Alright guys, I know this isn't what you wanted to see. You probably got hyped when you saw an update, but this is only an author's note. I'm putting this here because I want to explain the situation I am in and why this story seems dead. (it's not by the by)

COVID-19… This is one of the main reasons why I haven't even touched my stories in a while. I work in retail, as a part timer (used to be one), and a college student. This virus shut down my campus, made work 100 times more stressful, and made me a teacher.

I have a little brother, he's a smart kid, but he has trouble learning things through a computer. So I have to help him out. That wouldn't be so bad if I didn't work full time now. (And he likes to procrastinate, that little shit) While also having my own classes to take online. Wish my parents would help, but they have a lot on their plate too.

So the hours start to build up, the stress starts to build up, and then finally school is done. We are both done with school for the summer so I thought I could get back into writing and stuff.

Then I break my fucking hand.

Yea… my right hand is now broken. I am getting workers comp since it happened on the job, but I doubt they will keep me once I heal up. So I will be at home for the time being, but story progress will be slow. I have to get used to typing with one hand and man it's weird. I will try to get a chapter out soon!

Anyway, I wrote this cause I wanted to inform you guys and, ah… Sorry about the whole months of inactivity. Seriously, I should have said something sooner.

Worry not! I am still inspired to write this, and I really want to get to Camelot. (For reasons…)

Just wanted to say thanks for holding out while I deal with all of this life crap. I am still really surprised that people are finding this story. You know, with it being buried due to months of inactivity.