Ariel knows that Carlisle still watches her; she catches glimpses of him through the treeline at odd hours of the night. She supposes that having work the next day means little if you are a creature who doesn't sleep. The trees whisper of his presence, the soil vibrates with his weight as the area grows deathly silent. To animals, it would be an omen of a predator stalking through the woods. To her, it's an odd sense of comfort that he still watches her. A reminder that he hasn't given up on her.

She wishes more than anything that she could at least acknowledge that he's there. It would be easy to run to their hidden spot in the forest and ravish each other in ways that only lovers do. She wishes that she could listen to the covens voices as they argue throughout the household - never serious fights like her siblings, but petty ones like who stole Emmet's newest video game (the answer is usually Rosalie but Emmet would rather accuse the others than ever suggest something like to his mate). As much as Amenadiel hated it, she viewed that coven like her own family - and this distance caused a ridge between all of them. She can only imagine that the others weren't thrilled when Carlisle relayed the plan to them.

But at the very least, they listened. Given that Alice hasn't bombed her with texts, she knows the coven are either too upset or are extending their trust in her plan.

She just can't risk it. All it would take is one false move than they would all be forced to fight one of their own. She's not even sure if vampires would already be open to possession to begin with given that by some definition they're undead. She admits that she doesn't even want to find out.

Even when they are at work, she goes out of her way to avoid him knowing that his eyes are always following her. It makes it worse when she knows that all the available and young nurses are taking this as a chance to throw themselves at the doctor with the hopes that one of them will be a lucky rebound. Carlisle, to his credit, refuses to indulge any of them, but that doesn't make it any easier when she sees nurses leaning on his arms.

She tries something stronger than wine in the hopes that it will create a placebo effect and paciate the ache in her chest. It doesn't. Instead, she has to bite her tongue each time her shoulder brushes against his and pretends that she doesn't just want to kiss him. To reassure him.

She just can't risk anything right now. She knows that whatever it is that Yana is going to do is coming soon. She can feel it in her bones. She knows that the demon is watching her. She can feel the demonic presence within the trees, always at times when Carlisle is not there. She can stare out into the treeline knowing that there are eyes - eyes that belong to the person responsible for so much pain - eyes that she just wants to charge at and rip to pieces.

She crushes the liquor bottle in her hand, the glass shattering to the floor. She stares out the back window and she can see Yana - right there. Amenadiel told her to wait to see what the demon would do, but no. She is done waiting. Her body aches with fury and frustration, aches with the need to do something. Especially if it meant doing something to the person responsible for so much heartache in her family.

She's done waiting for someone else to make the next move.

Alice watches Carlisle nervously pace throughout the entire house; after the others urged him to stop visiting her to take a break, he has been nothing but a nervous wreck. She can't say she blames him. In fact, she knows that none of them blame him. Any of them would be the same way if put in a similar situation. She can only begin to imagine just how frustrated he is that he can't contact her; she's not even Ariel's mate and she's frustrated. After all, it gets a lot harder to plan for a wedding on a downlow, when everyone thinks they're divorced, and more importantly - without the wife-to-be's input.

"Just go bang her," Emmet offers his 'helpful' advice, "People have break-up sex all the time. If the demon or whatever is watching, it won't be that weird and maybe you'll stop tearing a whole in the floor."

Carlisle glances toward him, then to Rosalie as if to see if she would smack him for the comment. However, Rosalie doesn't move an inch. "It's not as if he's wrong, but personally, I don't get why you have to do this in the first place."

"Ariel insists." Carlisle explains simply as if that explains everything. At everyone's dubious look, he sighs then continues. "Yana - this demon - I think whatever happened when they fought demons before was bad enough that she's worried about all of our safety. Just as I am for hers."

"Then why can't we all just -" Emmet mimics a boxer, giving a few air punches. "One demon can't be that bad, can it?"

"We aren't sure if it is just 'simply' one demon," Carlisle stresses. "Until Yana makes a move, or until Ariel or her brothers do, no one knows just how many demons she has with her."

"I would think that someone such as the devil would have some control over them," Jasper finally speaks up, his voice quiet as his southern drawl drags out certain words, "Are you sure you can even trust her brother?"

Carlisle hesitates as Jasper speaks the one thing that's in the back of everyone's mind. Edward knows that it's at least crossed their minds once; he's heard it. Honestly, it's crossed his own too as he replays his conversation with Ariel on her pseudo death bed.

As much as the truth of Ariel's species has shed some insightful light into interesting things, Carlisle knows there is still a lot that there is in the dark about. A majority of that darkness still shrouds accepting the fact that the devil does in fact walk among them while the rest of it shadows the idea of what it can mean for all of them when they actually die. That darkness, as much as he tries to shake it off, still clouds his judgement when it comes to her younger brother.

"I - I am not sure," Carlisle speaks up, his voice hesitant, but sincere. "My background makes it hard to grasp, but above all, I do trust Ariel regardless of what my feelings may be toward her younger brother. As far as I gathered, however, a lot of what these demons are doing is considered a part of an uprising against Lucifer."

"An uprising," Edward confirms.

"Yes, it seems that many demons did not like the idea of their leader actually being good - or at the very least, falling in love with a human. After a failed attempt at taking Charlie in his steed, most of them seemed to have backed down with the exception of Yana - who feels that Ariel's brutality toward humans may make for a better contender as the leader of Hell."

They all take that information in carefully, especially considering that it's the most Carlisle has spoken since returning from his trip to LA. Due to the 'break up', their father had been more focused on carefully observing Ariel and mopping around than really explaining much.

Before anyone else can speak out - a certain voice rings out through the woods, immediately putting them on guard. Carlisle's eyes are constrained with pain and wide with immediate concern as that voice shakes his very core; it reminds him too much of the last time that he heard her like that. The mere idea that he's hearing it again so soon makes his eyes cloud with darkness; this time, he refuses to be too late to help.