Gilligan, not wanting anyone to worry, had something small for breakfast. One hard, boiled egg, and some grapes. He needed to eat more than that, he knew, but he promised he would eat some more at lunch time. The others were thrilled to see him eating again.

"Darling, what exactly did you say to make Gilligan start eating again," Ginger asked the Professor as they walked through the jungle.

"That, my dear, is confidential."

Ginger laughed at this. Right now, the movie star was on cloud nine. She had the man of her dreams, and Gilligan was eating again. He was healing, and that put her in a very delightful mood.

"You sure look beautiful today."

"Thank you, Roy. You're such a charmer. I can't wait to tell the others about us."

"I can't, either. But I think we need to wait just a little bit longer."

"I know. You're right. We all need to keep our minds focused on helping Gilligan."

"I told him I would talk to him every night after dinner, for as long as it takes for him to get better."

Ginger nodded her head. The two continued to walk in silence, not knowing that Gilligan had just heard their conversation while collecting coconuts. He just couldn't believe it! The Professor and Ginger were together! They were keeping it secret. He wanted to run and tell everybody, but knew that wouldn't be right. He wasn't very good at keeping secrets, but was determined to keep this one. He would probably tell the Professor later on that he knew about their relationship, for he had overheard them. Gilligan didn't mean to eavesdrop, it was just hard not to.

He wished he had the courage to tell a certain farm girl from Kansas that he had romantic feelings for her. Deep down, he always had those feelings, but was too scared to act on them. He knew that Mary Ann wouldn't turn him down, it was just the thought of relationships in general. He always swore that he wasn't going to be tied down, but after this whole hunting incident, he was beginning to think it wasn't such a bad idea. He loved that girl, and wanted to be with her. Why not? They were both single, and they both had a lot in common. They both loved animals, and had their own way of working with them, they were both close in age, about two or three years apart. Gilligan so badly, wanted to tell her. He could have been with her sooner, when the Howells tried to set them up! What was he thinking?


Mary Ann was preparing lunch, thinking about Gilligan. How she worried about him. At least he was eating again. Not much, but it was better than nothing. She couldn't deny it. She loved that blue-eyed, red-shirted sailor man. If only he had the same feelings for her as she did him. She knew that Gilligan was afraid of relationships and didn't want to be tied down, and she would never pressure him into anything he didn't want. They both had to want it. Even if Mary Ann was to declare her feelings, and Gilligan did feel the same way by some miracle, it didn't mean that they had to get married and have kids right there and then. She wanted some time before all of that. The day Mary Ann Summers set foot on the S.S. Minnow, she was drawn to Gilligan like a moth to a flame. He had carried her bags up onto the boat, had gotten her drinks and snacks, and told her funny stories. Right away, she was in love. It was hard not to love him. Sure, he was clumsy at times, but he was still human, and had one of the biggest hearts of anybody she's ever known.

Oh, well. Maybe when he recovered from this hunting incident, she would work up her courage and tell him. If he didn't feel the same way, that was fine. At least she would know, and could stop dwelling on it. She knew that he would never hurt her on purpose. It would hurt if he rejected her, absolutely, but she would just have to learn to deal with it.


Gilligan was sitting in the Professor's hut. He had no complaints tonight, just that he wanted to tell the man of science about his feelings for Mary Ann. He kept fidgeting in his seat, and biting his nails.

"Why are you so nervous, Gilligan," the Professor asked in a calm voice.

"Well, I-I have a confession to make."

"I'm listening."

"Okay. Well, first of all, please don't get mad."

"I promise I won't."

"Earlier I was collecting coconuts, and I heard you and Ginger talking. I know you're together."

The Professor's eyes widened at this.

"You haven't told anybody, have you?"

"No. Are you mad?"

"Not at all. We'll tell everyone when we're ready."

"I know you will. There's something else on my mind. Oh, and I'm very happy for you guys."

The Professor smiled.

"Thanks, Gilligan. What else is on your mind?"

"Well- I—I'm in love with Mary Ann."

The Professor smiled at this. "Now that doesn't surprise me, Gilligan."

"It doesn't?"

"Of course not. It's pretty obvious she has the same feelings for you."

"It is?"

"Absolutely, Gilligan. She's always defending you, unless you really make her mad, of course, which is very rare. I see her always smiling at you, always praising you. Gilligan, she's in love."

Gilligan smiled. "When should I tell her how I feel?"

"Whenever you think is best. Just don't wait too long."

"I won't," Gilligan said, shaking his head.

"Anything else?"

"Actually, no. I feel pretty good tonight."

"That's terrific, Gilligan. You did excellent at dinner as well."

"Yes. Since I feel okay, I want to talk a little about the hunt, if that's okay. I know I said I had nothing else to say, but-"

"No, no, Gilligan. By all means, talk."

"Well, after I drank that potion that Ginger brought to trick Kinkaid, I passed out. I woke up, forgetting where I was, and what was happening. Until Ramoo came in and told me it was time. Kinkaid was waiting for me outside, and lead me into the jungle. He gave me a fifteen minute head-start. It was scary during the day, but at night it was much worse. It's a miracle I survived. While I was scared for myself, I was more afraid for you guys. Would he kill all of you, too? That's what was on my mind during the hunt, more than my survival."

The Professor nodded his head.

"Gilligan, I have to confess, when we were locked in the jail, we all joined hands and prayed for your survival. That was more important to us than rescue."

"I prayed for you guys, too. I'm just so happy you're all okay."

"We're happy you're okay, Gilligan."

"I think I am," Gilligan said with a smile.

"I still want you to come see me every night for a while to talk. You might be feeling better now, but-"

"Oh, sure, Professor! Right now, I'm thinking of how to tell Mary Ann I love her."

"Just speak from the heart, Gilligan."