Gilligan was exhausted, both physically and emotionally. Once the Skipper and the Professor got Gilligan out of the tree, they immediately took him back to his hut to lie down and get some rest. The poor boy had been up for twenty-four hours straight, running for his life. After that, they would insist that he get some food into him, for he was probably starving!

The others all wanted to run to Gilligan and give him hugs and kisses, but the Professor told them he needed some rest right now, and they could give him all the hugs and kisses they wanted later.

No, they weren't rescued, but at least Gilligan was safe now. That was their main concern. Of course, they wanted to be rescued, but not at the risk of losing their friend. They could only imagine what the poor young sailor had been through. Not knowing where to hide, not knowing if any minute, he was going to be gunned down in cold blood. The thought of it sent chills down everyone's spine. As they all sit at the communal table, waiting for Gilligan to wake up, Ginger had something to say to Mrs. Howell.

"Mrs. Howell, I've been thinking. You're sort of a hero."

"I am? How?"

"Well, if you didn't confront Ramoo, we wouldn't have gotten out of the jail, and the Professor and Skipper wouldn't have been able to help Gilligan."

Mary Ann smiled at the movie star and then at Mrs. Howell.

"She's right, Mrs. Howell!"

Mrs. Howell smiled at the two young women who were like daughters to her.

"I guess I did."

"I'm proud of you, Lovey, dear," Thurston said, wrapping an arm around his wife.

"We all are," the Professor put in.

"Indeed, Mrs. Howell. Thanks to you distracting that barbarian, our little buddy is safe," the Skipper said, on the verge of tears.

This made Mrs. Howell want to cry.

"Thank you all."

Once Gilligan woke up from his nap, he walked out to the communal table.

"Hey, everybody."


They all jumped up and ran to Gilligan, enveloping him in hugs and kisses.

"Are you all right?"

"Were you scared?"

"How did you manage to run that long?"

"I'm fine. Yes, I was. And I don't know."

"Did you get enough sleep, little buddy?" Skipper asked.

"I think so," replied Gilligan.

"Well, sit down, Gilligan," Mary Ann said with a bright smile. "I've made a special dinner just for you. And coconut cream pie for dessert."

"That's okay, Mary Ann. I'm not really that hungry."

"But, Gilligan, you haven't eaten a thing in twenty-four hours," the Professor said.

"I'll just have water."

Gilligan got himself a cup of water. Everyone was staring at him in concern.

"You have to eat, Gilligan," Ginger said.

"I will later."

"But dear-" started Mrs. Howell.


Gilligan threw his coconut cup down and stormed off. Everyone was in complete shock!

"How dare he talk to a Howell that way?" said Mr. Howell, in anger.

"It's okay, Mr. Howell," said the Professor. "He didn't mean it. It's just the stress from what happened."

The Howells nodded in understanding at this.

"Of course, you're right, Professor," Mr. Howell said, sadly.

"Skipper, maybe we should go find him."

"No, Mary Ann. Let him cool down for a bit. Once he gets back to camp, he'll be starving. Mark my words. I know my little buddy."

Mary Ann nodded, but still wasn't convinced. She cared very deeply for Gilligan, and seeing someone who was usually so cheerful act out like that, broke her heart. The others decided to go ahead and eat or their food would get cold. They would keep Gilligan's food warm for him. No one ate any pie, for they wanted Gilligan to have it.

Once dinner was finished, the Professor walked up to Ginger.

"Ginger, may I have a word with you alone?"

"Sure, Professor."

The two walked into the Professor's hut. No one noticed their absence as they were off in their own worlds.

"Is something wrong, Professor?"

"Quite the contary, Ginger. I have something I need to get off my chest. Ginger, ever since the hunt, I've been thinking. Do you notice how I am always asking you to help me with experiments? How I came to you when I wanted advice on how to court a woman?"

Ginger nodded her head, yes.

"Ginger, I won't lie. The times we've kissed- I've enjoyed them, immsensely. When we made that movie, and I went on about bacteria, I was just nervous. I can't hold it in any longer. Ginger, I love you."

Ginger's green eyes widened at this.

"You what?"

"I love you. I have for quite a while. If you don't feel the same way, I completely understand. It'll hurt, but I'll be all right."

"Wow," Ginger said, smiling. "Professor, I love you, too!"

"You do?"

"Of course! I always have. Who do I always call for for help when I'm in trouble? You. I love helping you whenever I can. I'm drawn to you."

The Professor smiled and pulled the movie star close to him.

"Say something romantic," Ginger said.

"The capital of South Dakota is Pierre."

Ginger laughed and kissed the man of science. Once the kiss was done, the Professor spoke.

"Let's wait to tell the others. Gilligan needs us right now."

Ginger nodded her head in understanding.

"You're right."