"Aw, I really want to go see one of those concerts, Bev. 48 is such a good boy group." Bartholomew complained since he was technically being forced to drive Beverly and a few of her friends to some ice show at the other side of town.

The winter show would fall on the same day as the 48 concert and Barry was very excited to see the band perform their new album, 48 Degrees Dropping; but his plans were wrecked. Bart was only taking Beverly and her friends for a ride that evening.

"You're driving us, remember?" Beverly shot up furiously, holding a picture of she and her friends.

"Yes. I'm taking you." Bart replied, non charismatically.

He rested both hands on his hips and looked around his sister's room. Something he noticed troubled him some.

"Look, Bev." he started. Reshaping the bottom of his sweater as he wrapped it over his denim buttons. "You have like tons of photos of you and all your friends. But not one of you and I-at least that I can see. W-what we're not close anymore?"

A worry came over the place and Beverly's heart became touched. Truly, she realized, she hadn't beeen spending much time with her brother, Barry, anylore. Bev wanted to change that more than anything.

"Babe, I'm so sorry. Give me a hug, Barry. I love you."

"Aww Beverly girl, I love you so."

The two bonded over a hug, and to anyone in the family that would be a beautiful, wholesome sight to see.