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DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Pain Sharpens the Tongue
by Gabrielle Lawson

Author's Note: This little drabble takes place during Episode 1x09. I really felt the team had their priorites messed up.

"...miracles abound on this old timeship!" Rip stated, turning away from the brig doors. And Mick. "We've been remiss. Mr. Snart, shall we see to that hand?"

Snart glared at him. His wrist was throbbing and starting to thaw. "Well, it's on his ship, so no." He stood up just a little straighter, still tucking his wrist into his other elbow. "And don't say Gideon can reattach it, because it's not in one piece."

Jax sounded just a bit nauseous behind him. "How many pieces?"


Rip shook his head and smiled. "Miracles, as I said. To the medbay, please."