October 1st, UC 0078. Parliament. Zum City, Side 3. Principality of Zeon. Third Person POV

"The history of the present regime of the Earth Federation is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these Colonies. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.

The Federation as refused their Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.

The Federation has forbidden the Sides to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till their Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, they have utterly neglected to attend to them.

The Federation has refused to grant the Sides neither sovereignty nor representation, denying our right to of citizenship and establishing an elite oligarchy to have total control over the many.

The Federation maintains complete apathy to the wellbeing of their citizens after their exile, abandoning the colonies in poverty, with the national colonies of the Sides existing solely for exploitation.

The Federation..."

For the next several minutes, Prime Minister Gihren Zabi continued on his rant towards the injustice and tyranny of the Earth Federation. Reading from the Zeon Declaration of Independence, he stated the justifications of the Principality for its secession from the Federation, and the list of grievances that the Federation inflicted on the Sides, in particular Side 3. With each word, Gihren held the unwavering focus of not only the Parliamentarians assembled before him, but the hundreds of millions of citizens of Zeon who were glued to their monitors in order to watch the address. Billions more around the Earth Sphere were also watching, minutes away before viewing the most important moment in two human histories.

Seated a couple of meters behind Gihren, high on his grand throne, sat the most powerful man within Zeon, if not all of space. He was a largely obese man with a bald head, sporting a pair of shades sans arms, and an elaborate maroon uniform with an accompanying cape of black and gold. While a comical appearance to the unaware person, those who stood within the presence of this man would notice nothing other than a radiant aura of power and will. This man was Degwin Sodo Zabi, Sovereign of the Principality of Zeon.

Sitting regally on his throne, Degwin looked on at his eldest son and presumptive heir with a neutral expression of content. The shades on his glasses allowed his eyes to freely wonder around without anyone noticing. Degwin observed all those within the chamber, only stopping his search after being satisfied with everyone paying close attention to Gihren's speech, a mixture of awe and excitement on their faces, the primary effect that the Zabis had desired when crafting up this performance.

For the Declaration, they chose to model it off of the American Declaration of Independence, but with some major edits with the elimination of Christian references and a rewording to fit the situation of Zeon. It was a popular idea within the Social Democratic Spacenoid Party, the ruling monopolistic party of Side 3, to have their declaration be copied off of America's to send a strong statement. The United States was the first nation within the Americas to tear off the yoke of Imperialism in the Colonial Age, and Zeon would do the same, leading the charge for all Spacenoids to rise up against the tyrannical Earth Federation.

At first, Gihren had scoffed at the notion, as he had hoped to have his own personal Declaration created to add to his legacy as one of the core Founding Fathers of the Principality, and so he could use his time at the podium to make a grand historical speech that would be cataloged for centuries. Unfortunately for Gihren, Degwin was largely supportive of the idea, so he had to relent. What little grievances Gihren had with the speech were completely eliminated when he started speaking. His natural talents were kicked into action, and he swiftly captivated all those who stood before him.

Besides, this minor trifle was of little consequence to Gihren in the long run. In the coming months, he would seek to enact his plans into motion and to shape humanity in his vision. When Degwin died and Gihren rose to become Sovereign, he would finalize his legacy, one which would last for millennia.

Unfortunately, these plans had given discomfort to the one man who Gihren needed to make most of them succeed, his father Degwin. When it came to Gihren, Degwin loved his eldest as he did all of his children. Yet even he had to admit that there was something disturbing about his son. While Gihren had a unique gift that could rally billions to his side and enact grand plans to revolutionize the Earth Sphere, this same gift could just as easily be twisted by the man that wielded it, twisted into many horrors. If everything that Gihren had hoped for would come true, then half of humanity would be dead in the greatest war in human history. When Gihren became Sovereign, there would be nothing to stop him from shaping Side 3, or humanity, into his very image.

Yet, as much as Degwin hated to admit it, Gihren's vision and machinations were one of the few ways that Zeon could ever hope to achieve victory. Gihren had been instrumental in uplifting Zeon to become an economic and industrial powerhouse in the Sides, reforming the military to become a force that would surpass the Federal Forces when they met on the battlefield. As heinous as Gihren's plan was, it was the only sure method for total victory as it would cripple the Federal war machine and make Earth powerless before the Zeon Armada, allowing the Principality to dictate whatever terms that they wanted. If the Principality failed, even if it were to use more benevolent methods, then the punishment would be extreme with Zeon's quest for independence being the justification for brutal reprisals that would make the past half century of oppression look like a paradise of liberty.

This was why, with extreme reluctance, Degwin had let Gihren take charge of the planning for war, letting his vision become Zeon's sole strategy for Independence. There was still hope, that perhaps the Federation would bend over and allow Zeon to secede with complete sovereignty, but Degwin knew this was a total falsehood. If Earth allowed Zeon to walk away, then it would be a free pass for the rest of their Sides to secede. This would cripple the Earthnoid economy and destroy the Federation as its member-states would soon fight to regain their sovereignty, undoing eight decades of their authoritarian empire over space, and leaving Earth powerless before the dominant and vengeful Sides. As such, war was the only possible solution to this scenario.

Wanting to take his thoughts of the plans that Gihren had prepared, Degwin shifted his head slightly and looked towards a balcony in the center of the hall. Sitting on the front row of said balcony were his two youngest children, Kycillia and Garma Zabi. Kycillia sat with a satisfied expression, air of power surrounded around her similar to her father and Gihren. On her right was the youngest member of Zeon's royal dynasty, Garma Zabi. Garma's usual aura of grace and dignity was gone at the moment as he sat on the edge of his seat with his arm tightly curled around the rails. Unlike Kycillia who was merely satisfied with what was taking place, Garma was entranced by Gihren's speech, the fires of Nationalism and his pride as a prince of the new nation overwhelming him.

Seeing his two children warmed Degwin's heart, though at the same time he was also saddened due to the absence of his second son, Dozle. At the moment Dozle was stationed at the Solomon Base in L5, leading the 2nd Space Fleet. With Dozle at Solomon, he could lead a pre-emptive strike against Sides 1 and 4 in case the Federation decided to immedeatly retaliate Zeon's call for independence. Dozle was not the only Zabi who was absent, with Degwin's first and second wife, along with his secondborn son Sasro, having died many years ago due to tragic circumstances.

'Alice, Naliss, Sasro. I hope you are watching what is taking place, your children and siblings are making history. I would have done anything to have you at my side today.'
Degwin thought with great sorrow.

Degwin focused his gaze on Kycillia and Garma once more, with his only daughter noticing in return, Kycillia offered a rare smile in return to her beloved father, causing Degwin's mood to rise again.

'I won't be long for this world, so do your best to aid your brother when he ascends to the throne. If you keep his ambitions in check, I'm sure that Zeon will rise to great heights.'

"-We, therefore, the Representatives of the Principality of Zeon, within the National Legislature, Assembled, appealing to our right of Sovereignty, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and an Independent Nation; that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the planet Earth, and that all political connection between them and the State of the Earth Federation, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent Nation, we have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do. And for the support of this Declaration, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor. SIEG ZEON!" Gihren finished, raising his arm in a righteous declaration with everyone within the chambers following suit.




These two words were echoed continuously by hundreds of millions across the Principality, a thunderous roar which completely overwhelmed all of the colonies within Side 3. For a couple of minutes this cheering went on, until the crowd's throats began to soar and silence soon filled the chambers, and the rest of the nation once more.

Grabbing the Declaration in his hands, Gihren turned around and walked towards the direction of his father, ascending a small flight of stairs, and kneeling before the throne with his head low. "I now present this Declaration of Independence before our rightful Sovereign. With his signing, the Principality's sovereignty shall become law, and we shall be free of the shackles of the Earth's gravity!" Gihren boldly proclaimed. He lifted his head slightly, allowing Degwin to gaze into his eyes, his soul seemingly consumed with greed and a lust for power.

Degwin rose from his throne, and moved to his son. Taking the Declaration in hand, Degwin moved to the central podium which Gihren had used to speak just seconds ago. Degwin rested the Declaration on the podium, at the same time moving his right hand to grab and hold onto a pen. Degwin rose his pen high, then struck the document in a large and elaborate motion, signing his name in a grand John Handcock.

As Degwin was putting down his signature, the entire chamber, and indeed almost all of the nation, sat still in a silent and abated breath. In a couple of seconds, though what had seemed like an eternity to those gazing upon the spectacle, Degwin had signed the Declaration. After he was finished, Degwin put down the pen and held the Declaration up high for the audience and camera to follow.

"With this signing, I declare the Principality of Zeon and its citizens to be forever independent and free, from now until the end of time! SIEG ZEON!" Degwin bellowed

"SIE-" The chant that was about to rise on the lips of the audience grew deathly silent as everyone in attendance suddenly observed an unexplainable and otherwordly phenomena. All around them a bright and shining light started glowing the instant Degwin had finished his declaration. Despite not having any possible source, the light continued to grow in intensity, growing almost as strong as the sun. Several people had to shield their eyes, while a few hollered out in pain, their souls put under immense pressure by what was taking place.

Up on the podium, Degwin had dropped the Declaration on the podium and began to cover his eyes. He took off his glasses, trying to see if it was an illusion, only finding it to be complete reality. Offput by the brightness with his weak eyes, Degwin stumbled backwards and fell on the floor. He could feel a strong pressure on his shoulder with the presence of a hand.


This would be the last thing that Degwin would hear his entire world was consumed by light, with him momentarily falling into unconsciousness, darkness taking over him.

This would be the last moment that Degwin Sodo Zabi, or the Principality of Zeon, would exist within the Universal Century. After a single second, Side 3 was no more.

October 1st, UC 0070. Solomon. Lagrange 5. Third Person POV.

"The history of the present regime of the Earth Federation is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these Colonies. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world..."

Within the command center of the asteroid base Solomon, all the officers currently present were seated with their eyes glued to the main screen. While the screen would usually provide a view of the surrounding space from Solomon's multiple cameras, for this special occasion the feed was replaced by the ongoing news broadcasts that were focused on the Signing of the Declaration. Normally, such a grand event would take place in the vast and grand assembly hall within Solomon, created for hosting grandiose events such as award ceremonies and hosting visiting dignitaries. However, due to the nature of the ongoing event with the possible threat of instant retaliation from the Federal Forces, everyone within Solomon and the stationed 2nd Fleet was instead stationed at their on-duty post. As a concession to the excited sailors and marines who wanted to witness history in the making, most were allowed to view the Signing through some sort of electronic device if they were not pre-occupied with a critical role. This was a compromise so that the men and women of the fleet could bear witness to this birth of their nation, yet at the same time still be ready to respond if the Federal Fleet decided to move.

Fortunately the Federal Fleet had remained on standby at the moment. Within Jaburo there was a flurry of debate on whether or not they should launch a pre-emptive strike or wait for the situation to develop, with similar debates occurring within the Federal Assembly, calls for diplomacy and war being made on all sides of the political spectrum.

Of all the officers watching the Signing, none were as proud as Vice Admiral Dozle Zabi, commander of the 2nd Fleet and the current ruler of Solomon.

Seated on the Garrison CO chair within the command center, Dozle viewed the proceedings with glee as his brother was listing out the grievances that the Federation inflicted upon Zeon. At long last, after years of service to his nation, Dozle would bear witness to history as his people would tear off the shackles of gravity and chart out their own course for life, with Zeon to soon set an example for the rest of the Earth to follow as Deikun's vision of the enlightened age of the Newtype.

'Everything is coming to fruition. Father shall act as Zeon's shepherd, Gihren it's prophet, Kycillia the cloak and dagger, Garma the valiant Knight, and I shall be the Iron Fist who shall destroy all of our enemies who dare stand to violate our independence.' Thought Dozle, jubilant at seeing his families plans, a decade in the making, finally become reality.

"So...it's finally happening." Whispered in a low voice to Dozle's right, Zenna Zabi, the sole member of the Zabi dynasty who married into the family and was not of Degwin's direct descent. As a Captain of the Space Force, Zenna had been stationed at Solomon as Head of Logistics for the Base, with her duties also covering the refueling and resupply of all fleets either stationed or in transit at Solomon. Hypothetically, Zenna had several officers that were above her in the command chain in Solomon, including Admiral Halsey of the 2nd Fleet. However, thanks to her marriage to Dozle and status as a Princess of Zeon, she was De Facto 2nd in command at Solomon, with many of Dozle's own decisions being influenced by the input of his wife.

Dozle took his focus off of the screen and looked towards his beloved. Zenna sat with a perfect posture and her body rigid in movement. Her facial expression was one of joy, though her eyes were wrought with concern and nervousness, betraying her perfect and regal stance.

Concerned, Dozle leaned his body slightly, shifting it into a thirty-degree angle so he could place his full potential on Zenna. "Are you concerned about the retaliation?" Dozle asked in a voice that was hushed and as low as he could produce. It wouldn't do after all to have their subordinates see concern or worry within members of the Zabi family.

Zenna slightly shook her head, then looked towards her husband, speaking in an equally low voice. "It's not that, I know that with the usage of Zakus and Minovsky particles, it's going to be impossible for the Federal Fleets to produce any kind of real damage unless nukes are involved. I know we'll win; it's how we'll win that concerns me." Zenna said.

Zenna's emphasis on the planned tactics of the Zeon Space Force let Dozle understand his wife's fears, that of the horrors that Gihren would unleash if his plans were used in their entirety.

The planned nuking and gassing of Sides 1, 2, and 4 at the start of 0079 if the Federation did not accept Zeon's independence, known as Operation Prussian, was the blitzkrieg strategy developed by Gihren Zabi with the intent of crippling the Federation's presence in space. With Sides 1 and 2 gone, the Federation would lose their industrial centers and half of the loyalist Spacenoid population, the addition of Side 4 removing their presence in Lagrange 5. It was hoped that after enduring such a brutal attack with an annihilation of the Space Force, the Federation would have to come to terms and give Zeon complete independence with additional economic concessions that would strengthen Zeon for the next two generations. It would be a brilliant plan on paper, if one were to overlook the sheer holocaust from the lives lost.

When it came to his own thoughts on the plans, Dozle was not comfortable with it. While he understood the necessity of strategic nuclear strikes to cripple the Federation's industry, as a strategic nuclear campaign had been the key to NATO's victory over the Warsaw Pact in WWIII and India over Pakistan in the Fourth Indo-Pakistani War; the scale of destruction chosen by Gihren was completely over-proportional. Only a third of the cost would be necessary to give Zeon the comparative advantage, and with the Zaku Dozle was confident that Zeon would obliterate the Federation in conventional warfare. There was also the uncomfortable fact that Zeon would be firing on the Spacenoids that they were supposed to liberate from the Federation. In Dozle's mind, why should Zeon be killing those who were equally oppressed for decades when the oligarchic Earthnoids would come out of the war relatively unscathed?

For now there was a brief period of time for Operation Prussian to be edited in the coming weeks if the Federation did not launch an immediate attack. By the end of October, if there were no changes, then Prussian would have to be carried out in its entirety so that the various fleets could carry out their orders without any unclear objectives or contradictions. Dozle hoped that he could use this time to persuade his brother to change Prussian into a limited version that focused on the control of the moon, total elimination of military industry, and the isolation of Earth from the colonies. Dozle knew however that it would be an extremely uphill battle, once Gihren had set his mind to something, nothing short of a miracle could change it.

Wanting to comfort his wife, Dozle took Zenna's left hand with his right, and firmly grasped it, his titanic palm completely covering her hand. The small electric spark from the contact brought an excited chill to Zenna's body, while she also smiled from the small gesture by Dozle.

"I feel the same way that you do my love. As despicable as it is, Prussian is our best hope for total victory. If we don't kill the Federation in the first wave, then they'll use Earth's resources to rebuild and destroy the Principality. I'll try to ask Father if he can change Gihren's mind, but I have to do my duty no matter what. Victory is our only option, and I'll do whatever is necessary for the Principality to emerge strong and victorious, I owe it to every man and woman who served under me. Not only that, but I need to fight for our future. I want our children to grow up in a nation where every Spacenoid can live good lives of liberty and happiness. In order to do that we must achieve victory at any cost. If I am to become a demon in the eyes of Earth, then so be it. I'll give anything, even my life, if it's in return for the freedom of my people."

"Dozle." Zenna said softly, tears threatening to form in her eyes. Out of all of Dozle's traits, his selflessness was both his greatest strength, and his weakness. For while it made Dozle a leader who would never take any action unless he knew it was for the good of those who served under him, it also made him incredibly ignorant to his own well-being and desires. It was a character that arose thanks to years of servitude to his family and their accumulation of power, always willing to play the loyal pawn while his elder brother Gihren and his exceptionally gifted younger siblings would reap glory in the spotlight.

"Dozle, any victory is meaningless if you don't survive to the end. I want you to grow old with me, us passing on surrounded by countless grandchildren, not blown away in a destroyed zaku in space." Zenna said, silently pleading for her husband to just once put his needs above others.

Completely understanding the worries of his wife, Dozle leaned to his right, and gave a soft kiss to Zenna, comforting the blonde Zabi. "Every time I go out in fight, I shall do so in order to return to you. When the Principality gains its independence, I'll take a leave of absence from the Space Force so we can focus on building a family. I want to grow old with you as well. First, I must finish my duty. I owe to much to the people of Zeon to leave them in their darkest hour."

Knowing that her husband had at least enough self-preservation to try and come back to her instead of needlessly risking his life for the good of the nation, Zenna relented, knowing that at the very least he would attempt to convince Gihren to either pursue peace first or go for a more limited war, no matter how low the success would be in that regard. The two Zabis shared another kiss, then redirected their attention to Gihren's continued speech.

Fortunately the Zabi's heart-to-heart had gone relatively unnoticed by most of the Command Center, everyone being thoroughly engrossed by Gihren's speech. The only one who had paid any attention to the exchange was Shin Matsunaga, Dozle's personal bodyguard and best friend, who had watched the exchange silently a few meters behind. Much to Shin's dismay, it seemed that his fellow Royal Guard, Anavel Gato, had not noticed the conversation at all. Instead, his attention was glued to the main screen where he was mesmerized by Gihren saying the Declaration. As someone whose sole job was to watch for any sign of danger to the Zabi family, it was not a good sign that Gato had his focus on a Zabi who was tens of thousands of kilometers away versus the two Zabis who were in front of him.

Wanting to rectify the situation, Shin reached out to his left and lightly smacked Gato at his side. Gato's focus was interrupted thanks to the stimulus, and he turned to Shin with a slightly annoyed look on his face, only for Shin to meet his glare with a death stare and pointing to both Dozle and Zenna. Realizing his mistake, Gato's annoyance was replaced by embarrassment, the Spaniard Spacenoid mouthing an apology before standing on guard with his full attention now focused on the young Zabis. Satisfied, Shin returned to his post, resuming his watch of any possible threats to his friend.

The two Zabis, as well as the rest of the bridge crew, continued to watch in excited silence for the next few minutes as Gihren finished reciting the contents of the Declaration. This silence was broken at the end of Gihren's speech, with Gihren's declaration being returned by multiple shouts of "Sieg Zeon!", the bridge, along with hundreds of thousands of men and women stationed at Solomon, shouting at the top of their lungs in joy with their nation being free.

As Gihren was walking towards Degwin, Dozle took this as a perfect moment to directly address the fleet. Picking up a communicator at his chair which was a more advanced version of a Captain's intercomm, Dozle held it to his face while typing a few commands on his console so that it would be distributed throughout Solomon and the 2nd fleet.

"Brave sons and daughters of Zeon, within a few moments, our great nation shall rise up against the tyranny of gravity and proclaim its rightful place as a free and sovereign state among the stars, fulfilling the legacy of the great Zeon Zum Deikun. After today, the Federation shall have no choice but to recognize our righteous freedom. If they choose to oppose us, then we shall win our independence through iron and blood. We are in the midst of the greatest event in history, one that shall be remembered for generations to come. Long live the Principality, SIEG ZEON!" Dozle said, reinvigorating the morale of the troops once more.

A half a minute after Dozle's speech, Degwin would plant his signature on the declaration, making it an official and legal document, separating all ties between Side 3 and the Earth Federation. The Spacenoids based at Solomon were so lost in the euphoria of this momentous event, along with partaking in a third round of chanting, that they initially didn't notice the increasing white light that was not only beginning to spread throughout Parliament, but throughout the ships and local sector as well.

Within the command center at Solomon, Dozle was the first to notice something amiss. He had shifted his vision to gaze upon Zenna once more, when he started to notice his eyesight being engulfed in a bright white light. This caused Dozle to jump out of his chair in bewilderment, grabbing the attention of Zenna, Shin, and Gato; causing Dozle's closet companions to also take in notice of the unusual phenomena.

"What the hell is going on?!" Asked an increasingly nervous and unsure Dozle. The voice of their commanding officer and second in-line to their nation's throne caused all present to shift their attention away from the signing and towards their immediate environment. Witnessing an increasing intense white light surround them, caused fear and panic to engulf the vicinity. This was further increased by the increasing screams of an officer in the CIC, shouting in pure pain and agony due to the stress on his soul, awakening hidden powers that caused him to relive a future death at the hands of a white devil.

Fearing that some sort of attack was taking place, both Shin and Gato's trained instincts as bodyguards kicked in, their main priority being the health and safety of Dozle and Zenna Zabi above all others.

"Lord Dozle, we must evacuate immediately, I fear that Solomon is experiencing a chemical attack." Pleaded Gato. Dozle tried to comply with the request, but the increasing white light was making it difficult for him to see outside of a few meters in front of him with every passing second.

Fearing the worst and that these would be his last moments alive, Dozle sought out his wife. "Zenna!" He shouted in desperation.

"Dozle, I'm here." Zenna replied. While he could not see her entire body, Dozle could faintly see a small arm reach out towards him. Beliving it to be that of his spouse, Dozle reached out and grabbed the arm, pulling it and Zenna towards him, Dozle then encasing Zenna with a fierce hug in order to protect her with his titanic body.

In his last moments of consciousness, Dozle searched with his left hand until he found his wife's face. "I love you." Dozle said, then proceeding to kiss Zenna tenderly with her reciprocating. A few seconds later, both Zabis would collapse on the floor, losing all consciousness.

For some strange reason that he would never understand until the day he died, the last thing that Dozle Zabi would remember of his time in the Universal Century was hearing the anguished cry of a young teenage girl, shouting a single name.


A/N: Hello everyone, this is Kaiser Chris coming at you with another Gundam story, "Gihren's Greed: Cosmic Cruade". The premise of this story is sequel, moments after declaring its independence, the Principality of Zeon along with the dark side of the moon and Zeon's possessions scattered throughout the Earth sphere, are all ISOT'd to the Cosmic Era on April 1st, CE 70. The story will focus on how the Earth Alliance, ZAFT, along with Orb and the neutral nations adapt to the presence of Zeon, while the Principality tries to chart its own destiny now that it is truly free and independent of the Federation.

Now since this is my second ongoing Gundam work, I'll answer some potential questions straight away.

Q:Why are you writing this, aren't you going to complete Gihren's Glory?
A: Gihren's Glory shall always be my top priority, and in many ways it's because of Gihren's Glory that I'm writing this. When I was writing the last update for Gihren's Glory, I realized that at the current pace, even if I work at my best and give a handful of updates every month, it will be a LONG time before we get to the eventual war between Zeon and the Earth Federation. Since there will be very few mobile suit battles and most of the chapters will be a mix of drama, political intrigue, and worldbuilding, I thought i'd indulge traditional Gundam fans with another story that will have a far more conflict intense plot, with the ongoing Bloody Valentine War being a nice alternative for the lack of warfare in Gihren's Glory.

Q: What's going to be your priority between Cosmic Crusade and Gihren's Glory?
A: Gihren's Glory will take precedence, and Cosmic Crusade is mostly meant to be supplemental material whenever the plot in Gihren's Glory is moving along slowly. After I get to a point in Gihren's Glory where I feel that enough development has been written, then I'll write chapters for Cosmic Crusade, and switch shortly back to Gihren's Glory. 2/3rd's of my Gundam focus will be on Gihren's Glory, and 1/3rd on Cosmic Cruade. I will do my best to write enough chapters of Cosmic Crusade to at least show the immediate aftermath of Zeon's entry, with the first phase taking place shortly after the completion of Operation Uroboros.

Q:Is there going to be any similar elements in Cosmic Crusade compared to Gihren's Glory?
A: There will in the future be many Zeon OC's that will be shown in both stories, and both Zeon's share a common history leading up to Kaiser Gihren's insertion in 0067. However, Cosmic Crusade follows Gundam canon leading up to 0078, and as such Side 3 in this story will be radically different to Side 3 in Gihren's Glory 0078. The history of the Earth Federation is the same to 0067, but everything afterword is radically different, especially with canon Gihren still being present here. The two stories are mostly separate continuities. In the end, it's not going to be a major problem since the Universal Century will essentially be removed from the setting. Here, I'll mostly focus on fleshing out the Cosmic Era and the history that lead to the events of SEED.

Q:What will you be basing the SEED side on?
A: Mostly on SEED and SEED Destiny, though the future plot will render the events of Destiny largely erased with what I am planning. Some characters from SEED MSV and Stargazer will appear to flesh out the cast. I'm trying to read Astray and see what I can incorporate, but outside of the Sahakus and the Astray girls, most of Astray's plot, especially the importance of Serpent Tail and the Junk Guild, will become irrelevent due to Zeon's presence altering the war dramatically. Since SEED is far less detailed than the Universal Century, I'm going to be making some creative liberties in order to produce a realistic take on how the Cosmic Era functions.

Q:How long is the story going to take?
A: I intend to write until the end of the Bloody Valentine War. After that, my focus shall switch back entirely to Gihren's Glory, where I hope to reach the eventual Earth-Zeon war by that point. After I finish this story, I'll take a long break on SEED material before I even consider a sequel. While this story will have a definitive ending, it's continuation will depending on the outcome of the ending and whether I feel there will be enough material for future stories.

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