Hello fellow Star vs the Forces of Evil lovers! I'm still super sad that the show is over but am so grateful that it was such a beautiful and intriguing show. This story is about different snippets from Star and Marco's life after Cleaved. There will be 26 chapters (just like there are 26 letters of the alphabet) and each will have a chapter that correlates with a letter of the alphabet. There is no story, just a bunch on nonlinear shorts depicting their lives. Some will be right after Cleaved, some will be years later. It will just depend. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the stories! I don't own Star vs the Forces of Evil or any of its characters or stories-that belongs to the wonderful Daron Nefcy. Please feel free to review and critic! Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Always Got Me

"You've got to be kidding me…" Marco groaned as he looked at his outfit. "Tom, this is my only Prussian blue! The whole thing is ruined!" Slumping into a chair, he sighed in defeat and took a piece of the mushroom pizza out of its box that was left over from the night before. Taking a bite, Marco sighed and looked at Tom. "This is all that matters now."

Tom stood in front of the mirror and began straightening his tie. "Perfect…Tom, you handsome devil you." He winked at himself before he turned back to Marco with a raised eyebrow. "Ahh, come on, dude! You've got more than a piece of gross mushroom pizza! You're just stressed about today…And hey, look at the time. We need to get going! We only have 20 minutes before it starts."

"20 MINUTES?!" Marco sprang up from his chair, flinging his pizza onto the floor, forgotten. "OHHH NO! I CAN'T DO THIS! OH WOW! OKAY! WOW! OH NO!" He began pacing the floor, then stopped suddenly. Tom stepped in front of him, waving a hand in front of his face. Marco stared into space, his eyes vacant.

"Uhhh, dude? Did you have a stroke?" Tom poked Marco in the face, then frowned when he got no response. "Do I need to call someone, or-"


BAM! Tom jumped back in surprise, seeing Marco in a fighting stance. "Oh great, it's the Sword Hand Dance again." He mumbled under his breath.

Marco began kicking and jumping in the air, yelling with each empty hit. "It's-HIYA-not a-WOOOOYA-dance! It's-WAH-Karate!" He continued practice his moves, sweat beginning to travel to his armpits.

After watching Marco fight thin air for 10 minutes, Tom rolled his three eyes and took a deep breath. "Dude, everything is going to be okay. Just because you don't have the perfect-"

"That's just it!" Marco stopped as suddenly as he started, facing the wall. He caught Tom's eye in the mirror but quickly looked away. "It HAS to be perfect! It's all a little boy has ever dreamed about since he was small! I just-this is so huge! I just want everything to be perfect."

Tom contemplated what he was saying. Obviously Marco was having a Marco moment. There was only way to solve this. "GLASSES! CLOTHES! BOOK! Tom Lucitor, PhD."

Marco pursed his lip. "I really wish Star hadn't told you about that…" Tom ignored him and pushed Marco into a chair, handing him a plum tie.

"Marco, you are just nervous because this is a big life change. Yeah, things are scary and aren't going to be the same as always. But this is going to be the best day of your life and the start of something amazing." Tom grabbed a brush and combed Marco's hair. "Besides, you're my best friend. You always have me. That will never change." He backed up, and spun Marco's chair around to observe himself. "So, did I do better than Star at the PhD thing?"

Slowly, Marco stood up and looked at the mirror. He shifted from side to side, taking in every angle. He finally turned back to look at Tom, letting out a deep breath. "Thanks, Tom. You're right. I was having a Marco moment. I'm okay now. Thanks for being a good friend."

The demon prince smiled and took him by the shoulder. "Glad that's over, becaaaaause it's time." Marco blanched and his heart quickened.

"Ahh. Okay. Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. Cool." Marco closed his eyes and breathed in deep, releasing it slowly through his nose. "Okay. Let's go."

The two friends left the room, (not before Tom forced Marco to put on more deodorant on his sweaty pits,) and walked down the hall. Opening the door, the duo were greeted by the sound of chattering people and a piano playing quietly in the background. The crowd paused for a second, glancing at the pair as they stood at the front of the aisle. Suddenly, the music began to play loudly, but all Marco could hear was the pounding in his ears. He didn't compute the women (and floating horse head) coming up and standing at the altar. Tom noticed his friend balling his fists, then whispered, "Chill, dude. I'm right behind you." The piano swelled as Mariposa, a wily 8-year old, danced down the aisle, tossing petals on the ground. As she smiled sweetly at the maid-of-honor and other bridesmaids, the crowd stood up.

The moment the doors opened, all of Marco's fears vanished. Star caught Marco's eye and smiled so widely her face could have split in half. In true Mewni tradition, she walked herself down the aisle-well, more sprinted down it-true to Star style. She grasped Marco's hands and smiled up at him. She heard a sniffle and glanced behind him at Tom. She winked at him and smiled before looking back at Marco.

As the priest began talking, she whispered to Marco, "So, you went with the plum I see."

"Yeah, the Prussian blue one was on the fritz."

"Tom pick it out?"

"Yeah…I had a Marco moment."

Star smiled and pushed her veil out of her face, ignoring the priest going on about combining Mewni and Earth traditions, yada yada yada. "Well, next time you have a Marco moment, you always have me…and I guess Tom."

Marco smirked and pulled Star closer making her giggle. "I do?"

The priest coughed, bringing the two back into the moment. "I haven't gotten to that part yet…"

"I do too! You may totally kiss the bride!" Star finished for the priest and grabbed Marco into a deep kiss, causing everyone to cheer. The two separated and smiled at the crowd, seeing their parents wiping away tears, before glanced at Tom. He gave them a thumbs up. Marco smiled at him, then grabbed Star's hand and rushed down the aisle to Space Unicorns-why did he let Star pick the music again?

Hope you enjoyed the first chapter! Please feel free to write reviews or critic! Most chapters will be about Star and Marco, but some will be about other characters. Also, weddings are always depicted from the bride's point of view, I thought it would be fun to do it from Marco's and have Tom chill him out. (I am weirdly obsessed with their friendship.) Anyway, until next time! Thank you for reading!