Sunshine that's what he felt when he opened his eyes, the bright sun hitting his amber-green eyes. It was a nice morning however the boy in the bed did not care as he opened his eyes and smiled a little. "Good morning," he said as he changed his hair to a bright turquoise, but his eyes stayed amber. The boy was glad that he slept last night for the night before he could not sleep. The boy smiled a little to himself as he got out of bed however when his feet dropped the looked to the ground and saw an older boy with hair like fire and tear stains on his eyes. The younger boy looked at the older with his amber eyes and shook his head confused. "Hello," he asked as he tried to wake the older boy up, but he did not wake. However, the boy looked up when he heard:

"Teddy, time to get up!" Edward "Teddy" Remus Lupin smiled but he still looked at the older boy. "Teddy?" Teddy sighed and walked out of the room leaving the older boy asleep on his floor.

Newt woke with a start as he looked around the room, the dark room. Why was it dark? Maybe that's what he felt inside? No, its something else alone, yes that's it, he feels alone. No Theseus, no mother, no father. He was just alone, and he liked it. He liked being alone. Is that true though? Him being alone? Does he like it, or does he just miss everything? Newt did not know, and he did not what to know for he did not want to feel anything he wanted to be alone. Newt sighed and looked around him. He did not see much but he did hear someone walking into the hall by the door to the room. Newt sighed once again but when the door opened, he tensed as the light trued on and in stepped a man. he was older with blue eyes and sandy brown graying hair. his face was full of scares and Newt knew that they were scars of a werewolf or someone who was attacked by a werewolf. "Ah, hello," he said in a calming voice that was calmer than that doctor. What was his name? oh right, Watson. Doctor Watson. Newt looked at the kid behind him. He looked just like the man, but his hair was turquoise in color and not sandy brown like the man. however, Newt did see that the boy had amber eyes and the man had a little bit of amber in his own.

"Hello," Newt said quietly as he sat up and looked at this man whom the young Hufflepuff did not trust.

"What is your name?" he asked Newt who sighed but he did not say anything or meet this man's eyes. However, the man saw this and smiled a little.

"My name is Remus Lupin, and this is my son Edward," Teddy gave his father a look, but he did not say anything as he looked at Newt who sighed again and said:

"Newt. Newton Scamander," Newt said not caring enough to give his full name. the man Remus looked at him with shock displayed on his face.

"What did you say?" he asked as he looked at his son who walked over to Newt whom he helped get him to his feet. Newt met his eyes for a minute before he looked away and said:

"Newton Scamander. Why…. why do you ask sir. Did I do something wrong? Please tell me that I did nothing wrong," Newt panicked much to Remus's concern. Why was Newt saying these things? Maybe there's more to Newt Scamander then Remus thought. The werewolf sighed and got down to meet Newt's eyes.

"There is nothing wrong Mr. Scamander. Why don't you come down and have some something to eat," Remus said with a smile. Teddy stood behind him with also a smile on his face. Newt then nodded and stood up with a smile, but Remus could see the pain in his eyes.

"You're, you're not mad?" Newt asked while Remus and Teddy led him down shares. Remus nodded slowly but he feared about this boy.

"I'm not mad Newt," Newt smiled and walked into the dining room with Teddy behind him.

Theseus walked down the road with John but when he walked over to were, he thought he saw Newt. He did not see him instead he saw a time turner broken on the pavement along with Newt's wand. "What?" was all Theseus said as he turned to Watson, but he was gone as well. "Newton!?" Theseus called but he got nothing. Theseus shook his head and let out a sigh. "I will find you brother. I know it," Theseus said as he picked up the time turner and left the street but first, he looked around to see if anyone was there. When he saw no one, he left with a pop.