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Welcome to the second part of the Second Phase in my Epic Struggles series. :) We'll pick up where we left off soon enough. For now, enjoy. :)


Frodo Baggins ran as fast as his legs could carry him. The night was young, but already news of what was happening to his dragonoid friend spread throughout the Wizardry World. He couldn't risk Parker's fate! Not for a second.

He would find his dragonoid friend, even if it meant his life.

And so, Frodo ran from the danger that followed him. The woods seemed to be a friendly place, away from the danger. If there was one thing he could depend on, it was speed and a gentle heart to guide him through the danger.

And there! He spotted the barrier keeping the tent safe. All he needed to do was break through the barrier as quickly as he could! He was almost there! One more second!


Frodo clambered through the barrier, protecting the campsite from Snatchers. He looked around in excitement, glad to have found the right place. There was no stopping him now. He reached his destination, spotting the Golden Trio making supper. He reached them in no time, telling them of his dilemma with Parker Dooley.

Would they understand? Would they know what he endured? As he told them more about his time with Parker Dooley, one thing was clear: he could never go back to his old life. Even if he could, what would he tell the Shirefolk?

There was no say in the matter. It was just as well. He only needed to tell them the truth.

When he was done telling his story, there was silence. This was clearly not the time for this. And yet, Frodo could sense something was up. That pendant wrapped around Harry Potter's neck meant something. Frodo could sense the danger, smell the wickedness from the pendant.

But no! Frodo's dragonoid senses picked up. They increased since he turned back into a hobbit. Was it always meant to be this way?

"Please. I need your help," Frodo said, curtly. "I need to find Parker Dooley, before something happens to him."

"How did you escape Diagon Alley?" Harry asked, curtly.

"Um… that's a long story," Frodo said, gulping. "I came all this way to find you."

"How did you find us?" Harry asked, curiously.

"That's a long story, too," Frodo said, calmly.

"You could tell it to us, if you want," Harry said, welcoming Frodo inside the tent.

Frodo sighed. He would need to trust this group either way. He looked on, finding he had no choice. He just needed to trust them.

Frodo followed Harry into the tent, grabbing some food. The tent was nice and cozy, with its own dining room and bunk beds. He couldn't imagine anywhere better. It was blissful.

"Now, tell us what you've went through. Does it involve us?" Harry asked, curiously.

"Eh… the Wizarding World has gone topsy turvy these days," Ron Weasley said, joining them in the dining room. He told Frodo, "That's what you've found out, isn't it?"

"I guessed as much," Frodo said, sitting down. "But maybe I should tell you my story, before we dive into helping me find Parker Dooley."

"If he's even alive. How do you know he's alive?" Harry asked, curtly.

"I don't know. I can sense him. It's a bit of a long story," Frodo said, calmly. He decided to tell them the rest of the story. "Okay. Here it goes."


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