This fanfiction will play in two perspectives; First chapter from Senku's view, second chapter 3rd person.
Just so you're not too perplexed about the sudden shift!

Where did I go wrong?
Why did science go the way it did?
Why can't that big guy stop crying?!

Right.. I'm lieing here dying. Choking on my own damn blood.

I should have known they would use that stuff against us.

Should have known, Tsukasa's goons would turn on us eventually.

Should have known they'd try to stop progress in his name - at any cost.

So our newly acquired gas turned out to be toxic, fine. Not as if I hadn't known that, science always came easy to me. Unlike human psychology. Screw that.

It's a good thing everyone went to watch new year's sunrise before it happened. I should have gone with them, instead of blindly concentrating on my work. Tsukasa's men had sabotaged the one tank our new gas was stored in. That gas and oxygen don't mingle well, you know.. before I knew, everything exploded around me.

And I'd inhaled enough unburned gas to poison myself. It was gone by the time everyone came rushing back, the big guy.. Taiju.. in front.

So gross to be held by a guy who's leaking saltwater and ... some.. kind of green goo.. ew. I try to push him away, but my limbs aren't moving.

Someone runs off to get help, or medicine, or anything at all. I smile bitterly, by the time they're back, it'll be too late anyway. Already feeling everything shut down, starting with the kidneys, one harsh cramp and they're dead. Just like that. Stomach and intestines die next.

Damn, I must look like shit, the way the mighty Taiju goes pale. He's screaming my name, right while the rest of my bottom half dies off and I stop feeling my legs altogether. It won't be long now so I try to speak, share some more wisdom before it follows me to my grave, but all I manage is a bloody cough. Breathing gets harder as lungs turn to cold meat.

My heart tries to beat harder when a surge of panic rushes through me, but fails to. Someone comes running, carrying the device we acquired from that weirdo why-man. If I was petrified, maybe the restoration effect could fix me..? A small glimmer of hope. It brought me back from near death once already, would be worth a shot.. we saved a braindead girl once, why wouldn't it work..!?

It's not been long since I modified the thing to be more.. precise. You can actually target single persons now, so no need for everyone to run from the green light anymore. They put the collar on me; I discovered it worked best when you started from the neck so the person wouldn't feel the cold stone their body turned into. A quick flash and I feel the skin harden, the flesh petrifying at once.

At the same time, my heart stops. Ten billionth of a second before it's petrified.

My consciousness fades. Where did I go wrong? Maybe I didn't, maybe trying to revive the old world was the right thing to do..

Or, I was wrong all along.