Prologue (Part 2) - Hurt and Comfort

As Meimi walked up to the disturbing scene in front of her, the tall, dark man watched her for her reactions. To his not surprise, the girl picked up the man to punch him very violently. She's really pounding him. He thought as he wondered if he should stop her. He did have a no-kill rule, after all. But, he knew that he didn't have to stop her after the victim hugged her. "Meimi!" She sobbed to her best friend. Meimi huffed as she placed her hands on Seira's hands. She begged Seira of one thing.

"Let me kill him, Seira." Meimi growled out to the girl holding her back. She knew that the people were blinded by both anger at her parents and distrust towards orphans. Seira was a orphan, yes, but Meimi knew that she was the sweetest person that she had ever known.

"No, Meimi. I won't let you. You'll go to jail and we'll be separated. I don't want that. I don't. I won't let you leave me." Seira sobbed against Meimi's clothes. Meimi, losing all of her anger at that moment, dropped the man onto the ground and she collapsed, leaving Seira with her arms wrapped around her waist. Meimi hugged her back.

With the girl being calm at the moment, the tall and dark man decided to walk up to them. When his shadow tower over both Meimi and Seira, Seira shivered from her obvious distress and Meimi placed her hand on top of Seira's hand. "Don't worry." Meimi tells Seira. "I know you're a good guy, but you really shouldn't just sneak up on us, Mr. Wayne." Meimi greeted the man. Seira was shocked.

"You know him?" She asked Meimi with a weak voice.

"I know about him, but my parents knew him better, right Mr. Wayne?" Bruce simply stared at the girl. He had known that she knew about him, but he didn't know that she had knew his name.

"I'm surprised you know my name, Meimi." Bruce tells the girl. Meimi smirked.

"My parents aren't that dumb to keep secrets from me." Meimi admitted to Bruce. Bruce simply nodded his head. "In any case, I don't want to stay in the city any more. Not after what that bastard did to you." Meimi turned to Seira as she spoke darkly. Seira was giving her a sad face and Meimi hugged the older girl close to her.

"It's not their fault, Meimi. Maybe the people are right. I am bad luck." Seira tells Meimi and Meimi glared at her.

"Be quiet! You're not bad luck! You're you. I love you because you're you." Meimi tells Seira. Seira cried tears of happiness as she collapsed on Meimi and Meimi held her for as long as she needed to. She felt sorry for slapping Seira, but she knew that slap will help her get over her guilt one day. As Seira cried out all of her pain and agony, she stopped speaking. Meimi didn't know that Seira was going to be struck mute by the incident, but she figured that it was better for her to be mute than not be her best friend any more. Bruce noticed the muteness that Seira and he looked at Meimi.

"She will be mute for a while." Bruce warns Meimi. Meimi looked up at Bruce.

"I rather her be mute than for her to be dead." Meimi responded.