3, 2, 1 Let's figth

He was an idiot. He knew it, also a jerk for most of the time, but it was part of his overwhelming personality. He wouldn't admit it in front of anyone but was quite proud of it. But this time he had to concede that he had fucked up, that he had screwed up to the bottom.

Faye was pissed, and for good reason.

If there was anything worse than her constant complaining was her silence. He would rather see her hiss like a cat at the sight of him than the cold indifference…

And worst of all, he was now aware that if he stole her tobacco or her beers was only because she allowed it. Instead, his supplies were practically shared.

Getting her forgiveness was a challenge, the last battle to fight. Jet was betting on Faye, "whatever you play with her, you're going to lose" were his exact words.

He couldn't allow it, he was going to win. Even if I had to beg for her pardon.

He even put on cologne, a nice smell tricks the senses.

He came to her who smoked looking out the window, offering her a rose with the most charming of his smiles…

He didn't see it coming. The punch. The zipper hit him in the face. Hard.

"What the hell do you have in your bag, you crazy bitch?"

"Stuff," she said turning away and leaving him alone as she left shaking her hips.

He bent down to look into the bag she had deposited with all her intention next to him.

A fucking brick, the bitch had a brick in her bag.

"HAVE YOU LOST YOUR HEAD, FAYE?" He yelled annoyed.

Faye raised her middle finger and lay placidly on the sofa.

She wasn't going to make it easy for him, but otherwise it wouldn't be half as fun

Here I am again with a (new)collection of drabbles. I usually write in Spanish but this time I'm going to try English (so I hope you'll forgive my mistakes and help me correct them).

I hope you like it.