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Takes place after first movie

And Gambit never met x-men

'Wolverine' - thoughts

"Wolverine" - speech

Wolverine - movie

'Wolverine' - screen

'Do you know what's the saddest thing about this story?'

The words flashed ominously from the TV screen freezing everybody's excitement. Today was supposed to be a movie night, so almost the whole school was present. Logan left again to search for his past and the rest of the teachers hadn't left the kitchen, still preparing snacks for children. Professor was the only adult that witnessed the strange appearance.

It began so peacefully. There was supposed to play a comedy movie right now. No one was absent... well beside their lone wolf. Charles liked spending time like this with his students and staff close, like a true family. They switched to the proper channel and waited out the commercials by talking to each other. But when the time came for the movie to start it appeared that the signal was getting disrupted. This caused groans to fill the room, thinking there'll be no movie tonight. But it all went quiet when the words came into view.

They tried to change the channel and turning off the TV but nothing happened. Voices of his staff disrupted the silence that had fallen. "Alright, we have food. Did we miss someth- What's going on?" "We don't know Ms. Monroe this just popped up. And now we can't do anything." Kitty quickly explained. "Professor?" questioned Scott "I don't know Scott. We tried changing channel, turning the TV off but nothing changed."

Scott distributed the snack he was holding to the children and approached the device. Reaching behind it he unplugged it but the screen still didn't change, he showed the cable to the rest. "Scott, what's that in the corner?" asked Jean "I think it's a date... 2nd May 2035?" Scott answered voice laced with disbelief.

Any further questions were interrupted by a bang of closing doors, drapes closed and lights dimmed. Ororo tried to open the door but nothing happened, they wouldn't budge for even an inch. The same could be said about the drapes. Her powers didn't make any difference."Why don't you sit down? Jubilee could you push play." "Professor?" questioned Beast while spreading out the food like the rest of the staff. "I know Hank but I don't think that we have any choice."

When everyone was sitting Scott took a deep breath "Play it Jubilee." She never was more nervous than now, her hand shaking but slowly she pushed the button. The words were replaced.

'He never had'and that changed to 'A happy beginning...'

"I wonder who is this he" 'You're not the only one' Professor spoke in her mind. In fact, every one in the room had the same thought. Even him.

I got the idea from a picture I saw.

I never tried a watching fic