I don't own Spider-Man or Frozen. They each belong to Marvel, Sony, and Disney. Hey, everyone! Bet you didn't except this one to come for a while. Well, actually you probably did and it's long over due the original date I planed to post the whole thing. Well... to make things easy and make everyone happier... I made a change of plans. Instead of a long one-shot Christmas special, I thought I'd make a short story with several chapters but don't expect chapters like 50,000 words like I did in the recap chapter in Kingdom Hearts: Divided Hearts. But the chapters should still be enjoyable. So... enjoy!

Prologue: Christmas is Coming

"Why do these things always happen to me?" Spider-Man thought as he dodged another thug with a crowbar. He then fired a web to trip him as to more thugs try to rush him, "It's like they know I'm in a hurry."

He then leaped in the air and kicked them both in the face. He then spotted the last remaining thugs get in the getaway car with the stole goods. As they drove off, Spider-Man swung after them, "I gotta wrap this up fast, I'm late enough as it is. I promised Elsa I'd help her prepare her kingdom for Christmas, she's going to be pissed."

He swung after the car and landed on the roof. Some of the thugs pulled guns to try to shoot him off, but the web head dodged them and one by one he pulled them out of the car and webbed them up until all that remained was the driver.

He smashed through the car and kicked the driver out before webbing him up. The car flipped over and Spider-Man caught the car before gently setting it on the ground. The crowd cheered the hero as he swung off, "Now, that's taken care of..."

"Hey, Karen?" Spider-Man said out loud.

His AI spoke up, "Yes, Peter..."

"I need a portal back to Arendelle. ASAP!" Spider-Man told him.

Karen replied, "No, problem. Sending you back to Arendelle in 3, 2, 1..."

Just as the count down ended, a portal opened up in front of Spider-Man and he swung threw...

Back in Arendelle, Elsa was in Peter's lab, courtesy of Tony Stark, looking at her father's old pocket watch as the portal opened. Elsa smiled humming Aladdin's "A Whole New World" as she stood up and waited for him. Spider-Man then landed right in the lab to see Elsa was waiting for him, "Elsa! I'm so sorry I'm late... there were these robbers and..."

"Oh, don't apologize. You're not late... in fact, you're early." Elsa smirked.

Peter stared in shock, "Huh?" He looked at his phone, "But you said I was supposed to be back 2 hours ago..."

"I did..." Elsa smiled.

Peter looked confused as she giggled at his reaction. Just then, his eyes widened as he realized, "You gave me the wrong time on purpose!"

Elsa giggled, "Well... I knew if I gave you the actual day and time... you'd be late. I wouldn't blame you for it though, I just really need you here for this..."

"...So instead you gave me the wrong time so I'd actually show up on time for once." Peter realized, "You're brilliant."

Elsa smiled modestly as she shrugged, "I'm sure your Aunt and your other friends would have thought it up if they knew you were Spider-Man." She then handed him his clothes, "Put these on..."

Peter quickly put the on the new cloths over his costume as Elsa commented, "It's too bad the device from Harry stopped working."

Peter nodded, "Yeah, it was great whenever I needed to change in a hurry."

He then noticed Elsa's dress, he wondered, "Did you make another ice dress?"

Elsa smiled shyly as she asked, "Do you like it?"

"Oh yeah! You look great... it's very... fluffy!" He stated earning a giggle from his royal girlfriend as he continued, "It's just that you can make everything thing with your ice. I wish I could do that..."

Elsa smiled, "You know, we could always try again..."

"No offense... but the first time we tried... I ended wearing a ice dress when Johnny Storm happened to be visiting... the second time..." Peter added.

Elsa blushed and quickly stopped him, "No... no... no... I get it! But seriously... the Heart themed underwear."

"Okay, the thermals with the hearts were half-price, and please do not reflect my very high macho quotient." He admitted.

Elsa giggled to herself, "Just help us get ready before this conversation get's anymore awkward. This is a really big day for Arendelle and for us..."

As Peter put on his new suit, "Okay, I get Arendelle, but why us?" Elsa reminded him, "You're Aunt and her husband's coming for the holidays..."

"Oh, right... Thanks again for that." Peter smiled as he worked on his tie.

Elsa went in to help him, "Peter... they're your family... of corse I'd invite them..."

After that, Peter took Elsa's hand as she remembered, "Oh... and get ready for Olaf... he's jumping ahead of schedule..."

"Why am I not surprised..." Peter smiled in amusement.

Just as they opened the door, Olaf leaped in, "Surprise!"

Peter and Elsa chuckled as they replied together, "Not yet, Olaf..." Peter smiled, "Let's see, I got the perfect girlfriend who thinks ten steps ahead, her sister approves of me, Kristof, Sven, Olaf and I are cool, all my baddies are either in prison or keeping quiet, no Avengers duties happening, and my most importantly my Aunt approves of my girlfriend... nothing could possibly go wrong..."

Meanwhile, just outside the kingdom, and large figure walked through snow and looked down of the kingdom. He held out a newspaper stated, "Snow Queen Knights Spider-Man!" The man chuckled as he spoke with a Russian accent, "Soon little spider... you and your Queen will become my greatest trophies..."

And that will conclude the prologue. I know it was shot but I hope you all still enjoyed it. If you're new to the series... Welcome! But I also recommend you read the previous stories to understand what's happening in this one. If not, please enjoy what's to come for next time we reveal Christmas in Arendelle with the gates open. Will everything turn out as planned or will Parker Luck strike again? Find out next time. Don't worry I plan to make the next chapter longer than this one. Anyways hoped you enjoyed the prologue. Be sure to leave a review. And don't forget to also follow and fav. As well. See you next time and if you're reading this on Christmas or July... then Merry Christmas!