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Brynn Cartelli

Chapter 1

I was really enjoying the fresh air as we walked through the woods. The journey from Saffron City to New Bark Town was a long one, but it was easy to enjoy, especially when you didn't have to worry about curses, robots, and terrorist organizations!

I looked over our group as we walked through Tohjo Falls. There was me, Austin, Sam, Emily, Devin, and my sister Katlyn. Austin, Sam, Devin, and I had become good friends in the last few months. They had helped Katlyn save me and ultimately save Mew. I still shivered a little as I thought about those times, but I guess I didn't have it as bad as Katlyn.

She had been different since the beginning of our last adventure, or misadventure as some would call it. She used to be in college and she absolutely hated Pokémon training. In fact, she had gone from being a prissy city girl, to a serious, almost obsessed, Pokémon trainer. She had to do many terrible things to save me from a curse that had afflicted me. Some of those things I believe still haunt her. I was thankful that she had come to help. Lord knows where I would be if she hadn't of helped me. With that said, she was mostly focused nowadays, almost cold. I knew she was still hurting, but she wouldn't let me help. In time, maybe she would decide to open up to me.

The rest of our group was somewhat lighthearted. Devin and I would talk for hours about his world. Austin talked with Sam. Emily would try to talk with Katlyn, though Emily did most of the talking. Katlyn said very little though. She was still suffering nightmares and it was eating her alive.

I had to find a way to cheer her up. It was my job as her younger brother to do so. That is why I thanked God when I saw what looked to be a passage behind the waterfall. It would make for a perfect distraction.

With an evil twinkle in my eye, I pulled out the amulet that I was given for my last adventure and slipped it over my neck. I began to concentrate on my adventures as a Vulpix. The changes were sudden, I felt fur itch all over my body and three tails sprout. My muscles changed as did my bones and soon I was a full Vulpix. Luckily, my amulet shrunk down with me and my clothes and bag was stored inside the amulet as well. It turns out that Mew, made a separate dimension for holding our belongings. She had really thought of everything.

I took off for the cave at full speed, surprising the others. They called my name as they gave chase. I chuckled as they stumbled up the rocky surface of the hill and followed me into the dark cave. It was dark and very quiet.

"Caleb! What the hell are you doing running off like that?" I heard Katlyn call.

"I was trying to get you to lighten up. I thought we could take a break from walking and explore the cave for a bit." I replied.

"You are an idiot! What if there were wild Pokémon here? We all know that you suck at battling!" Katlyn ranted.

"Relax! I knew that there wouldn't be any Pokémon!"


"Because I would be able to smell them you moron!" Katlyn was really pissing me off.

Katlyn paused for minute before she relented with a huff. By that time, the rest of our group made it inside the cave. They were wheezing for breath and looked irritated. Apparently, they didn't appreciate the exercise either.

"There better be something good in here or I'm going to shock you into oblivion." Devin threatened.

I gulped as I walked deeper into the cave. It was dark, but that wasn't a big deal with my flames. To my disappointment and horror, the cave wasn't that deep. It was barely twenty feet wide and long, with only a few cracked boulders. I walked a little deeper into the cave and noticed something odd in the very back.

"What's that?" Sam asked as he pointed to the object.

"It looks like an old radio." I replied as we all gathered around it. Austin was strangely quiet as we studied the old radio. Katlyn was also silent.

"What is it?" Sam asked Katlyn.

"It's not just a radio." Katlyn said as she knelt down next to it. "This is a prototype radio transceiver that was being worked on by the R&D department in the Rocket facility."

"How could this thing be a prototype? It looks like it has been here for decades!" Emily said.

"I don't know, but I think we need to leave. This place is giving me all sorts of bad vibes." Austin spoke up.

"I agree. Let's get out of here." Katlyn concurred.

"Alright then, let's get out of here." I said as I began trotting toward the exit, not knowing that I had stumbled across a secret that could change the course of history.

"There it is!" Sam yelled as he took off down the road.

We had just passed the sign for New Bark town. The town was small, with only a couple of stores and restaurants that surrounded the town square. The square itself contained the Pokémon lab, a couple of houses and the city hall. Of course, we weren't interested in the other buildings. We came here only for the Pokémon lab, where the famed Professor Elm did his research on Pokémon eggs.

After our last adventure, Sam was unable to get the badges he needed to participate in the Pokémon league. Instead of waiting for the next year's tournament, Sam and I decided that we would take on Johto league instead. That gave us eight months to gather the badges we needed. It also happened to be the direction that Austin, Emily, and Devin were headed as they searched for a way back home.

"What are you guys waiting for? Come on!" Sam called as he waited outside the large lab. The rest of us, walked even slower just to get on his nerves. "You guys really piss me off sometimes, you know that?"

"Yeah, that's why we do it." Devin answered back.

"Besides, don't you know that good things come to those who wait?" Emily added teasingly.

"Just get inside." Sam said with a roll of his eyes.

The lab felt just like a doctor's office. It was plain with plain, white walls; plain, white floors, and an artificial wood reception desk. There was a single woman sitting behind the desk typing away at her computer. She looked up at us with a bored look.

"Are you here to sign up for the Pokémon League?" She asked.

"Yes ma'am. Professor Oak from Pallet Town told us that we had to come here for the registration." Sam replied.

"Alright, give me a minute to page the professor, then we will begin the registration process." the secretary said. She took a couple of seconds to page the Professor, then began digging through a file cabinet for the necessary forms. "Have you all heard about the new restrictions set by the League?"

"What restrictions?" Austin asked.

"Recently, the League has issued restrictions on the Pokémon foreign trainers can use during their first journey in Johto. Trainers from other regions may only use two Pokémon from their previous journey, until you receive your third gym badge." the secretary replied.

"That's stupid!" Sam exclaimed.

"I agree with the league's decision. The use of all six Pokémon from a veteran team puts starting trainers at an extreme disadvantage." Katlyn replied.

"Oh, I guess that makes sense." Sam muttered. "I guess its a good thing that I only have two Pokémon."

"I only have one so I am goo. Now that I think about it, Katlyn is the only one that has a full team." I added.

Katlyn shrugged indifferently, "I guess I'll talk to them and let them decide who is staying here or going home."

Katlyn turned toward the door and walked out. My heart dropped at her indifference. It was like she didn't even care anymore. Apparently the others felt the same way as Austin and Sam started toward the door as well.

"Don't, she needs to be alone." I said quietly.

"This is ridiculous!" Sam yelled as he pointed toward the door. "She's been giving us the cold shoulder ever since we left Kanto!"

"She hasn't been acting like herself for a while now. At first I thought she was mad at me for something, but I think it's something else." Emily added.

"Guys, I know whats wrong with her." I said with a sigh. "She's been having dreams."

"Dreams? What kind of… oh." Austin said as realization dawned on him. "About the Rocket base?"

I nodded. "Yeah, sometimes I wake up to her screaming. Some of the things that she had to do terrified her and the battle with Mew really shook her up. I think she may be suffering from PTSD. Of course, I'm no doctor so I don't know that for sure."

"Makes the most sense to me. Honestly surprised that she is the only one suffering we've all been through a lot." Devin said with Sam shaking his head in agreement.

"Whatever the case may be, we should give her some space." Austin said.

Katlyn's POV

I walked a little ways from the lab before deciding to take out my Pokéballs. As I pulled them off my belt, memories flashed through my mind of the year I had spent as a member of Team Rocket. The many terrible things I did for the sake of my brother haunted me every moment. The people I had hurt, the families I had broken up, and the Pokémon and people I allowed to be killed was sometimes too much for me to bear.

My self-pity turned cold as icy anger welled up in my chest. I ripped the Pokéballs off my belt and threw them to the ground. All four of containers popped open, releasing their occupants. The form of a Pichu, a Jolteon, an Arbok, and a Porygon burst into view.

"I see we finally made it to New Bark Town!" Jack, my little Pichu, squeaked excitedly. His excited cheer thawed my heart a little.

"You must have something important to discuss with us if you are out here without the others." Zan said as his amethyst eyes glanced around.

"This Unit is curious as to what Trainer Katlyn would like to discuss." Mosfet, my Porygon, chirped.

"Mistress, is Caleb or the others in danger. If they are, give me the word and I will easssily dessstroy where ever the threat may be." Basilisk, my Arbok and first official Pokémon, hissed.

"We aren't in any danger, however we ran into a different problem. In order to get a trainer's license here in Johto, I may only have two Pokémon from Kanto with me." I explained. The four Pokémon seemed to deflate before my eyes.

"My presence is absssolutely required as I mussst ssstay to protect the Mistress." Basil said proudly.

"Jack should go home for the time being. Now that we have a place to call home, it would be better if he stayed with your parents as we don't know what we may run into." Zan suggested.

"Zan! That's not fair! You can't kick me out just because I am the youngest here! Besides, I spent a year with Katlyn when we were undercover. She and I work great together!" Jack yelled angrily not realizing the pang of pain he had sent into my heart.

"This Unit would be of utmost value to Trainer Katlyn in the future. Be it through battle in the field or in cyberspace." Mosfet spoke robotically.

I knew this was going to happen. I had hoped that they would work it themselves, but it seemed that I was going to need to step in. I bent down and grabbed a stick off the ground and broke it into for pieces. "You four will draw straws. The two that have the shortest straws will go home for now."

The four Pokémon huddled around as I held the sticks for the four. Mosfet went first plucking it from my hand as if someone was going to steal it. Next Jack grabbed one letting out an audible groan as he realized it wasn't very long. Zan picked his next, not saying a word as he held it in his mouth. Finally Basil took his.

"Alright, show them." I directed.

"Using this Unit's superior processing power and the laws of probability, this Unit has obtained the longest offshoot from the Quercus alba." Mosfet sang in an almost smug way giving me its stick.

"I'm pretty sure I got the shortest." Jack mumbled as he handed me his choice.

Zan and Basil stared at each other for a long time before they both dropped their sticks. Basil's eyes narrowed. He had drawn a short stick.

"You cheated!" the king of snakes hissed madly, lunging at the Jolteon.

"How could I have cheated when you drew before me!" Zan barked back as electricity crackled around him.

"Will you two quit it?" I yelled. "Basil, you lost; end of story! You can be pissed all you want, but you will not degrade yourself like you are now! Hell, you are a king, so stop acting like a peasant and show some dignity!"

"She is right your Highness. You should lose with some dignity." Zan sneered.

"Zan, so help me I will send you home too if you don't shut up!" I said with a glare.

Zan quickly complied not wanting to incur any of my wrath. I hated having to be this tough on the Jolteon, but sometimes, he just didn't know when enough was enough. The Jolteon gave me a small, satisfied smile before I returned him to his Pokéball.

He had changed drastically from the time I had first met him. He was once a very angry and hateful creature, not wanting to be anywhere near a human. At first he scared me. I thought that he would kill me if he had the chance, but as we traveled his hatred turned into exhaustion. He was still young in years but his mind was aged with experiences of pain and torment. After our previous adventure had concluded, he was energetic and happy and almost possessive of me. He would fight to the death for me if it was called for.

"Mistress, if you would allow it, I would like to return to my Pokéball." Basil hissed, breaking me out of my thoughts. I nodded and returned him to the little orb and clipped it to my belt. Zan looked at me and I nodded at him and also placed him back in his Pokéball as well.

"Katlyn, are you going to be ok without me?" Jack asked bashfully, his little cheeks sparking slightly.

"I'll be fine. I've got to get over my fears sometime." I whispered, though Jack didn't seem convinced.

"I know you are still having nightmares. We spent a year doing terrible things. We were told that they would have happened anyways, but it doesn't change the fact that we were the ones who did them." Jack paused to watch me for a few moments. When I didn't respond, he continued. "You aren't alone, Katlyn. I will always be there for you. Your brother and the others will also be here. They care for you deeply."

"Jack, I appreciate what you are trying to do, but you don't need to worry. I'll be fine." I snapped. Jack just looked at the ground.

"If you say so." he mumbled as he disappeared into his Pokéball.

I turned to head back to the lab, but was stopped by some movement behind me. There was no one around. The alley I had chosen was completely devoid of life. Goosebumps crawled all over my body as a chill shot through my spine. Something was there.

"Mosfet, use Lock-On." I whispered.

"That won't be necessary, Katlyn Ward" a mental thought of a psychic type Pokémon popped into my head.

An Alakazam flashed in front of me. It was sitting on the ground with its legs crossed its spoons crossed in front of it. Overall, it was an ordinary looking Alakazam. Its one defining feature was its silver mustache.

"You seem to know me. What do you want?" I asked coldly as I began to tense up.

"A certain acquaintance of yours gave me the task of contacting you." the Alakazam stated.

"And who would that acquaintance be?" I asked, my suspicions beginning to rise.

"Master Giovanni." the psychic type confirmed stopping my heart.

"H-how? H-how does he know about me?" I asked as panic began to set in.

"It was quite simple. He had the security forces check who had accessed the systems just before the loss of control. When the person responsible was found to have escaped the base as well, he had her captured. My expertise was called into play and we learned that she had switched spots with you for the past year."

"What does he want?" I said with all the calm I could muster; which wasn't much.

"The master has a job for you. He wants you to get your Trainer's ID, then meet him in Golden Rod City by yourself."

"And If I refuse?"

"Let's just say that you have much to lose. After all, your family and friends don't know the extent you had to go save your brother."

Caleb's POV

Katlyn hadn't come back yet. I was about to go out to find her, when the door flew open. Katlyn stood in the door, her expression cloaked, but I could tell that something was bothering her.

"Katlyn, where have you been?" I asked.

"I had to think about something! Is it to much to ask for some time alone?" she snapped.

I backed away slowly, surprised by her sharp response. Sam was about to step in when another door opened up. As the door opened, it revealed a rather tall man in a messy lab coat. He was older, possibly in his early fifties. His messy hair was light brown with slight streaks of gray. He also had a pair of thick, dirty glasses that almost hid his light brown eyes.

"I am so sorry to keep all of you waiting. I am Professor Elm. I am the head of the Pokémon Breeding Institute as well as the head of the Trainer Notarization Office." Professor Elm greeted cheerily.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Sam, this is Katlyn, Caleb, Austin, Emily, Devin." Sam replied equally as enthusiastic. "We came from the Kanto region to participate in the Johto League."

"Ah, so you are the ones that Professor Oak sent. Well then, let me give each of you a form to fill out." the Professor said with a nod as he began to rummage through his lab coat's stuffed pockets. "I know they're here somewhere."

After a few minutes, Professor Elm's secretary sighed and opened her desk. She quickly pulled out several forms and handed them to the scatterbrained professor. The Professor thanked her and proceeded with passing out the forms.

"For those of you that are applying for the permit and not the ID, be sure to mark the permit check box and to write down who you will be accompanying for the journey."

An hour later, we all were sporting our new permits and IDs. Katlyn manged get an actual trainer license due to the fact her birth day was only a couple of days away. I was a little miffed about that as I still had to wait another six months before mine would transfer over.

We wandered around town for a little bit to see the sights. It wasn't much as New Bark Town was fairly small with only the lab and a couple of historical buildings being the only real attractions in the little farm town. We did end up in a country style restaurant where we decided to discuss the next leg of our journey.

"I think we should hit the Violet City gym and the Azalea City gym as soon as possible. Those should be the fairly easy as we don't have any real disadvantage at either gym." Sam said as he folded out a map on the table.

"Except for me. Most of Elweard's attacks aren't effective against flying types." Austin added.

"Yeah but Elweard's steel typing will negate flying type moves." Sam pointed out.

"What about the Ruins of Alph and the Bell Tower. Not to mention there are several towns and cities between here and Violet City. Johto has a lot to see so we really shouldn't rush things." I said.

"I would tend to agree, with you Caleb, but at the same time, Devin, Emily and I need to get to Ilex Forest. The sooner the better. To be honest, we wouldn't be going to any of the gyms if they weren't directly in our path." Austin said as he eyed the enormous forest on the map.

"We know it might be selfish, but we have been away from home for a long time. There isn't anything left for us to do here." Devin said quietly as Emily nodded.

"We don't have to decide tonight." Katlyn said as she stood up. "I am going to head to the center and get us checked in. I'll probably be asleep when you guys get back so try to keep it down."

Katlyn walked out the door with an unusually brisk pace. The rest of us looked at each other as we tried to figure out why she had just suddenly taken off. I decided it wasn't worth fretting over so I went back to looking at the map.

"So, do we want to bypass Catallia City or do we want to stay there for a bit?" I asked.

Katlyn's POV

It was easy enough to get away from the group, and I was slightly embarrassed that they fell for such a lame excuse such as that. I decided to get a couple of rooms at the Pokémon center in order to keep the ruse going. Luckily, New Bark town was very small which meant that the Center was mostly vacant. The nurse allowed me sign in after I showed her my ID. After filling out a few forms, the nurse showed me to the rooms. Like every other Pokémon center, it was very spartan with only a couple of bunk beds and desks and a door which led to the bathroom. I quickly scribbled down a note telling the others not to look for me, though I knew they wouldn't listen. I sighed and went into the bathroom, placed the note on the small vanity, turned on the shower water, then exited locking the bathroom door behind me.

"That should buy me some time." I mumbled as I grabbed my stuff and left the room.

My next move was exiting the town and getting to the nearby city of Catallia. If I went the trainer route that Caleb and the others planned to use it would have taken about three days. I could call a cab, but that was something that could be easily traced. I decided on a third option. I grabbed at the pendant that hung around my neck and looked around for an alley. After finding a suitable one, I focused on the pendant and felt the waves of changes as they spread through my body like a wild fire. Feathers sprouted from my arms as I began to shrink. My arms quickly became wings and my feet became talons. Soon I had taken the form of a Fletchling.

Once my transformation was complete, all of my belongings disappeared into a portal. I gave my wings a couple of test flaps and then launched myself into the air. My human instincts screamed at me as I soared through the air, but thankfully my Pokémon instincts quickly silenced them. Turning my tail feathers, I directed myself to the west and left New Bark Town; and my friends.

"Caleb, please don't hate me for this." I whispered as a tear streamed down my eye. "Just stay safe."

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