This should be happening

Kris didn't want to come done to the lowest level of the Castle dungeon but Susie just wanted to fight something. The lowest level was cold and damp with dark blue walls with a staircase that led down into the darkness. Kris knew the the prisoner down there was probably off his rocker. Even the Seam the shopkeeper told the Fun Gang to be prepared whatever it may be. Kris adjusted his breastplate and started to walk down the stairs.

"I bet this bozzo is probably gonna be really easy," snarled Susie in glee as Kris showed the key to the person behind bars.

"Uhehehe! The key, the key! A marvelous fun is about to break free!" sang the person in the cell, his yellow pupils glowing like miniature suns in the darkness, "Come, come and let yourselves outside!"

"Kris," Ralsei, a goat in wizard hat and green robe, asked nervously, "Are you sure about this?"

Kris didn't answer. He knew something interesting was in the cell. He inserted the key in the hole and turned. A smaller door appeared on the door and the Fun Gang entered the prison cell. The prisoner was underwhelming. It was a little purple imp with a purple shirt with black buttons, black pants and black jacket. He wore a purple and black harlequin hat, purple gloves, green and yellow frills and green shoes. His eyes were cross shaped slits with yellow pupils and a J shaped tail sprouted from behind.

"Visitors, Visitors! Now we can play, play," greeted the jester as he jumped foot to foot in bubbling excitement, "And after you I can play with everyone else."

Ralsei looked nervously at Susie who gripped her axe.

"So, what game are we playing," asked Ralsei with a calm politeness he carried around himself always.

"Oh, it's just a simple numbers game!" said the jester casually then his mouth spread wide revealing yellow teeth, "If your HP drops to zero, YOU LOSE."

Suddenly, a purple and black scythe appeared out of nowhere then struck the wall with a resounding bang. Kris knew the little guy will fight them immediately, he drew out his sword.

"So that's the game you wanna play huh?" said Susie then she swung her axe, making it hiss through the air. Ralsei spun around and poised his scarf. Jevil chortled at the ridiculousness of a blue human, a pink dinosaur and a goat accepting his game so willingly. Then he stopped. He squinted at something behind the trio. He pointed behind the trio then said almost normally, "You can't bring in a blackhole! That's cheating!"

Kris looked behind himself and saw a blackhole right where the entrance was. He felt something familiar from that blackhole as if he was seeing an old acquaintance. Suddenly the blackhole started to suck everything. There was nothing to hold on to so they were all sucked in. Jevil laughed insanely as he span like a top while the Fun Gang were screaming into the abyss.


Paper Mario was used to Paper Bowser storming the castle with an armada of ships and troops. But this time was different. He came in just by himself and he wasn't driving his clown car either. This was already weird for Mario since it almost seemed every week that Peach gets kidnapped. He came in the middle of lunchtime. Peach, Mario and Luigi were at the banquet table talking about the happenings of the mushroom kingdom when Bowser burst open the door rather joyfully. Mario and Luigi got up on their feet and bawled their fists in an expected fight but Bowser continued and threw his arms out and laughed.

"My dear princess!" said Bowser, "I bring excellent news!"

Peach looked dully at Bowser.

"Is it kidnap the princess day?" muttered Peach, "Please Bowser, I need a break."

"Of course not! If I'd were to kidnap you, there'd be a bunch of ships outside," noted Bowser.

"So then why are you here?" asked Mario who was still on edge.

"My dear Mario," exclaimed Bowser, "Remember that time where we saved the multiverse from green stache?"

"I was being mind controlled," piped up Luigi, "And besides, can we not talk about that. It gives me PTSD."

"Absolutely not! Then afterward we defeated Mr Frillypants, we never heard of Tippi and Bleck after they dispelled the Chaos thingamajig."

"Wait a minute," gasp Princess Peach, "Are you implying they're still alive."

"Yes!" exclaimed Bowser then his expression turned mildly serious, "Not just that, but I think I've managed located which dimension they're in."


Kirby and Marx were friends. But they've never always been on friendly terms. Marx tried once to take over planet Popstar but got sent on a crash course into Nova, the comet which Kirby summoned to make peace between the sun and moon. But it wasn't enough as he came back but got defeated again. Now they were friends. Kirby was a pink puffball with nubs for limbs and a cute expression. Marx a light purple puffball with leather shoes, red bowtie and a red and blue jester hat. He always bounced around on a beach ball double his size which made people think of him as a joker which he was.

"What do you think of the new flavor of those Dee Dee Donuts?" asked Marx as he twirled on his beach ball.

"Poyo!" exclaimed Kirby cheerfully which probably meant yes.

"Eh," muttered Marx, "They're too sour for me. You eat absolutely anything."

"Poyo," agreed Kirby.

"Can you say anything other than poyo?" asked Marx, "I know you have been asked that a lot."

"Poyo," said Kirby in an annoyed fashion.

"It guess that's a no."


Suddenly a Waddle Dee came out from the bushes and waved his spear and cursed in what ever Waddle Dee's spoke in. Probably, this was cute but Kirby and Marx knew it was threatening them. Marx's body sprouted wing then hovered in the air and split in half and a black hole appeared. It sucked the Waddle Dee inside.

"Poyo," sighed Kirby.

"Kirby, don't blame me!" said Marx except his voice was sharper and scratchier and sounded like there were multiple Marxes, "I haven't used that overpowered move since Smash Ultimate!"


"Hehehe!" giggled Marx then stopped abruptly, "Wait, why isn't it closing? God damn it, my powers are glitching!" HELP! SOMEBODY HELP! I CAN'T PASTE MYSELF TOGETHER!"

"Poyo," said Kirby in confusion.

"STOP STANDING THERE! HELP ME!" screamed Marx as his two halfs started to get sucked into the blackhole, "KIRBY! YOU GOTTA DO SOMETHING!"

Kirby the rushed to Marx and held on a half. But the suction was too much for Kirby. They were both sucked into the endless void and then it close up as if nothing happened.