Author's Note: Okay well here's chapter two. It came out a lot quicker than I thought. Props to Cloudedorange for helping me realize what this chapter needed. Something had been missing from this one and I finally realized what it was with their help. Gotta love constructive critiques. I should probably warn you that this one has some graphic content…at least I think so anyway. It's hard to tell when you're a horror fanatic. What I wrote didn't really phase me after all the movies and stories I've watched, but it might phase some of you. So, I'm giving you a warning, but I still hope you all enjoy the chapter. ^_^


~Parseltongue/foreign language~


Chapter 2: Fighting the Rage.

Harry practically leaped out of the bed he was laying in clutching his head. He felt like someone had just ripped something out of his scar. There was something wet trickling down from his scar. Without thinking about it he wandlessly summoned his glasses to him and headed to the bathroom.

After closing the door, he realized that he was indeed back in his fourteen-year-old body. He couldn't help but grin as he looked over his younger self. That was until he noticed the black blood coming out of his scar. His scar had indeed been ripped open and the Horcrux was gone. He watched as the scar slowly closed and faded slightly. Harry quickly cleaned and dried his face before looking in the mirror again. He couldn't help but smile at how happy he was for this chance.

"Come outside." Harry blinked as he heard Beatrice's voice in his head. Following her instructions, he found her standing next to the fence that surrounded the Weasley's house.

"So, what brings you here Beatrice?" Harry asked still grinning as she smiled at him happily.

"You know you're the first living person to actually call me Beatrice, it feels…nice." She smiled brightly at him. "Anyway, I wanted to give you an early birthday present." Harry laughed at that and it took him a minute to compose himself.

"Oh, my gods a birthday present from Death Beatrice herself." She made an annoyed face at him and looked like she was about to leave.

"Well if you don't want it then I'll just go." She started to turn around but before she could he took her hand in his and stopped her. She blinked at his hand in shock before looking up at him.

"I'm sorry, I just couldn't help but laugh at the idea of Death thinking I'm someone worth giving a birthday present to." Beatrice looked at him with a great deal of sorrow in her eyes.

"Your future girlfriend is going to have her work cut out for her huh?" Harry rolled his eyes at her as he let go of her hand.

"So…" Harry got up on the fence next to her grinning. "What didja get me?" Beatrice grinned as she waved her hand and two rather large eggs appeared in her hand. The first one was red and black like lava and looked like it could catch fire at any moment. The second egg was yellow with a bunch of pulsing white crack like lines that looked like lightning on it.

"These eggs contain two extinct magical snakes. The red one is an Ashbringer, not to be confused with the Ashwinder. This snake can shrink and grow at will. Its most notable power is it's completely fireproof and can breathe fire as good as any dragon." Harry whistled at that as he thought of the possibilities. "The yellow one is the Thunder Serpent. Can you guess what it does?" Beatrice asked and Harry pretended to think about it.

"Does it yell really loudly like thunder?" He asked with his lopsided grin that made Beatrice roll her eyes at his obvious joke.

"No, it can emit and shoot lightning bolts." Harry whistled again in admiration of the two snakes. "Okay now I know what you're thinking, 'But Beatrice I lost my Parselmouth ability when the Horcrux left my head!' This was true but this time around you get to keep the ability. Basically, when I took the soul from your head, I only took the soul and not the powers he gave you accidentally. Not to mention that with the blocks on you gone, you'll find that you're a better study now. Even without your knowledge from your first run, you could put Hermione to shame this year." Harry's eyes widened and he grinned as he pictured the look on Hermione's face.

"So, which one do I get to keep?" Harry asked and Beatrice rolled her eyes at him.

"You get both, you idiot." Harry's jaw dropped.

"Are you seriously giving me two ancient and extinct magical creatures?" She beamed at him as she nodded her head at him. Harry just couldn't believe she thought he was that worth it. Getting this second chance was more than enough to make up for what she had done to him. He held out his hands and she gently placed both eggs in his hands.

"Now when they hatch, which will be as soon as I leave, they need to see you first so they will bond with you and become your familiars. They will be very intelligent even right after being born. Make sure you treat them with respect, okay?" Harry nodded as he held the eggs close to him to keep them warm and safe. "Good luck, Harry." Beatrice smiled and was about to leave when Harry gently grabbed her hand to stop her. Before she could respond Harry leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. Beatrice blushed bright red as she just stared at him in shock.

"Thank you for everything. I promise I'll get it right this time around."

She just stared at him for several minutes. "Harry, you do realize you've touched me three times now while you're alive, right?" Harry nodded and immediately started to get concerned.

"Is that wrong?" She shook her head at him as she smiled.

"No, it's just most people would think that if you touched death you would die." Harry laughed at that.

"Yeah, and most people think that if you see a Grim, you'll die. No, I'm not gonna live this chance in fear of stupid things. The first thing I'm gonna do in this life is drop Divination. After all, if I wanna know how I'm gonna die I can just ask my best friend Beatrice." Beatrice again just stared at him in shock. Harry wasn't the first person she'd done something like this with, but he was the first to declare her his best friend. Not to mention the first person that had ever kissed her. She usually had to be the one to initiate the kiss like before when she restored him to his fourteen-year-old self.

"You really believe that death is your best friend?" Harry nodded and she couldn't help but laugh before actually pulling him into a tight hug. "Happy early birthday Harry Potter and I normally never say this, but I hope you live a very long and happy life. At the same time, I also look forward to the day I get to see you again. See you later Harry!" Harry blinked and she was gone.

Harry stood there like a statue for several minutes until a movement in his hands brought him out of his thoughts. He looked down and quickly lowered himself to the ground. He placed the eggs gently on the ground and watched as they cracked open. When the two snakes emerged Harry couldn't help but be amazed by them.

The Ashbringer was black and red with a row of soft scale-like spikes going down it's back. As it slowly became aware of the world in snorted out several puffs of smoke and then a small plume of flame into the air. The Thunder Serpent was very similar to the Ashbringer in the fact that it also had soft scale-like spikes. However, the Thunder Serpent was yellow with white lighting like cracks all along its body. Electricity sparked around it as it worked its way out of its egg.

~Welcome to the world you two.~ Harry greeted them in parseltongue which caused the two of them to look up at him. The moment they did he felt his magic reach out to them as their magic reached out to him. When Harry's magic touched theirs, he felt the bond form and he knew they were his.

~It is a pleasure to meet you master.~ They said in unison. ~How may we serve you.~ Harry rolled his eyes at them.

~Okay, well for starters please call me Harry and I don't want you two to be my servants. I'd like you to be my friends.~ The two snakes nodded in agreement as Harry held out his arms to them. The two of them slithered up his arms and snuggled themselves around his biceps. ~So, what should I call you two?~ Harry asked as he leaned against the fence.

~We are your familiars and we were just born; therefore, it is up to you. You can name us whatever you want.~ Harry nodded at the Ashbringer's answer.

~Okay, how about Zeus for you?~ Harry raised his arm with the Thunder Serpent on it.

~What does that name mean?~ It asked, and Harry grinned at the Thunder Serpent.

~It was the name of the Greek God of Lighting.~ Harry wasn't sure, but he was pretty sure the Thunder Serpent smiled at him.

~I like this name!~ Zeus squeezed him affectionately.

~Me next, please!~ Harry turned his attention to the Ashbringer.

~Hmmm…How about Hephaestus?~ The Ashbringer didn't look happy about this.

~That sounds like a boy's name. I don't think that will work for me but if that is what you wish.~ Harry realized that his Ashbringer must be a girl, so he wracked his brain for a female Greek God that controlled fire.

~Okay…how about Hestia? The Greek Goddess of the hearth and the home?~ Again, Harry witnessed a snake smile at him and squeeze him affectionately. ~So, how long until you guys can shoot flames and lighting?~ Harry asked and to his surprise, both snakes slithered off him. Once they were about ten feet from him Harry watched in amazement as they both started to grow in thickness and length. Eventually, they stopped, and both looked like they were about thirty feet in length. Their bodies were almost as big and thick as the Basilisk Harry had killed in his second year. He was about to say something when the two of them raised their heads to the sky and opened their mouths. Hestia fired a large plume of flame that was worthy of a dragon. Zeus fired a massive bolt of lightning into the sky. Harry had to cover his ears at the sound of the thunderclap that followed. He quickly glanced towards the Weasley house terrified that someone was going to wake up and sure enough, a light came on in Ron's room. ~Crap shrink back down both of you and come here.~ They immediately did as they were told, and Harry was grateful he had a long sleeve shirt on for them to hide in.

Not a few minutes later Ron came outside. "Hey Mate, what' cha doing out here?" Ron asked while rubbing his eyes. The sight of Ron sent a wave of rage through Harry and he had to clamp down on his Occlumency shields in order to contain it. While finding out what Ron had done to Hermione and Luna, as well as possible others, was still new and shocking to him. It still pissed Harry off to no end. How could someone Harry had come to love as a brother do that to Hermione, the woman Ron supposedly loved? While throughout their friendship they had had their issues with his jealousy, it always blew over fairly quickly. Even when he left them during the Horcrux hunt he had supposedly wanted to come back within minutes of leaving. Only the snatchers had prevented him from doing so. So how could everything his mother and Beatrice, not to mention what he had seen firsthand be true? Ron was quidditch loving human garbage disposal, but he certainly wasn't evil right?

Harry's internal emotional struggle and shock were what saved him from doing something he might have regretted. "Sorry, Ron had a crazy nightmare and needed some fresh air," Harry explained through slightly gritted teeth as he continued to try and keep a mental clamp on his emotional turmoil, as he continued to try and figure out what to do.

Ron yawned and then looked Harry right in the eyes. "No worries Mate. Let's go back to bed." For the first time, Harry noticed that Ron wasn't making a friendly suggestion to him. He was telling Harry that was what he was going to do. Harry actually felt Ron's magic wash over him. For a second, he almost listened but then his anger came back and shut that thought process down.

That's when other memories hit him from his time in the Weasley house. Every time Hermione wanted to study or do their homework and Ron would change his mind. Making them wait till the last minute so they would rush through it. Every time Hermione or anyone wanted to do something that wasn't quidditch or eating, that Harry thought might be fun but didn't do because Ron had stopped him. He remembered this feeling like it had been there the whole time. An ever-present feeling that seemed to follow Ron around as he told Harry what to do. More and more memories flooded into his mind from the Burrow, Hogwarts, and even Grimmauld Place.

Like when Harry wanted to be told what was going on and not tell Ron or Hermione, but Ron convinced him to anyway. The only bright spot in that memory is Harry remembered how Hermione looked like she didn't believe he would or seemed to feel like she didn't deserves to be told. Not to mention the look of absolute shock and joy when he said that he would tell them. The memory of the Firebolt Christmas came to mind as well. Harry distinctly remembered wanting to apologize the next day but then Ron and that feeling stopped him.

Harry sat there dumbfounded for a moment wondering how he could have never noticed this feeling before. He was about to get pissed and lash out but a voice in his head stopped him. "Not yet!" Harry immediately recognized Beatrice's voice and paused. Something Ron must have noticed because his eyes narrowed slightly. Beatrice was right he couldn't rip Ron a part, not yet anyway.

"You go ahead, I'll be in in a little bit. It was a really messed up dream." Harry said quickly and Ron frowned at him for a minute. Eventually, he shrugged as he yawned again and headed back towards the house.

"Don't stay out here long." Again, Harry felt magic wash over him trying to make him do as he was told. Once Ron was back inside Harry sighed with relief.

"What the hell was that?" Harry asked out loud.

~That was compulsion magic master. This house seems to have it worked into its wards.~ Harry just stared at Hestia as she came back out of his sleeve answering his outburst.

~Compulsion magic? Does it mean that all the Weasleys are able to control outsiders?~ Hestia shook her head at his question.

~No, it seems to only be directed at you master…sorry, Harry.~ Harry sighed at Hestia.

~Don't worry about the master thing just please try to call me Harry. Now about these wards, is it all the Weasleys controlling me?~ Harry hated the idea of the twins or Mr. Weasley controlling him.

Hestia shook her head again. ~No, it seems to only be controlled by three of the Weasleys as you call them, though, with the exception of the boy who was just here, I am not sure which. I also can't seem to see how it's keyed into him and the other two. The ward stones required to do so don't seem to be anywhere that I can locate.~ Harry nodded and figured he had a good idea on which three had that power.

~How are you able to tell that?~ Zeus came out and asked Hestia.

~Ashbringer's are able to read ward magic.~ Harry just stared at her. ~I can tell that there are two layers of wards here. The basic ones are connected to two people that can alert them to the presence of people on the property that are not keyed in. They also provide some protection and keep people from apparating into the property. The second layer is the compulsion charm that is focused on you and keyed into three different people. If you bring me near the others, I could tell who it is.~

Harry nodded at her, ~That would be perfect. Just squeeze my arm when we are near one of the other two, okay?~ Hestia nodded at him and he turned to Zeus.

~Any hidden gifts?~ Zeus grinned at him and moved off his arm to sit on the grass in front of him. Zeus disillusioned himself and completely blended into the grass.

~I can also sense people who are concealed no matter what they are using to conceal themselves.~ Harry grinned as Zeus slithered back up his arm.

~You guys are amazing! I seriously need to make sure I bring a present with me when I meet Beatrice again. Is there anything else?~ Harry asked and the two grinned at him but remained quiet. ~Seriously? You're not gonna tell me?~

~We'd like to surprise you with them if that's okay?~ Harry rolled his eyes as they squeezed him affectionately. He stood up and turned towards the Weasley's house and sighed. Harry really didn't want to be here, however, he knew he had to so things could progress the right way.

He was about to walk back into the house when he realized something. Everyone who died was alive again which meant, "Dobby!" Harry called out and he heard a crack and a thump behind him. When he turned around, he found Dobby getting up from the ground.

"Dobby is most sorry Harry Potter. It is not easy…" Harry interrupted him by pulling him into a great big hug. Harry didn't even realize he was crying until he set Dobby back down. "It is being wonderful seeing you again as well Harry Potter sir." Dobby was blushing and seemed completely shocked that Harry had hugged him.

"Dobby did you fall down because your magic is getting weaker since I freed you?" Harry questioned and Dobby frowned as he looked at the ground. "It's okay Dobby I know about the magical core issue and I was wondering if you wanted to be a part of my family?" Dobby bowed before him beaming like he had just been told his every dream had just come true.

"Dobby would be honored to be Harry Potter's house-elf." His smile faltered, "But if Harry Potter doesn't have a house what will Dobby do and where will he go?"

Harry smiled at him as he sat down on the grass, so he was at eye level with him. "Well, Dobby I do have a manor. I don't have access yet because I haven't been able to get to Gringotts, but I hope to have that fixed by the end of the week. As my house-elf, you should be able to go there and access it no problem." Dobby jumped up and down in excitement. Harry held his hand out to him. "So, what do you say?" Dobby grabbed his hand and grinned at him.

"I, Dobby hereby except Harry Potter as my Master!"

Harry grinned as he said, "I, Harry Potter hereby except Dobby as my house elf!"

The moment he finished speaking he saw his magic engulf the elf. He watched as old scars from his treatment at the Malfoy's vanished and he got slightly taller. The horrible pillowcase had been replaced with a very nice butler-like uniform with the Potter house crest on it. Harry noticed that it was slightly different now. The original crest had a white stag on one side with its front hooves raised and a gold griffon on the other side in the same position. This new crest was similar but now there was a purple scythe behind the two animals and a dark raven-like bird in between them. Harry assumed Beatrice must have had something to do with this. "Well of course. We are best friends after all. I'll explain more about what it means later when you're not pressed for time." Harry smiled at her words as he watched Dobby.

Once the glow vanished, Dobby collapsed on the ground. Harry started to panic but the elf jumped back up and bowed. "It is an honor to serve you, my master."

Harry sighed, "Okay well for starters, I don't want you calling me Master, It's Harry okay?" Harry asked and Dobby just stared at him.

"Dobby will try but it will not be easy. Dobby will probably still be forced to call you master in the presence of others." Harry sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Okay, whatever, but I am still paying you thirty galleons a week and I'm giving you every Sunday off." Dobby was quick to counter him.

"One galleon a month and one Sunday off a month." Harry rolled his eyes but couldn't help but grin at the elf.

"Ten galleons a week and every Sunday off."

"Two galleons a month and one Sunday off every month."

"Five galleons a week and every other Sunday off. That's my final offer or I'm giving you clothes and sending you off to Hogwarts." Dobby narrowed his eyes and grumbled as he held out his hand.

"Okay, deal." Harry chuckled as he shook the elf's hand.

"Okay now that that's taken care off. Can you please find Potter manor and see if there are any other elves there and bring them here, please? Oh, and please bring me some parchment, a quill, and ink." Dobby bowed and then vanished with a barely audible pop.

~I like him. He's funny.~ Harry chuckled at Hestia's comment. Harry leaned against the fence as he waited. After what felt like an hour, he heard the sound of multiple soft pops. When he looked, he found four elves bowing in front of him including Dobby.

"Master Harry allow me to introduce you to your other house-elves," Dobby said as he and the other elves stood up straight. One of the other elves was wearing a butler's outfit like Dobby also with his house crest on it. Like Dobby's, it had also changed from the original crest. The other two elves must have been female since they both had dresses on. The difference between them was one was like a maid's outfit and the other was like a cook's outfit. "This is Shoby," The other male elf stepped forward and bowed.

"Shoby is very honored to meet you, Master Potter." Harry held out his hand to him.

"It's nice to meet you Shoby and please call me Harry." The elf just stared at him before slowly shaking his hand and nodding.

When he let go, he slowly backed up into line. "This is Tinky," Dobby motioned to the one in the maid's outfit, "and this her sister Pinky." Both female elves walked forward and curtsied. Harry held out his hands to both of them. When they took it, he turned their hand slightly and kissed each of their knuckles. When he let go, they both fainted. Dobby laughed while Shoby looked mortified with embarrassment. Harry leaned back and chuckled as Shoby rushed forward to wake the two girls. Once they came around, they both were bright red with embarrassment as they got back in line.

Harry motion like he was about to speak when Dobby beat him to it. "Master Harry I must inform you that while they will accept the time off that I know you want to give them. They have all said they would rather die than accept payment for their work." The three elves nodded, and Harry sighed.

"Okay, fine, I guess…Did you bring the parchment and ink?" Dobby snapped his fingers and it appeared in his hands along with a very nice quill. Harry immediately started writing out the two letters he needed to send. One was to McGonagall about his classes and the other was for Sirius. Once he finished them, he turned to Dobby. "Okay, Dobby I need you to take this to Professor McGonagall. Leave it for her in a spot where she will see it first thing in the morning. I've told her to send you back to me with her response and to call your name when she has her response ready. So, can you please keep an ear out for her call?" Dobby nodded and bowed as he took the letter Harry handed him. He then turned to Shoby, "This letter is for Sirius Black…"

"You mean Padfoot?" Shoby asked causing Harry to grin.

"Yeah, Padfoot. I have no clue where he is, but can you take this to him?" Shoby took the letter and looked very excited about his mission. Harry then turned to the other two. "I don't have any specific missions for you at the moment, but I hope to move into the manor before the end of the summer. If that doesn't happen then I will be living there after this school year. So, I would really appreciate it if you could make sure everything is ready for myself and at least one or two others to move in if not more, okay?" Both of the females nodded with excitement, but nobody moved.

Harry and the elves just stared at one another until Dobby raised his hand. "Master Harry, you didn't appoint a head elf," Dobby informed him, and Harry just stared at him.

"I need to appoint a head elf?" Harry scratched his head at the elves nodding before looking at Dobby again. "Well, I guess I'll pick you Dobby since I know you best." Dobby bowed to him before jumping for joy. The others looked slightly disappointed but applauded for Dobby with smiles.

"Okay, now before you go there is one last thing to deal with." Harry held out his arms to the elves. ~Come out.~ Zeus and Hestia slithered out from his sleeves and rested on his hands. The elves all backed up a bit at the sight of them. Harry chuckled at this, "You don't need to be afraid. These are two of my three familiars. The yellow one is Zeus and the red one is Hestia. They are my friends and they will not harm you." The elves smiled as they rushed forward to pet the snakes.

"Wow, you is so warm," Pinky said as she gently touched Hestia. "You is always be welcome in the kitchen with me." She said and Hestia responded by nuzzling her face. Eventually, the two slithered back into his sleeves.

"Okay, now I've got to get back inside. Good luck in your assignments and don't tell anyone about my plans to move into the manor. There are several people who would love nothing more than to keep me out of it." The elves all nodded and then vanished with a soft pop. Harry got up and stretched before slowly heading to the house.

-Scene Break-

When he got inside, he went up the stairs and when he reached the second landing he walked right into Ginevra. She looked like she was coming back from the loo. Harry wasn't prepared for this meeting and his magic cracked around him. He was only slightly aware of Hestia's squeeze as his eyes began to glow with rage at each memory of her that flooded into his mind.

*Flashbacks. *

Harry's first memory of that room was waking up and realizing that he was hanging from the ceiling. He initially started to try and use the wandless magic he knew and panicked when he saw the rune on his shackles binding his magic.

"HELLO!? IS ANYONE THERE!?" Harry's shouts got an answer. When the door opened, and Ginny walked in he was so relieved to see her. "Oh, thank Merlin. Ginny quick get these shackles-AHHHHHH!" Harry was shocked when he was hit with another Cruciatus curse. The pain was unbearable and when it lifted it was all he could do not pass out. When Harry opened his eyes, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Ginny, his Ginny, was pointing her wand at him with an expression that clearly said she was disappointed. "GINNY WHAT THE BLOODY FUCK AHHHH!" Harry screamed as another cruciatus curse hit him. "Ginny…What the...bloody…HELL?" Harry asked when the curse was lifted and she responded by hitting him with it again until he passed out.

When Harry came to, she was sitting in front of him with the same disappointed expression on her face. When he started to speak, she raised her wand and before the curse hit him, he saw the red flash in her eyes for the first time. The curse hit him again and she held it till he blacked out again.

Harry wasn't sure how long he had been out for but when he awoke, he was alone. He looked around for something anyway to get loose. He was still hanging a foot of the ground so he couldn't reach the floor, and he was too far away from the walls to use them either. He was about to make an attempt to use his physical strength to pull himself up to the chain when he felt all his strength leave him. A quick inspection of the shackles showed a strength-sapping rune glowing. The glow showed other runes as well, like the mind stabilizing rune. This rune would keep Harry from losing his mind to the cruciatus curse torture. The magic binding rune had a soft glow to it showing it was active. The final rune set was an endurance rune. At first, the last rune set confused him until he realized she wanted him to endure his punishments for as long as possible.

The sound of a door opening pulled Harry from his thoughts as Ginny walked in carrying potion vials. Before Harry could even ask or register what the vials were, she hit him with numbing spell and poured the potions down his throat. The effects were almost instant as Harry felt like his stomach was now full as if he had eaten several meals. "Replenishment potions?" She smacked him across the face before she tossed the empty vials on the ground. "Ginny what the bloody-AHHHH!" Harry screamed as another cruciatus curse hit him. Harry felt the sting of the tears pouring down his face when the curse was lifted. "Please… Ginny…Why are you doing this?" For the first time since Harry had arrived here, he started to feel fear. The look on Ginny's face was one of absolute delight as she hit him with another curse. Harry wasn't sure how long the curse had been on him before he blacked out.

When Harry came to, he was alone again. "What the actual bloody fuck is going on?" Harry asked out load and the door to the room answered but before he could say anything to Ginny who walked in, he got hit with another cruciatus curse. When she lifted it, his throat was horse from his screams. "Ginny please why are you doing this?" Again, he was crying as he watched the woman he loved, get a look of glee on her face as she pressed her wand to his chest and for the first time she started to carve the word 'USELESS' into it. Harry only made it through the first four letters before he passed out. The next time he woke up she healed the wounds and then began the slow process of rewriting the word again. This time Harry only made it to three letters before passing out. When he progressed in his tolerance to make it all the way through the letters, she healed it and left him alone for a long time.

The next time she came in she had a whip and proceeded to practice with it. At first, Harry was relieved and somewhat amused at her lack of skill with it. "If you let me down, I'd be happy to show you how to do it." This was not the right thing to say as she glared at him. Her eyes flashed red and her next attempt hit with wicked force. When he stopped screaming he looked down and saw a nasty lash across his chest. "Not bad but I could still do better," Harry said unable to stop himself and so started his cocky phase of his punishment. This lasted for quite a while until she did something that shut him up for quite a while. She walked in and before he could make a cocky remark she produced a set of gardening sheers and removed his privates. Harry didn't do anything but scream in pain for a long time after that as Ginny practice new forms of torture on him.

When he finally did speak again it was only to ask, "Why?" His question stunned Ginny for a good minute. Harry guessed that she assumed he had forgotten how to talk. The smile that came over her feature would haunt him for the next several months. His question triggered a new brand of torture. Ginny would do things, little things at first, like a gentle touch here and there. Or something big like snogging the daylights out of him. These things were meant to give him hope and then she would strip it from him in the most painful ways she could think of.

This continued until one day Harry had had enough and when she gently touched his cheek he spit in her face. She stared at him in shock as he glared at her. "Go get buggered," Harry told her and she grinned at him before she spun him around. Instead of taking his advice she decided to bugger him instead. Harry wasn't sure what she used to do this but what he did know was that it was sharp.

Eventually one day Ginny walked in and before she could do anything, "Please just kill me." Harry regretted these words as she walked up to him and whispered to him.

"Not yet my husband." Before Harry could even register her first actual words to him since this started. She plunged a knife into his thigh. Harry screamed in pain as she pulled the blade out slowly and then healed the wound. Ginny proceeded to do this to all of his muscles but never close enough to a vital organ.

As the months turned to years Harry slowly stopped screaming. The punishments started to get more spread out as Ginny slowly lost interest in torturing him. Till eventually, the day came when she answered his only question, "Why?"

*End Flashback. *

As Harry's mind came back to the present his glare had intensified to a level of hatred he couldn't even muster for Voldemort. He walked towards Ginny with his arm outstretched. He relished the look of absolute terror that came over her face. He could see her shaking in fear as he slowly walked towards her. She tried to scream but Harry flicked his hand and wandlessly silenced her. This had the desired effect he wanted as she started to cry silently pleading for help but too afraid to move. Harry's rage surged to new levels at her tears.

"What gives her the right to cry after what she put me through?" Harry thought as he continued to advance on her. All he wanted was to make her feel everything she had made him feel. To do to her what she had done to him until her eyes had no life in them just like he had been. Just as he was about to touch her, he felt both of his familiars squeeze his arms tightly holding him back. This caused him to stop and stare at his arms. Why were they trying to stop him?

"Finally I'm able to get through!" Harry blinked in shock at Beatrice's voice. "Harry think about what you're doing. Does the Ginevra from your time deserve what you want to do to her? Yes, of course! But look at the Ginevra in front of you. What's different about her?" Harry stared at Ginevra and as he rage continued to subside he realized what is was.

"She's only thirteen." Harry swore he could feel Beatrice smile in his mind.

"Exactly! She's only thirteen! She hasn't committed the crimes you want to slaughter her for. Imagine what will happen when the rest of the Weasley's wake up and see what you've done. Imagine what Hermione will think when she sees Ginevra's mangled corpse. I know you want to do this and believe me I would love nothing more than to watch but you must wait until she gives you a reason! She is still technically innocent a far as the world knows. I know it hurts but you have to let her go for now if you want to save those you care about. But in the end it's you're choice." Harry felt his anger surge again. It wasn't fair here she was right in front of him. The woman who tortured him for years she needed to be punished. She needed to have her head put on a pike. Harry's magic surged around him and slowly wrapped itself around Ginevra. He watched as she started to have trouble breathing. Harry clenched his fists and reined it back in as he took several deep breaths. He need to do something to her he needed to make her suffer in some way. Like lighting the idea struck him and he felt an evil smile appear on his face.

Harry closed his eyes and took another deep breath and sighed. When he opened his eyes, he placed his hand gently on Ginny's head. She winced slightly at his touch. He leaned in close to her and whispered in her ear. "The Potter Credo saved you tonight." He smiled as he said this. Harry knew this night would eventually get back to Dumbledore and he didnt want the man running off on a tangent thinking he was an up and coming dark lord. "I know all about the plan you have with Dumbledore." His words caused her whole body to go rigid in shock. Harry made sure that his next words would leave no doubt in his conviction. "I will never belong to you Ginerva. This is my life and I am going to live it my way. Give up on me now or next time the credo may not be enough to save you. This is your one chance." Harry stood up straight and walked around her to head to bed.

When he reached the steps, he turned back to her at the same time she turned to look at him. "Tell no one about what happened tonight, but always remember this night whenever you dream of me. Goodnight Ginevra." Harry turned and walked back up the stairs, canceling the silencing charm as he went. When he reached Ron's room he called out for Dobby who appeared silently. Harry gave him orders to have an elf watch him in secret and if Dumbledore decided to show up and confront him to quickly pop him out of there. Dobby saluted him a disappeared with a silent pop. Harry wasn't about to take the chance of dealing with Dumbledore unless it was on his terms.

Harry crawled into bed and cuddled with his familiars. ~Thanks.~ He told them as he realized how close he'd come to ruining everything he had come back to fix. His familiars nuzzled him as they all drifted off to sleep.

Author's Note: Too dark? Not dark enough? Just right? Please let me know with a review. For those of you who thought this was too dark please see my recommendation for this chapter.

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