Thalia POV


You would think two Demigods would fine more weapons after a month of running from Philly to Manhattan. Oh sorry I guess that I didn't introduce myself; hello, I'm Thalia, daughter of Zeus.

Luke a son of Hermes, who I am running with; is looking at a mom and pops store. I looked at him than to the store than back to him before I finally said something "No Luke. You aren't robbing them blind."

Luke looked at me with a mischievous glint in his eye that I know that won't go good for me. "But Thals, I'm not going to rob them" good I thought before he continue that makes me regret this friendship some time "We're going to rob them blind."

The look that he's giving me is saying that I don't have a choice. "Fine. What do I need to do" I sighed out defeatedly. Luke give me a smirk so I zap him.

"All you need to do is get and keep their attention. While you do that I will do the robbing." Luke told me while keeping the smirk.

Okay long story short, the ma and pops store keeper are monsters. They are both Cyclopes and now are chasing us.


Okay, I hate New York, it has no many fuckin allies. Luke thought it was smart to run in one but now it's a dead end. Before PA the Cyclops could do anything a Dark Turquoise arrow appear in the middle of his eye.

"PA! NO. I WILL EAT YOU, WHOEVE-" Ma began to rant until a Dark Turquoise spear is in her throat, as like Pa she became gold dust. This person in a black hoodie grab the spear and arrow.

"Aw. These Cyclopes are usually peaceful. Let me guess: the son of Hermes try to rob their store, right Lucas Castellan." this hooded figure said. Hmm, Luke full name is Lucas... that's kinda humorous. I look at Luke and see him give this hooded figure a death glare.

This person just started to laugh at Luke's glare. Luke didn't really like that because he swung his golf club at the person, the person just wave his hand and the golf club miss him by a mile.

"Who the fuck are you?" A ticked off Luke asks. "Perseus or what one of my assassin's called me years ago: Percy. The god of Assassin's, Weaponry, Warriors and Shrewdess. I'm actually here to help Miss. Grace and Mr. Castellan." Perseus told us, personally I am shock because I never told anyone my last name.

Perseus turn around and being to sing Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N' Roses. He stop singing before looking over his shoulder and yelled "Are you coming or not?" before he continue singing.

Luke and I shared a look before I shrug my shoulders and walk after Perseus. I think I might call him Percy because Perseus is a mouthful.

After a good hour of Percy singing different classic rock songs and Luke ranting about how we can't trust the gods, we came to a tunnel. Percy turns around and gesture to the tunnel while I raise my eyebrows questionly at him. He smirked, so I zap him with some lighting.

"Okay, I deserve that. Into that tunnel and we be in my Head Quarters, just trust me." He told us. "Trust you. For what, you can kill us at the first chance you get." Luke accuse Percy.

Now Percy looks pissed "Now listen closely Hermes Spawn. I'm the god of Fucking Assassin's; which means if I wanted you dead, you would've been dead by now. The only reason I helping you Castellan because my youngest sister is with you. Now shut the fuck up and follow me or get the hell out of Dodge."

After that outburst, we went into the tunnel and came out in a badass Hideout. (AN: think of all the Assassin's Creed main Hideout for each assassin and combined them) We saw two people having a drinking game. The person on the right is wearing a light blue and white robe and have two guns in hostel on his chest and two swords on his hip; the other is wearing a blue robe.

"Arno and Edward! What did I say about having a drinking game." Percy disappointedly said. "Not to have them" Arno and Edward sheepish said in unison. Percy sighed and pinch the bridge of his nose before telling his two assassin's to go to this Kassandra for punishment before turning to a guy in a white robe and a red cape before he continue talking "Ezio, take Luke to Leonard to get weapons and armor for their journey."

After Ezio took Luke away, I looked out the window and saw something that surprised me. "Is that-" I begin to question before Percy interrupt me "St. Louis Cathedral. Yes, yes it is. My wife has a love for the French culture and that includes New Orleans." You know what, I'm not going question it, I have seen enough shit to know magic is at play here.

We came to a stop in a penthouse office that's over looking Bourbon Street. "Percy, why did you bring me up here? Why not just send me with Luke? Or better yet, why not let me die?" I became machine gun by rapid firing questions.

Percy responded by laughing until "Perseus! Be nice to your sister." A voice came from the shadows. A girl that looks about 17 or 18 walk out of the shadows. "I'm sorry about him. Hazel, goddess of Souls, Sprits, Underground, Metals, and Queen of The Shadows. Please tell us of your dream." Hazel told me while shaking my hand.

I'm surprise that they know, but I told them about me fighting on a hill and protecting Luke, a small blonde girl, and a donkey person; and I'm dieing and a lighting bolt hit me and turn me into a tree. They have a unsurprising look on their faces and begin having a silent conversation with theirs eyes until Percy smile.

"Thalia, that was a demigod dream. From the look on your face, it's not your first one. Unfortunately the Fates already told us that you are needed to be a tree, why I have no fucking idea." He said before taking a breath before he continue on "I want you to be my first full Champion. Hazel will bless you with her Souls domain." Hazel nodding along with her husband.

"Why me?" I ask them and Hazel actually answered me "Because, We see great potential in you. You becoming a tree is unstoppable, so my husband wants to train you while you're a tree." Okay, honestly that should be impossible but I'm talking with two gods so yeah. I look up at the two gods and see Percy hood is down and i can see fear in his eyes... why?

"Sure... I mean yes, M'Lord and M'lady." I said cheerfully before I quickly fix my mistake. They laugh and Percy told me that he isn't our father and said that I don't have to bow or any of that shit.

Before I could walk away he told me to wait. Lady Athena wants to give me a gift for a favor. What can I do for a goddess I wonder.

For first, you can listen to my brother. A voice said in my head. I'm going to go on a limb and say it Lady Athena.

Right you are, Young Assassin-A.

What can I do for you?-T.

I have a daughter in Richmond, Virginia I want you to get and take her with you.-A

Why? I mean your children are smart and shit.-T

LANGUAGE, SISTER. The reason I'm asking is because she's only four years old.-A

Okay I will. What's here name?-T

Annabeth Chase. To pay you for this, ask my brother.-A

I look around the room and saw Percy giving me a knowing look. Before I could say anything, he give Hazel a look and they walk to the shadows.

Percy walks back carry a shield and a spear. "This is a copy of Thena shield. This is a spear which is made from Luna silver and Warrior Titanium." Told me while he give me my new stuff. Plus what's Warrior Titanium.

"Honey, you didn't even tell her about the Warriors Titanium. Thalia, this is Annabeth Chase." Hazel scolded Percy than told me about the little girl behind Hazel. Annabeth looks about three or four; has blonde curly hair; grey eyes that reminds me of a storm.

"Right. Warrior Titanium is the strongest godly metal and it won't break, plus it will help you with your lighting powers. But enough talk. Time for Annabeth to go to sleep."

"But Uncle Pewcy, I'm not sleepy. Can you read me a stowy." Annabeth I have to say (I will denial it and I will kill you if you tell anyone what I'm about to say) pouted cutely. Percy looks defeated and agrees with the young child.

"I had one of my assassin's pick her up and bring her here" Percy told me after seeing my confuse face.

Hazel begins to laugh at Percy after he left with Annabeth. "He can't resist the puppies eyes. Just be happy that it wasn't one of his kids which has the Baby Seal Eyes." Hazel sighed softly.

That confused me. I didn't think that they had any kids. I guess Hazel read my mind because she answered me "Him and I have two kids together. Artemis and him has two kids. He has three demigod children alive, and many bloodlines. Before you asks: no he doesn't cheat on me. He falls for a person that has a heart of a warrior and give them a heart child; like Athena gives a brain child. Kassandra was his first demigod child."

~timeskip to the next morning~

"Falia, Falia, Falia" someone is mispronouncing my name while they are poking me. I opened one of my eyes and saw two grey eyes looking at me, it took me a minute to realize it's Annabeth.

"What do you want, Annie." I mumble sleepy. "Fiwst, please don't call me Annie. Second, Auntie Hazel told me to get you for breakfast and Uncle Pewcy told me to use any means necessary; so I poked you until you woke up. Let's go to breakfast." Annie skip away, I thought Luke has a bad case of ADHD.

I got dress and went down stairs and went to the kitchen and saw a lot of people acting like a family, dysfunctional family, but still a family. Hazel hit Percy on his head the other assassin's I'm guessing started to laugh at him.

"Right. Thalia this is Kassandra. She goes by Kass or Kassie. *I see a female copy of Percy.* This is Ezio *I see what it looks like an Italian person with a sword on his hip; throwing knives oh his chest and a crossbow on his back.*" Percy introduce me to his assassin's.

After a good breakfast, Percy and Hazel give Luke and myself a bag and give Annie a stuff bear. We left them. After a good day of walking we stop for the night. I put the sleeping four year old on a bed in this safehouse that Kassie told me about.

We were woke up rudely by a goat person name Grover saying that he was from camp. Annie and Luke are confused about camp.


Damn this goat. He got us lost more times than Luke would've, Annie (bless her little heart.) asked him if he knew where's he's going and he said of course. We stop for the night. Luke and Goat Boy went to get food and shit. I got watch duty for Annie.

It was quite until Annie ask a question that I wasn't ready for "Falia, can you be my sissy?" I look her in the eyes and see hope.

I heard Athena told me that it's okay in my head. "Yeah Annie. I would love to be your sister" I answered my new sister. Annie hug me until we heard a Hellhound growl and a pack of hellhound come out of the trees.

I put Annie on my back and told her to put her hands around my neck. While she's doing that I summon my spear and get ready for a fight.

As I fighting hellhounds; Luke and Goat Boy came back and Luke told me that we have to go. "Really Luke? I fucking thought that I would've stayed and talk with them." I said with sarcasm dripping from my words. Luke rolled his eyes until Annie ask what fucking means. Luke told her it's a bad word and I was bad for using it.

"We are here. It's Half-blood Hill. Come on let's get down there." The Goat Boy told us. I spin only to see a army of monster and the three fury's leading them. I sighed because I know what's about to happen, I give Annie to Luke and told him to get help.

After a while of fighting I heard a voice calling "Thalia." So I risk a turn and see Luke running back up the hill and that's when a Cyclops club hit me in the chest.

Luke POV

I saw Thals get hit in the chest by a Cyclops and it's my fault. I take a good look at her and she that's she hurt and bleeding almost everywhere. Before anyone could do anything a huge thunder crack and a lighting bolt hit Thalia and a great light appears.

After the light faded away a Pine Tree replaces Thalia. Fuck those gods. Fuck Zeus. Fuck Perseus. The left over monsters that the lighting didn't killed rush at me but couldn't because a force field.

"Di Immortals! The god's just turn her into a tree that will protect this camp." A horse looking dude said. I walked away thinking how to get my revenge for Thalia.

An: Happy birthday Percy