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~Parseltongue/foreign language~


Chapter 11:

*Harry's point of view. *

Harry was thoroughly annoyed with the three witches he was traveling with. They had just gotten off the night bus and currently looking at number twelve Grimmauld Place. The whole way from Azkaban they had driven him nuts about his meeting with Bella. The whole time they pestered him, Harry was mentally kicking himself. He had revealed way too much in the cell with her and prayed that his parent's journals would cover for his knowledge. Harry had been mentally shouting out for Beatrice to make sure they backed him up. However, she was being silent. This was unnerving Harry since she had been speaking to him at minimum once a day since she'd given him his familiars. Granted it was usually only an occasional comment or a helpful hint, but still, she had always answered when he called.

"Look!" Harry half-shouted at the three. "I know a lot of what's happened so far seems nuts but trust me when I say we haven't even gotten started yet." The three of them looked at him with wide eyes. "And I'm about to deal with a house that no one has been in since Bella and Sirius went to Azkaban. So, can we please just drop the third degree at least until we get back to Madam Bones' office? Please?" Harry pleaded and thankfully they all nodded.

Harry sighed as he walked up to the door and placed his hand on it. He felt a prick on the palm of his hand looking for proof of family via blood. There were several loud and rusted clicking noised before the door opened. Harry started to walk in but stopped and turned to look at the three women.

"Amelia, you and Rita will need to wait here. Neither of you has Black blood and I don't know what the house defenses will do to you." The two witched nodded and then Harry motioned for Dora to follow him. Harry watched as she steeled herself and drew her wand. Harry raised an amused eyebrow at that but shrugged and walked into the house. Once Dora crossed the threshold the door slammed shut and Harry felt very strong magical wards wash over them.

"HOW DARE YOU ENTER THIS NOBLE HOUSE OF BLACK YOU HALF BLOODED MONGREL FILTH!" Harry's eyes narrowed as he made sure the Black family heir ring was visible before he walked forward. "KREACHER, COME REMOVE THIS FILTH FROM OUR MOST NOBLE HOME!" There was a loud pop as Kreacher appeared in front of him looking ready to strike. However, he froze in shock as he saw the ring on Harry's finger. Kreacher lowered his head and bowed before Harry. "KREACHER WHAT ARE YOU DOING? REMOVE THEM AT ONCE!"

"Kreacher cannot mistress. He wears the Heir ring for the most noble and ancient house of Black. I am sorry mistress Kreacher wants nothing more than to banish the filthy half-blood and his slut…"

"SILENCE KREACHER!" Harry shouted as his power rippled off him. Kreacher fell over backward in terror as Harry glared at him. "The woman you were about to insult is the daughter of Andromeda. One of the three precious gems of the Black family."

"THAT TRAITOROUS BITCH IS NO LONGER A MEMBER OF THIS FAMILY! I CAST HER OUT MYSELF!" Harry walked forward and stood in front of the portrait.

"You will silence yourself Walburga. I am the heir to the Black family and the new lord has brought Andromeda and her daughter back into the family. Her daughter is one of the greatest magical products I've ever seen. Andromeda found a perfect mate and together they produced a fully functional Metamorphmagus." Walburga's eyes widened as she looked at Dora who started shifting until she was an exact replica of Harry except for his clothes. Walburga shook herself and glared at Harry. She looked like she was about to start yelling again but Harry had already had enough. "Sirius was a Slytherin." The moment the words left his mouth Walburga's portrait swung forward revealing a hidden compartment. Inside sat a large tome, a small diary, and a box. Harry picked up the two books and shrunk them before putting them in his pocket. The box he picked up and opened to reveal three beautiful necklaces one with a Sapphire surrounded by three crows on the pendant. The other two were the same except the gems were an Amethyst and a Pearl. Harry smiled at them for a moment before he closed the box and handed it to Dora.

"Please hold on to these for a moment." Dora blinked at Harry before she nodded and held them tight to her chest with her free hand. Harry turned back to the portrait and closed it. The moment he did Walburga started up again.


"You think I'm unworthy? I'm not the one who attempted to single-handedly destroy the Black family, you stupid slag! And because you're already dead the only way I can punish you is by removing your portrait from this position of honor!" Harry didn't shout but his power surged around him like he was about to strike.

"YOU CAN ATTACK ME ALL YOU WANT! MY PORTRAIT IS INDTRUCTABLE TO MAGIC AND ALL FORMS OF MUGGLE WEAPONS." Harry grinned at that as he held out his hand. He closed his eyes in concentration and a moment later the sword of Godric Gryffindor appeared in his hand.

"Let's test your statement, shall we?" Harry thrust the sword at the painting, and it clanged against a magical barrier.

"HA! SIMPLE HALF BLOOD! NOT EVEN GOBLIN STEEL CAN DESTROY ME!" Walburga shouted with a grin. Harry stared at the rippling barrier around her portrait.


"Yes, Harry?"

"Give me some room." Harry watched as Dora backed up to the door and threw up a shield. Harry then turned his attention back to the portrait. ~Zeus, Hestia come out and get ready.~ Harry's Parselmouth caused Walburga to twitch and she looked panicked at the sight of his familiars coming out of his sleeves. They grew to the size of pythons as they faced her portrait. ~Blast it and show no mercy!~ Harry told them and as one they opened their mouths and did just as he said. Fire and lightning consumed the space on the wall but went no further. Harry smiled at how much control they had over their powers. Beatrice's influence no doubt, since he felt it was kind of odd that newborns had so much control. When they stopped the magical barrier was rippling and Walburga's portrait still stood untouched.

"FOR THE LAST TIME, YOU CAN NOT TOUCH ME!" Harry gave the woman a very malicious smile.

~Again.~ Hestia and Zeus fired again this time it seemed even stronger.


~Keep going and don't let up until she dies!~ Harry told them, and they press their attack harder. Harry raised the sword of Gryffindor and gripped it with both hands. "Consider this a message from the current Lord Black and all the other members of the Black family whose lives you attempted to ruin." Harry poured his energy into the blade and as he did, he felt it start to vibrate in his hand. Harry then thrust the blade at her portrait. When it connected Harry could feel the barrier straining against him. The barrier did its best to push back, but between his familiar's onslaught and him putting everything he had into it, the barrier started to crack.

"NO! STOP! YOU CAN'T!" Walburga shouted and Harry was happy to hear the panic in her voice.

"GO BUGGER YOURSELF!" Harry shouted as he gave another push and the barrier shattered. When Harry felt the sword pierce the portrait, he brought the blade up slashing right through it. The moment he pulled back Zeus and Hestia redoubled their efforts.

"NOOOOOO!" Kreacher shouted in misery as his mistress's portrait burned. When Zeus and Hestia finally let up there was nothing left but a scorch mark where the portrait had been. Even the hidden compartment had been burned inside and out. Harry turned to the other portraits in the hall who were staring at him with looks of pure horror on their faces.

"Do any of you have anything to say?" They all immediately began to pretend they were sleeping. "Good! Stay that way unless you are directly spoken to." Harry was about to will the sword back to its previous location, but something about it had changed. Where it once said Godric Gryffindor it now said Harry Gryffindor. Harry had no clue what this meant but was sure his manager could explain it.

Harry tried to will the sword back to its previous location, but it wouldn't listen. Harry had just started to wonder what to do with it when the sword's sheath appeared in his other hand. Harry grinned as he sheathed the sword and proceeded to attach it to his belt. When he was finished, Hestia and Zeus slithered their way back into his sleeves. Harry then turned his attention to the elf crying on the floor.

"Kreacher this house has fallen from grace. It is far too disgusting to ever be lived in. You have failed this house." Kreacher looked as if he'd been whipped by Harry's words.

"Please oh noble heir, Kreacher has wanted to clean. But the current lord will not come here. He is my master but acts as if I do not exist. While he does this, I am only granted enough magic to defend the house and stay alive." Harry scratched his chin in thought.

"Since I am the heir to the family will you obey my orders and be able to use my magic?" Harry asked and Kreacher just seemed to stare at him like he'd grown a second head.

"Kreacher is not sure. Kreacher would suggest giving Kreacher an order."

"Kreacher, I order you to undo the wards preventing other elves from entering here," Harry commanded and Kreacher snapped to attention. He snapped his fingers and the house seemed to ripple in response. Then there was a soft pop and Harry saw Dobby jump Kreacher and start punching him.

"HOW DARE YOU STEAL MY MASTERS MAGIC!" Dobby shouted as he attacked Kreacher.

"Dobby stop!" Harry said coming out of his shock as he grabbed Dobby and pulled him off Kreacher. "Dobby, Kreacher is the Black family house-elf." Harry set Dobby down and made him look at him. "Sirius is refusing to acknowledge him because of how loyal he was to Sirius's mother. So, he has only enough magic to survive because of it. Since I am the Heir, I asked him to use my magic to lower the elf shields preventing you from entering here." Dobby looked back and forth between Harry and Kreacher before eventually bowing so low that his nose touched the floor.

"Dobby is so sorry master. Dobby will go punish himself now and will understand if you wish to demote Dobby." Harry grabbed the elf and pulled him into a hug.

"Dobby you attacked what you thought was a threat to your master and I'm grateful for it. Just next time please check with me before you go on the attack, okay?" Harry asked as he set the dumbfounded elf down. Dobby nodded before bowing again. "Oh and no punishing yourself. That's an order!" Harry said before turning back to Kreacher. "Are you alright?" Kreacher nodded as he slowly got up. "Okay, Kreacher would you be willing to follow a few more orders?" Again Kreacher nodded, "Okay first I want you to use my magic to clean this house from top to bottom. Make it completely livable as soon as possible." Kreacher nodded and looked very happy at the prospect of finally being able to clean. "Secondly, you know the last order given to you by Regulus Black?" Kreacher's eyes went wide as he nodded. "I want you to find it and contain it. I will be by within the next couple of days to finish the order he gave you." Harry could feel the Horcrux within the house and his tattoo on his chest was pulsing. He could feel it trying to push him to go find it and take care of it.

"Heir Black would help Kreacher complete the last order given to him?" At Harry's nod, the elf threw himself at Harry's feet sobbing. "Oh, thank you oh great Heir to the Black family. Kreacher has had to punish himself so many times for his failure to destroy it." Harry smiled as he patted the elf on the head.

"No more punishing Kreacher. We'll be rid of it soon I promise. For now, complete these orders and I'm going to speak to Sirius tonight about you. Maybe we can convince him to transfer you to Narcissa since she is the proxy for our family and could use your help." Kreacher slowly gathered himself up and bowed again. Harry then turned to Dora who had come over to watch with a confused look on her face. Harry held out his hand for the box she was holding.

"Harry what order did Regulus give Kreacher and how do you even know about it?" Dora asked as she handed over the box. Harry just stared at her for a moment as he yet again he kicked himself. The worst part was there was no possible way his parents could know about this. Thankfully Kreacher decided to answer for him.

"It must be the power of the Black Family's heir ring. Regulus was the family's heir since Sirius became the lord. Kreacher has heard of the rings passing along information from previous owners." Harry wasn't sure if this was true or if Kreacher just somehow knew Harry needed someone to cover for him. Whatever it was Harry mentally sighed in relief when Dora nodded her acceptance of this.

"Dobby can you take this box and seal it in my room?" Harry asked as he turned to Dobby and handed him the box with the three necklaces in it. "Also bring the other elves back with you when you do." Dobby vanished with a soft pop and reappeared a minute later with the other elves. "Right okay… Everyone this is Kreacher the head elf for the Black family. As you can see the Black family house as seen better days." Kreacher looked annoyed at this but Harry pressed on. "Now I doubt he will take it, but I'd like you all to help him if he needs it."

"As much as Kreacher hates to admit it. Some help would be…appreciated." Harry nearly laughed at how Kreacher struggled with the word but thought better of it. "Kreacher wants the noble house of Black to be used and full of future Black family children." All the elves seem to be looking at him expectantly.

"Okay first off, I'm not even fourteen…"

"But you is going to be fourteen soon which is perfect age for marriage and eventual children," Kreacher stated flatly and Harry just stared at him.

"Okay, the lot of you listen and listen good. While I'm sure someday we will have more children than we know what to do with. It's not going to be anytime soon as far as I'm aware of…" Harry turned to Dora as he trailed off. "You're not pregnant right?" Harry fought his grin as he noticed all the elves looked at her expectantly.

"No! You git! Do I look preggers to you?" Dora glared at him as she put her hands on her hips.

"Well technically no, but you are a metamorph, so I thought I'd ask."

"Harry if I were pregnant, I wouldn't have been able to shift into looking like you. The most I'll be able to do is my hair and eyes." Dora explained and Harry nodded. "Plus, I'd need a husband or at least boyfriend and in case you haven't noticed currently single."

"Really? I thought for sure after the crotch dive this morning you and Remus would have…" Harry stopped when she smacked him upside the head.


Harry chuckled as he turned back to his elves who still looked hopeful. "Sorry, no babies yet but feel free to remind Dora about the need for babies whenever you want." She tried to smack him again, but he dodged and laughed. "Anyway, please help Kreacher as best you can. While in this house he's in charge." They all nodded, and Dobby looked like he was about to say something, but Harry spoke before he could. "Kreacher, I expect you to help the others as they need it at Potter Manor. Just know that while you're there, Dobby is in charge, understood?" Harry asked and Kreacher bowed as Dobby smiled. "If you all need anything you know how to find me." Harry turned to Dora. "Alright let's get back to Amelia's office." She nodded and they headed out.

-Scene Break-

Back in Amelia's office, they had ordered lunch as Dora and Harry told them what happened inside the Black family house. Amelia thought the whole heir ring knowledge was unusual but didn't question it too much. Especially once he distracted her by showing them how the sword of Gryffindor had changed. This was a huge shock to them but none of them could answer the reason as to why it had changed. In the end, Harry said he would ask his account manager.

After lunch, they divided up the tasks at hand. Amelia and Rita were going to work on the box Narcissa had given him. Amelia wanted to bring in another Auror for help and was about to call in Yaxley, but luckily Harry was able to stop her. At first, she didn't understand why he wouldn't be a good candidate to help but Harry showed her the pictures in the box of Yaxley. When she saw the images, she all but lost it. Harry suggested Shacklebolt since he hadn't seen anything in the box on him and he seemed like a nice guy. Dora jumped on board with this since he was her partner after all. Calling Shacklebolt into her office and not ordering the arrest of Yaxley seemed to have taken every ounce of restraint Amelia possessed. Harry stopped her from just jumping out there because if she attacked now, others like Lucius might escape if they caught a whiff of it. Shacklebolt was extremely confused by the people in the office as he walked in. Rita Skeeter, in particular, seemed to have completely unbalanced the man. He slowly got over it as they got to work.

Amelia and Shacklebolt worked on the box and went through increasing states of rage as they did so. Rita was helping Amelia and Shacklebolt by writing down names and listing their crimes. Amelia had enough evidence to bring in at least a dozen people. Some of them were high ranking officials but the evidence was so iron-clad that she was sure they would all be in Azkaban with no trouble. Amelia had decided that bringing them all in at once was better than trying to get them one at a time. The only hitch was Yaxley since he was in her department and she didn't know who he had working for him. Harry threw it out there that may be setting a trap and using Yaxley as the one to lead the other bastards to it might be a good idea. The predatory smile on Amelia's face almost made Harry feel bad for them…almost.

Dora was reading Bella's journal her hair was cycling through colors as she did. She made notes as she went and seemed to keep going through stages of shock as she did. The best part of it was when she revealed to Kingsley that Bellatrix had saved his life during the war. Kingsley had stopped what he was doing to read the journal entry and by the time he was done the man looked ready to storm Azkaban himself. Harry found the entry interesting as well since Kingsley had been working with James Potter that night. The two of them had been ambushed and Kingsley rendered unconscious. Bella had been the one to find them and when she looked James in the eyes she smiled and pressed her finger to her lips. The next moment she'd taken off and called out to the other Death Eaters that she'd seen them. The entry talked of how happy she'd been at tricking them and leading them on a goose chase so Harry's dad could getaway. Harry went back to his own work when she started talking about how cute his dad and Kingsley were.

While the rest were working on taking down criminals or freeing innocent people, Harry was reading the Black family grimoire. Well, he'd already read the history of the family and all the knowledge of the Occlumency and Legilimency. The very first Black, Licorus Black had started the research into the mind arts ironically after a muggle charlatan claimed they could read minds. Licorus loved the idea and poured his very existence into it. Eventually, he developed Occlumency, Legilimency and what he called the perfect mental attack The Mind Cage. Licorus wanted to teach others but before he did, he performed the ritual of family magic to bind it to him and his bloodline. Once a magic is bound to a family's magic it can only be taken through right of conquest and even then, you must have the family grimoire in which it's bound to. Which is how so many magics had been lost to the centuries. Certain aspects of family magic can be learned through which is why magic like Occlumency and Legilimency can be learned by those without Black blood. However, the level and skill of it would be significantly weaker. In some cases, family magics had been bastardized by those desperate to have it.

Harry, however, needed to learn the mind cage so he could save Frank and Alice Longbottom. He hadn't been able to fix Frank and Alice in his previous timeline due to the lack of a password. The spell used Legilimency to create a cage of sorts in a person's mind. It completely locked them within their own mind and prevented much of anything getting through. Once the cage was shut and locked only a Black could find the cage. When found they could open it but only with the password. Harry was just about to ask Dora if he could use her as a test subject as a joke when there was a knock on the door.

"Amelia, it's the Minister, I know you're in there now take down your spells and let me in." Before anyone else could even process who it was Harry had his wand out. In a flash everything they'd be working on was summoned towards the box Narcissa gave them, somethings shrinking as needed. When everything was safe inside Harry summoned the box and shrank it before putting it in his pocket. He then grabbed Rita and pulled her into the furthest corner where he pulled out his invisibility cloak and covered them.

*Amelia's point of view.*

Amelia had to clean her monocle as Harry and Rita vanished under his cloak. Her monocle was supposed to be able to see through invisibility cloaks but for some reason, she couldn't see through his. It was a matter they would be discussing the moment she got rid of the Minister. Amelia turned to her Aurors who were staring at the corner in disbelief.

"Not a word either of you. And Mr. Potter you will be explaining your actions and that cloak the minute our minster is gone." Amelia said as she walked over to the door and unsealed it. "Good afternoon Cornelius. What has you so flustered?" Amelia asked while barely concealing her annoyance at his interruption. If the Minister noticed her annoyance, he showed no sign as he pushed his way into her office.

"Well? Where is he?" Fudge demanded and Amelia blinked at him.

"Where is who?"

"You know very well who Amelia! Where is Harry Potter?" Fudge growled and Amelia raised an eyebrow at him. Hearing Fudge growl was a first for her.

"Well as you can see, he's not here. Why are you so intent on finding him?" Amelia did not like the look of determination on the Fudge's face.

"Because I don't need him spreading that ridiculous lie Black put in his mind about Peter Pettigrew still being alive. I will not have him using his celebrity status to convince others of such things. I mean can you imagine the effect it would have if The Boy Who Lived started running around and saying such things? It's bad enough that Black never got a trial and…"

"You mean to tell me that you have evidence that Black might be innocent?" Amelia asked and Fudge glared at her.

"No." Fudge said flatly. "There is no evidence whatsoever that the man is innocent. He's a madman and needs to be kissed the moment he's spotted. The only evidence to the contrary is the word of three thirteen-year old's and a werewolf of all things." Fudge scoffed at the very notion and Amelia was sure she could hear a slight growl coming from the corner Harry was at. Dora must have heard it as well since she chose to speak up.

"Minister, Harry came in with me today. He needed to register his two new familiars. We also went to the hall of prophecies and then here to the Auror office. He told me he wants to become an Auror before he goes back to Hogwarts to teach so I showed him the office. I was with him the whole time and he never once brought up Black at any point." Dora explained and Amelia watched as Fudge visible sagged in relief against her desk.

"Thank goodness for small miracles." Fudge said before he collapsed into the chair Harry had been sitting in. "After the incident at the world cup I thought for sure he was going to start making political moves."

"What incident?" Amelia asked since she wasn't quite sure how Harry destroying the dark mark was a political statement.

"The boy jumped over the railing and walked right up to Narcissa Malfoy of all people. Told her that her husband was detestable, her son was annoying and meeting her was one of the highest honors he had ever received." Amelia was glad that Fudge was looking at her and not Dora. The girl's hair was going through a rainbow of colors as she had her fist in her mouth to prevent herself from laughing. "Can you imagine the effect of a statement like that on poor Lucius's reputation? He is one of our most notable magical citizens." Fudge was staring at the floor, so he didn't see Amelia slip and glare at him. Fudge sighed as he ran a hand over his face. "I don't understand where that came from. Dumbledore assured me the boy had no interest in politics and hadn't even claimed the Potter's heirship." This statement really caught Amelia's attention since it contradicted everything she'd seen in the past day or so.

"How does Dumbledore know this for a fact?" She asked and Fudge scoffed.

"Because Dumbledore offered to teach him at the end of his second year. However, the young man said he wanted nothing to do with it or our customs. Dumbledore thinks that living with muggles for so long is the reason he cares nothing for our customs or ways. Not surprising really with how much trouble muggleborns tend to be. Dumbledore hopes this will change with time but has little hope and plans to continue to be the boy's proxy." Again, slight growls could be heard from the corner Harry was hiding in. "Oh, that reminds me. I need you to put a few Aurors on the lookout for Severus Snape." Amelia blinked at the minister for a moment in surprise.

"Severus? Why?" She asked and Fudge sighed as he rubbed his temples.

"Apparently Dumbledore thinks the loss of Black, as well as the loss of the Order of Merlin, was just too much for the man. He put in his resignation yesterday and Dumbledore thinks he is going to be conducting his own manhunt to get Black. Severus is a fine upstanding citizen but when Black escaped, he was practically foaming at the mouth to find him. Apparently, they knew each other while they were at Hogwarts and hated one another." Amelia nodded as she thought she heard a soft chuckle from the corner.

"Very well I shall see if I can find a few Aurors to hunt him down. Though I'm not sure I have the manpower to do so."

"Amelia, I have already told you, I can't increase the budget anymore. You will just have to make do like the other departments are." Fudge stood and started for the door. "Gold does not rain from the sky! Now find Severus and Black and keep Potter out of here." He actually glared at Dora before slamming the door on his way out. Amelia threw up her privacy charms again as Harry and Rita came out from under the cloak.

"I swear by all that is magic that man is an idiot and I can't wait to kick him out of office." Amelia just stared at Harry stunned.

"You plan to take the Minister down?" Kingsley asked before she could.

"He's one of Lucius's main protectors. When you guys take them down, I'm gonna make sure Narcissa has enough evidence to cut Fudge's tongue right out." Silence rained for several moments at Harry's statement before Dora spoke.

"Harry do me a favor. If I've ever pissed you off in any way, please let me run before you decide to come after me." Dora tried to joke but Harry turned to her and the grin he was giving her made everyone uncomfortable.

"Oh, my dear sweet Dora. I'm not evil you know. I always give people one chance before I declare vengeance. Why do you think old Snape is currently on the run?" This question caught everyone off guard.

"What did you do?" Rita asked though she looked like she didn't want to know the answer.

"I gave him two choices. One, he could run with his tail between his legs and never allow himself to be known by the outside world ever again. The most he's allowed to do is own a small potion shop somewhere in the middle of nowhere."

"And the second choice?" Amelia asked while wondering if she was going to have to reprimand him.

"He could return to Hogwarts to teach. Which if he did, I would call upon the magic of the four families I control and have them pass judgment on him. Which given all he's done to my family he'd be lucky to end up a squib but more than likely it would just kill him…as painfully as possible." Amelia felt like the room dropped several degrees at his words. The worst part was she couldn't even tell him off for this. While yes, he had threatened a man, the threat had been made for the magic to judge him. The judgment would have been beyond fair and if it did kill him no court in the magical world would attempt to go after Harry for it. Magic would have made the judgment, and no one could counter that, no matter how much gold they had. Amelia shook herself before she narrowed her eyes at Harry.

"Mr. Potter, can you please explain why I can't see through your invisibility cloak?" Amelia's question caused Harry to sigh.

"I know what you're thinking Madam Bones, but you don't have the right to confiscate it," Harry explained causing Amelia to raise her eyebrow at him.

"My monocle is top grade and equipped with the best spells, enchantments, and runes. There shouldn't a cloak or disillusioning charm in the world that can hide from me. The fact that yours can, makes it dangerous. I will need to confiscate and to know where you got it so there aren't more out there like it." Amelia explained and Harry laughed at her.

"I'm sorry but Madam Bones have you ever heard of the Deathly Hallows?"

-Scene Break-

*Harry's point of view*

Harry stretched after they walked through the entrance to St. Mungos. Rita, Dora, and Amelia were still with him and it was obvious that they were still reeling from the fact that the Deathly Hallows were real. Harry convinced them that he didn't know the location of the other two. This was made easy since the cloak was handed down through his family. The wand, the story had expressed that it had been stolen and the resurrection stone could be anywhere given the way the story ended for it.

When they got to the front desk Harry asked which way to the Longbottom room. Granted he already knew where it was but thankfully, he remembered that he wasn't supposed to know.

As they reached for the door, it opened and there stood Neville Longbottom. He almost ran right into Harry who grinned and pulled the confused young teen into a hug.

"Neville!" Harry said as he held him at arm's length. "By the gods, it's good to see you. How has your summer been?" Neville just stared at Harry with a look of horror on his face.

"H-Harry? W-What are you d-doing h-here?" Harry smiled as he turned to Neville's grandmother who was looking at him with a raised eyebrow. Harry gave the woman an extremely formal bow.

"You must be Neville's grandmother Augusta Longbottom. It is truly an honor to meet you." Harry said as he came back up and she nodded to him.

"And you are clearly Harry Potter…or at least I think you are. You don't look anything like what Neville has described."

"H-He didn't look like this the l-last time I saw h-him." Neville defended and Harry chuckled as he clapped Neville on the shoulder.

"Yeah, I've been getting that a lot lately. I went and saw some goblin healers. They did wonders for me doncha think?" Harry asked and Neville nodded.

"So…what brings you here young man? Have you finally come to visit your godmother?" Augusta asked and Neville paled.

"Yes, actually." Harry smiled as he waited for them to let him in.

"Care to explain why it's taken you this long? Or why you have failed to reestablish your ties with our family?" She asked and Neville, to Harry's surprise, actually shushed her.

"To put it simply m' lady I didn't even know she was here or that I had a godmother. I just found out about my godfather last year. As for the other thing you're referring to I'm afraid that too is because up until this summer I was not trained nor was I told of my responsibilities as the future head of my house. Thankfully with the help of some house elves, I was able to get my hands on some journals my father left me. These journals contained information about the matters in which you speak. However, while your grandson has more than earned the renewal you seek, I'm afraid that I have not earned it. Though with your permission I would like to start earning it today." Harry explained as Neville just stared at him in a near stunned silence.

"B-but I was told you wanted nothing t-to do with i-it." Neville said and Harry was about to ask who told him that but decided against it. They were still somewhat in public and it wouldn't do to start that conversation where rumors could spread.

"You were lied to, Heir Longbottom." Harry decided to switch to the formal titles since this would appeal to Neville's grandmother. "Now if we could please go inside I would very much like to fix the multiple mistakes that have happened between our family's," Harry explained and the two let him into the room. They slowly made their way to the end of the hall where Neville's parents were waiting on the bed.

"Har…err Heir Potter, there is s-something you should know about your godmother…" Neville started but Harry placed a hand on his shoulder.

"It's okay Heir Longbottom. I already know and with any luck, I can earn the alliance between our two families back when I cure her and your father." This statement stopped the two Longbottom's in their tracks.

"What is this nonsense you speak of Boy," Augusta demanded and Harry's eye twitched.

"Dower Longbottom I can understand your doubt of me." Harry glared slightly at the woman before he spoke again. "However, if you wish for our two families to remain peaceful then I suggest you never call me that again." Harry continued walking towards Neville's parents ignoring the shocked looks on their faces. Neville appeared to have shaken his shock off first as he caught up to Harry.

"Were you being serious? Can you really heal them?" Harry smiled at Neville as they reached his parents.

"Yes Neville, I can. I'm sorry for how much time you've missed with them, but I hope this makes up for it." Harry said before he turned to Neville's parents as he drew his wand. He started to raise it when Augusta caught up.

"What are you planning to do to them?" Harry smiled at her before he turned back to Frank Longbottom and caught the man's eyes.

"I'm going to free them." Harry pointed his wand and before anyone could stop him, he cast. "Legilimens." Harry launched himself into Frank's mind.

Harry found himself floating in a sea of fog. Harry closed his eyes for a moment and focused his magic. He pushed it to reach out and find the traces Bella would have left behind. When he found it, he started pushing himself in the direction it led. After what felt like hours, he eventually floated face-first into a steel cage.

"That looked like it hurt. You should be more careful James. Keep that up and Lily won't have anything pretty to look at anymore." Harry opened his eyes and found an older version of Neville standing there looking bored out of his skull but excited.

"Sorry to disappoint you Mr. Longbottom but my names Harry, Harry Potter," Harry said as he bowed his head slightly to the man.

"Well, I'll be a hippogriff's uncle. Are you really little Harry?" Frank asked and Harry nodded. "By the gods how long have I been locked up in here. Bella said she'd be back as soon as she could." Harry gave the man a sad smile.

"I'm sorry but Bella was captured because of her now ex-husband. She's been in Azkaban for thirteen years and no one but her knew about this. Her bindings due to the marriage contract forced her to keep silent." Frank paled at this.

"What about my son? Is he okay? Did she manage to save him?" Frank panicked but at Harry's nod, the man collapsed to his knees in the cage. "What's he like? Is he a good boy?"

"Best I've ever met." Harry smiled as he placed his wand inside the lock on the cage. "But don't take my word for it. Why don't I let you out, and you can see for yourself?" Frank jumped back to his feet. Harry smiled as he poured his magic into the lock while focusing on the word "Family". After several minutes he was able to turn his wand like a key and there was a loud click. The lock vanished and the cage door flew open. When it did Harry felt himself get thrown out of Frank's mind with incredible force.

*Neville's point of view.*

Neville hadn't moved a muscle except for his eyes as he looked back and forth between Harry and his dad. Harry had been pointing his wand at Neville's dad for a while now, but nothing was happening. He vaguely heard his grandmother arguing with the people Harry had brought with him. He'd caught bits and pieces about some sort of family magic that supposedly had been used on his parents.

"I don't care what you think. The best mind healers in the world have tried to fix my son and daughter-in-law. I assure you their minds are gone, and this is nothing less than an insult to my family. When that boy fails, I will personally be declaring a blood feud against him and everyone he cares about!" Neville wished his grandmother would be quiet. He loved her dearly, but he hated how she'd given up all hope. Neville had crossed his fingers and right after he did, he saw Harry get blasted five feet back where he fell on his rear.

"Ugh, that is gonna hurt in the morning!" Harry exclaimed as the woman with the pink hair rushed to help him up. Neville, however, had rushed to his dad's side since his father had slumped down in his bed.

"Dad? Dad are you okay?" Neville asked almost desperately hoping he'd get a response.

"I think so Neville but for some reason, I can't move." Neville's dad said and Neville's eyes went wide with shock. "Hang on just give me a minute. I think I remember how this works." Sure enough, Neville watched as his father slowly pushed himself up in his bed. "Bloody hell, I feel old and sluggish as hell. Hey son what does a guy gotta do to get a decent meal around here?" His father asked him, but Neville was unable to move.

"You're awake!" Neville stated and then without thinking he ran to the door. "HE'S AWAKE! MY DAD'S AWAKE AND HE WANTS SOME FOOD! BRING SOME FOOD!" Neville shouted before he rushed back to his dad and grabbed his hand. "You're gonna be okay now right Dad? You're here to stay this isn't some kind of trick, right?" Neville hadn't even noticed the tears that had started to fall from his eyes. Neville watched as his dad stared at him as if he was taking him in for the first time.

"Wow I really was locked up for a while, wasn't I?" Frank reached out and tussled Neville's hair before pulling him into a rib-cracking hug. "Yes, I'm here to stay Neville. I'm sorry I was gone for so long." Neville was pulled out of his shock when someone walked up behind them.

"Frank? Is that really you?" Neville turned to see his grandmother looking skeptical.

"Dear lord mother, what the bloody hell are you doing with that vulture hat on your head? I thought I burned that thing back when I was in Hogwarts? How could you have possibly found another one? Who the bloody hell sells those things?" Neville was shocked to see the skeptical look on his grandmother's face vanish as she began to tear up.

"Oh thank Merlin it is you!" Augusta launched herself at her son. Neville got out of the way just in time as she attempted to crush his dad in a fierce hug. Neville was about to say something when the sound of a blast and seeing Harry get thrown across the room interrupted him. He was about to run to check on Harry but a voice that he'd only ever heard in his dreams called his name.


Neville turned to see his mother slowly lifting herself into a sitting position.

"Mom?" Neville asked and her smile was blinding. Before Neville could react, his mother was out of bed and stumbling across the room. She started to collapse but Neville caught her, and she gripped him tightly.

"Oh, my baby boy I'm so happy to see you're okay! Thank Merlin, Morgana, and Maeve that you're okay!" Neville was being crushed by his mother's hug, but he'd didn't care as he lowered them slowly to the floor and broke down in her arms.

*Harry's point of view*

Harry groaned as Dora helped him up again. He was about to complain but when he saw Neville break down in his mother's arms, he let the feeling go. As he watched them, he couldn't help the hurt that ached in his heart. Especially when he remembered that he had a very long time to wait before he would ever see his own mother again. Sure, he would have the stone to talk to her by tomorrow, but it wasn't the same as what Neville was getting at this very moment.

Sighing, Harry waved his wand and conjured several chairs for him and the people he brought with him. They waited quietly while the family reunited after so many years. The healers in charge of the ward came in to check on them after Neville's shout. The healers couldn't believe their eyes. As far as they could tell there was nothing wrong with the couple now. The only thing that they seemed to be having trouble with was simple motor controls. Harry assured them that this would come back to them with time. It had been thirteen years since they'd used their bodies after all.

"Mr. and Mrs. Longbottom, I hate to do this since you just got free, but I need to know what happened to you that night." Amelia stared and Augusta looked like she was about to say something, but Frank cut her off.

"To be honest Amelia it's gonna be hard for you to believe but Bellatrix Lestrange saved our lives that night."

"Bellatrix Black," Harry stated with a serious expression. "As the Heir to the Black family, I annulled the marriage contract between her and Rodolphus. She is now apart of my growing family and as soon as I get her out of Azkaban, she will be under my protection." Harry declared and while Augusta looked slightly angry Neville's parents smiled.

"Thank you for that Harry," Alice stated.

"Mom? What happened that night?" Neville asked and Alice sighed.

"We let our guards down. We thought for sure that because You-Know-Who was dead we wouldn't have to worry anymore." Alice looked at her hands as Frank picked up the story.

"We had just put you to bed when there was a knock at the door…"

"It was Bella and I stupidly opened it thinking she was in trouble." Alice interrupted as she looked up at Harry. "What did you do to the Lestrange brothers and Crouch Jr?" She asked and Harry frowned.

"Crouch Jr died in Azkaban. The brothers remain there in the highest security cells with twenty-four-hour dementor guards." Amelia answered and Alice nodded.

"Anyway, since I had known about Alice's secret friendship with Bella I didn't think twice when she let her in. That is until Alice had been blasted backward by Rodolphus." Frank continued with a growl. "I should have known, and I should have been prepared. I was trained by Madeye for Merlin's sake!" Frank banged his hand on his nightstand in frustration. "The three of them disarmed us and bound us before the started using the torture curse."

"Just before they got started Neville started crying," Alice said as she turned to him with a smile. "Rodolphus order Bella to go take care of you." Neville paled as he heard this, but Harry chuckled.

"Good thing he didn't really think his order through, or Neville wouldn't be here right now." Some of the others chuckle but most of them paled.

"Anyway, they started in with the torture which was pure hell." Frank continued, "When the crying stopped, they stopped and turned to the stairs. Bella came back down with a sinister smile and said, 'consider the baby dealt with'. Not gonna lie I panicked a little when she said that."

"We found Neville bundled up in the closet with a silencing charm on him," Augusta informed everyone with a slight amount of shock to her voice not that Harry could blame her. For the past thirteen years, she and Neville had hated the four who put Frank and Alice here.

"After that Rodolphus ordered Bella to finish what they started with us." Alice continued, "However, just before she started to cast, I felt myself pulled into my own mind where I was thrown in that cage and the door locked. The last thing I heard from the outside world was Bella telling me that Neville was safe." Alice turned back to Neville. "I'm so happy your safe sweetie." She started to reach out to him but hesitated. "I hope you can forgive…" Neville took his mother's hand and pulled her into another hug.

"There is nothing you need to be sorry for mum. I'm just so happy to have you both back in my life. I have so much to tell you…but first." Neville turned to Harry with quite possibly the most serious expression Harry had ever seen. "Tradition says that the alliance between our two families must be offered by the Potter's. However, I can not just sit back and wait anymore after what you've done for my family. As the Heir to the Longbottom's I wish to reunite our two families once more." Neville extended his hand to Harry. "While I know the Lord and Lady Longbottom can overrule this, know that when I am Lord Longbottom the offer will always be there until the day I die!" Harry had never seen Neville so serious in either timeline. Harry stood and face Neville with a slight sigh.

"Neville as much as I would love to accept your offer of an alliance there's still one thing that I have to do before I can." Neville looked like he was about to protest, as did the rest of his family, but Harry held up his hands to stop them. "There's a cardinal rule for making alliances between to families. You must know who your ally's enemies are…"

"Harry, I know You-Know…ah, bugger it V-Voldemort is still out there somewhere, and I don't give a damn!" The fierceness in Neville was that which Harry remembered from the battle of Hogwarts and it made him smile.

"Neville, he's not my only enemy. I have another rather large enemy."


"No Neville, you need to hear me out on this but not here. Tomorrow night I'm throwing a dinner for my family and all the people I consider as possible allies." Harry turned to Amelia. "This includes to Bones family. I know our families have had our disagreements in the past but…" Harry sighed, "I hope we can move past them. Tomorrow I plan to lay everything out for both of your families. Only after that will I offer an alliance to both of you." Harry finished and Neville looked like he was about to say something, but his father cut him off.

"Neville, I know how you feel trust me, but it's clear Harry is serious about this. Clearly, this must be important so we will wait until tomorrow and this way the tradition of the Potter's offering an alliance to us will continue." Neville took a moment to think about what his father said and slowly nodded before turning back to Harry.

"I will wait until tomorrow night Heir Potter. However, know that I don't care if your enemy is Merlin himself, I'm still accepting an alliance between our two families." Neville said stubbornly and Harry smiled at him. Harry was happy to see the strong warrior Harry knew from his previous time burning in Neville's eyes.

"I sure do hope so Heir Longbottom, but in the meantime can we talk about your wand for a moment," Harry said with a mischievous smirk as Neville looked at the floor.

-Scene Break-

*Wendy's point of view.*

Wendy was currently cleaning and getting ready to close the pub she worked at. She had to laugh at the irony of it since the pub belonged to the Potter family. Harry's grandfather had built it after world war two for the magical community in the area. It was the only magical pub in Godric's Hollow. Wizard and witch soldiers from the war had used it as a place to escape. Now it was just your basic magical pub not unlike the leaky cauldron. Because of its connection to the Potter's it was usually pretty busy as a lot of people loved to say they'd been here.

Wendy sighed as she finished putting the chairs up on the tables. It had been a long day and it sure wasn't easy being a mortal again. It amazed her how just remembering to go to the bathroom annoyed her. But it would all be worth it in the end when it came to helping her siblings, especially Beatrice. Wendy would never admit it out loud, but she held more respect and love for Beatrice then any of her other siblings. Beatrice was given the worst job out of all of them and she did it with a smile. Hell, she loved her job and their mother had nothing to do with that. While Fate may have made them for the things they did, they could choose to ignore her. This was something Wendy did on a regular basis. While the angel of war understood war needed to exist, that didn't mean she had to like what she did. Her job was to push people to either start or end wars depending on the situation. Both magical and mundane wars were all under her watch. Sometimes she hated it when she had to make wars start and other times, she loved it.

Wendy loved a good battle and usually, that was her deciding factor. If she knew the battles would be the kind that made their way into the history books, she would push the wars and the battles to the breaking point. Those wars were always worth starting in her opinion. However, wars like the wizarding war from Harry's previous timeline were not her cup of tea. Any war where it was innocents versus monsters she stayed away from. The battle of Hogwarts had more children in it that Wendy cared to remember. She usually tried to avoid those as best she could which is how cold wars came to be. Sometimes they would just slowly fizzle out or her mother would decide to kick Wendy in the ass, and it would become a full-blown war. This was only one of the reasons Wendy and her mother didn't really get along.

Wendy was shaken from her thoughts at the sound of the bell above the door sounding its opening.

"We're closed," Wendy said before she turned to look at who came in. When Wendy saw who walked in, she glared as she shifted into battle form. Her clothes changed to full-scale red plate armor that covered her entire body. The greatest battles in history covered her armor in the most intricate designs. Her eyes were gone and in the sockets was nothing but red flames burning brightly. Blood red angel-like wings emerged from the back of her armor as she reached for the sword sheathed at her hip.

"What the hell are you going all battle mode on us for? Put that away and get me a drink!" One of the individuals said as they walked towards the bar. Wendy stopped from unsheathing her sword but narrowed her eyes at the woman who just sat down at the bar. She was a tall woman wearing a knee-length pink leather skirt, a black bustier with pink lace on it and a warm pink jacket over it. The woman had soft pink eyes and long curly pink hair that matched her eyes. "Are you just gonna stand there posing or are you gonna get me a drink?" The angelic woman asked, and Wendy raised an eyebrow as she vanished her armor and wings but kept her sword on her hip.

"So, what do I owe the pleasure of my siblings coming to visit?" Wendy asked as she walked over to the bar. Wendy knew her mother was upset that Wendy was disobeying her to help Beatrice and it wouldn't surprise her if these three were sent to punish her further. Not that they stood a chance against her normally but all three at once would be a challenge to take down.

The other two who had come in followed Wendy to the bar and sat down next to the pink angel. One of them was a man in a green and black pinstriped suit. His right sleeve had a gold four-leaf clover stitched into it and the left sleeve had a black cat stitched on it. The man had the looks of a rich gambler with green hair that was slicked back with black highlights. His right eye was Irish green while the left eye was black which matched the angelic wings on his back.

The third individual was an annoyed-looking businesswoman in a three-piece suit. The suit was plain grey and very tacky. She had at least a dozen watches going up each arm and appeared to be trying to fix a pocket watch that was attached to her belt. She had grey eyes that were hidden behind large glasses and hair that matched which was pulled back into a very tight bun. This woman also had angelic like wings as well though hers were grey.

"So? What the hell do you three want?" Wendy asked and the pink angel rolled her eyes.

"I believe I said we were here to get a drink. I'll take a love potion cocktail." The pink woman said.

"A shamrock sour." The male angel requested as he sighed and rested his elbows on the bar.

"Old fashion." The woman in grey requested without looking up from the pocket watch she was working on.

"Ooookaaay then," Wendy said as she made their drinks for them. Once the drinks were in front of them Wendy poured a glass of fire whiskey for herself. After she downed it, she rounded on the three before they could even touch their drinks. "Okay last chance before I get violent. Why are you three here?" The angel in pink rolled her eyes again as she took a sip of her drink.

"Well I don't know about these two but I'm here because I needed a drink after whatever happened yesterday. I don't know how Death did it, but she royally fucked up my job." The angel in pink explained as she took another sip. Wendy just stared at her with an eyebrow raised.

"You're the Angel of Love how the hell did Death fuck with your job?" Wendy asked and Love responded by waving her hand causing several pink orbs and one black orb to appear in front of her.

"See this black orb here?" Love asked and Wendy nodded. "That's Harry Potter." Love growled and Wendy motioned for her to elaborate. "HE LOVELESS!" Love shouted causing Wendy to jump slightly. "All mortals have someone somewhere that they can connect with on an emotional level to fall in love with." Love explained as she waved her hand and the orbs went from pink to gold. When they did the black orb turned to gold and connected to several of the other gold orbs. "As you can see, he still has plenty of familial love in him but for some reason yesterday afternoon he became loveless. I've tried to connect him to hundreds if not thousands of people who should be perfect for him." She waved her hand again and the orbs went back to pink except the one black one. Love then pointed to a seemingly random pink orb and tried to connect it to the black one only for the connection to turn black and shatter. Love let out an exasperated shout as she picked up her drink and downed it.

"Umm okay…And you?" Wendy asked as she turned to the male angel who grunted as he waved his hand causing a scale to appear. The scale was horribly off balance with a ton of gold coins on the right side but nothing on the left.

"I can't change it." He waved his left hand causing dozens of black coins to fall on to the left side only for them to fall right off as if there was an invisible barrier on it. The man then tried to remove a handful of gold coins from the right side only for them to reappear. "I'm the Angel of Luck and nothing I do changes it. It's my job to keep the scales of good luck and bad luck balanced. How can I do that if I can't control how much luck someone has? This will eventually trickle out to other people's scales and I can't stop it. It also means I've spent the whole day following the brat around making sure luck is constantly on his side. The black house should have attacked him without the Lord of the Black family with him. Not to mention making sure the house-elf covered him for knowing about Regulus and don't even get me started on the blasted journals." Luck grumbled as he also downed his drink.

"Well…okay then," Wendy said before she turned to the last angel. "And what about you Time? Why are you here?" The Angel of Time was about to respond but as she opened her mouth, the watch she was working on sparked and shot out several parts at her. She growled and slammed it on the bar before taking her drink and drained it.

"I don't know how that bastard did it, but he broke his watch." Time glared at the watch on the counter. "Everyone only has so much time in their lives. I monitor everyone and all of time. It was horrible when Death decided to throw him back in time, but I was able to stabilize everything eventually. However, yesterday afternoon Harry Potter's watch just broke for no reason! Usually, that means someone has died but normally the watch or clock just stops. His practically exploded yet he is still alive and in one piece." Wendy watched as all three of them sighed and pushed their glasses towards her. Smiling softly, she refilled their drinks as well as her own.

"Okay let's take this more slowly. Love what does this mean for Harry Potter?" Wendy asked and Love sighed sadly.

"It means that he will never fall truly in love with someone. He'll be alone for the rest of his life and given his clock is broken who knows how long that will be." Love explained.

"Is there no way to fix it?"

"That's the thing, I've had loveless people before and while it takes a lot it can usually be fixed. The problem is Harry already has everything that should be fixing him. Plus, this came out of nowhere and I don't know what the hell happened to cause it. When he first came back to this time his orb was black. Hell after what he'd been through I more than expected that. But in just a week of spending time with his sister his orb was slowly turning pink again. Then out of nowhere it when black again. For some reason, I wasn't able to see him yesterday when it happened. I'm blaming Death for it since she's been the most involved in his life." Love finished by downing her drink again and pushing it back towards Wendy, who refilled it for her. Wendy then turned to Luck.

"What about you?"

"No bloody clue why it's like this. The scale became like this the moment he got back, and I haven't been able to touch it since. The worst part of it being this way is eventually I'll have to start dishing out bad luck to the people close to him. The only other option would be to convince him to make some sort of deal with me that would let me wipe the slate clean." Luck explained as he nursed his drink. "Do you know what the odds of that happening are? Why would anyone give up all their good luck for no luck or possible bad luck?" Wendy couldn't help but agree with him.

"What does the clock thing mean for Harry time?"

"I can honestly say I don't have a single clue." Time explained and the other three turned to look at her in shock. "What? This is a first for me. I've never had a mortal's watch explode on me before. Your guess for this is a good as mine." Time finished with another glare at the busted watch on the bar top. Wendy sighed as she downed her drink and poured herself another.

"Okay well, I think I may know the causes of Time and Love's problems." The two angels in question looked up at that in surprise. "Unfortunately I have no answers for you Luck except maybe you should approach Harry Potter and make him an offer. You never know he may surprise you. Fate knows he surprised the hell out of Beatrice yesterday."

"Beatrice? Who's Beatrice?" Luck asked.

"Sorry I meant Death. Death is Beatrice now since she's technically mortal." Wendy explained and the three angels in front of her went nuts.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN MORTAL?" Love shouted.

"DEATH CAN'T BE A MORTAL!" Luck shouted.


"WELL IF THE THREE OF YOU WOULD SHUT THE BLOODY HELL UP, I'LL TELL YOU!" Wendy shouted and after the three of them calmed down Wendy explained everything that happened yesterday. When she was done all three angels sat across from her with mouths hanging open in shock. Several minutes of shocked silence went by before there was a soft chuckle that came from Luck. Eventually, it turned into full-blown laughter.

"What the fuck is so damn funny Luck?" Love asked and Luck did his best to get control of himself.

"Don't you see?" He asked and they shook their heads. "Death has done the impossible. She handed the powers of an angel over to a mortal. Harry Potter has no idea just what this means for him. Death is by far the strongest of us without a doubt. Not one of us could take her on and come out of it looking like we've had the tar kicked out of us. Luck and Love fade, War's come and go, Time is fleeting, but Death is eternal. And she just offered that power to a mortal." Luck laughed even harder. "Our lives and even our mother's life just went to hell in a handbasket. When he learns to control the powers, she's gifted him he could literally spend the rest of eternity making out lives miserable." Luck chuckled some more before picking up his drink and downing it. "Well this has been a blast but if you'll excuse me, I need to go come up with some kind of deal that will put me in Harry Potter's good graces." Luck chuckled again as he headed for the door. "Take care of our sister War. Also give her this." Luck flicked a gold coin to Wendy who caught it. "Tell her if she ever needs a hand to give me a call." Luck winked and vanished as he walked out the door still chuckling.

"I'm lost why was he so happy?" Time asked.

"He's probably hoping Harry will spend his life pissing mom off." Love sighed. "I still don't think he's forgiven her for what happened to Lady Luck." Wendy nodded in agreement with this. One of their mother's number one rules was they weren't allowed to fall in love with mortals. They could have all the fun they wanted and play with them to no end. But love was strictly forbidden, and Luck had broken this rule a few hundred years ago. He'd fallen for a woman he nicknamed Lady Luck. Mother had found out and changed the woman's fate to a truly brutal one. Wendy cringed at the thought of what had happened. One thing she knew for sure was Death would never have to fear Luck. No angels could set foot in Death's realm of waystations without her permission. Death had sought out Luck and brought him there to say goodbye to his Lady Luck. Wendy was sure that Luck would forever be on Death's side.

"Well, at least I know why his watch broke. Death's powers will allow him to reincarnate himself as many times as he wants. As long as he has that power his watch will forever be broken. Granted he would be different each time he reappeared, but it would still be him." Time picked up the watch and put it in her pocket. "Thank you for telling me this War. I would keep an eye on Death and Harry Potter. There's a good chance that Luck may try to get them to go to war with our mother." Wendy paled at the thought as she nodded. Time finished her drink and then left the same way Luck did.

"So, what should I do?" Love asked. "I mean, why is Harry's orb black? Why does being Death's champion mean he has to be loveless?" Loved just stared at her drink looking sad. Wendy placed a hand on Love's shoulder.

"I'm sorry Love but I don't have an answer for you," Wendy said softly. "But if anyone can help the loveless find love it's you. He's going back to Hogwarts and there's a whole slew of girls there you can try to connect him to. Not to mention the yule ball is this year and he will have no choice but to attended as a champion remember?" Love brightened up at this as she waved her hand and began looking at orbs.

"You're right the possibilities are endless. Plus maybe he just became loveless again when he realized how long he was going to have to be around. I mean knowing you're going to be around until the very end would cause you to distance yourself from attachments like that." Love was talking out loud about the different girls who would be good for Harry which caused a question to pop into Wendy's head.

"Hey, why did you allow the whole thing with Ginny to happen?" Wendy asked and Love's look of rage cause Wendy to reach for her sword.

"Never mention that bitch's name again in my presence." Love growled and Wendy nodded. "Thanks for the drinks. I have work to do." Love finished her drink and headed for the door. "Also, for the record, I didn't allow that shit to happen. You know damn well how limited we are in what we do with mortals. I did everything within my power to try and stop that, but the hooks were in and every attempt made by a more suitable candidate was eliminated by the red-headed bitch and her fuck face of a brother. I truly hope Harry makes them pay for their crimes in the most brutal way possible!" Love vanished out the door slamming it as she went.

Wendy let out a sigh as she grabbed her jacket and headed for the door.

"I always forget how passionate she can be." Wendy mused as she got on her motorcycle and headed for home. It only took ten minutes to get there sadly but Wendy loved riding these bikes. Wendy unlocked the door and froze at the sight before her. Beatrice was completely naked and bleeding holding multiple feminine products in her hands.

"Thank Fate that your home! How the bloody hell do I use these things? I can't find it in the book!" Beatrice exclaimed and Wendy just closed her eyes and counted to ten.

"This is going to be a very long summer." Wendy said with a sigh.

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