1. September. 2019


At the bottom is a part about Galleons and vaults. The chapter is a bit shorter but the information is very good.


• Juicy parts? What did you think about?

• Bodily-dead means that the body is dead and it doesn't say things about other things. Do you know clinically dead?

• Harrison is happy that he is in Portland. Why do you think differently?


After 15 minutes the anker is removed.

Agent Bluestone side- along apparats him to the Appalachian mountains around noon.

When they meet the old Native American wizard, he looks closely at the Grimm for a moment and then says: " I will show Harrison and his male parents around the complete place myself. Alone!"

Then the old wizard asks: "What is a Grimm?"


Burkhardt says: "A Grimm is someone who can see persons who hides. A Grimm can see what is beneath the surface. The mister inside someone."

The old Native American man nods.

Burkhardt: "A Grimm and a Detective."

The old wizard says: "That is a good combination."

They smile.

They go back to the old wizards tent. He gives the detective a thin leather strap; it has a stone on it. The stone will turn dark blue if there is a spying spell; it will turn red if there is a Magicals hiding, invisibly. When they go back to Blackstone, children run up to the detective and hug his legs.

Bluestone side- along apparats them to Portland.

The detective wants to take Harrison and do so many things but he can't. Harrison isn't a threat. That stupid magic school is going to start and thy won't leave Harrison alone for more than some minutes. Some things will have to wait.

Harrison will sleep at home tonight but he will have to sleep at Bluestone's house n the 29. August. It will become more difficult, the closer it gets to Hogwarts's start. Dumbeldore will try what he can to present "Harry" at Hogwarts on 1. September.

On Saturday the two Grimms, Bluestone and his task force eat at Bluestone's house in Portland. Bluestone copied Harrison's memories about the "dream".

After that the Grimms drive home. Sadly Mz. Silverton took the weekend free. So. They won't be alone. Robert would have still been there but that doesn't really count. He would have left them alone if he asked. Mz. Silverton asks them about the days that he hasn't been there. The detective lied and said that it was about the school. Harrison lies too. He still has to do one test.

They spend the weekend having fun.


New York


Task force office



The task force is going over the plan. With Harrison's memories and a lot of searching and spying. They found the Riddle House or Mansion. Riddle was the name on the diary which was an anker. Riddle was a wizard student at Hogwarts around the time that the Taboo Noble could ave been there. The he had tat information for a long time. The American Magicals searched for the names in that years to find him but they only managed to take the persons out that definitely weren't the Taboo Noble it still had been many names. In the last years they managed to reduce the number but it was still too much. They didn't trust Dumbeldore that the Taboo Noble was completely bodily-dead. With the information that the Taboo Noble is Riddle they found the place and the old No-Maj. Since the World Cup was over, it could be that they changed to a different place but after the attack at the World Cup there are still many Aurors searching and it hasn't been a week. There aren't secure that he really is there or they would send 4 Battle -Auror groups to take him out. The international problem could be dealt with if they would be successful. There is the problem with the anker. They don't know how many of them are. Dumbeldore would search for "Harry" in America because he would think that that is how the Americans knew about it. If the Taboo Noble would be completely bodily-dead, that wouldn't be a big problem. The result is that the task force and the President won't send Battle- Auror groups there.

But they will use it for something else.

Two specialist battle aurors use a plane to fly to Britain with the bull and then drive near the Riddle house. Bluestone has to stay in New York. One of the wizards is a Specialist in wards. He will let them through the wards without breaking them or alerting someone. The other Specialist, who is a task force member, will hide them and direct the bull.

The Taboo Noble and another wizard are there. The wizards will use a spell on the bull that will stop every spell except the Bodily-killing curse if they will need it. The bull bursts through the door and the other wizard jumps away and flees. The Taboo Noble has to protect himself; he uses the Bodily-killng curse. Perhaps it's his favourite spell. The bull falls down and the Taboo Noble shouts and falls unconscious. The other wizard looks at the bull which doesn't move and shots another spell at it. The bull is dead. The American wizard checks the bull and leather band with an "invisible" spell.

The anker is destroyed.

The wizards think about kidnapping/arresting the Taboo Noble but they don't do that. They leave the house and the warded area. They didn't leave traces. They drive and then fly back home. At night they are back in New York and report in the MACUSA HQ.





Harrison has spend his day near the Appalachian mountains. He stayed in a warded area and a teenager witch explains some potion plants and how they are used e.g. cut, dried etc. He will stay the night and then the Magicals will test him again. Depending on the test results, he will be in Portland tomorrow.





Dumbeldore is angry. He couldn't find Harry Potter. The Minister kept it quiet but that won't work in 2 days. He doesn't have any blood left. He planned to recruit some of the foreign wizards. It won't look good that he lost Harry Potter. Would it work if he said that he run away? Blame Black? No. He needed Black; he can't publicly say that it was Black. Should he start to train Longbottom? His Grandmother didn't let him have contact before Hogwarts and kept him isolated. Perhaps he should be nice to him. So. He will have a back up. But the Longbottom wasn't very strong. He used every magical option that he had. The Ministry tried to use the trace on Harry's wand but they couldn't find him. The official Hogwarts letter didn't find him; envelope didn't automatically have an address on it.

Perhaps he has luck and Harry will be on the Hogwarts Train. He just left the Dursleys and wants to be back in Hogwarts. His only friends are at Hogwarts. Harry didn't write to his friends. When Harry will be back in Hogwarts, he will put Harry back in his place.





Harrison is back in Portland. He spends his day at Bluestone's house with Bluestone.

The detective wants to take his afternoon free; he can leave the station around 14 o'clock. He drives to Bluestone's house. While Harrison is in the bathroom, he asks Robert Bluestone if the anker problem is solved and if he can talk around Harrison freely. The agent says 'Yes' and adds that the anker is destroyed. He repeats that when Harrison is back.

The detective takes Harrison to a park where they eat lunch.


Galleon = G, Sickle = S, Knut = K


Size of a Galleon:

Diameter: ∅= 3 cm

Thickness: 0,3 cm =3 mm



US quarter ∅≈ 2,4 cm

EU 2 € coin: ∅≈ 2,6 cm

UK 1 £ coin (since 2017): ∅= 2,3 cm

5 ¥ (Japanese Yen) coin: ∅= 2,2 cm; 500 ¥ (Japanese Yen) coin: ∅≈ 2,7 cm

Diameter: I choose a size which is a bit bigger than usual coins but is still not too big. At the World Cup a "farmer" No-Maj said that 'gold coins in the size of hubcaps'. A hubcaps isn't only the hubcap of a modern car but a small (∅= 5 cm) metal piece which is in the centre of the wooden wheel of a wood horse/ wood carriage. A 5 cm big coin would be too big. So. I choose a smaller more realistic size. A 3 cm coin is realistic in the Middle Ages too.

Thickness: I guessed 3 mm. It is a good middle size and a practical size. In the Middle Ages 3 mm or 5 mm are realistic.

A Galleon would be a bit bigger than a UK 2 £ coin (∅= 2,8 cm/ T= 0,25 cm).


Volume of a Galleon:

Volume ≈ 2,12 cm³ ≈ 2 cm³


How many Galleons would that be?

1 Litre (milk): ≈ 472 G

1 Gallon (milk): ≈ 1789 G

1m³: ≈ 471.698 G


(3,79 Litre ≈ 1 Gallon)


Size of Sickles and Knut's:

Didn't Hagrid say something like ' The gold ones are Galleons, the silver ones are Sickles and the small (bronze) ones are Knut's '.

That could mean that Sickles and Galleons have the same size because Hagrid differences between them only with the colour not the size.

Knut's are a lot smaller. Since Knut's aren't worth much, they can be ignored in some areas. 1 £≈ 500 Knuts


Worth in No-Maj money: (25.08.2011)

1 G: ~ 5£ ~ 8,16 $ ~ 5,68 € ~ 631.03 ¥

472 G: ~ 2.360 £ ~ 3.851 $ ~ 2.677 €

1789 G: ~ 8.945 £ ~14.595 $ ~ 10.145 €

471.698 G: ~ 2.358.490 £ ~ 3.848.303 $ ~ 2.674.851 €


1 Sickle: ~ 0,29£/ 0,30 £ ~ 0,48 $ ~ 0,34€

472 S: ~ 139 £ ~ 227 $ ~ 157 €

1789 S: ~ 526 £ ~ 859 $ ~ 597 €

471.698 S: ~ 138.735 £ ~ 226.371 $ ~ 157.344 €


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