Snow, white pure, came falling down in such large amounts as the comforting breeze likewise did its toll.

Winter had always been a beautiful time for the family since all the love we shared splashed out from the bottle of affection as does nice fragnance from a perfume bottle.

The house was warm and our hearts, warmer. We served as each other's blazing fire in the cold.

Familiar scents like cinnamon, lavender, ginger and peppermint filled our home with a serenity of their own kind.

Oh! How we treasure these festive times where crispy, heated love beams nonstop!

I was with my younger brother, Simon-the cute blond kid- and we were setting up Christmas decorations around the house and giving Dad's room a total winter makeover.

"This should definitely be hung around the fireplace." Simon pointed out, holding an ornament ball in hand.

I took it from him and placed it in a box that signified decorations that were for the living area. And little balls of ornaments were definitely among them.

"Now how about these small snowballs that Ruthie and her girlfriend decorated together? Where should they go, Ruthie?"

My brother stopped to think for a second then decided subsequently that it might as well be placed anywhere around the house. 'Miscellaneous' was what we called such items.

"Rosemary and peppermint tea!" Ruthie announced cheerfully, handing us small mugs of the tea.

Simon I looked up and smiled at her, thanking her also.

"Mm this is holy." I made mention, sniffing in the tea's kind essence.

I reached over for a tiny spoon to serve as a straw. That tiny spoon I called 'Serendipity' because Daddy gave it to me when I was just a girl and i spent winters mixing drinks of love and luck with Serendipity.

My siblings always thought that little gifts from Dad-like my special spoon, Serendipity, aided us to bond closer and closer evermore. I believed so. Because truthfully I am outrightly able to see a piece of Dad in each of his gifts to me.

"This tea has really got the stuff."

Simon was really liking his rosemary-peppermint tea just as much as I was.

Throughout the years, especially when Bart, Jeannine and I were younger, Dad would always play this game with us where he'd have us make tea for him each nite and he would have to guess the flavor(s) - even if it was a mix. Miraculously, Dad always knew it. Daddy was really the man of the moment.

"Josie, Simon, Ill be back at the yard spotting for the Pentagirls. Gosh, I love that girl group!"

Ruthie was letting us know that she was off to spot her favorite girl band that was deemed Hottest Girl Band of the quintessential '90s.

Our youngest sister, Ruth, was a bit of a fangirl herself...not much into boy groups as female leads. But still relatively obsessed. She had Barry bring her to a Kissing Wish convert when she was younger back in 1993. Since then she was all in with the female vocalists.

I can't say they're not talented because I think they are. Plus, what's sexier than a bunch of ladies donning revealing clad? And that was surely a sight for the guys in our family. Something that Bartholomew and Simon would outrightly admit but never Dad.

Daddy did not like the logic of liking many girls at once especially when they're not his age.

"Kay we'll see you later, Sissy" I said, rubbing my legs on the fluffy carpet beneath me to keep warm.

I wave to her and let her go.

"Off to hang these up."