18th Century France, Adrien was putting up another wanted poster of the Scarlet Pumpernickel. All he ever wanted was to find out the true identity of this mysterious maiden. Out of all the girls he met in Paris, not a single one of them had the smell of fresh baked cookies from the oven and lotuses imported from China.

Meanwhile, High Lord Gabriel decided to let his son marry Grand Duchess Lila. That way, he could lure Scarlet to town and execute her. "Messenger!" he shouted as Lord-In-Waiting Nico arrived. "Take a message to Duchess Lila."

Gabriel was delighted by his plan, but Lord-In-Waiting Nico thought he was overdoing it.

After he left, High Lord Gabriel ordered the guards to send Lord Adrien into a high tower, so he wouldn't escape the marriage.

In the high room, Adrien started to cry. "My life is over," he said to himself. "First Father makes me marry a woman I don't love, and then locks me in the high tower before the wedding."


In Grand Duchess Lila's mansion, she was prepping up another dress when she got a letter from High Lord Gabriel. After reading it, she smiled evilly. "Wonderful," she said. "I'm happy to marry Lord Adrien, and that psycho Scarlet won't get my fiancé."


As the wedding approach, Grand Lord Gabriel's guards awaited the arrival for the Scarlet Pumpernickel. Meanwhile, an innkeeper named Alya was ordered to buy some bread for the wedding. "Why can't he have a cake for once?" she asked in annoyance.

While getting some bread out, Marinette was confused. When she asked her best friend what was wrong, Innkeeper Alya explained that Lord Adrien will be indisposed until after the wedding. Thinking clearly, Marinette can remember that Adrien was forbidden to play with the peasants and enjoy any sort of party. She didn't want Lord Adrien to marry a woman he doesn't love, so she knew exactly what to do. "This looks like a job for the Scarlet Pumpernickel," Marinette whispered to herself.

A few minutes later, Marinette changed into the Scarlet Pumpernickel, rode on her horse and took off to save Lord Adrien before he has a miserable future.