Hestia had a shock in her face after look at the sheet that printed Bell status. She will react normal if he leveled up to level 7 but this too much. This is second time she see sometime like this. before that when he level up to 6 also got mid tier Status already. She looked again at the sheet . and what this new Development ability he get. A Harem?!

Bell Cranel

Lv 6 - 7

STR : SS 1189 - C 624

END : SS 1204 - C 667

DEX : SS 1243 - B 753

AGI : SSS 1398 - A 893

MAG :SS 1089 - D 532

Skill :

The Night Dawn (active ) : Bell body will surrounded by Particle blue light and spark of lightning. His Agility and Dexterity will increase to 75% of his current status . Also Bell can use it to charge a counter attack with increase 50%-500% strength depend how long he charge it but He will take a side effect if he use it. Bell able to charge 4 times The Night Dawn.

Legacy phrase ( passive ) : Bell got this skill after being saved by Albert and promise himself to become stronger that can overcome any obstacle and protected his companion and help his friend. Make him growth at fast pace. his status increase 75% more than normal one. ( Bell cannot see this skill because Hestia blur it ).

Magis ( active ) : This skill make Bell can use magic. and whatever Bell using magic his eyes will glow bright also there are passive effect on it. he will spend less [[Mana]] when cast magic.

Concurrent Chanting ( Passive ) : Bell can fight and moving around when chanting a magic. this skill is most rare and also difficult to pull off because need much concentration to sync moving while chanting.

Development Abilities :

Luck : E- D

Abnormal resistance : F - E

Sword Skill : G - F

Will Power : G - H

Sixth Sense : I - G

Harem : I ( this skill is new one and already at max level )

Magic :

Lord Of Vermilion ( Fire magic ) : This is Rea Laevatein opposite version. Instead the Fire burst from the ground, it burst from the magic circle that formed in the enemies top sky. The fire will form a laser heat of fire and hit in the ground numerous time. This magic had a wide scale and the most dangerous fire magic that exist in world.

Cocytus ( Ice Magic ) : Advanced Ice magic that also a wide scale magic. The Area activation will surrounded by cold air and Random Spike Ice will randomly appear and attack enemies. This magic scaled as The Legendary magic.

Thunder To'uch ( Thunder Magic ) : Advanced Thunder magic that Hit one opponent. the destruction of this magic is too big that also affect minor damage to the nearby targeted enemies. This magic can deal penetration damage even if the enemies had resistance of thunder, even this magic can penetrate rubber.

Dante Al-thais (Space time magic ) : the power still Unrevealed

"what with this status?" Hestia.

"what happen kami-sama?"

"Don't "what happen" me, What are you doing when you're in your journey?!" Hestia.

"ehh.. i'm just travel the world and beat some monster" Bell.

"But.. This status is ridiculous Bell-kun, You just level up to 7 but it is already included with your level 7 status which you already Mid tier or Advanced Level 7 in one update" Hestia shocked.

"uhmm… maybe because my fight against the Minos guardian at City of Sky, Laputa" Bell

"What?! you say the Laputa the City of the sky?! i heard recently that someone had defeat that Minos Guardian and rescue that city from destroyed by that Monster. So it's you Bell-sama!" Lili.

"Why you look so shock Lili-suke?" Welf.

"Of Course you stupid metal head smith! That Minos Guardian had same level with 3 disaster level but lower status. Even for level 7 adventure, Defeat it alone still dangerous" Lili.

"woahh.. Lili you sure know a lot" Bell smile.

"Don't "woah" me Bell-sama! Why are you risk your life for something like that!" Lili.

Bell just smile at Lili statement. He know that Lili concern about his life and he should not push himself to do something like that. But for Bell If he cannot help them it same like he actually want the city destroyed. Also he already promised to Albert Waldstein that He will become his Legacy that always help people who is in danger and Protected them.

"I know what your concern Lili. it's just i cannot abandon people in that city. If i don't help them, it's same as broke my Promise to someone that dear to me" Bell Smiled.

Lili give a sigh. "Bell-sama you cannot always save people you know"

Bell look at her while smiling. " At least i still can help when i saw someone in danger, Lili. You're right about it, but whatever i saw people in danger or trouble i will try my best to help them"

"If you say like that, i cannot argue much to you Bell-sama" Lili pout.

"I'm sorry Lili, this is just how i am" Bell.

Hestia sigh at Bell. "You sure do a lot of journey. but please don't make yourself at danger again? at least get some help from people. Don't burden yourself too much. You can save people but don't make it like this is your responsibility"

"Okay kami-sama …"

"the problem is… how i'm gonna post this.. people who see your status which already advanced will make uproar to many adventure" Hestia

"But last time this ever happen right Hestia-sama?" Mikoto.

"Yep… Bell when leveled up to level 6 but his status already at E or D which make people think Bell cheating" Welf.

"because of that we had a hard time to deal with some annoying encounter like Freya and Loki" Hestia.

"I think people will see this as normal Hestia-sama" Welf.

"i agree with Welf-sama. this is normal Hestia-sama for Bell-sama of course. Maybe Bell-sama already level 7 when in half year Journey and the status increase itself as wait to updated" Lili.

"Even he level 7 adventure, Bell still the little kid who Shy with girl" Welf.

"No need to say about that part. i know i'm not good at girl" Bell Blushed.

"Ehh? really?" Airmid.

"Bell-dono is really shy when near girl expect that you already close to him" Mikoto.

"Not you too Mikoto-san" Bell pout.

"To think captain shy near girl" Naaza.

"It's because i always feel nervous and feel embarrassing when near pretty girl . because Most of my time I spend in training and dungeon. " Bell.

"Bell-dono ever blushed when see me first time. And whatever i'm try to close to Bell-dono he will surprised and blush suddenly. yeah that's cute about Captain that time" Mikoto smile

"okay stop about my embarrassing part. we need to go to guild to post my comeback and my level up" Bell.

Bell wear his shirt again and begin walk out to prepare. Hestia only giggling look at Bell who bit upset because he being bothered by them and follow Bell to guild. Welf and Lili only smile look at Bell.

"He may be out Captain but he still a 16 years old boy who still grow in mature" Welf

"i cannot help to not to agree, Welf-dono " Mikoto smile.

"Let's move to guild" Lili.



Bell the Captain of Hestia Familia just walk Coolly with his comrade to guild. Some adventure is awe about how cool Bell, some is talk how cute and handsome he is. but some of them also had a annoy look at the Dawn Hero.

"Look.. it's Bell-sama!"

"When is he back from his Journey?"

"Kyaa! He even become more cuter and handsome"

Airmid and Naaza only can bewilder at the crown that talk about their captain. They know that Bell is popular among the adventure. but to this degree, it's just mind blowing to them.

"Captain sure really popular" Airmid smile.

"No..no… it just people respect me just like Respect Ottarl-san and Finn-san" Bell.

"You're too humble Bell-sama. You know that you more popular than Ottarl-sama and Finn-sama right?" Lili.

"I'm not really into these thing Lili. I more like being a normal adventure. Finn-san even tell me that he want have a life like a Raul-san. Everytime he walk alone , girl will begin swarm over him" Bell.

Welf sweat drop. "I can feel his pain"

"But i don't see any girl swarm to Bell-sama yet" Naaza.

Lili sigh. "Naaza-san, no girl will swarm Bell-sama with this stupid goddess in his side"

"Ehh ?"

Naaza look at hestia who show her murder aura to girl that look at Bell. the member sweat drop at Hestia. She even hold Bell arm so tight like she going to lose Bell.

"Kami-sama.. can you let go off my arm? i had a hard time walking like this" Bell.

"No.. you cannot… if i let you go and you will be swarmed by those flirt girl" Hestia.

"I don't think they will come to me if you show your scary aura like that, Kami-sama" Bell.

"This goddess love is too much" Welf.

"i agree.. but who doesn't love Bell-dono" Mikoto had blush on her face.

"No one can resist Captain after all" Airmid also blushing.

"Bell-sama is the best gentleman" Naaza blushing.

"Damn Bell got all the girl… at least gimme me one Bell" Welf.

Bell and his familia enter the guild building. and in the same time he saw the 2 Top Orario already waiting for him in guild. Ottarl who with Freya and Allen, Finn who with Loki , Ais and Riveria. Bell begin using his serious face and give a little smile to his rival.

"so you really back, The [[Dawn]]?" Finn give little smirk to Bell.

"To think the 2 top Orario will welcomed me like this. it's being honour for me" Bell.

"Same as always. You sure have smooth talker skill in your mouth, Bell Cranel" Ottarl.

"So what are The [[King]] and The [[Braver]] doing in here?" Bell.

"just want to greet and welcome back you. I'm bit bored after no one can match me expect Finn and you. let's just say i'm getting excited you back" Ottarl.

"But his face did not tell that he is excited after all" Lili sweat drop.

"We already know that's you will come here to post your level up" Finn.

"wait.. how can you guys know i will leveled up?" Bell.

"it's already normal for us to know that your growth is insane one. so 1 year without update, we already sure you will leveled up in insane pace. let me guess.. level 7 and already advanced one?" Finn.

"Bingoo ! how can he know!" Welf sweat drop this time.

"When come to prediction sure i cannot beat you Finn-san" Bell.

"yeah.. my thumb stop tingling after I told that to you. so You really grow more stronger again. hehehehe.. i cannot wait" Finn.

"This will be really interesting" Ottarl.

"you guys really like competitive thing right" Bell smirk.

For some reason all people and adventure can sense the massive aura from this 3 Top Orario adventure. Ottarl who engulf with red aura, Finn with Blue one and Bell with the Light Silver blue one. this three level 7 adventure smirk to each other maybe their mind already fighting each other. which made many people afraid of them.

"Ottarl.. we are here to welcome back to The [[Dawn]], stop this competitive thing can you?" Freya.

"Finn.. we came here to welcome the boy, not to do some stupid battle again" Loki.

"ahh.. i'm sorry Loki, it just i cannot help myself to not get excited" Finn.

"I'm sorry Freya-sama." Ottarl.

"but thank you for you guys come to welcome back me" Bell smile.

"stop you flattery you stupid boy. it's not affect us"

As Allen say that, Riveria and Ais already blushed to look at their idol come back more handsome and cute. Of course Hestia Notice them and giving a pout to Bell which he even did not realize it. Bell who look at Ais and Riveria. immediately go to their palace.

"Ahh.. Riveria-san.. Ais-san… it's been long time. how are you?" Bell who ignore Allen and come to Riveria and Ais place.

"heyyy~! Stop ign- gyahhh… Ottarl.. put me downn!"

"We going home, Allen. Don't make unnecessary fight in here" As Ottarl grab Allen.

"Put me down! i will show that boy that i'm still stronger! hey put me down"

"Thanks Ottarl-san" All of them.

"Bell-san" Ais blushed hard.

"ehhh.. your face red? are you sick? you must be train harder again. you should rest Ais-san and take care yourself more" Bell pat Ais head which make her more blushed.

"i'm happy that you come back alive , Bell-san" Riveria also blushed.

"Thank you… you also red Riveria-san… you okay?" Without thinking Bell put his hand at Riveria forehead which make Riveria shock and shy in same time.

"Hey.. boy..stop touching my best girl" Loki glare at the boy. But Riveria and Ais already had a murder aura while looking at Loki.

"Sorry Loki-sama.. it's just i missed them also… I'm happy i can meet them today" Bell smile and the murder aura is gone change with lovely aura from Ais and Riveria.

"You sure one heck damn smooth talker boy. i wish i had that ya skill on me" Loki

"Bell-kun you should give your update status now and leave them" Hestia pout.

"Ohh… haik Kami-sama..." Bell smile.

"Loki let's get back. we still had meeting today." Finn.

"And thank you for the greet Finn-san.. i will come visit Loki Familia when i had time" Bell.

"Ah.. i will wait your visit. Ais, Riveria… Let's move" Finn.

"haik Finn, Bell.. let's meet again" Ais.

"We wait you to visit us" Riveria give a warm smile with blush on her face.

"Okay. stop with that flirt you girl.. Bell-kun is mine" Hestia.

"If Ais-san and Riveria-san is the rival" Naaza.

"We had no chance at all" Airmid.

"You guys surrender like this ?" Lili.

"Lili-san?" Airmid.

"Even the Chance is little, we cannot surrender. I shall happy that both of you surrender, But i cannot stand looking my new comrade sad face like this. if you guys want Bell-sama notice you guys, Both of you should have upper hand. because we always meet Bell-sama in Hearth Mansion" Lili.

Airmid and Naaza listen to Lili carefully. Lili still keep persuade them even she did not want to have any girl near Bell, But she already had Hestia as rival so she did not care anyways.

"You're right Lili-san. I cannot surrender yet.. not like this" Naaza.

"I will the one who win Bell-sama attention" Airmid.

"That's good. but remember.. i'm also your guys rival. i already become Bell-sama Supporter for at least 3 year and always with him. i also cannot lose" Lili.

"They 3 sure very compatible each other" Mikoto sweat drop.

Bell meet his advisor when he first time become adventure, Eina Tulle. just like another girl Eina also had a thing with this white rabbit. She remember when she shocked about Bell already level 2 when first time become adventure.

"Bell-kun…? it's you?!" Eina shocked.

"Ahh.. Long time no see Eina-san . I'm back." Bell smile.

"ughh.. you stupid... stupid… why you suddenly leave without saying goodbye to your advisor you dummy" Eina.

"I'm sorry Eina-san but this my own private thing. Sorry for not telling anything to you" Bell.

Iit's okay now. i know you concern thing about it. At least you save and now you're back. is there something i can help, Bell-kun?" Eina smile.

"Uhm.. this about my Level up"


"Yeah my level is up Eina-san. something wrong?"

" Again!? you just leveled up one year ago and you say you already level 7 in one year?!" Eina.

"Yes.. actually it's same like my level up condition before"

"You mean, You're level 7 but already in advanced status?!"Eina.

Bell only nod innocently while looking at Eina. In other hand, Eina cannot even process her mind to hear this shocking news. She just took Bell status sheet and take a look on it. She try hard not to be shocked about his level up but she cannot. She know about his insane growth but everytime he get level up with small amount of time , it's make her cannot calm and always ended panic or screaming.

"Eina-san are you okay?" Bell.

"I-i'm okay.. we will process your level up Bell" as Eina calm her mind.

"Thank's Eina-san. i will going back to my goddess" Bell.

"Bell-kun, wait…"


"IF you had time.. would you accompany me walk in market district sometime?" Eina blushed.

"Of Course… but i'm cannot promise you when i had time tho" Bell tilt his head which made him so cute.

"No.. it's okay, i will wait if you already had a time for me" Eina.

"Okay.. i will tell you when i had time. Good bye Eina-san" Bell walked out with his comrade.

Eina-san had her face smiling and blush. But Her friend, Misha of course didn't want to waste this chance and quickly tease her with that.

"Owhh.. Our Eina gonna have a date with Top 3 Orario adventure" Misha.

"This is not a date, stupid! i just want him accompany me to Market District to find some item"

"Hoooo~ still want to avoid that you actually want a date with him?" Misha.

"Ughh.. stop tease me already!" Eina.

"Our Eina had a date with Bell Cranel" Misha sing out.

"Misha!" And the Last we hear Misha cry out on pain because Eina just beat her.




Okay let me explain and give a short story about Bell past.

Bell in this fanfic also more calm and level headed. Also Bell also from Zeus Familia before. But Zeus already remove his falna so he can convert to another Familia before they vanished. Albert is the last member of Zeus Bell see before he going to fight One Eyes Black Dragon. But Zeus got ambushed by Isthar, Ikelos and Evilius when they go to One Eyes Black Dragon. Freya and Loki at that time late helping Zeus Familia and ended Zeus Familia destroyed. In this story Freya and Loki is Zeus Allies. So they helping each other. Albert was injured and manage to back to save Bell with Zeus who still with him. But Some Ikelos and Evilius member was chasing Albert to kill him. Zeus who know this will happen let Bell run and remove his falna and Help Albert. But Ikelos, Isthar and Evilius complete destroyed also by Freya and Loki.

Bell was manage to saved. and fainted in a village. Fortunately Bell saved and live in there. 2 years after he 14 he decide to begin his legacy to become hero for anyone as Albert told him before he die. he go to Orario and get in Hestia familia which started by Himself that time. he already level 2 and only Hestia know the truth that He was before from Zeus familia ( Of course because Bell must show his back with Zeus Falna with it).

Bell grow really fast pace and already level 3 in 3 month which made many Adventure become grow jealous on him. But His heroic thing he do made people begin to accept his circumstance even that he grow too fast for ordinary adventure. He level 4 in 4 month after that. 4 month after that he leveled up to 5 after the dead battle he go through to help Riveria ( who still level 3 at that time ). he fight an Abnormal Floor boss named "Bafometh the Monster Ripper". he manage to kill the Floor boss but he also suffer major injured because he got a deep cut in his body. Riveria try hard to heal her even she almost mind down . And Bell saved with level up to 5 with riveria also level up to 4.

5 month later the Xenos incident happen and Bell the one who saved them. Adventure begin to despite him again for help he monster even Bell insisted that the monster is not evil one. after that Incident of Xenos begin to out of control with Asterius begin lose his control of himself and begin to attack city which stopped by Bell. After that, Ouranos success find the Culprit and Bell quickly settle with them. Founded the Culprit was a member of Evilius. hearing the Culprit name Bought rage to Bell and almost killed him if it's not For Fels hold on Bell.

The Xenos actually Become part of Ouranos member with Fels. So people know them and not hate them. also Wiene and Marie will more had human appearance and also love with Bell. because he the only human who believe they not evil.

In this fanfic both Riveria and Ais is already fall for Bell. Ottarl and Finn before is the 2 top Orario with level 7. and Bell is third Top after he leveled up.

Ryu still an adventure and not a worker in Hostess fertility. And her level was 3 in this story while Riveria and Ais both were level 5.

if there anything i'm still not understand. please review and i will tell you guys hehehe. happy reading ..