Nick was at a gig at Bueno Nacho performing the hit Diego Dancer song Rise of El Rancho.

El Rancho is a place of mystery

It will get you out of misery

A show is performing at the Saloon

If you go to prison, your a big buffoon.

General stores has wonders galore

Blacksmith, please give me horse shoes

Blacksmith, I like a hammer or two.

Baker, make a pecan pie

Baker, prepare some bread, and make it a rhye

Indian comes in and perform a dance

Flute playing and a drumming trace

El Rancho is a place of mystery

It will get you out of misery

Gold mines, Silver Mines

A cart will be easy to find.

Healer elixir will be easy

If it's a scam, that's kind of sleazy.

El Rancho is not easy to lose

A best place not to get confused

It's by the coast of Rio de Mariposa

By the gardens of numerous rosas.

El Rancho, here I come

El Rancho, never be done.

After the gig, he met up with Red and Donna outside, "That was a great gig Nicky" Donna smiled.

"No prob" Nick replied

Later, they were at The Solo Residents with 2 Bueno Nacho Grande meals. Michael got out his laptop and projected Chasing Gold "Remember when Emoji came into town to be on that hit reality show, "Dancing with the Cars"

"How can I forget" Nick replied, "I remember performing on that Porsche Turbo that looked a little bit like David Beckham's"

"Yeah" Donna replied, "And you get to play Zach Collins, the dreamer musician who loves singing about Mexican spices."

"That was based on the Taco Bell Nacho Fries commercial where they parodied a musical movie" recalled Nora.

"I admit it" Abby said, "The actor who played the original Zach Collins was cute."

"And you got your friends from New York to get in on the action." Michael explained, "And this was a good chance to promote the band."

"That's right" smiled Donna, "And I got to let Natasha get in on the action."

"Well then" Nick said, "It's showtime."