Chapter 1: Welcome Back Hero of Time

It was either the morning or afternoon and it was very difficult to tell in the luminous forest.

But it didn't matter to Link, while the beams of sunlight was breaking through the dense forest and canopy of trees and branches that allowed small shafts of light through the mysterious Lost woods.

All Link cared about was returning home where he belonged. While riding on his trustworth horse companion Epona though these everlasting woods trotting along the dense field of grass that covered the forest for several months as they gradually find their way back to Hyrule.

Both of them found the return journey lazily and boring without no worry in their foggy minds.

As the weeks and months pass on, while trying to enjoy the serene forest. When day turns to night Link made a small campfire and drifted off into a deep sleep, sometimes he thinks about the happy moments with his friends.

His heart ached occasionally with memories of his friends who loved, protected and cared for him in the past and present alike.

Link left Hyrule in search of Navi at the age of nine years old and return back to his homeland at the age of ten years old. He still wore a green tunic, dark green shorts underneath and his iconic green hat that dangled to the back of his neck.

This type of clothing is natural for the eternally young children of the Kokiri Forest who all wore similar attire.

Finally Link reach the edge of the Lost Wood. In under an hour he will be back in Kokiri Forest. The village he spent his childhood with Saria.

The Great Deku Tree and even mean old Mido who proclaims to be the leader of the Kokiri ever since their guardian died and left this world of hyrule behind because the dreadful curse of the monster Parasitic Armoured Arachnid Gohma left by the evil Ganondorf.

Link and Epona rushed through the canopy of trees turning left and right and rushing up the stone stairs until they both reached a Kokiri child sitting on a stump playing her fairly ocarina right behind the Forest Temple concealed in the overgrowth.

"Hey Saria it me Link; It's been awhile." Said Link waving his hand from a far distance trying get his childhood friend attention.

"Link is that real you! Welcome back home old friend."

Replied Saria as she ran forward to hug his dear friend that left on a perilous and long journey in search of his fairy companion.

She let go of Link and replied. "So did you find Navi or is she hiding under your hat trying to surprise me like she did last time?"

Cracking an honest smile; until she started thinking of Link concern of losing a close friend like her.

Link enter into a deep thought of failing to find Navi and returning home empty hand only with a enlighten mind set. "No I didn't find her; but I did find happiness and new purpose in life being a hero while helping others. It's what Navi would've wanted me to do in this world." Said Link with an honest and sad face.

"Your keeping her memory alive Link. Whether she is here with us or somewhere in the land of Hyrule. She will always be with you okay."

"Thank you Saria; you know just what to say to make me feel better," said Link as he wiped away his little tears."

"Just promise me Link, to never to disappear like that again; I miss you."

"Don't worry Saria this time I'm here to stay." Replied Link with a sincere voice.

With a long sigh she reply. "That good news."

"So did anything happen in Kokiri forest while I was gone. Don't leave me hanging."

"A lot of things happen actually. The great Deku tree has returned, but as a little sprout. It will take a long time for him to become a full grown tree again. Everyone else been pretty much okay. Expect for Mido who still claims to think he is the leader of the Kokiri when it's real our father figure the Deku tree."

"I guess everything is the same as usual."

"Well it just got a whole lot better now that you're here again. We can even have a big welcome home party just for you Link; if you want?"

"That would be nice. But for now, me and Epona here are pretty hunger. We haven't eaten for hours, after our perilous journey. Isn't that right girl."

Link replied while petting Epona softly on her white mane on the top of her neck when she started to whine.

"Well then will you be so willing to offer me a ride?'' She said with a teasing expression on her face.

"It would be a privilege to help someone so fortune like you in their time of need." Link reach out his hand and said. "Come on and hold on tight." As Saria climb on behind the leather saddle while Link was in front.

"Shall we be departure."

"Yes Link let go home together."

"Let go Epona."

Link reponded as they rode off through the lost woods as Epona hooves started to trample on the dense twigs and fresh grass that inhabit the forest floor. While Saria wrapped her arms tenderly around Link waist as she laid her head softly on Link back.

It isn't another dream; my Link is back home safe and sound. Thought Saria as she slowly started to drift off to sleep on Link's soft back for an hour.

"Hey Saria wake up, we're back home." Link said to Saria, while shaking her shoulder

"Oh really." Replied Saria, feeling a little disappointed as let go of Link waist and jump off the horse.

"The place hasn't changed one bit." As Link began to reminisce about the good times in Kokiri village. Gazing at the other tree-houses and wildlife in the clearing.

Some of them are impressive stumps, hollowed out and filled with trinkets and furniture that is renowned by the Kokiri race. But memory lane was over when the Kokiri children started to circle around Link, asking him crazy and personal question.

"Link your back home!"

"Where did you go?"

"Did you find Navi in the lost wood?"

"How did you avoid becoming a skull kid in the lost woods?"

"Do you have any good treasure on you?" Said the "know it all brothers".

Saria step in the center of the clearing and replied. "Give him some space people he is tired and hungry after his long adventure to find his friend."

"Well it looks like he fails at that too. Just like how he let our Great Deku tree die several months ago."

"That wasn't his fault Mido; he tries his best to save him and we all would've done the same as well. Please don't ruin the moment when Link finally return back home."

Mr. No Fairy should've die or turn into a skull kid in the lost wood if you ask me. He is not one of us and never will be. Oh great farore If I say that out aloud in first of everyone; Saria would've killed me right where I stand, thought Mido.

"Come on Link, have dinner with me. I'm sure I have some leftover food in my house. We can talk about all your exciting adventures you went through." Said Saria as she grabbed Link's hand leading the way.

"Hey could one you guys feed and take care of Epona for me while I'm gone. I would really appreciate it." Link requested as he waved goodbye to his Kokiri friends.

"So Link, where have you been for the past several months?"

Few hours after dusk, both Link and Saria had prepared a fresh plate of fried wild greens, wheat bread and deku tea for dinner. While he talked about his adventure though the parallel world of Temina.

His encounter with the Skull kid/Majoras mask, reversing time in three day time cycle, obtaining magical masks, freeing the Four Giant Guardians, helping people, saving broken souls and the last day in the carnival of time.

"Look Saria I even got pictures of Clocktown, Deku Palace of woodfall, Goron village of Snowhead, Great bay, Gerudo hideout, Zora Hall, Stone Tower and the carnival of time. I even met ghosts, aliens, monsters and huge giants that reach the Temina sky."

"Don't get me started on fighting inside a frightening moon with the fierce deity mask and saving the inhabitants of Termina." Said Link while retelling his adventure with a lot of enthusiasm.

"That's incredible Link; you must seen all sorts of place in your travels. Whether it was peaceful and friendly Hyrule or the scary and disorder world of Temina. You never falter until the very end."

Saria reply with a smile on her face.

"Well that not all true Saria. There were times where I have started to lose my humility, hope and faith for the curse land of Temina."

Link responded as he begins to flashback on his whole adventure in the parallel world of Temina.

Link started to think about all the feelings of grief for the loss of his fairy companion Navi, being curse into a Deku child and then the moon creeping closer towards Termina surface with every passing day.

The people still continue their everyday lives while they prepared for the carnival of time. But gradually the moon and Skull Kid proves to become too difficult to ignore.

As each day passes on; the citizens sense of denial starts to wanes and is then replaced by fear and desperation on during the carnival of time; with only a handful of people who choose to remain.

Because some people wanted to prove their courage, bravery and foolishness before they meet death.

Seeing the anger and hate in people's hearts as they start to blame others for their misfortune. Just like how the Deku's of Woodfall blamed and punished an innocent monkey for their princess disappearance.

A crime he did not commit, no matter how much the monkey pleas for his innocence. All the Deku's tribe citizens really wanted, was to release their anger out on someone for their own misfortune.

Sometimes he had to lie, bargain and trade with many entities in order to complete unfinished tasks, obtain a specific item, personal reasons and those who desperately needed his help.

For example the former Goron champion Darmain who is unable to move on in the afterlife with his brothers and sisters; as he tries desperately to return to the mortal realm, bargaining anything just to live once again. Since that it not possible he instead bargains with Link to save his people in his stead.

Link even witnessed other people's depression and sadness within the three day time cycle. Thinking that any type of future actions are futile and witnessing the people devoid of life while others stay in isolation from everyone.

But he slowly realized that each interaction with someone hardship within the constant time cycle.

He begins to learn and interact with the residents of Termina by discovering their personal lives and then helping them with their problems out of pity.

He starts to understand the inevitable future of the inhabitants of Termina and accept his role and fate to tend to the emotional scars of Termina.

This was intended by the Goddess of Time to grant Link the ability to manipulate time and change the fate of everyone inside Termina while simultaneously helping Link to ease his own grief of Navi.

Even his spiritual guided and eternal friend Kaepora Gaepora revealed Termina inevitable doom. But the fate of destiny could be changed by the courage and determination of an outsider.

Link through the use of music, masks and other tools. He has brought peace to both the living and dead spirits, allowing them to move on with life by taking their responsibility and source of trouble.

By helping others in Termina, Link found happiness and purpose in life.

He lost all sense of his purpose after Navi departed. His journey through Termina provided him mean in life once again by being a hero. Link is honoring Navi's wish to help those in need, keeping her memory alive.

"But I learned many things during my stay in Termina Saria."

"Could you tell me one of them, before we go our separate ways for rest. Since it is getting late?"

Saria said while giving a long yawn, emphasizing of tried she really is right now.

"I learned loved ones come and go in life, but they will always remain in your heart."

Link replied while showing body language by putting his hand on his heart. As a sign of love and compassion.

"I think it's time for me to go Saria." Link said.

"Okay; good night Link." Replied Saria.

"I'll see at dawn of a new day."

Link responded with a sincere smile to Saria as he returned the dirty plates and drank cups to the sink and then opened her front door and taken his leave as he departs to his treehouse.

Where he see Epona laying sleep next to a bucket of already eaten apples on the floor. Link then climbs up his ladder and proceeded to his bed.

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