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Important: The Grimm timeline is canon. I will post it later. The Harry Potter world is a few years later: Harry went to Hogwarts in 2008 and not in 1991. The British wizarding world is backwards.


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It is the 8th June 2011 and Harry Potter is on the Hogwarts Express to London.

The next days with the Dursleys are usual. He got a long list to work off. The Dursleys like to work him hard, especially the first days after Hogwarts. Gardening. Clothing washing. Cooking. The rooms. It was the usual until the 13th. Than his aunt does something mostly unusual. The Dursleys' house had a small dusty attic. It was full with some boxes and similar things. It was rarely opened. Petunia sometimes gets some things out of there. Harry rarely got to work there. Today Petunia sends him there to "dust the boxes". Harry dusts and coughs. He isn't looking for a moment and tips one of the smaller boxes over. Harry quickly puts the things back. There is one smaller box and lots of books. There is a small wooden box. It opened and the content fell out. There are different letter send to Petunia. After Harry has the letters back in the wooden box, he sees a small diary. Harry is about to put it back into the wooden box, when he reads the cover.

It is his mother's diary.

Harry freezes. Why was it in the box? Should he read it? Harry knows that he can't tell his aunt about it or she will take it away and perhaps destroy it or throw it away. Perhaps she forgot that she had it. How did she get it? Harry hides the thin diary inside his clothes, puts the wooden box into the other box, closes it and dusts the rest. Petunia lets him downstairs, when it is time to cook dinner. She let's him have a quick shower to get the dust off. That night Harry starts to read the diary. The magical world hasn't told him much about his mother. That little diary will change many things. A dairy which a pregnant Lily accidentally left with Petunia after a dispute between them.

Harry reads the diary the next few days. The Dursleys couldn't think of more work for some days so they left him stay inside his room and he had enough time to read. It was a new diary, when his mother lost it and Harry has read it through on the 16th June. He spends the next day thinking about it. It couldn't be, could it? Everybody told him that he looked like a Potter. Snape did that often. He thinks about writing about it to his friends but he can't tell them this. After the Dursleys are asleep he opens the diary at a page and reads it again with a flashlight. It's the page where his mother wrote that she slept with someone else. That he isn't a Potter. Than he has a different parent. That she slept with someone else in their honeymoon, after she found something out. Why did she do it? While she was pregnant she used a specific spell which showed that he couldn't be a Potter.

He wasn't a Potter. He had a different parent. He had a different parent. It hit Harry. He Had A Different Parent. Perhaps he still had a bodily-alive parent. Perhaps that man wanted him. He could live with him and not the Dursleys. He couldn't stay with Mr. Black. He still had a strange feeling about the man.

He will have to find him.

He doubts he will find the phone number of a young person in Kentucky in the phone book. Where is Kentucky? It sounds like that chicken place that Dudley sometimes likes so much.

Roughly 7.900 kilometres away a Grimm has to a problem to solve wiith "bears". Harry doesn't know that one day after he found the diary, his male parent's Grimm powers became completely active.

The 13th June changed things for Harry. The 14th June 2011 changed things for a police detective. He brought a ring and was ready for a big change. He was ready for a change. Things changed. He is a Grimm.

The 15th June 2011 was a full moon. A full moon in Portland.

On the 18th June the Dursleys go out to eat at a restaurant. Harry stays in the house and gets a small portion (bread and an apple) but he is happy because he can use the phone. He searches in the phone book and even finds a Burkhardt in Wales. It is a man who doesn't know his mother but he gives him the hint to search inside a library and that Kentucky is in the States. What States? There was something which Harry learned about it in Elementary school. What was it again? In Portland Harry's great aunt bodily-dies.

The next days he has work to do for the Dursleys and some schoolwork. On the 21st he manages to go to the bigger library outside of Little Whinging. The woman there helps him a lot. She explains the Internet to him, finds the Highschool in Kentucky and says that he will need money to call a phone in America. Harry keeps thinking about the money problem. Two days later Harry sells a handful of Galleons. The man played him for the gold and the model. Harry is able to call the highschool in Kentucky. After a long explanation the man on the other end looks the pupil up. He tells Harry that Burkhardt spent 5 months at the school and than moved. He tells Harry the name of a school in Ohio.

It will take longer than one phone call.

The next day he works hard in the garden. Petunia lets him go outside again on the 25th June. He calls other highschools. It looks like they moved every few months. The next days he spends working and cooking for the Dursleys and going out to the library with the public phones until on the 30th June a woman tells him to buy a mobile phone. It will be easier for him if he can give them a number. She tells him to call back when he has a phone or when he can in 2 days. On the 1st July the Dursleys go out to an expensive restaurant. Harry uses the chance to buy a secondhand mobile phone. The seller is nice and sets him up with an active card and shows him how it works. They set the phone on mute. It is better if it doesn't ring with the Dursleys.

The next day he calls the teacher and give his number. The teacher made some calls and managed to get forward with some schools. She gives Harry the number of the highschool where Burkhardt was in his 9th year. She will give his phone number to Mr Smith who than will call Harry with new informations. (I know that there isn't a plural form, but there should be)

Two days later Harry gets a SMS and is called. Mr Smith found his male parent's last highschool and College* in Washington (state).

The next day Harry calls the College. The College, or rather the man on the phone did some digging and found the Police Academy where Burkhardt went after the college. Harry gets the number and name to the Police Academy. He is so close.

He calls the police school. After a nice "interrogation", the police captain at the school tells him that they will call him back in one week with the contact information of Burkhardt. The captain says: " It is our job to find persons. We are trained to do it. Burkhardt is most likely a police officer so it should be even easier."

The next days the police captain searches for Burkhardt, while Harry works more for the Dursleys than he spends time in the library. The time he spends there, he looks up America, the States and the American police.

On the 12th July the police captain phones Harry. The captain tells him that they found him and that he wants to talk to Harry and that he has Harry's number. Harry just has to wait. Then minutes later there is a call. A Detective phones a 13th years old teenager. A Grimm talks to a wizard.

They talk for hours. The Detective will have a big phone bill to pay. The next day is the 13th July. One month since Harry found the diary which he read a couple of times. The next days they spend talking when they can.


On Saturday the 16th July Detective Burkhardt knocks on Captain Renards office door.

"Captain." Renard looks at him. The Detective closes the door.

"What can I do for you?", the captain asks.

" Funny, that you said that.", says Burkhardt, "I need to ask you for a favour."

Now. The captain is interested. What does the Grimm want. Perhaps he could use it later or does he want to investigate Mz. Schade. It hasn't been long since the "bee"; it could be a good or bad thing.

"What sort of favour?"

"A short vacation. I need some free days for a personal situation. And I need them quickly. If possible, starting the next Monday."

"How long?", the captain asks, while he pulls a paper out of his desk drawer.

" A week. I know it's shortly but it is important."

"I could give you free on 18.-22. July. For what do you need the time? Is something wrong with Mz. Silverston? Did something happen?"

"No. That's not it. She's fine. I would rather not talk about it. I have to find out if it is really true first. I have to do it myself. "

"Fine. But I need you back on Call the next Saturday."

"Of course. Thank you. "


On Monday the Grimm is on a plane to London at 17 o'clock. Before the flight there was a fight between the Detective and his girlfriend. She acted nicely and put on a smile but has questioned if the supposed son is real. She didn't like it and wasn't really happy about it.

* The canon story doesn't show if he went to college/university. But it would fit and is a nice thing. So. I added it.

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