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Charlotte's POV

As the sun started to rise in the beautiful morning of the small, quiet town of Jasper, it was all of a sudden disrupted by the bellow, of a wild animal…

"CHAAARRLOTTE!" Humphrey shouted from the shower, realising Charlotte had stolen his clothes and the only towel he had in the bathroom.

"What?!" I exclaimed back, with a slight chuckle. Being only just outside the door, it was fairly loud when he shouted.

"Funny," He responded.


"Can I have my clothes back?"

"It's a possibility."

"Please, it's like, really cold."

"Here's your clothes. Now cover yourself up and stop being such a pansy," I said as I chucked his clothes through the crack in between the door and doorframe.

It's good to be back in Jasper after that trip up to Alaska. It may be cold here but it's a whole new level of cold up there. Good thing I came prepared for that trip, unlike someone… *coughcough Humphrey coughcough* I think he was complaining just about the entire trip about how cold it was. But like I said, it's good to be home.

What's not so good is that we also have school today, which is just what I wanted. At least I'll get to see some friends I didn't get to hang out with over break. All I could hope for was for there to not be a mountain of homework on the first day back.

However, I decided it would be a better idea to, rather than worry about school, get some form of nutrients into my stomach. Mum cooked by the looks of things, or should I say by the smell of things.

"Morning mum. Sleep well?" I asked.

"Morning sweetie. Yes, I did, thank you. By the way, I couldn't help but hear Humphrey angrily screaming your name. What'd you do this time?"

"Only stole his clothes and towel while he was in the shower. Nothing special this time."

"Could've gotten him so much better than that. You've let me down Charlotte."

"Eh, I was feeling lazy."

"Teenagers..." she scoffed jokingly, "Anyway, breakfast is on the stove. Just eggs on toast today."

"Cool, thanks," I said as I walked over to the stove to grab some of the delicious food mum had prepared for us.

Kate's POV

"Kate wake up!" Lily shouted, "You're driving today, get ready we're leaving in 15 minutes!"

I looked at the time to find it was 8:36. School starts at 9. A look on Lilly's face guaranteed that I would be screwed if I hadn't gotten up. I proceeded to get ready for school at record speeds, as I had completely forgot to turn on my alarm the night previous.

I finished getting ready and checked the time. 8:43. 7 minutes flat.'Not bad. I think that's a new personal best,' I thought to myself as I chuckled slightly.

I quickly grabbed an orange out of the fridge and had a small breakfast, as I knew I had no time to make anything. 'Keys, phone, wallet... I think that's everything,' I thought to myself, pleasantly surprised I had gotten ready in such a short space of time.

"Come on Lily, time to go!"I exclaimed in the direction of the stairs.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," she said, hurrying down them soon after.

"I got ready to go in 10 minutes just to wait for you?"

"Jeez no need to fuck your own asshole there," Lilly said, making some hand gestures that made me giggle.

"Oi! Watch your mouth!" Mum shouted from the kitchen.

"Sorry!" Lily replied.

"We're going mum! We'll see you later!" I shouted.

"Okay, see you later girls! Learn something!" mum exclaimed.

"Good joke!" I replied.

"Also, Kate. You need to be more responsible. Wake up earlier tomorrow, alright?" mum said, still in the kitchen as her words echoed throughout the house.

"Yup, I will. See ya later mum!" I shouted back as I shut the door to the garage.

Lily and I got in the car and threw our bags on the backseats, and I started the old Ford Scorpio sitting in the garage. Once the garage door opened, I exited the garage and the driveway, making our way to school.

The drive to school wasn't exactly long, but it wasn't short either. Lilly and I grabbed our things out of the back seats and I locked the car behind me as we left. Surely enough, I spotted Humphrey sitting out the front with a couple of his friends. He and his friends typically sit in the same spot most days. I guess commitment is a thing.

I also noticed a few unfamiliar faces out the front too. I wasn't very surprised, due to the fact Jasper is a beautiful place and you tend to see a lot of new people moving here. Hopefully I might make some new friends this semester with these new people. I had been trying to find some more people to hang out with, which I've found it hard as I already know just about everyone here. I wasn't a massive fan of the "Everyone knows everyone" community we have since it's hard to meet new people, but judging by how many new kids there were, I'd have to assume Jasper is going to grow substantially.

Humphrey's POV

After Charlotte's shenanigans, I was able to get ready for school. We usually walk to school on most days, as neither of us have a vehicle to use. Sometimes our parents drop us off but it's not very often.

Once we arrived at school, I managed to find my friends sitting out the front like they always have.

Salty, Shakey, and Mooch have been through a lot with me. We'd all grown up together, attending our early school years together. We'd definitely had our fair share of troublemaking and fun as a group, and I was glad to have them as friends.

"Hey guys! How's it going?" I asked, walking up towards the front of the main building.

"Not too shabby, yourself?" Salty replied.

"I'm great, thanks. You get up to much over the break?" I asked, seating myself down on the bench they were sat on.

"A lot of Jelly Doughnuts," Mooch replied with a slight chuckle, and a couple pats of his round belly.

"Those Jelly Doughnuts ought to kill you some day, Mooch," Shakey said with a tremor in his voice. That actually happened to be how he got his nickname.

"At least I'll die doing what I love doing; eating!" Mooch chuckled out.

We shared a good laugh as Mooch joked, until something caught my eye. I noticed Kate walking up to the front of the school. After some slight consideration I decided to go talk to her, excusing myself from my friends as I walked over to her.

I had been friends with Kate for years now, and she was easily one of my closest friends. I also have always had a rather significant crush on her to be completely honest. She just felt so perfect to me, and we got along so well that it just felt like it was fate for us to be together. Although, that has not happened yet, but I was willing to be patient.

She had spotted me walking towards her as she was talking to a couple of her friends. I don't exactly remember their names, and I wish not to guess. I opened my mouth to speak to her, however was cut off by the bell. I sunk my shoulders down and gave her a look that just said, 'Really?'

"Good timing," she said with a small giggle. She waved to her friends as they left for their classes, leaving just the two of us.

"I know right," I replied. She started walking up to the front doors and I quickly followed suit, falling into step next to her.

I was about to open my mouth to say something again, until I felt someone grab my shoulder. I turned around to see a very unfamiliar face. I hadn't seen this person once during my eighteen year stay here in Jasper.

Newcomer's POV

This place had proven to be a very confusing building. I was looking down at my timetable and back up, scratching the back of my head in confusion. 'I'll just ask someone for help,' I thought to myself. I reached out into the crowd and just happen to catch a shoulder. He turned on a dime.

"Hey, I was just wondering, where is S2? I'm new here and I'm just trying to find my homeroom," I asked with little hesitation. I didn't want to be late on my first day.

"Oh, it's actually my homeroom. Here, follow me," He replied.

"Thanks," I said briefly.

He started to walk away, and I quickly went up next to him and followed him along. He turned his head towards me and having to look down in the process,

"I never caught your name there," he said.

"Oh sorry, the name's Liam. Liam Jackson," I said holding out my hand for a handshake.

"Oh well, I'm Humphrey. Humphrey Wilkes," He said returning the handshake, "It's a pleasure to meet you Liam."

"Same here," I replied, arriving at my allocated homeroom.

"Here we are," He said.

"Thanks man, I appreciate it," I said, looking up to him with a smile.

"It's no problem, Oh and see you later Kate!" He said, waving to the girl he was walking with, which I assume was Kate.

"See you at Music, Humphrey!" She shouted back with a slight wave and proceeded to head on her way.

I proceeded to follow Humphrey into the room and was soon greeted by a lot of confused and curious looks. I tried to ignore them as I walked up to the front of the room and proceeded to introduce myself to the teacher.

"Hi, I'm new here," I said as she looked up.

"What's your name?" She bluntly asked.

"Liam Jackson," I said as she proceeded to check her list of people in the class, eventually coming upon my name.

"Ah Liam. Well my name is Mrs Sterling, just wait here as the tardy bell should go any second, and I'll introduce you to the class," She said. I just nodded with a light smile and proceeded to look up toward the class. Surely enough, I received a lot of uneasy looks from the entire class, along with a lot of whispering to each other while staring at me. 'Jeez, I hope I don't have to wait here much longer…' I thought to myself, but that was soon to not be an issue as the tardy bell rung, perishing the thought immediately. Mrs Sterling proceeded to stand up and soon enough the class fell silent.

"As you have all probably seen, we have a new student starting with us today," she said, and proceeded to nod in my direction, motioning for me to introduce myself.

"Hi guys, I'm Liam Jackson, and it's a pleasure to work with you all," I said with a weak smile.

"Make sure to make him feel welcome, everyone," she said, turning to me and saying, "Just find an empty seat in the class, there's plenty of them." I nodded and proceeded to head to the back of the class and sit in an empty seat next to the window. 'This doesn't seem too bad so far. Let's see how it goes,' I thought to myself.

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