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Frodo breathed in the fresh air. He smiled, grateful when he left the cavernous tunnel. Trees were everywhere, but then, so was the tower were Darth Freya stayed at. He sighed, wondering when he might see this tower again.

Maybe he didn't need to question it.

He turned around, shocked to see Parker and Eliza had transformed their clothes into something more suitable. Frodo looked at himself. Although he was in his royal blue dragonoid form, with no wings, he looked at his waist down to his legs and his ankles, as well as his wife Bethany's waist, legs, and ankles.

Yes, they still smelled like they had been in swamp water. Well, it was time for a change.

Frodo took a sigh, closing his eyes and picturing himself and his wife all cleaned up. He opened his eyes, finding this had happened. They were clean and that was good. He snuggled next to his wife's chest, leaving her giggling.

"Frodo, stop! That tickles!" Bethany grinned, kissing his short dragon-like snout.

Frodo smirked, loving her fragrant scent. "Anything for you, my darling."

Bethany sighed, loving him. "You look good as a dragonoid."

Frodo chuckled, enjoying this. "Do you think so?"

Bethany nodded. "I do. It becomes you."

Frodo chuckled, grateful. "Mhm. You smell nice. You smell… lovely." He grinned, kissing her cheek.

Bethany hugged his dragon-like head, falling madly in love with him. "I love you."

Frodo smirked. "I love you, too." He snuggled her, leaving her giggling.

Seraphina hissed, glaring at them both. "Can we get on with this? Geez, you two lovebirds don't know when to stop talking! Grrr! Can I get some chamomile tea?"

Cooper chuckled, giving her a nudge. "Come on, Sera! The sooner we leave the better!"

Seraphina grinned, enjoying this. "I'll drink to that!"

Jane shook her head, watching Frodo and Bethany with warm delight. "You two enjoy yourselves." Jane looked to her husband, Braxton Leeway, who was in his Saint Bernard form. Jane managed to find Braxton near the door to the entrance/exit of the Underground Prison. Jane, asked him, as he held up a map. "Okay, where are we heading?"

On the brown parchment, Braxton observed the special map, for it determined where the next stage of their journey was located. Braxton took the map over to a tree stump, where he observed it. As soon as everyone was gathered, the map revealed an image of a castle. A very familiar castle.

"Huh. It would seem our journey takes us to Hogwarts," Braxton said.

Bethany looked at the map, while she was in Frodo's arms. She asked Braxton, "I thought Hogwarts was only for students. Ages eleven to seventeen, plus counting the teachers that are at the castle."

Braxton huffed. "Well, times have changed. There's a parallel universe, in particular that could keep us safe and help us hone our powers. It's meant for those who are adults, but are willing to try something new."

"Hmm. Then let's go there," Jane said, pleased.

Frodo chuckled, warily accepting the offer. He sighed, transforming back to his hobbit form. He was disappointed. He so wanted to be his royal blue dragonoid self.

Parker looked at Frodo, telling him, "What are you doing? This parallel universe we're going to is safe for dragonoids. You'll be fine in your true form."

Frodo sighed. "I feel like my dragonoid form is not my true form. Or maybe it is. Who knows?"

Eliza looked at him, telling him, "Frodo, you decide on which form makes you happy, where you feel like yourself. You don't have to be in hobbit form all the time, if you don't want to. Just be you!" Eliza rolled her eyes, smiling at him. Frodo looked at her, beaming.

"Do you really think so?" Frodo said, transforming into his royal blue dragonoid form. He snuggled Bethany, loving her scent.

Bethany chuckled, telling him, "I love you in this form. It's who you are."

Frodo sighed, still feeling this pull that his true form was something else. "Hmm. Well, I wonder what my true self is. I guess I'll find out at Hogwarts."

Parker nodded. "So will we." He looked to the others, telling them, "All right, come on. Let's head over to Hogwarts."

"Yeah," Eliza said, pleased. "Come on. Let's go." She pulled out a grey device, opening a portal. Before them on the portal's mirror showed the image of a castle, where all sorts of creatures walked about and talked to each other. Eliza smiled, running through the portal first.

Frodo followed last, carrying Bethany in his arms with great joy in his heart. The moment he and their friends arrived at the castle grounds, heading straight to Hogwarts, Frodo knew then that things were about to change.


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