When the world stopped spinning, Theseus looked around him to see a child's room. He was in a wizard room he noticed. There was an old Hufflepuff scarf hanging on the door. Everything in the room looked new with a lot of the school stuff but that scarf. That scarf looked way too old to belong with a child. Theseus looked to the end table to see a wand. He smiled at the fact that this child slept with it close to his bed. Theseus then looked to the window to see it closed. There was a lock on it. This made Theseus raise an eyebrow. 'I'm almost ready dad.' The voice of a boy called in the hall. Theseus did not know what to do but stand there in his spot. After a few seconds, a boy with amber eyes walked into the room. His hair was bright turquoise and he looked younger than Newt. this boy looked about to be in his second year. Theseus raised an eyebrow.

"H-hello," the boy said nervously. "Dad!" the boy called. Theseus smiled but he did not say anything as the boy walked over to his wand and picked it up before he walked over to the window to see if it is locked. He nodded when it was then he aimed his wand at Theseus. "Dad!" the boy called again. After a few seconds, an older man ran in with his wand also out and aimed.

"What is cub?" The man asked Theseus who smiled before he looked over the older man. He had kind green eyes and sandy graying hair. Scars mapped his face and Theseus knew that this man was a werewolf. By the looks of the scars, he has been one most of his life. Theseus's heart broke at this. "Ah, who are you?" the man demanded. Theseus sighed and took a breath to keep his temper in check.

"Theseus Scamander and you are?" Theseus said looking at the boy whose eyes went wide.

"Dad I think this is Newt's brother. The one that he wanted to get back to," the boy said to the older man who nodded.

"It seems that he is," the man lowered his wand with the boy doing the same. "Remus John Lupin and this is my son Edward, but you can call him Teddy," the-Teddy smiled a little and nodded. "Are you looking for your brother?" Remus added with Theseus nodding.

"Yes, you know him? Where is he?" Theseus asked the father and son. Teddy ran his hand on the back of his neck and sighed. Theseus's eyes dropped. "He ran away didn't he?" Theseus asked off the looks of Remus and Teddy. Teddy took a breath, but he did not nod.

"Well, he just walked into the woods," Theseus sighed and nodded when Teddy said this. "Dad, can he help us?" Teddy asked looking at Remus who nodded.

"Of course, Ted. He knows more about Newt then us," Remus said looking at Theseus who smiled as the three of them walked out of the room. Theseus wondered, however, why the window was locked. He didn't ask though as they walked to the back door.

Newt woke to darkness again. Why does he always wake to this? Newt sighed and looked around him. He was in a room in someone's house, but it was not a nice room like Teddy's. Instead, the room was filled with books and chairs and no fire to warm him. The room smelled and Newt hatted it. Then again, he did deserve this. Being in a room with no brother nor friends. "Newton," a voice said turning on the light to the room. Newt looked up to see a tall man that looked so familiar. Why though? Newt did not look at his face to notice that it was someone that he has not seen since he was a child. "Look at me boy!" the man demanded and now Newt knew who this man was. This man was his father that left him when he was a boy. "Boy, I don't have all day!" Newt lifted his head and meet the burning green eyes of his father Arthur Scamander. Newt looked away but his father growled at him. "Boy," he warmed. Newt shook his head, but he did not say anything as he rolled his eyes. He will not hear any of this from his father. He left so he's not his father anymore. Newt smiled to himself at this, but this only made Arthur angry. "Did you just roll your eyes at me boy?!" Arthur demanded but Newt stayed quiet. Arthur did not say anything as he left the room muttering to himself. "You will learn boy. I will make you learn," he slammed the door leaving Newt alone with tears in his eyes.

Teddy led the way through the woods with Theseus walking with Remus behind him. "So he just ran away? I'm so sorry," Remus was saying to Theseus who told him everything that has been going on. "We will find him," Remus reassured Theseus who sighed and looked around him. So this was the future? It seemed so peaceful compared to the time that he was in now.

"Can I ask a question?" Theseus asked carefully. Remus sighed as if he knew what Theseus was asking.

"I was not always a werewolf. When I was four and werewolf bit me. he broke in through my window because he hatted my father," Remus said sadly. Theseus nodded but he said nothing for he did not know what to say. "Teddy's mother loved me for who I am, and I wish she could see her son growing up. I guess she is in a way," Remus added looking at Teddy who stopped in his tracks and pointed to a house. Theseus nodded and looked at the house. There was something off about it. It looked out of time. Well, for Remus and Teddy anyway.

"I think that is where Newt is," Theseus said pulling out his wand. "Don't worry, I'm sure there is nothing to….." Remus put his hand to his lips cutting Theseus off. Theseus looked at the werewolf who pulled out his wand. "What is it?" Theseus asked getting nervous. Remus sighed and said: "There's someone else in there. Come on!" Remus said before he started to walk up to his son with Theseus close behind him.

Newt felt pain when he tried to get some sleep. However, this was keeping him from sleeping. His 'father' had hit him many times and this was keeping him from sleeping. 'Why didn't I stay at home?' Newt thought wincing in pain as he tried to stand. However, this only made his fall.

"What are you doing in there boy!" Arthur called when he heard Newt crash into a chair. He winced at the sound of his father's booming voice. He did not care that his leg was broken or that he will fall unconscious again. It was his father's voice that scared him the most. He feared his father. Therefore, his boggart is a desk because he fears his own father who worked in an office. No one knows this, not even his brother who might not even be looking for him because his brother does not care about him. Newt closed his eyes as the door opened and he lost unconsciousness. "Boy!" his father called but Newt did not hear him. "Get up you freak!" Arthur called kicking Newt, but Newt did not wake. "Get up!" he called kicking him again. "I don't have all day! I'm waiting," He kept kicking Newt until he heard a knock on the front door. "I'm not done yet your little disgrace," he scoffed and walked to the door.

Theseus nocked at the door with his wand aimed at it. However, when the door opened Theseus gasped. For in the doorway stood his father staring at him. There was blood on his hands and Theseus aimed his wand at the man. "Theseus, my boy, its been so long. How is your mother?" Arthur said holding his arms out but Theseus did not hug him much to Remus and Teddy's confusion. Then again, Remus did hear yelling inside the house as did Teddy.

"Father," Theseus said pushing past him. "What are you doing in this time and where the hell is Newt?" Theseus aimed his wand at his father with Remus pushing Teddy behind him. Remus then aimed his wand at the man who laughed.

"Why do you care about that freak? Arthur said looking at Teddy who had his wand, but tears filled his eyes, Theseus stared at him, but he did not say anything as he looked at Remus who tabbed his nose and pointed to an open door across from them.

"Why do I care? Father, you don't care. Why do you? He's my little brother and I'm taking him and you back so you can answer to the ministry," Theseus then yelled a spell sending Arthur backward with robs behind his back. "That is what you get father," Theseus said with poison in his voice. Teddy smiled at this but the fact that his new friend has a terrible father made him sad. "Newt!" Theseus called as he ran into the open room. Remus and Teddy ran after him.

Newt woke to the sound of Theseus calling him. 'This is just a dream. He doesn't care about you.' The voice in Newt's head said making Theseus open his eyes to see Theseus with his wand out but it was aimed at the door.

"Are you all right young one?" Remus said. However, Remus was out of focus. Newt nodded his tired head and smiled a little. "Don't worry. Your brother is here, and he is going to take you home. Do you want to see Ted?" Remus asked looking at his son who walked over to Remus. Newt nodded but he could not find his voice now.

"Hey Newt," Teddy said nervously. Remus put his hand on Teddy's shoulder.

"Hey, Ted. Where's Thee. I want Thee," Newt said sounding like a four-year-old now, but he did not care. He wanted his brother now more than ever. Hearing Newt's cry's, Theseus walked over to Newt and hugged his tight. Newt tensed and did not hug back but for the first time, he did not want him to let go. "I'm so sorry," Newt cried but Theseus shushed him.

"Its ok brother. Why don't we say goodbye and go home?" Theseus suggested letting go of his brother making Newt sad because he did not want Theseus to stop shocking himself. "Thank you for looking after Newt," Theseus said helping Newt to his feet with his leg in a cast. Remus smiled and nodded.

"Your welcome. Goodbye Newt. Get someone to look after that leg," Remus said to Newt who nodded but he did not say anything. Theseus then took a deep breath and led Newt out of the room before he took his arm with one hand and his father with the other.

"Ready to go home, Art?" Theseus asked Newt who smiled with Theseus pushing the button of the device making the whole room spin once again.

It was a few days later and Newt was nervous at the fact that Theseus was taking him to see someone. Newt was in his room waiting for his brother to come home from work. He was glad that he got to keep his job. He smiled at this as he was sitting at his desk writing in his journal while that kind man that lives next store was down staring. He was looking after him today unlike the others in their Neighborhood that looked after him. Newt was glad of this because he no longer felt alone but sometimes he still did. Just like today. "Newton?" Edward called though the door. "Your brother is home. I'm taking my leave now," Newt nodded when he heard the front door close.

"Art I'm home are you ready?" Theseus called waking up the stares. Newt sighed and put down his quill. Then he walked over to the door. With a nervous hand, he opened it.

"Yes, I think," Newt said to Theseus who walked over to him and nodded. "I'm scared though," Newt added looking to Theseus who walked into his own room and put down his briefcase. Theseus nodded and looked at his brother.

"It's going to be ok now Newt. All right. Let's go," Theseus said holding out his hand. Newt took it as they left with a crack. With Newt thinking that his brother was right.

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