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Takes place after the first movie

And Gambit never met x-men

'Wolverine' - thoughts

"Wolverine" - speech

Wolverine - movie

'Wolverine' - screen

This revelation echoed around the room as well as the implications. Because Logan in some way must have chosen what is to be engraved on his dog tags for there to be a 'Wolverine' written. It was assumed that the name was chosen by the people who gave him his adamantium skeleton. While they still tried to overcome their shock movie continued to play.

The sun began to rise behind the high hills, and a working chainsaw could be heard. The next thing that was shown was a close-up of the chainsaw going through the tree like a knife in the butter, Logan was holding the machine. He reached barely past the middle when he pulled out and looked up watching as the high tree creaks and falls over, landing hard on the ground.


Suddenly a red car was shown on a road. Jumping back to Logan who now is slicing off the branches from the cut-off tree with other men. Another car was shown moving through the empty roadway. Behind the wheel was Kayle, she was reaching with her hand when she looked up and in the middle of the road stood a man in a long coat. He's turned away from the camera but he was still recognizable as Victor. Kayle's face was almost unreadable but you could see signs of apprehension. The view from behind Victor's back shows the car stopping. Kayle is shown gripping the wheel with both hands breathing deeply and staring at the man.

"She doesn't seem to be surprised" commented Rogue

"No, she doesn't" confirmed Professor his suspicions about her began to rise again as well as worry about what this means for Logan, of course, he knew he wouldn't be able to do anything about this but that still didn't stop him from worry.

The back of Logan's head was shown. He appears to sense something as he turns his head to the right and lightly sniffs. Kayle was seen again in the car still unmoving, Victor started to approach her.

"What is she waiting for? questioned Ororo

Logan moves slowly, silently through the woods, searching for something but he still doesn't know what. He moves branches away and sees a ripped-off head of an animal. Other lumberjacks appear behind him questioning "What are you doing Logan?"

Kayle is still sitting in the car. Victor's reflection is visible on the windshield. Logan still looks confused, frowning as he looks through the forest, his eyes stop on the claw marks on the bark of a tree, and his confusion is replaced by fear. "..Kayle" he whispers and takes off in a run.

"Oh no it won't end well." moans Beast

Victor is still moving closer and closer. He draws his claws out and starts to rip through the hood of the car the screech of the metal is almost unbearable. Logan is still sprinting through the woods.

The tension and dread began to rise in the room along with the suspenseful silence.

Victor almost reached the door of the car, claws still damaging the vehicle. Kayle is still watching him, her posture tense. Logan moves even faster avoiding branches and fallen logs. He keeps running when he moves past the tree he stops, eyes searching. He sees the top of the car and moves closer. He reaches the car and sees that it is empty. He breaths faster, he's scared, he doesn't see Kayle anywhere. His eyes are drawn to the marks that Victor did, the same marks as on the bark of the tree. He moved again among the trees but not at the same neck-breaking speed as before, yelling out "Kayla!". He stopped near a fallen tree. There was something blue in the yellow grass. He stood there not coming closer just staring intensely at the blue shape. At a closer look jeans were distinguishable. He approached what was now known as the body of Kayla. He kneeled next to her, on his face you could see his denial. He gently stroked her hair, her clothes were covered in blood. His chin started to quiver, still stroking her hair he checked her pulse. He gathered her in his arms, his breath became faster and then he threw his head back roaring at the sky.

Ororo quickly took the remote and paused the movie when there were shown trees of the forest. Her voice was choked but you could still hear the order behind the proposition. "Why don't we take a break." And then she stood up and moved herself to the corner of the room.