chuckled in response. "Say…" She looked around to make sure no one was listening. "Was there a Heartless attack last night? Last time the League of Villains was involved there were lots of those things." She asked him whispering.

"It'll be better to explain everything when we're back at school so everyone else can hear it, but to sum it up. Yes there were plenty along with those other Noumu. Sora and I took care of the Heartless, so no need to worry there." Riku explained to her.

"That's good news." Kyouka replied, smiling.

"Say, how is your internship going?" He asked her just for curiosity.

"In one word: Tiresome. Death Arms-san had me running everytime we went on patrol. It's worse than in training." She replied with a tired tone. She was lucky to have a break at the moment.

Riku chuckled. "Sounds tough."

"I bet this would be nothing for you or Sora." Kyouka replied with a smirk.

"True enough." Riku replied, still smiling.

"Earphone Jack! We're going out now, there's a situation!" Kyouka heard Death Arms calling her.

"Coming!" She replied. "Hey, gotta go, see you next week." She hung up and went out with the pro hero.

Back with Riku.

"Hmm, looks like girls can be like that sometimes." Riku said as he put down his phone.

"Was Jirou worried about you?" Shouto asked him. Riku nodded. "Then I guess girls can be like that indeed." He commented.

"I wonder if Ochako-chan called Deku because she was worried about him." Sora wondered out loud.

"Knowing her it's a given." Riku replied, crossing his arms.

Shouto glanced at them not understanding what they were talking about. "Am I missing something here?" He asked them.

"Hmm? Didn't you know that Ochako-chan has a crush on Deku?" Sora asked back at him arching an eyebrow.

"Really?" Shouto asked again, blinking in slight surprise.

"Yeah. It's something pretty obvious if you pay attention." Riku replied. "In fact, Deku has the same feelings for her, he didn't need to say it, it's plainly obvious." He said to him.

"Huh. I always thought they were close friends. But when you put it like that, it makes sense." Shouto said cupping his chin, looking back how Midoriya and Uraraka interacted with each other it can be noticed that something else might be going on with those two. "And none of them are aware of their mutual feelings, I assume?" He looked back at his otherworldly friends.

"Nope." Sora shook his head in denial. "Deku is a total mess with girls so at this point he wouldn't tell her how he feels and Ochako-chan seems to be shy about it as well so she won't do that either." He explained what is almost painfully obvious for him and Riku. "Hopefully at some point soon they do get together, heavens know that Deku needs a girlfriend, badly. And who better than Ochako-chan?" Sora put his hands behind his head smiling.

"Same here." Riku agreed, smiling as well.

"Hmm, I guess you're right there." And Shouto also agreed.

"Just don't go around saying that, especially to Deku. I just know he won't believe it from anyone else, but Ochako." Riku said to him. Shouto nodded in understanding.

A bit later, Izuku returned to the room.

"Hey guys, Uraraka-san said that-" He said as he came into the room, but Todoroki interrupted him.

"Midoriya." He said to him as the greenette glanced at him. "They finished checking Iida." He then glanced at the engine teen who sat silently on his bed. Sora and Riku were also glancing at him with mildly concerned looks.

"My left hand will have long-term damage." Tenya informed his friends as he glanced to the floor with a serious look on his face.

Izuku and Sora gasped in shock. Riku's eyes widened. "Long-term damage?" Izuku repeated with a concerned look.

"But, how? I healed the wound on your shoulder." Sora didn't understand how this can be if he used magic to heal him.

"You did, Sora-kun. But even with your healing abilities, the damage to my left arm was still grave. Stain wounded brachial plexus." He explained to him as he rubbed his encased left arm with his free one. Sora and Deku looked even more concerned as Riku and Shouto mtained composure.

"Looks like healing magic can't repair nerve damage." Riku thought, healing surface wounds is easy, healing deeper wounds takes more effort, let alone broken bones and damaged organs. But damaged nerves seem to be irreparable, like damage to the spinal cord.

"But, it seems that I'll only have issues with my hand and fingers movement, and I'll have numbness. It seems I could heal with nerve transplant surgery." Tenya said to his friends with a smile to ease them.

Sora sighed in relief. "That's good to know." He said to him, smiling.

Tenya glanced down again with a dejected face. "When I found the Hero Killer, I couldn't think straight. The first thing I should have done was to tell Manual-san. But I got lost in my own rage." He said reflecting on what Stain told him. "I hate him, but he told the truth. That's why, I'm leaving my left land like this, until I become a true hero." He declared as he glanced at his left hand.

Sora, Riku and Izuku gasped at him in surprise as Shouto glanced at him.

"Tenya, you don't have to do that. There's no need to punish yourself like that." Riku said to him, concerned for him.

"Yeah, we all know you can be a great hero like your brother. You made a grave mistake, but that doesn't mean you have to willingly handicap yourself because of it, even if it's not that bad." Sora said, feeling the same.

"Thanks for your concerns, guys. But I made up my mind, until I can truly earn the right to call myself a hero, this will be a reminder so I won't make the same mistakes." Tenya said to the Keybladers with certainty of what he was doing.

Izuku glanced at his friend with regret and sadness. "If I insisted more… No, stop it. Iida-kun already accepted it. It would be wrong to apologize." He shook off these feelings, it was too late for regret, the only way is forward. "Iida-kun, I feel the same." He said to the bluette as he extended his right fist forward. "I'll let this hand guide me." He glanced at the scars on it before looking back at his friend. "Let's become stronger, together." He said to him with determination.

Tenya nodded at him. Deku nodded back at him and they bumped fists. Sora and Riku smiled at this. "Well, Tenya, if this is what you want, we'll support you all the way." Sora said with a heartfelt tone and Riku nodded in agreement.

"Thank you." Tenya thanked his friends with a grateful smile. "Stain was also right about something else. Out of all us, you behaved like a true hero, Sora-kun. With honor and integrity, refusing to take his life despite being able to, facing him bravely, risking your life for ours. You also stood defiantly against his twisted ideology. You were right, true heroes shouldn't reduce themselves to commit such acts as the criminals, because if they did they would be no better than them." He said to the Hero of Light with now deeper admiration and respect for him. "I must work hard to follow the example you set at that fight."

"I only did what I felt what's right." Sora replied. "I don't care if Stain thinks of me like he does to All Might-sensei, for me he is a deranged man who hates the world so much to the point of having no faith in it. He might have been right in somethings, the world is not at all perfect and there are many things messed up in it, the hero society included. But that gave him no right to kill innocent people and stain the world in their blood." He said in a serious tone. "Once, I met this old man who also hated the world as much as Stain does, his way of thinking was the same, except it wasn't just society, but he wanted the whole world purged so he could make a new one from scratch, he believed it was broken beyond repair, an utter failure so he wanted to just tear it all down to start anew. But that's not a decision anyone should make, nothing gives you the right to dictate the destinies of others. Like Stain, he was an extremist that believed what he was doing was the only way to make the world better, but he was wrong. Both were wrong." He recounted about the late Keyblade Master, Xehanort. His ideology was no different than Stain's. Tenya and Shouto listened attendly to what Sora said with awe in their eyes as Riku and Izuku remained silent as they knew who exactly Sora was talking about.

"And… What happened to this elderly?" Tenya asked with deep intrigue.

Sora glanced down. "He's long gone." Riku said instead knowing that Sora didn't want to talk anymore about him. "But not before realizing the error in his ways, he saw hope for the world and the future in people like Sora, he then passed on peacefully with his old friend." He explained about Xehanort's last moments before he finally died after being defeated by Sora. "He was right, as long as there are people like Sora, there's a way to change the world for the better, hope for a better tomorrow." He said with a warm smile as he put a hand on Sora's shoulder. Sora smiled back at him.

"Not just people like Sora. But it's in all of us hero students. We are the next generation of heroes and as such the future of not just this country, but the whole world rests in our hands and we must be up for the task of creating that better world, a bright tomorrow." Izuku said with a bright smile and a determined glint in his eyes. Sora and Riku nodded at him.

"You're right, Midoriya-kun. We must be ready for when that time comes, until then we must become stronger together as we let our scars guide us to the best versions of ourselves." Tenya said to his friend with an optimistic smile. Deku nodded at him in agreement.

Shouto looked at this eye-widened. "I feel bad…" He said as he glanced down.

The other four boys looked at him. "Why?" Izuku asked him.

"Everytime I get involved… people get their hands damaged…" Shouto said as he glanced at his right hand, he was sweating. The other four boys glanced at him. "Is it a curse?" He questioned sounding serious.

Riku, Deku and Tenya looked at him eye-widened. Sora blew a raspberry before bursting into laughing and the other three came right after. "That was another great one, man!" Sora said to him between laughs.

"I didn't know you were such a joker." Izuku said to him between laughs.

"I'm not joking. I must be a Hand Crusher." Shouto said, sounding very serious. The other boys laughed even more.

"Hand Crusher?!" Sora, Deku and Tenya shouted at the same time before laughing even harder.

"You gotta admit that is hilarious, Shouto." Riku said to him between laughs.

At U.A High School's teacher's room.

Toshinori's phone rang with the over the top ringtone that said: Here is a call! "Yes, hello?" He picked up the call as Shouta and Hizashi glared at him dumbly.

"That ringtone is very annoying." Aizawa thought as his friend just grinned awkwardly.

All Might suddenly stood up. "S-Sensei!" He said with a fearful tone as he spew blood from his mouth. It was Gran Torino who was talking to him on the phone.

"Izuku Midoriya! Dammit! They reduced my salary and suspended my teaching license for six months." The tiny old man said to his former students. Those were the penalties for the events that happened last night. He was on the public phones at Hosu's hospital. "Well, with what happened, there's nothing to do about it. But the fact he acts without thinking makes him the same as you, Toshinori! His friend, Sora, too!" He reclaimed.

"I'm really sorry! It's because I didn't educate him enough… I also take responsibility for Sora-shounen..." All Might apologized in a whispering tone, covering his head. He was sweating bullets as his pupils were darting everywhere. Cementoss stared at him, sweat dropping. "Sorry for causing you troubles… Goodness…" He said as he walked off the room, the other teacher looked at him leaving.

"I don't care about my license. I just got it to teach you and fulfill my promise to Shimura." Gran Torino replied.

"And I'm grateful for what you did. I'm here thanks to your teachings." All Might said as he walked towards the teacher's lounge.

"You said that, but you never visited me." The jet elder commented.

All Might flinched. "It's that… my life as a teacher is very busy…!" He defended himself as he stood straight.

"I called you to talk about the Hero Killer. I just saw him for a few minutes, but even so, he made me tremble." Gran Torino changed to a more serious topic.

"If you even say it… But he was captured, then what...?" All Might questioned, while surprised of what his former teacher said he did not understand what this was about. He entered the teacher's lounge after making sure no one else was around..

"The pressure I felt must have been from his ideology… or the intimidation of his obsession. I don't say it to praise him, but it's the same quality of your Symbol of Peace." Gran Torino explained.

The no.1 hero took a seat on the sofa. "The same?" All Might was confused about this.

"In short, it's charisma." Gran Torino clarified. "If they keep investigating, his ideology and opinion will get to the press, internet, television, magazines… For better or worse, this is an age of suppression. Doubtlessly there will be people influenced by his ideals." He elaborated.

"It's true that he will influence people, but probably they'll come out little by little. If it's one by one, the heroes will take care of it." All Might replied.

"That's where the League of Villains comes in." Gran Torino said. This took his former student aback. "The incident at Hosu suggests they were related. With this, the League would go from juvenile offenders that attacked U.A to be recognized as a group with that ideology. That means, there's already a vessel for them." He explained. All Might gasped. "Even if the malice of one is small, if all is united in one place, it'll grow hundreds of times more. If the general enemy knew what would happen from the beginning, he must be very good. He gets rid of obstacles, creating the conditions to further his objective." He explained with a deadly serious tone.

All Might glanced down. "When Tsukauchi-kun said that Noumu had several quirks, I had a bad feeling." He clenched the leg of his pants tightly.

"The one that killed my friend and your mentor, the former bearer of One for All, Shimura and opened that hole in your stomach… All for One must be acting up again." Gran Torino confirmed All Might's worst fear.

"The least that I wanted to believe is that he survived that wound." All Might said with a deadly serious expression.

"Toshinori, that kid admires you a lot… You must find the time to tell him about you and One for All." Gran Torino said to his former student.

All Might remained silent.

Later that night, after receiving his results, Tenya left Hosu's hospital for his home with his mother. As he was walking out to leave, he glanced at the window where his friends stood, glancing back at him. Tenya nodded at them and Deku and Sora nodded back in response.

The next day rolled around and due to Sora treating Izuku and Shouto beforehand and the Keyblade teens being without a single scratch out of the incident, they all were discharged from the hospital.

The boys finished dressing up and having everything packed up to leave. "You guys going back with Gran Torino?" Riku asked Sora and Deku as he put on his backpack and grabbed the case for his outfit.

"Yeah." Sora nodded as he did the same. "Deku could still use some training with him." He commented with a smile.

"Hopefully he's not still mad at us." Deku replied as he rubbed the back of his head nervously. "What about you guys?" He asked Riku and Todoroki.

Shouto stood up from the bed after having everything ready. "We're going back to our internship." He replied with a serene face.

"With Endeavor?" Izuku asked him.

"Yeah." Riku nodded in response. "We both want to learn as much as we can from him." He added.

"Besides, they said he defeated the Hero Killer when it wasn't like that. I wanna see his expression now." Shouto said as he put his free hand in his pocket.

"No way I'm missing that either." Riku smirked as he did the same. "I promise to take a picture of it so you can laugh at him." He said to Sora.

"Please do!" He replied with a smirk.

Deku chuckled a bit. "You guys became very mean when it comes to him, right?" He said to his friends.

"I'd say not mean enough." Sora replied, still smirking. The Hero Trio laughed a bit, even Shouto wore a small smile.

Later they walked out of the hospital and bid their goodbyes.

As of now, it's been two days since Hosu's incident. Stain's identity has been made public from all angles.

At a hidden bar.

"There's less people breaking the law lately. My partners are complaining that they don't sell anything. It's a drag." A fat man wearing an eye patch said before taking a sip of his drink. He sounded displeased with today's society.

"That's because it's a crime to make or sell items and costumes without license… Besides, there are rumors of legitimate support companies that sell on the black market to people without a hero license." The shady businessman, Giran, replied. He held a gun in his hand. He sounded rather lax about the situation.

His friend groaned. "I miss the days before All Might… Back then I was young. Villains were wild and impulsive and that cheered the whole country to support them. Those were good days." He reminisces with nostalgia for the more chaotic times. He then slammed his empty glass with anger. "But everything changed when All Might appeared. All thanks to that Symbol of Justice. Maybe it's time for me to retire." He added as Giran lit up a cigarette with the gun that actually worked as a lighter.

After he breathed the smoke in and out, he spoke with a smirk. "Speaking of which, listen up. Between us, there's a way to make money." Giran commented as he held his cigarette in his mouth as he looked for something in his pocket. His friend glanced at him confused. "I'm just telling you because I know they do quality things. Have you seen this video?" He showed him his phone, there was a video on the screen that read: KILL THE HERO - STAIN.

"Huh? What's that?" The other guy asked.

"A video about the popular Hero Killer." Giran said before he pressed play on the video.

"Hero Killer: Stain. Real Name: Chizome Akaguro. All Might's debut impressed him and decided to become a hero. He signed up for the hero school, but he was disappointed by the depraved view of the heroes of the educational system. He retired in the summer of his first year. In his youth, he advocated to return to the old idea of the heroes giving speeches on the street until he saw that words held no power. During ten years, he studied and trained in killing techniques to achieve his duty. His parents died during that time, but the matter wasn't considered a crime. He wanted to go back to the old idea of the heroes. Heroes don't seek compensation. That title is only for those who sacrifice themselves for others. Heroes nowadays are just phonies that do nothing but talk. He wanted society to understand it by eliminating them one after another." The video played the information about Stain's past, his ideology and what he wanted to accomplish with his wave of assassinations. The video also showed pictures of Stain at the time of being detained by the police and a distant shot of Stain crouching over the edge of a rooftop as he looked down on the city. The fat guy watched the video in awe and even fear.

"Someone will be stained in blood… I'll reclaim what it means to be a hero! Come, come at me, Impostors! The only ones that I would let kill me, are the true heroes… ALL MIGHT AND SKYKNIGHT ARE WORTHY!" The video showed a recording of Stain making that declaration moments before being detained. The video ended there, snapping the fat man out of his stupor.

"They don't stop uploading and deleting it from the internet like a game of cat and mouse. Both sides understood it… Especially the ending. His way of life was infectious. From vermin with a lot of convictions from fugitive criminals. All the biggest, including myself, of course… It's not that many noticed, but the scattered evil that hid where no one saw it, got infected with a fever… The desire to go to the organization of the Hero Killer, Stain… They'll start to go to the League of Villains." The shady businessman declared with a sinister smirk. His friend smirked back at him liking the sound of it. "However, many people are also intrigued about this mysterious hero, 'Skyknight', no one has ever heard anything of him. But he must be quite the heroic hero if he is regarded with such right by the Hero Killer, like All Might does." He commented, truthfully no one knew who this 'Skyknight' is, which makes this unknown hero all the more intriguing, especially if he's directly compared with the Symbol of Peace himself.

"Oh, I do know who he is. That hero sure likes to rain on other people's parades." A voice resounded around the bar, altering both men. "Relax, I'm a friend." That's when a portal of darkness manifested and from it a man in a black coat emerged. "Hi there. Giran, right? The name's Luxu, a proud member of the League of Villains, nice to meet ya." Luxu introduced himself with a confident smirk.

Giran quickly covered his composure while his friend just looked creeped out. He smirked back at Luxu. "Well then, it's good to make your acquaintance." He replied, before he took a breath of his cigarette. "And I suppose you must be here to do a business proposition, yes?" He guessed.

"Heh. You caught on quickly, like any good businessman should. Not for nothing you're well-known in the underworld." Luxu praised him. "You see, at the moment the League is a bit understaffed and we're currently looking to expand our operations, but of course that would mean more hands on deck and money to keep stuff going." He explained to Giren.

"And you want me to take care of the funds aspect, correct?" Giren replied with a knowing grin.

"Bingo. And of course as you said, it's a good way to make money and money is really good, right? Now you have the perfect opportunity. And yes, I did eavesdrop on ya, I like to be informed." Luxu said with a playful smirk. "Of course I would have to take you to meet the boss to approve it, but that should go smoothly, so whaddya say? Do we have a deal?" He extended his hand at him.

Giran's smirk grew wider. "I like your way of thinking, my friend. You just made yourself a deal." He accepted the proposition and gave Luxu a handshake.

"Pleasure doing business!" Luxu maintained his smirk as they both let go of each other. "Now, as I just said, we need more people in our organization. More members for our party. I'm a guy with a lot of reach, eyes and ears everywhere and all that, but we need possible members now and since you know a lot about the underworld, it could really speed things up if you can tell me where to find good villain prospects." He asked the newly-made partner.

"I know a few, if you're interested." Giran replied smuggly.

"Anything can work. We're a group that works with the cards they're given." Luxu replied as he crossed his arms. "Do me a favor and talk to them to see if they might be interested in joining up, if they are, just call me and I'll bring them in." He requested.

"For you? But of course, my friend." Giren replied with a sinister smirk.

"All going according to the script." Luxu's grin grew wider as the events were unfolding as intended.

News media only talked about the Hero Killer. When seven pro heroes and five students, two widely known from U.A's Sports Festival, found the killer. Endeavor went and took care of the situation. That was the official story from the police, which was actually a cover up for what really happened. As chief Tsuragamae said, the boys were not mentioned nor were the Heartless. It was explained that their wounds were accidents that happened on their internships

As of now, Sora and Deku were back at Gran Torino's place, the old hero seemed to be calmed down after the whole fiasco at Hosu. After patrolling around the area and practicing using Full Cowling, Izuku and Sora now stood on the roof of Gran Torino's building. They were watching the news on his phone. They both saw how Endeavor made a statement about the events from two days ago and he wore a displeased face.

Sora laughed when seeing this.

Izuku glanced at the blue sky with a smile. "I wonder how everyone else is doing right now." He wondered right now.

"I bet they're all working hard." Sora replied smiling, he too glanced at the sky.

During yesterday other students from Class 1-A continued their internships as normal.

With Katsuki, he went on patrol with Beat Jeanist. The top pro hero tried to teach him about the point on patrols, but things went south when some kids recognized the spiky blond from the sludge incident a year ago and he shouted at them, making the kids cry. The jean-themed hero scolded him and asked him to try again with no better results. (Dang, he sucks at talking normally.)

With Ochako, Gunhead started to teach her how to fight opponents with knives.

With Momo, she went out with Itsuka on patrol under Uwabami, which led to lots of people approaching her to take pictures and ask for autographs, not a great improvement of what the girls were up to this week. The raven-haired girl had comfort in knowing that Sora wouldn't make fun of her when she tells him next week.

With Eijiro, he and Tetsutesu were gathering trash at a park with Fourth Kind, he said that helping the community is essential to be a hero.

With Kyouka, she actually was able to help Death Arms with a hostage situation, she used her jacks to hear how many were held hostage and then guided them to safety. She felt happy about it, not even close to what Riku usually does, but frankly she looked forward to telling him next week.

With Tsuyu, she pretty much had a small adventure of her own. Her day started with helping clean the Oki Marine's ship, another boring day as she usually just either does that or training since the start of her internship. But today there was an emergency, stowaways on one of the ships of the coast guard, these turned out to be contrabandist as they stole cargo from the ship, which contained drugs. Things got complicated, but the frog girl and her new friend Sirius helped Captain Selki (Who's more hilarious than cute) quite a lot in stopping the criminals. She was so happy about the experience.

And the internships continued.

The internship week finally ended.

It was early morning and Sora and Izuku were in front of Gran Torino right outside of his building.

"It was for a short time, but thanks for looking after us." Izuku thanked the elderly as Sora nodded in agreement.

Gran Torino yawned before speaking. "I don't think there's nothing for you to thank me. Your internship ended the same way." He said to the greenette.

"No, thanks to your instructions, constant fights with you and Sora's help, I could do something against the Hero Killer." The emerald teen denied with a cheerful tone.

Gran Torino gave him a bunk on his ankle with his stick. "Against a Hero Killer that only went serious with Keyblade Boy!" He said as Izuku recoiled from the bunk briefly. "Well, it's better to go for a punch at 100% and end up failing anyway. But your arm fractured from the tension, didn't it? At the last moment, you exceeded the 5% limit. You're still impatient and when you unfocus, you lose control. Be grateful that your friend was able to heal that. You must always remain focused and alert." He lectured him with a serious tone. The boy glanced at his scarred hand as Sora glanced at him. "I'm sure you already know, but if you want to become a great hero like All Might, you still have a lot to learn. You can't keep relying on your friend here forever, you know?" He said to him.

"Hai!" Deku replied with determination.

"Good, in the meantime, Keyblade Boy, make sure he doesn't break his bones." The jet elder said to Sora.

"Roger that." He nodded in understanding.

"Alright then, see you." Gran Torino turned around and was about to go back inside, but Izuku stopped him.

"Can-Can I ask one more thing? I thought that it would be rude and I never could ask, so I never found a good moment…" Izuku said bashfully, dragging on what he wanted to ask. Gran Torino looked irritated at this so Sora decided to do it for him.

"We wanted to know why you're basically unknown, even if you're pretty strong and even trained All Might-sensei. Why is that, Gran Torino?" Sora asked the elder.

"Ah, it's because I was never interested in working as a hero." Gran Torino replied.

"Huh?" Both boys seemed confused at this.

"I had an objective that required me to use my quirk freely. Just for that I've gained my license. If you both want to know more, ask Toshi- All Might. Expect more from him." He explained to the boys.

"All Might…" Izuku muttered disappointed for not getting a full answer, Sora was the same.

"That's all. Be well, both of you." Gran Torino dismissed both of them.

"Hai!" Both bowed down in respect. "Thank you very much!" Both thanked him.

"Excuse us." Izuku said before he and Sora started to walk off.

"The best hero, eh? He's completely different in appearance and personality, but he's just like you, Toshinori. Both him and Sora. The man chosen by my swore friend… And the one that man chose to inherit One for All…" Gran Torino thought as he watched them walk away. "Boys." He called their attention. "Who are you?" He asked in a childish tone, clearly messing with them again.

"You ask now?!" Both boys shouted at the same time.

"Eh, we're Izuku Mido-" The greenette tried to reply.

"Not that." He interrupted him. Both seemed confused for a moment before they got what he meant.

"We're Deku-!" Deku began.

"And Skyknight!" Sora concluded with a confident smile. Gran Torino smiled at them and walked back inside as he waved at them.

"Let's watch him together, Toshinori. Until the day you pass to history… The day that 'Deku' is celebrated as the Symbol of Peace, with 'Skyknight' as a Symbol of Peace from another world to guide him…" Gran Torino thought as both boys bowed down in gratitude with warm smiles before being on their way back home…

To be Continued...