Author's Note:

Only in Chapter 1 (this chapter) will this fanfic time skip. Nora altering the timeline will appear as flashbacks.
Nero Claudius may briefly appear in this chapter but as the star of the show as they say, she will appear more heavily in the rest of the fanfiction (as she is the main character in this fanfic after all).
Also there is a damn good reason this story is called Rome's Legacy. A small spoiler alert: Europe's countries are a bit, how shall I say... different.

Date: Unknown

Location: C's world

Pain, sadness, rage, helplessness, hopelessness and regret. These are the feelings Nora McBride feels looking back at her life. Her death during the Second Battle of Tokyo at the hands of the Field Limitary Effective Implosion Armament (F.L.E.I.J.A.) should of been the end for the Black Knight. However fate has other plans for her. Now she's in C's Word. With an seeming eternity to ponder and reflect. All these feeings rush to the forefront in a tidlewave. Suddenly a unknown woman appears in front of her. An Avatar of C's World. Startled, Nora automatically goes for her weapon despite being dead. The Avatar laughs, "Sorry Nora, but your dead."

Nora sighs, "I thought so when I was hit by that bomb."

The Avatar quirks and eyebrow, "Ah, you mean the Field Limitary Effective Implosion Armament also known as F.L.E.I.J.A. To sum it up, a nuclear bomb."

Nora chuckles, "So that's what thing's called. FLEIJA."

The Avatar nods, "Correct. Anyway, I have a deal for you."

Nora raises an eyebrow, "What kind of deal?"

The Avatar folds her arms, "You will be sent back in time to the days of the ancient Roman Emperor Nero. To a time when Nero was a ten year old girl."

Nora chokes, "Wh...wh...what?! Nero was actually a woman?! You've got to be fucking with me?!"

The Avatar shakes her head, "No. I am not fucking with you. Anyway, once your back in time you will prevent Nero from going down the same path she did in the original timeline. Also you are to change history as much as humanly possible. But you cannot erase Britannia from existence. All of this is so Lelouch vi Britannia and others like Marrybell mel Britannia are still born. You are to stop the Ragnarök Connection, the Zero Requiem as well as what Schneizel plans for the world. Finally you are to protect and watch over Claire li Britannia by any means necessary."

Nora cocks her head to the side, "The Claire li Britannia of my time or the woman she's named after?"

The Avatar smirks, "Both. Funny you should ask though because the girl... the Claire li Britannia you know... the girl you fell in love with... is Empress Claire li Britannia from the nineteenth century!"

Nora's eyes bug out of her head, " ...impossible!"

The Avatar mearly smirks, Oh but it is... I assure you that much."

Nora stutters, "But"

The Avatar merely chuckles in amusement, "Time travel, kidnapping, human cloning, bad parenting, geass, magic and electronic manipulation. What happened was simple, time travelers went back in time to when Claire was born. Kidnaped her when she was an infant. Cloned her then placed the clone of Claire into her crib. The real Claire li Britannia was then taken to the twenty-first century and with geass, some magic like subtle memory manipulation and electronic manipulation. As well as an absent parent... *cough*... Charles zi Britannia... *Cough*... anyway ultimately Victora li Britannia and the rest of those idiots now believe that instead of only two li Britannia sisters.. Cornelia and Euphemia... there are three. Everyone including Emperor Chuckles sincerely believes that Claire li Britannia is Victora li Britannia's daughter. That Victoria named Claire in honor of Empress Claire li Britannia."

Nora whistles, "Wow. I assume that the clone followed... er... follows the same path as the real Claire li Britannia did.. ah... does... gah... whatever! Anyway, I'm to look after and protect both of them... problem though... Nero, Claire li Britannia... both of them... are thousands of years apart... well both Claire li Britannias are centuries apart... yah, it's a problem."

The Avatar smirks, "Not if your a Code Bearer as well as go through the Project Blacklight Super-Soldier Program."

Nora does a double take, "Huh?!"

The Avatar sighs, "It will be easier just to show you... everything"

A bright light envelopes the area. Several minutes later a shocked Nora stands with her mouth agape. After a few minutes she regains her composure, "I see. So The deal is if I'm to be brought back to life then I'll be an essentially agent of C's World."

The Avatar nods, "Yes. So that is your answer?"

Nora hold up a hand, "Hold on. Maybe I can change C.C's fate. Can you show me where she was born, how she met the bitch that give her geass..."

The Avatar chuckles, "I get where you are coming from, however you are not to stop her from becoming a Code Bearer or stop her from giving Lelouch his geass under any circumstances. However besides that, feel free to do as you wish. Such as.. oh I don't know... discovering C.C. before the nun does, giving C.C. geass yourself. Have C.C. steal the nun's Code so C.C can become a Code Bearer herself... that sort of thing. Also you won't stop Lelouch or Nunnally from being exiled nor stop Britannia from turning Japan into Area 11 ether. Preventing Nunnally from being blind or crippled is not only optional, but an action I personally support."

Nora smirks, "I like your style. Very well then! I accept the terms of your Contract!"

The Avatar smiles, "Good. I'll now give the neccesary knowledge you seek. What you do with it is up to you. By the way, D.S will be keeping track of you from time to time."

After receiving the knowledge about C.C, a white light then engulfs Nora. Sending her to her destiny.

Date: June 1st, 2017

Location: Tokyo, Shinjuku, Area 11/Japan

"Why does this always have to happen Nora?"

Nora chuckles in amusement at Tamamo-no-Mae's annoyed expression, "Because Tama, it's fun!"

Mordred Pendragon sniggers in amusement, "Yah Tama, this fun!"

Tama groans in mock indignantly, "Whatever. Lelouch, It's time to go."

With a sigh, Lelouch agrees. Surviving almost being killed by Clovis's goon squad after falling into a hijacked truck carrying C.C. grates on Lelouch's nerves. staring at the corpses of Clovis's royal guard, Lelouch merely scoffs, "That idiot Tamaki can't do anything right! The operation to rescue C.C. was supposed to happen next week! Now Clovis will kill innocent people again."

Tama nods, "Not fully bringing those idiots into our plans only backfired on us!"

Nora clinches her fist, "Enough! We have a mess to clean up. Thanks to those morons.

Mordred nods her head in agreement, "I agree. We can assign proper blame later. For now we kill as many Britannian soldiers as we can before crushing Clovis's effeminate skull... with a sledgehammer! well... after he spills his guts to us of course!"

Tama grins savagely, "Lets do this!"

Arturia Pendragon just shakes her head, "Typical. Anyway lets get going."

With a beautiful smile Nero Claudius gives a dramtic bow, "Clovis shall recive the fruits of his labour... in Tartarus!"

Suffice it to say the Battle of Shinjuku goes very baddly for Clovis. Especially since his little toy the Lancelot is crushed by ironically the Knightmare's namesake (Nora turned Lancelot Du Lac into a vampire centuries ago). After ordering a ceasefire and extracting everything he needs, Lelouch puts a bullet through Clovis's skull.

After leaving the G1, Lelouch and the others meet up with Naoto's resistance cell in a secure location. In the resistance base Tamaki glares at the Britannins across the room. Tamaki then snarls, "What are Britannians doing here?! Especially the head of the Spartacus Corporation."

Claire glares back and snaps, "Thank's Tamaki, I'm so glad I'm included in that category despite being apart of this cell for a year! And don't you dare say That's different somehow!"

Tamaki splutters, but before he can say anything he's elbowed by Inoue, "Tamaki, Claire has proved herself time and time again to us. However I do agree with Tamaki, What is the head of Spartacus doing here?"

Tamaki groans in pain, "I know that, I wasn't referring to Claire... I was referring to these other people."

Ohgi just shakes his head, "You misspoke again Tamaki. Anyway, thank you for saving us."

Nora nods, "Think nothing of it, water under the bridge. Anyway, your welcome. I have a proposition for you guys. Why I'm here is apart of the proposition."

Naoto quirks an eyebrow, "Really?"

Nora nods, "We would like for you to join the Black Knights as well as join Spartacus as employees."

The resistance cell members eyes widen. Inoue chokes, "Leaving aside the philanthropic work you do, especially for our people. Spartacus is a Britannian company that builds weapons and equipment like aircraft carriers, submarines, dreadnoughts, battleships, G1s, tanks, knightmare frames, jets, helicopters etc. for Britannia! Why ask us to join the Black Knights as well?"

Nora laughs, "True. Here's the thing, the BK and Spartacus are one and the same entity." Naoto's cell eyes widen, but Nora ignores them, "You see Spartacus is merely a front. A Trojan horse. We build all these things for Britannia with a back door. A switch if you will. Imagine Japan is in open rebellion against Britannia. Suddenly, all of Spartacus made military vehicles being operated by the Britannian military suddenly in the midst of battle turn on their own comrades at the flick of a switch. All those military vehicles suddenly simultaneously and in unison become remote controlled drones for the Black Knights. Their previous operators helplessly entombed inside the driver seat."

This floors the resistance members. A few minutes later Kallen grins, "I like it! Finally justice!"

Naoto smirks, "Awesome! So who is Zero, If you don't mind me asking?"

Lelouch steps from behind Tama and Mordred. Causing Kallen's eyes to widen before screaming, "Lelouch?!"

Lelouch just smirks, "That would be me. Lelouch vi Britannia. Former Eleventh Prince of the Empire and seventeenth in line to the throne."

Kallen's eyes widen, "Your the Traitor Prince! The one who rallied the Japanese military against your own country. Your supposed to be dead!"

Lelouch just smirks, "The reports of my demise are nothing but a fabricated fairytail. Not even Hades, Hel or Lucifer can keep me contained. Not when I vowed seven years ago that I would obliterate Britannia!"

Naoto whistles, "Claire your brother is somthing isn't he?"

Claire nods, "True Naoto. The question is now, will you join us?"

Naoto grins, "Claire, when you and Euphie came to us a year ago as representatives of the Black Knights. We worked along side you guys since then. But we had no idea you two represented Britannia's so called Traitor Prince. I'm in. What about the rest of you?"

After some deliberation an agreement is reached. The rest of the cell will join the Black Knights and Spartacus. For the first time during the meeting, Euphemia li Britannia speaks up, "Now that's settled we should talk about what our next objective will be."

Kallen raises an eyebrow at one of her lovers, "Which is Euphie?"

Euphie smirks as a red crane appears in one of her eyes, "The obliteration of the Purist Faction."

Author's Notes:

Why does some sources call Saber Arturia Pendragon (like on this site) while others call her Artoria Pendragon (like on AO3)?

Also, about Claire's back story. That's the same backstory in all my fanfic's for Claire li Britannia.

This story is also on AO3.