Loki Familia member feel a bit pressured with Bell being there. Finn and Bell look chatting happily when the other feel dejected because the girl cannot having a moment with Bell.

"Shall i talk to Ottarl for we do that again?" Bell

"Hmm.. it's been a long time actually we do that. I think he will accept it." Finn

"Both of you must be grow more stronger than i am now." Bell smile.

"Say the one who easily slay the Minos Guardian at Laputa Sky City." Finn smirk

"I'm not the only one who slay that monster, Adventure from Laputa also help me" Bell

This two top adventure keep chatting happily. They more seems like lover than friend. Ais and Lefiya already pout at two of them. Tione also do the same because her time with her captain reduce.

"Oii Stupid dawn, How about a battle?" Bete smirk.

"Nah.. i will lose, you're to fast Bete-san" Bell smile

"Are you mocking mee?!"

"I'm just telling the truth tho" Bell pout

"KAWAIIIIIII" Ais, Lefiya, Tiona, And Riveria.

"But if bete-san and Bell-san really fight, who would win?" Anakitty

"Of course Bell will win." Riveria

"Riveria-sama aren't it too bit Favoritism?" Line

"No, Riveria told the truth tho." Tione

"Last time we remember, Bell defeat him in 1 minute without breaking much sweat. And he still level 6 that time." Tiona

"He is now a advanced level 7, what would you guys think the result?" Riveria

Member of Loki Familia begin to silent. To think their Executive will say something like that, Bell must be very strong. Bell had a innocent figure with him which make people sometime hardly believe if he is level 7 adventure.

"Cih… I'm also grow strong ya know. Even he level 7 that's not mean i cannot fight him equally right? I can beat his ass off." Bete

"Oii-oii Bete calm down." Finn.

"I cannot Finn. Today i will kick this stupid dawn ass." Bete.

"Cannot i get a relaxing day just for once?" Bell whine.

"Heh… You're afraid to me right? hahahaa… You just a Level 7 adventure who just like to play hero. I bet you actually cheating at your level and your falna with your stupid goddess." and here we are, the trash mouth Bete.

"Bete! your mouth! Bell-san never done something like that! Watch your manner, werewolf." Riveria cannot hold her anger anymore.

"Ohh.. You defend someone from another Familia than your own familia? geez… you sure love this stupid dawn human, aren't you?" Bete smirk.

"Ano.. please calm down, Bete-san. Stop saying nonsense like that. You will hurt Riveria-san feeling like this." Bell try his best to calm down.

"Shut up Ya human! You're nothing more than rubbish who just being a womanizer." Bete.

Lefiya who hear that of course cannot accept it. He can be jealous to Bell, But to insult him to this degree she cannot accept it. Not after the one he insult is her Beloved Oni-sama.

"That stupid werewolf dare to insult My Oni-sama. I bet he even cannot land a hit to my Brother. You just freaking jealous because he far more superior than you!" Lefiya glare at the werewolf.

"Shut up you weakling elf. You're just a mere level 3, Stop talking like you're strong" Bete

"I may not strong like you but at least i respect my Bell-Oni-san. Just because you cannot win against someone you cannot insult him like that. It's your own fault to being too cocky" Lefiya

They can feel the heat tension between Lefiya dan Bete. Even lefiya is less strong than Bete, she will not afraid if someone mock her beloved brother.

"You stupid elf… I will punch you for sure"

Bell lose it. "Don't do that…"

All of them can feel the strong pressure from Bell word. Even sometime he always refuse to be called brother by Lefiya, He is actually cared for her as little sister.

"I will tell you for the second time. Don't do that! I'm serious."

"Ugghhhh… Ya have no right to order me…!"

"That's werewolf…!" Riveria.

"Calm down Riveria. Let Bell handle this." Finn.

"But Bete is too much, Finn. Bell is our-." Riveria.

Finn smile at Riveria. "Don't you want to believe at Bell-san, Riveria? Even you had a thing for that boy, I'm sure you want to see his growth mentally. I believe Bell can handle such a situation. Remember, He is captain of Hestia Familia and Vice-commander in our Expedition."

"... I understand…" Riveria sigh.

"Okay.. you want a battle right?" Bell state his word calmly.

Bete frown his forehead with Bell statement. "Hoo.. you finally want to have a battle with me?"

"Yeah… I do this only to show that what Lefiya say is not a bullshit but the truth itself." Bell

"Ya dare to insult me?! you bastard human!" Bete

"Nope… i'm not say anything. I'm just agree about my Little sister opinion." Bell look at Lefiya with a warm smile in his face.

Of course being Lefiya, she blushed so much and have a love struck in her eyes. Ais and Riveria can feel something burn in their heart. In easy way, they are jealous. Some member Loki Familia a bit annoyed by Bell act like hero for Lefiya.

"Are he pretend to be cool?"

"To be honest, I don't really believe that he that strong. Even many rumour about him, but still i cannot believe at him"

"Maybe what Bete-san say is right. That kid is playing unfair. what a loser."

"For some reason i feel annoyed by his hero act. He just want to look good in girl eyes"

Bell who heard some of them insult him. He ignore them. for him now, there something more important than hearing small insult like that.

"So how about it Bete-san? i'm will cancel this fight if you want to apologize to Lefiya."

"heh? Apologize? to that Lowly Elf? You're joking! it's better if fight you." Bete

"Who you call lowly you stupid werewolf?!" Lefiya

"Shut up. You are just a weak elf who nearly dead because you are too weak. You live now because you saved by that human. Someone like you just a burden to people because you weak. You're different with Riveria. at least that old hag more useful than you. you shouldn't belong to here! Loki Familia is not belong to someone like you."

Lefiya can feel her eyes begin to water by tear. She usually can take Bete insult but this time her defense to the insulted destroyed by Bete insult. She try hard not to cry. at least not to cry in front of Bell.


Finn can feel a enormous aura come from Bell. Bell just release his The [[Night Dawn]] skill after hearing Bete insult. For him, Bete is already too harsh this time. His word already hurt Lefiya feeling. Finn actually begin sweat drop. He remember when Bell really angry and nearly fight 2 floor boss by himself when they in personal quest.

"W-what…." Bete can feel fear for the first time.

"You seems really like making a girl cry isn't it." this time Bell voice tone really cold.

"I never think about myself to be someone who like to act like a hero to girl. I never also hope they will like me for what i do for them. But seeing you very rude to a girl make me think that…."

"You're no more than a rubbish." Bell

"What are you saying?! i'm just stating a fact! She is weak and burden to our familia!."

"And what she say about you also the fact itself", Bell

"You! take this! Graaaaagggggghhhhh~" Bete

Bete launch himself to attack Bell. Bell in other hand did not even move or avoid Bete.


All people shocked after look what Bell do. Bell just blocked Bete punch with one hand and Bell even hold Bete hand. Bell look at Bete with boring expression.

"You should learn how to respect people more, Bete-san. I don't blame anything at you and What you say is not 100% wrong, but you don't need to say an unnecessary to Lefiya. It's really pissed me off."



Bete yelp in pain after Bell just crush his hand. Bell even did not smile like usually. Anyone who see Bell like this first time of course being scare, But not to Finn. He already smile while sigh.

"Ohh.. you can feel pain too, Congratulation." Bell smiled again but not a happy smile.

"Oni-sama… i-it's okay… Please stop this… I cannot let you have a trouble because of me." Lefiya sob a bit.

Even she feel happy about Bell fight for her, she still don't want her brother that he love had a trouble with her familia. She beyond touched that Bell call her as his little sister even though she want more than just a little sister. she already being saved and she even cannot repay that kindness to him, yet he always care about her.

"It's not okay to me. He just not say a bad thing about you but also look a down on Riveria with calling her with such a harsh word. If not because i respect Finn as my friend and comrade, he will not only have a broken hand. Also I'm really have big respect to you, Finn. You somehow manage to order this stupid werewolf." Bell

"Yah… I had my way to order him." Finn

"You...i'm gonna-

"Okayyy time out , werewolf. Time to back to your room." As Tiona and Tione dragging Bete for avoid much trouble. More like they afraid this werewolf will really die.

"Let me go ya stupid ass amazonn! I said let me gooo!"

After Bete already out of the sight, Bell give a long sigh. This is first time he cannot hold up his anger. Lefiya who see her brother look troubled decide to give him a hug.

"I'm sorry Nii-san… This my fault. If only i didn't against his word, this will never happen. it just i cannot hold my anger because that werewolf keep insult you. You even did nothing wrong to him." Lefiya

Bell look at Lefiya and smile. His hand reach to Lefiya head and pat her gently. Make Riveria and Ais snapped a bit with a pout.

"You did nothing wrong. I shall the one who must thank you to you. Because you always mad for me. I really pissed of when he really talk some harsh word to you. You're my cute little sister after all." Bell

"Oni-sama…." As Lefiya begin move forward to kiss Bell.

"Okay stop it right there…" Riveria pull Lefiya away from Bell.

"Riveria-sama! When i'm just having a good atmosphere with my Beloved Bell-nii-san you always Interrupt it. " Lefiya

"If not you will make a shameless thing again. I cannot trust you after all." Riveria

"You just jealous because Oni-sama is patting my head gently and not patting your head." Lefiya


"Ouchhhh… It's hurt." Lefiya hold his head that being smacked by Riveria.

Bell sweat drop seeing this view, when Finn sigh again to look at his member action.

"I'm sorry for hurting your member, Finn-san. I will take responsibility for his wound i make to him" Bell

"No.. No.. Please stop be like that, Bell. this is not your fault. I shall thank you because you did not kill him. This my bad actually for letting one of my member insult you." Finn

"I always getting one anyways. I got mad just because he made Lefiya cry. I cannot stand when Lefiya cry. She is too precious girl who always do her best for her familia. Thinking back about that werewolf word make my blood boiled again" Bell

"I agree. She may low level but she always do the best. But for you act like that, you sure really care to her." Finn smirk

Bell just smile to Finn statement.

"How can i cannot care to someone who always smile when meet me? She act like a spoiled little sister when near me, and to be honest i don't hate it anyway. She is cute and sometime i want to pat her head. but you know, she is elf. I cannot be careless to touch her." Bell

"but you just pat her head just now."

"It's because i want to cheer her up. So i just do it after put much courage. I'm glad she seems like it. hope i'm doing it well to her." Bell

"You are really a unique one Bell Cranel. You attract people to trust you with you innocent mind and personality. Just like how i attracted to your pure heart. I'm glad i meet someone like you" Finn smile

"what are you smiling at?"

"Nothing… Just a relief that i had meet someone like you."

"it's scary if you say like that, Finn-san."

"i'm still normal you know."

They laugh together.

"So about the training camp?" Finn

"let's do it anyway. i will tell Ottarl." Bell

"i cannot wait to face you, Bell. I know you still hiding your power from me." Finn

"Come on commander, People all know that Both you and Ottarl is strong enough to take down floor boss alone." Bell

"Same to you, who manage to beat Floor boss from other place ( he Reference to Minos Guardian at Laputa sky city)." Finn

"okay.. okay… We will wait that time. One week, okay?" Bell

"Deal, Vice-commander." Finn.

After that Bell leave the Twilight Manor and back to Hearth Mansion. Don't forget he say goodbye to Riveria, Ais and Lefiya. Ais call Bell.

"Bell…." Ais

"I'm sorry if i go home early, Ais-san." Bell

"No.. I understand the circumstance. You are captain after all. And you must be so tired after your first expedition with Astraea Familia." Ais smile.

Ais and Bell had a short silence before Bell begin to talk again.

"Long time no see, Ais-san. I'm glad you are doing okay." Bell

"uhmm. I also glad you comeback alive. I got so worried when i hear that you go on journey."

Bell smile at Ais. "Sorry to making you worried little princess." Bell

Ais pout cutely. "i'm not little anymore".

"Haha.. but you still cute like a little princess you know." Bell

"I'm not! touch thisssss!"

As Ais hold Bell hand and place it in her oppai which make Bell shocked and quickly remove his hand from Ais breast.

"W-w-w-w-what.. are you doing to my oni-sama, you stupid princess!" Lefiya

"Look… i have boobs now." Ais pout

Riveria and Bell sweat drop at how airhead Ais.

"I just kidding you know. No need to make me to touch your boobs." Bell

"it just a prove that i'm not a little girl anymore." Ais had a little blush in her face.

"Stay away from my brother!" Lefiya hug Bell again.

Ais pout again. "JJuruuiiii~ always Lefiya. I want a hug to."

With that Bell being hugged by Ais and Lefiya. While Lefiya keep glaring at Ais. Ais seems ignore the glare and enjoy the warm of Bell body.

"hah… This two really pain in the ass." Yes all. Riveria just curse for the first time.

With that Riveria drag them off so Bell can go back to his home. Looks like there so many interesting would happen in one week. A training camp. Bell cannot wait to face his comrade and his rival on the duel.











































Bell just got in entrance gate at Hearth Mansion. feeling a bit tired he really want to sleep already. suddenly..


Bell just easily avoid a attack from stranger. Bell being calm not shocked as he already feel strange presence as he got in.

"As expected from the strongest adventure Orario. You must pretend not to feel our presence."

"Our?" Bell.

Suddenly someone try to stab him from behind. But fortunately his sixth sense gave him a bit sight that he will be attacked. Bell give a bit smile. Not many adventure can hide their presence this perfect to make him did not notice it.

"hoo.. You guys are skilled." Bell smile at them

"cihh… He really scary. How can he avoid my attack in close range like that."

"Look's like i cannot get home if i'm not fight against you two." Bell begin serious as he begin emitted such strong aura.

The two of them can feel the pressure from Bell.

"I'm really tired now, so i will make it fast." Bell saying that in nonchalantly way.

Suddenly Bell already disappear from their sight which make them surprised. Bell launch a kick to the stranger which they barely avoid it.

"ughhh… how can-"

Bell suddenly got in their behind again. "Don't lose your focus when on battle, or you will ended like this."

The stranger can feel chill at Bell word and suddenly a strong kick make him knocked back. Without wasting time, Bell begin move to the other one.

"He is too fast"

The enemy try hard to match at Bell speed. but he cannot match in term on speed which make him got so many damage by Bell attack.

"You're pretty good yourself. But sorry i need to end this now."


The stranger knocked out. Bell being Bell, he did not finish them off. But he bought them inside Hearth Mansion to interrogate them.

Just who are they?




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