Jevil slammed his hand on the pile of face-up cards and Marx groaned.

"Aww c'mon Jevil, you know this isn't fair," protested Marx, "My hands practically non-existent."

Jevil giggled with sadistic glee as his cross-slit pupils widened. The two jesters were in a dome-like room, the walls were colored pitch black with white lines outlining the edges. The Chaos Heart radiated at the center like a beacon of hatred and power. Black platforms that were painted white with the face of Dimentio, Jevil and Marx revolved around the Chaos Heart like orbiting planets. The two clowns were sitting on a platform with a wooden table in between them.

"My friend, my friend!" laughed Jevil, "Who says this is all fair! This game is reeking of unfairness in the air!"

Marx managed a grudging smile. Wings sprouted from his back and he swept the table and cards away as they landed with a smash on the floor below.

"Marx!" complained Jevil, "We were up to the 65th round! I wanted to up to..."

"Don't worry about that," said Marx dismissively as his wing retracted inside himself, "What are you going to do when we erase the entirety of existence and are free to do and create whatever we want?"

Jevil's face creased with concentration then shrugged.

"I'm more of an improviser rather than someone who plans," said Jevil, "I want fun, not satisfaction."

"And you'll get just that!" resounded a voice in the dome and Dimentio shimmered into view, "As I arrive like a windstorm arriving at a kindergarten's picnic to see my colleagues playing snap instead of guarding Luigi."

"Seriously Dimentio," grunted Marx, "We don't need to guard that blithering coward. He's too scared to try to escape his cell. Besides, your pixls can fill in for our shift."

"We need someone to guard that 'blithering coward' because there aren't enough pixls to cover all the jobs," snapped Dimentio, "Unless you volunteer yourselves as tribute to create more pixls..."

Marx shook his head. Jevil wasn't paying attention. Dimentio continued on.

"Anyways, I have brought our second candidate as the host for the Chaos Heart."

Jevil turned at Dimentio and Marx looked surprised.

"A second, second candidate?" asked Jevil with excitement grew in his horrific face.

"Yes, yes, yes..." said Dimentio in a self-congratulatory manner, "Well, according to the Dark Prognosticus but I remain doubtful. It almost seems to be making stuff up on the spot."

"Who cares!" cried Marx devilishly, "Anything to cause more chaos than anyone could concoct."

"True, true, true!" sneered Jevil, "What's our next course of action then?"

"Well, I just checked the book before I arrived," said Dimentio in a businesslike tone, "However, there are certain things I don't understand."

He pause while Marx and Jevil eyed him with excitement.

"Do either of you know what is... and I quote directly from the Dark Prognosticus... the 'Power of the Wishing Comet'.

Marx immediately hooted with glee.

"I know exactly what that is!" said Marx, "And I know exactly how to get it."

"Well then," said Dimentio impatiently, "What is it?"

"In my dimension, if you bring all the star power into one place, you can summon an entity called Nova. He grants any wish."

Dimentio nodded then continued on.

"There is another term I'm not exactly sure about. It is called 'the six souls of Determination'."

Dimentio looked at Jevil. He looked blankly back.

"Do you know anything about that?" probed Dimentio

Jevil's face was contorted with concentration. Then his face lightened up.

"I know somebody who knows about Determination!" yelled Jevil, "He told me that this world is game, game! He also told me that there are many alternate timelines!"

"So," mused Dimentio, "If we manage to find the right timeline to get to... then we'll find these... souls."

Dimentio turned to Marx.

"You will bring this star power while I try to locate these souls."

"Consider it done," sneered Marx as he sprouted wings and launched upwards, crashing through the ceiling.

"And you..." said Dimentio as he waved his hands and the hole in the ceiling sealed itself, "Will guard our prisoners."

Jevil grumbled to himself and leaped down from the platform. Dimentio looked around him until the two jester out of earshot.

"Finally, I after I have successfully wiped the universe clean, those two will no longer be of my concern. Then once I have gotten them off my hands, I can pave the way to a perfect, new, everlasting empire of dimensions."

Dimentio let out a laugh that made the room around him tremble with dread.