"You defeated me, well done. It wasn't an easy fight, but you are victorious. I will offer myself up to the Ender Dragon willingly, and all of the portal tech we stole from you Steve, you can have back. There will be ICAVAC cells around for a while, but, by and large, both realms are now safe" Ender said as his body slowly disappeared.

"You were a formidable opponent Ender, and we respect you. You didn't need to do this, you could have joined the Minecraft Defence Force, and helped people, not hurt people" Steve replied. Ender smiled, nodded, then said "Ah well, I made my bed, now I must lie in it. Farewell" and with that, he disappeared, and Lillie was fully returned to the Minecraft Overworld, and freed from her chains.

"Lillie" Gladion said, and he ran up and hugged his sister, who returned the embrace. After half-breaking the embrace, Gladion asked: "Are you, OK sis?"

"Yes bro, I'm OK. Are you guys OK?" Lillie replied, looking from Gladion to Elio. When Gladion and Lillie broke apart, Elio ran up and both hugged and kissed Lillie.

"Aw, thanks Elio" Lillie replied, returning the affection. Steve then said "I'm Steve, nice to meet you Lillie"

"Nice to meet you too Steve. So, this is where you live?" Lillie asked, to which Steve replied "Not here specifically, but I do live in this realm"

"Why were you kidnapped and taken here, do you know Lillie?" Gladion asked, to which Lillie replied "They were looking for the Moon Flute, I have no idea why"

"The Moon Flute is useless without the Sun Flute. And all it does is just allow Nebby to evolve into either Solgaleo or Lunala, what purpose could they have in this realm?" Elio asked. Steve then said "We'd better get you out of here Lillie"

"Right," Lillie said and, holding hands with both Gladion and Elio, they head out, Steve in front to destroy any mobs that might block their way,

However, they only encountered one Zombie on the way back out of the Abandoned Mineshaft and the Cave. They followed the river back to the Village, and they were greeted by raucous applause and cheers.

"Steve, you're OK! And thanks to Gladion and Elio for driving that infernal group out of our section of the Minecraft Realm" two of the villagers said.

"Just glad to help, we did have to rescue Lillie" Elio replied. The Village population turned out to be much bigger than they had expected, and as the four of them slowly made their way back across the Village, they waved to everyone in the Village, who all cheered. Once the four of them arrived at the centre of the village, they met the Village elder.

"The Village Elder, address him with the honorific Sir," Steve said, to which Lillie, Gladion and Elio nodded.

"Well done, to all three of you. Congratulations on getting rid of the International Coalition Against Villainy and Corruption from our part of the world" the Elder said, to which Elio replied "Thank you, sir"

"And without access to the portal technology they stole from me, I don't think they'll be any significant threat to either realm anymore," Steve said. The Elder nodded, then said, "Are you OK, miss?"

"Yes, I'm fine, sir, and my name is Lillie" Lillie replied, to which the Elder replied "Well Lillie, its good to see that you're OK. Do you know why you may have been captured by ICAVAC?"

"Apparently it was because of the Moon Flute sir, though we don't know why" Lillie replied. The Elder nodded, then said, "How can we thank you two for rescuing us?"

"Just make sure that Steve can visit us from time to time, we'd like to keep in touch with him sir" Gladion replied, to which the Elder nodded, then replied "I'm sure that we can find a way for you guys to remain in contact with Steve. Is that OK with you?"

"Yes, that's fine with me" Steve replied, who then added "How about we create something to remember all of us, and our fight, sir?"

"I'm sure we can do that; I'll get the scribes of this village to start on that. I think we'll also have a statue erected in your honour, as tribute" the Elder replied.

"Alright, that'll mean a lot to us" Elio replied, and both Gladion and Lillie nodded. Elio then turned to Lillie, and said "We had better get going, there'll be a lot of people very worried about you"

"Right. It was very nice to meet all of you, especially you sir, and I'd actually like to come back here under, different, circumstances, and enjoy the landscape a little" Lillie replied, to which the Elder nodded, and said "And we'd like to host you, especially you Lillie"

"Alright, I'm taking these three heroes back to their realm, but I will be back" Steve called, and as the four of them headed out of the Village, the Villagers formed a guard of honour for them, and they all cheered as they departed.

"This feels really good," Gladion said as they were cheered and whooped out of the Village, to which Elio replied "They must have suffered under the boot of ICAVAC for a while for them to be so happy we stopped them"

"I'd like to return here someday," Lillie said, to which Elio replied "Probably a strange place for a date, but I'd like to come back here sometime as well"

"Bring your own food and drink though, as Minecraft realm food and drink is poisonous to non-Minecraftian" Steve replied, to which Elio replied "Don't worry, we will"

"by the way, do we have to walk as far back to the portal as we did when we arrived?" Gladion asked, to which Steve replied "Since I got my Portal tech back, no. In fact, here's the portal", and sure enough, the portal was waiting for them just outside the village.

"Let's go," Elio said, and the four of them passed through the portal back to the Pokémon realm.

At the time that Elio, Gladion and Steve defeated the ICAVAC commander, the Mansion was returned to normal.

"Does that mean?" Professor Kukui asked, to which Lusamine replied "it means that Elio and Gladion have won. Have they rescued Lillie?". Professor Kukui, Lusamine, and many others waited at the portal with bated breath and, about an hour later, Elio, Gladion, Lillie and Steve teleported back into the mansion.

"LILLIE!" Lusamine yelled, and she ran up and embraced her daughter, then added "You're OK, we've all been so worried about you. Are you OK?"

"Yes, I'm OK" Lillie replied. Lusamine let her daughter go, then embraced both Gladion and Elio.

"Thank you for taking such a big risk," Lusamine said, to which Elio replied "Don't worry, I'm here to help"

"Thanks, mom, we just did our best" Gladion replied. Lusamine let them go, then walked up to Steve, and said "And thanks for guiding them through your Realm Steve, we would never have seen Lillie again if it wasn't for you"

"It was my pleasure. And with Gladion and Elio backing me up, while I controlled the stuff that they couldn't, and we worked together to rescue Lillie and free my village from ICAVAC" Steve replied.

"So ICAVAC attacked your realm too? I'm sorry that the Terrorists from our realm Terrorised your realm too" Lusamine said, to which Steve replied "They retreated to our realm when they lost in this realm, don't be sorry"

"OK" Lusamine replied. Steve then said "Well, I'd better get going. I'll be sure to see you guys soon, I may even pay this realm a visit shortly", to which Elio replied "Good luck flushing ICAVAC out of your realm completely" to which Steve nodded, and departed through the portal, which disappeared soon afterwards.

"We'd better get you lot out of here and back to the lab itself, everyone'll be waiting for you," Lusamine said. Elio, Gladion and Lillie nodded and, with Elio and Lilie holding hands, they headed out.

Soon, the group arrived back in the Lab, where they were met with raucous applause, whoops and cheers from everyone.

"You're all OK, thanks for saving the Aether Foundation" came many voices from all around as Lusamine, Elio, Gladion and Lillie arrive. Elio and Gladion especially were met by an endless number of hands, of employees and Alolan trainers just wanting to touch them. But they only had eyes for a couple of them and found Professor Kukui, Hau and Guzma. Pointing to them, Elio, Gladion and Lillie head for them.

"What happened when you got into the Minecraft realm?" Hau asked, and both Elio and Gladion recounted their adventures through the Minecraft realm.

"So, they had captured Lillie looking for the Moon Flute but kidnapped her without her bag, which contained what they wanted," Professor Kukui said, to which Lillie nodded.

"Strange. Anyway, we've got a massive celebration planned at the Pokémon League, and we're all invited, so let's go" Professor Kukui said. Elio, Gladion and Lillie nodded, and everyone made their way towards the boat.

However, Gladion, Elio and Lillie stayed back.

"Well done" came a voice from behind them. They turned around and saw Shadora walking up to them, clapping.

"Hey Shadora," Gladion said, to which Shadora replied "Thanks to your efforts, ICAVAC will likely not recover from this setback. The Commander you defeated, Ender, was the last member of ICAVAC who could put people under their control. And with our Minecraft commander Minecorn patrolling the realm for last sleeper cells, and some of our members patrolling this realm for sleeper cells, the future looks much brighter without ICAVAC"

"Glad to help" Elio replied. Shadora then turned to Lillie and said "And you Lillie, you showed that you're a very good young lady. You held your nerve, even under the threat of death, and it was a brilliant idea to drop your bag when you were taken"

"Thanks," Lillie said. Shadora nodded, then said "Now you lot have a party to get to. I'll see you later, I've got to get back to base and inform Team Future about ICAVAC's setback" Shadora said, and she turned around and departed.

"We'd better get going," Elio said, to which Gladion and Lillie nodded, and they headed for the party.

Back in the Minecraft realm.

Steve meets up near his village with a WEREMMORPG skinned Minecraftian.

"So, you're Minecorn, right?" Steve asked, to which the figure nodded, then said "I've been sent by Team Future to help finish clearing the Minecraft realm of the group calling themselves ICAVAC"

"Can I please help you out with that?" Steve asked, to which Minecorn replied "Sure. Just give me a little time to train my force. We're going to have to scour all the realms for these scum"

"Agreed," Steve said. The two then shook hands, and Steve returned to his village, while Minecorn headed back towards the extreme hills.

Back at base

Shadora returned to the main base of Team Future, in the Buffer Zone. She knocked on the door, and it opened to admit her.

"Status report on the incident in the Alola region," a voice said, which was revealed to be coming from a taller figure dressed in Purple.

"Ah, boss Psytrance. I have good news. Thanks to my plan, we were able to inflict heavy casualties on ICAVAC. We were also able to get Faba arrested, he will be of no threat to world peace" Shadora replied. Psytrance nodded, then said "Excellent work Shadora. How damaged are the forces of ICAVAC in the Minecraft realm?"

"Their forces have been damaged. Their ability to take control of people has been negated with the demise of Ender" Shadora replied. Psytrance nodded, then said "Excellent. Alright, I have sent Minecorn into the Minecraft realm to make contact with Steve, soon, he will be able to start removing the final pockets of ICAVAC from that realm as well. Since we defeated them in this realm, they fled to the Minecraft realm to regroup. Hopefully, we can prevent them resurging"

"Very good Boss," Shadora said. Psytrance nodded, then said, "Now be on your way". Shadora nodded, then headed to another part of the base.