Izuku had done his part, he had made some popcorn, figured out how to set up Mei's projector and even picked out the movies. He also made sure that Mei's sitting area was actually prepared enough for three people, he really couldn't call it a couch as it was more an incredibly comfortable cushion of some kind that came out of a cupboard. It was easily large enough for all three of them to sit and enjoy themselves on. Hell, they could probably sleep on it.

Normally, he wouldn't think anything about just sitting around watching a movie with friends. But, both girls had made it very very, very, oh so incredibly clear that they wanted a relationship with him. His text history showed as much as well as the fact that he had Mei's breasts more or less burned into his mind at this point.

And he was pretty sure that Melissa could match Mei in all the right places.

So he couldn't just be that guy and decide by which one was hotter or anything. Guh. How on earth was he supposed to choose between the two of them? Especially now that they were friends? Or at least working on his gear together. Melissa and Mei would make a powerful duo for the entire world. What he had already seen them work on together was amazing.

So. Maybe for the good of everyone he should just tell them that he won't be dating either of them?

Besides, they both lived on I-Island.

Dating either one would be problematic, there were only a few days out of the year that he could actually be here. Wasn't that kind of terrible for any relationship?

Maybe he should just—

They emerged from the bathroom, and one thing crossed Izuku's mind.

They weren't watching a movie today. Were they?

Mei had traded in her pants for a shirt which barely covered her, and despite being loose hid nothing. Her thick thighs were on full display and when she moved he could see a flash of her panties just under. Her pink hair was loose and she looked more than a little on the clean side, the large smile on her face told him that she was up to something.

And the fact that she was holding hands with Melissa told him that they were up to something.

Melissa was wearing a bright pink bathrobe that barely reached her mid-thigh, with it tied tight around her waist, he could see the hint of a tightly packed bra. It wasn't the kind of outfit to be worn. It was the kind of outfit to be removed.

"Umm," His mouth went slack when Mei lifted her arms to stretch, exposing more than just a flash of her underwear and making her breasts jiggle just beneath that loose shirt that was just begging to be pulled off the moment that Mei got within arms reach. He looked between the two of them, their smiles were not the kind of smiles that could be trusted outside of the bedroom. "We're not going to watch a movie are we."

"Well," Melissa grabbed the popcorn from him and put it well out of arm's reach. "A movie might be playing." Mei clicked a remote and the lights dimmed while the projector sprang to life. "But, if you're paying attention to it, we might be disappointed in you."

"Umm. but. Both?" Izuku asked, he could all but hear his brain steaming to try and process this.

His pants felt tight.

Melissa put her glasses on a nearby table and ruffled her hair, her blue eyes sparkling at him. "For now? Yes."

Mei began to crawl onto the futon, the weight of her knees on the cushion was oddly arousing, especially as her hand fell next to this. She practically fell on top of him, her braless chest falling against his as she smiled at him with a wide cheshire grin. "I had an idea."

"An idea?" His voice cracked and he found his hand going to Mei's slightly exposed hip.

"Yep, it was simple." Melissa mirrored Mei and crawled onto his side, one hand pulling on the sash of her robe showing off her soft stomach for a few seconds before she was right next to his ear. "We try sharing you, just once, just to see what it's like, so, what do you say Izuku?"

Mei's hand began to rub on his crotch, her leg between his own, and she gave him a light lip bite. "Call it an experiment."

Izuku blinked, it felt like he just got hit by a bus. A bus full of horny. He let out a long steady breath and then looked at Mei, then at Melissa. He had two girls that individually were several times smarter than him, willing to have a three way just to see what happens. His penis saw nothing wrong with this.


That was such a simple word that gave birth to so much chaos around his body.

Melissa grabbed his cheek, pulling him towards her and kissing her for the second time, he could feel her entire body press up against his as her hand began to pull at his shirt. As they kissed he could feel her smile growing against him, just as well as he could feel his arm slipping between her breasts.

Mei wasted no time, her dexterous hands had his belt across the room before he could so much as think about another syllable, and his pants were gone soon after. He felt her grab hold of his already hard penis and give it a few quick strokes before Melissa stopped kissing him.

Instantly he was ambushed by Mei, her kiss was hungry, desperate, and needy. For Izuku's part, he found his hand digging into Mei's ass, and found that she was the full package and a half. He pulled his hand up, bringing her shirt along for the ride, he wanted it off, he wanted her to be naked.

And Melissa wanted him to be naked. She had pulled his shirt nearly up to his chest, and with a break in the kissing, it was tossed over his head, leaving him to be completely naked. He tugged at her robe, sliding it off her shoulders as she stood on her knees, before falling on top of him, her kisses searing his flesh as he shuddered under her barrage. She was keeping him distracted.

Very distracted.

He pawed for her breasts, finding her bra and grabbing a handful of it and her breast while moving his head to the side to see what Mei was doing.

He barely caught a glimpse of it. But he felt her all the same.

Mei had been impatient, eager, and the moment she could had sat down on his dick. She was tight, but he slid in easy, her smile growing wider as she took inch after inch of him effortlessly. "Hmmm, you feel so much better than my dildo Izuku! I should have done this years ago!"

"Hmm," He groaned, hips thrusting up into Mei automatically. She gasped, and leaned forward, her hands falling onto his chest as her tongue fell out of her mouth.

"Hey," Melissa said softly, cupping his cheek again. "Don't forget I'm here."

But, boobs!




He was drawn back towards Melissa as she unhooked her bra and casually tossed it to the side like it was a used napkin, revealing her large, beautiful breasts. If ever he needed confirmation that he was a boob guy, this would be it. She kissed his neck, then his cheek, then nibbled on his ear before kissing him again, she guided one of his hands down towards between her own legs and helped him dive under her lacey panties to find that she was wet.

"Remember Izuku," She purred, back arching as he took a few exploratory probes inside of her. "This is an experiment," She bit her lips, all but grinding on his hand before kissing him again. "Results matter," she bit his lip. "So if you do well, we'll want to do this again."

"I already want more!" Mei shouted bouncing on his dick with a half manic frenzy. She leaned back, hands grabbing onto her shirt before throwing it off in an awkward way as it got stuck around her head. But, she was naked now. "So give us more Izuku."

Tits, ass, stomach, hands, so many hands, so many legs, limbs, kisses, bodies, he could barely keep track of everything that was happening around him, as he devoted himself towards leaving these two girls completely intoxicated with his sexual performance. He liked this! He really liked this.


He wanted both of them!

Taboo or not, he would prove himself tonight and make certain that they both wanted to do this over and over again.

With a silent roar, he sat up, hooking one, hand around Mei's waist and flipping their positions, slamming her into the cushion with enough force to make her gasp, then laugh and smile as he continued to move in and out of her, he grabbed Melissa and pulled her closer, his face going towards her breasts where he kissed her breasts and bit at her nipple earned a moan from Melissa before she pushed away and moved towards Mei.

Watching Melissa grab onto Mei's breasts, watching her play with them, watching those two wonderful sets of breasts touch and mash against each other were the things dreams were made of. And it only got better when Melissa looked at him, a small sly smile on her face as she pushed the hair out of her face and leaned down to kiss Mei.

He felt Mei tense around him, her moans reverberating up through his entire body. He grabbed her hands, forcing them crossed and began to pound into her while Melissa continued to turn Mei into goo.

With a scream Mei came.


Her legs spasming as her hips bucked wildly, her breasts swaying with each motion.

Izuku came almost a second later.

Fatigue hit him, and he stumbled for a moment. For a moment he was envious of Mei's ability to rest at the moment. But he still had another prize to win.

Steeling himself he grabbed Melissa once again, pulling her into a standing hug that had both of them pressed tight against each other. He kissed her deeply. Passionately. He made the kiss last, by going slow, by moving away from her mouth, by kissing her cheeks, her jaw line, her temple, her neck, so many kisses on her neck. He moved downward, kissing her collarbone, making her gasp, as he felt her hands claw on his back, roam his chest and just exploring every part of his body she could reach. He paid careful attention to each of her breasts, spending more than a bit of time licking, kissing, and sucking on them before he moved south. He kissed her stomach, and then stood to kiss her again.

She let out a surprised yelp when he picked her up by her thighs, and found that he had bought himself enough time.

He was hard again.

And Mei was up and ready to help.

She kissed his dick, coaxing it back to full size, while tenderly touching it. When he was fully hard again, she helped guide him into Melissa.

Unlike Mei who he had simply slid into, Melissa was tight. Very tight. So tight, that he half worried he wouldn't fit. But, through some of Mei's magic handy work, he managed to get all the way into her.

And so he fucked her where they stood, hips bucking, her entire weight on his body. She hooked her legs around him, moaning, and saying his name over and over again. Mei found any place she could to participate, moving from kissing Melissa, to kissing him, to playing with nipples to fondling balls over and over again, the smile on her face didn't betray her muttering.

She was taking a lot of mental notes.

He sat back down on the cushion, Meilssa still on his lap, and he moved carefully, to keep the pace going as Melissa's eyes continued to roll in her head as she experienced some kind of pleasure that he could only dream of.

Mei wasted not a single second and promptly started to kiss him, her fingers roaming deep into his hair and making him let out a moan after moan. Then she shoved her tits back in his face and all but demanded he sucked on them while she pulled in Melissa for another kiss.

By the time it was over, all three of them lay panting on the cushion, gasping for air and smiling as they left dozens of sweat and sex stains on the once prestine furniture.

"How'd," Izuku let out a laugh as he smiled wider and looked between the two girls. "I do?"

"Data inconclusive." Mei waved her hand.

Melissa nodded. "We'll need to run this experiment again tomorrow."

"For now," Mei wrapped her arm around Izuku and let out a sigh. Melissa reached over and grabbed her hand. "The sleeping test."

Izuku kept his hands on both girls' asses as he could only nod. "Sure, I think rest is good now."

AN: Not dead!