"Ohh... It's you Naaza… what happen?" Hestia look at Naaza who still pouting.

"That's witch keep getting my nerve." Naaza.

"Witch? This is how you call your comrade? hahaha.." Hestia laugh.

"Ahe is the real witch Hestia-sama, why you allow her to join us?"

Naaza the level 3 adventure of Hestia Familia. He is the Hunter in Hestia Familia. Just 2 days ago, Hestia just recruit new member to her familia. But looks like Naaza had a bit friendly problem with this new member.

"Because Hestia-sama is really nice goddess than someone who always think highly about herself."

The silver long hair girl just walk in Hestia Building, hearth Mansion. She had beautiful look at her face but her face not using to much expression. Naaza in other hand already glare at the saint that she call a witch.

"I'm just state a fact you know. your alias shall be change to Witchy than a [[Dea Saint]]." Naaza

"And they should change your alias become A Scaredy Cat than [[Miyal Hound]]" Say the Saint

"Grrrrr~ Airmid Teasanareee!"

Airmid is the level 3 adventure that new in Hestia Familia. He is the healer in Hestia familia. For some reason She and Naaza had a bad relationship. Even they in the same familia, they keep bickering each other. Hestia only can sigh at her Familia.

"They Bickering again?" The red hair man just come in when hearing the ruckus.

"I'm a bit worried about their relationship. I hope they did not make any problem to us."

"Mikoto, Welf you guys back?" Hestia smile.

"Haik Hestia-sama.. the expedition with Loki Familia just done today." Mikoto

Mikoto The Level 4 adventure of Hestia Familia. She is the Hestia Familia Sword user and get the alias [[The Sun Descendant]]. She is the second strongest sword girl after [[Sword princess]]. Mikoto is already advanced level 4. Welf the Level 4 Adventure and Smith at Hestia Familia. He is become the best smith in Orario after Tsubaki. he often get order contract from many Familia but He decline all of them as he already contracted with someone in Hestia Familia. Get the Alias [[Ignite Ignis]], he Really quick make a weapon and armor with high quality.

"i'm glad you two already back… can you guys please stop these 2?" Hestia sweat drop.

"We will try Hestia-sama" Welf also sweat drop.

after stop the fight between Naaza and Airmid they begin sit in the Living room. As usual they gonna have some discussion to do. Hestia look at the Captain chair that's no one sit there as it empty. Mikoto who notice her goddess looking at their Captain chair begin shook her head softly.

"Hestia-sama … he will be back" Mikoto

"I know Mikoto… this already 1 year, yet he still not back from his own journey."

1 years ago.

"Kami-sama i will go on a journey myself out of Orario."

"I cannot permit you to do something like that. i don't want to lose you!" Hestia.

"Kami-sama… it's just a temporary journey I promise i will back after i'm done."

"But why? why you must go?"

"There a only the way to prove that the alias i get is worthy enough for me to wield." The boy smile to his goddess

"I… Please come back safe… Promise me." Hestia.

"Haik kami-sama i promise! ", The boy Smiled

"To think he left us for 1 year already" Hestia.

"Uhmm Hestia-sama.. we are sorry, we want to know about our captain." Naaza.

"Oh yeah.. Naaza got in Familia after he left for journey." Welf.

"I also want to know how our captain look like." Airmid.

"But i think you guys already ever see him in guild when he level up to 6." Mikoto

"Yeah.. but we didn't ever see his real face yet."

"Hahaha~ maybe this is a bit exaggerate."

At the same time a White hair Boy enter the gate of Orario entrance. Smile plastered in his face. His white hair is more long that before. His face also matured a lot but still look cute. People who recognize him begin to cheer him for his back. As the shy boy he is, he just look down with blush in his face which made the female citizen scream for his cuteness.

"Look.. [[The Dawn]] is back!"

"Welcome backkk [[The Dawn]]"

"Thanks… it's good i come back home. I shall meet my goddess now before i get scolded by her because i go too long."

As the Spark begin emitted in his body with a small particle blue light , He run with a insane speed which make people cheer more.



"Woahh… He is so cool." Naaza had a lovestruck in her eyes

"Yeahh… I want to meet him." Airmid also had a lovestruck in her eyes.

"Witch is inappropriate to meet someone like Captain. I must separate you from Captain once he is back." Naaza

"Hoo.. I think the one who shall not meet Captain is you. I afraid captain had a allergy with a dog." Airmid

"Oyy you two stop that…" Welf

"But.. Captain-dono is cool actually. I cannot blame them for being competitive to get his attention." Mikoto blushed.

"Not you too Mikoto!" Welf

Hestia who look at her Familia member just smile. but suddenly she feel a familiar presence is coming here. She is can feel that presence is someone who will make her happy.

"Masaka …."

"Ehh …. Hestia-sama, what happen?" Welf


"wa-w-w-wwahhh what happen?" Naaza.

"that's …. there's no mistake again." Hestia.

With that Welf, Mikoto and Hestia quickly go out to see their guest. No, more like welcome back for someone that finally back to their home. as Hestia open the door. She can see white hair boy smile at her with his body swarm by spark and blue light particle.

"Bell-dono!" Mikoto.

"Bell!" Welf.

"Yo~Welf-san.. Mikoto-san. Also.. Kami-sama.. I'm backkk." Bell smile brightly

with that Hestia who finally cry in happiness begin run at him to give him a hug. Bell who smile receive the hug. Welf and Mikoto also come to him. Naaza and Airmid who just got out, Look the their captain for the first time.

"What take you so long, you stupid Dawn?" Hestia Cry.

"I'm sorry Goddess-sama. But now i come back and i will not leave all of you anymore." With warm smile plastered in Bell face, Naaza, Airmid and Mikoto blushed.

"He is so handsomeee!" Naaza blush.

"Oh my.. He is so cuteeeee!" Airmid.

"Ohh.. you guys must be the new member. I never see you two before." Both the girl begin to stiff as bell approach them.

"I'm Captain of Hestia Familia, Bell Cranel. I'm still 16 so just call my name on it." Bell smile

"It's honour to meet you captain…" Naaza.

"I hope i can give contribute to you and Familia" Airmid.

"No need to Formal. I believe with you two in our Familia, our familia will get stronger." Bell smile to them.

"Bell let's update your status… i have a bad feeling about your status." Hestia

"Ahh.. i think i'm not fight much in my journey." Bell

"just let me update so i can give it to guild." Hestia

"Haik Kami-Sama… I'm gonna go with Kami-sama.. so welcome to Hestia Familia. Thanks for choose our Familia, Naaza-san and Airmid-san." Bell

"Thank you Captain." Naaza and Airmid

"Uhmm, I didn't see Lili. Welf.. where Lili?" asked Bell.

"Lili still helping Miach Familia on quest." Welf.

"ohh okay… i will go now", Bell go to his room with Hestia.

Both Naaza and Airmid still blushed. Mikoto actually blushed a bit to see his captain that looks so mature and handsome. His hair was long to his shoulder. Give him a wise vibe.

"To think Bell-dono become so handsome." Mikoto blushed.

"He is so cool, to think he is my captain i feel so proud." Naaza.

"So rude . you only proud because Bell is the captain." Airmid.

"I don't want to hear someone who also drooling while looking at Captain." Naaza.

"Both of you stop fighting. Bell will not like it." Welf.

"Ughh." Naaza and Airmid.

"Bell-dono dislike if we as family hate each other." Mikoto.

"I don't actually hate her…" Naaza.

"Ehh ?" Airmid.

"I'm just jealous because she look so perfect and beautiful, it's make me feel desperate because i not beautiful as her." Naaza.

Airmid who hear that just can giggle. she never thought that Naaza hate her just because of that matter. She actually also don't hate Naaza.

"I know that's stupid. you can insult me if you want." Naaza.

"Why you jealous at me? you're also pretty." Airmid.

"I know it's sarcasm. Thanks." pout Naaza.

"I really mean it. You should appreciate yourself, Naaza." Airmid.

Naaza Blush. "Thanks… seems.. I need to apologize to you for anything. I'm sorry."

"No.. i'm also at fault . Sorry." Airmid.

With that Naaza and Airmid give a smile to each other. Welf and Mikoto smile to see them make up now. But suddenly a scream of hestia make them surprised.


Hearing that, all of them begin go to Bell room.

"What happen Kami-sama?!" Mikoto.

"Hestia-sama… Are you okay?!" Welf.

"Bell…. Bell…." Hestia Panic.

"Wait what happened to Captain?!" Airmid.

"Kami-sama …." Bell.

"Ehh Bell-dono… you okay …" Mikoto.

"Uhmm yeahh.. my update had some problem with it.. so it will only update after printed on sheet. actually i'm still not see the result" Bell.

"So why Kami-sama scream?" Welf

"Bell…. is … Now.. level 7."

With that little announce by Hestia-sama. All of them frozen in their place.


Bell only look at them who their soul almost leaving their body.




Welcome to the another Multiverse of My Bell Cranel story.

this story is based on my imagination and will really different story line. like Artemis and Astraea Familia still exist. And Bell harem will more larger than before.

this my second story and i don't know if this will be good as the first or not.

because i need to refresh my mind with new story. the old one, i'm still working on it.

hope you guys like it.