Chapter 1

Before the Coming

The High Prophet of Truth watched Earth with tremendous pleasure. The humans had finally been defeated. Their fleets were burned and their armies eradicated. All that remained was their precious Earth.

In these last seconds, the Covenant cruisers have just finished wiping out Earth's last orbital defenses and battleships. Pathetic suicide runs were made by transports that attempted to escape Earth and past the Covenant blockade. Humanity was at Death's doorstep.

The Prophet recollected the war as he watched the constant explosions. Sacrifices were made… maybe in the form of thousands of lives. But it was all worth it. This flood was just a mere setback from activating the halo rings. It was a shame that troops had to be diverted from continuing their plans with the rings, it just seemed necessary to focus on the humans first. The result so strived for was here at last.

With the last of humanity's hopes, the harmonic behemoth ships above the skies dropped a message on the Earth and its children. A message of utter annihilation….

[182.5 Cycles Later]

The flood infected the Covenant. They were given little warning. The threat was just too immense for them to bear. Not long after the fall of Earth, the Covenant colonies received bombardments of flood pods. The Prophets of the Covenant knew the Flood had infected a few forces, they never could've known that they had whole warships infected. It was an epidemic, and from there to a plague. The Flood infected almost everything, 1/10 of the Covenant was already contaminated. Eventually, about 1/6 was already lost. It was clear to the prophets of the Covenant that the end was near.

"To my faithful followers of the Covenant… Armageddon has come! The Great Journey has been ruined by the flood! Now the flood draws closer to us, such a threat too dire to ignore. Let us begin our new journey to other stars!"
- Prophet of Truth in his Great Salvation of Tomorrow speech

An order was then issued that every ship was to be converted to hold as many of the population as possible. Any Covenant with traces of the infection that attempted to board the ships got mercilessly exterminated. All the remaining Covenants and their technology was tucked away in their massive ships. This was at 110% efficiency, not a single contaminated object or person followed them.

To be truthful, it was by mere chance that the San'Shyuum astronomers discovered a potential galaxy that would be ideal for regrowth. Most of the Covenant had already begun to suspect that the Great Journey was a lie and was prepared for total civil war if it wasn't for the flood. However, with a promise of escape… the Covenant kept a stable balance and followed the Prophets with bare patience.

Their ships gathered. The High Crucible and every single ship that was still operational took part in one of the most complex Slipspace jumps ever attempted. Everyone knew the risk, a single miscalculation would destroy the whole fleet. From simple transports to war-hardened battlecruisers alike would be sent to oblivion. It was either extinction or a "new hope". As the crew began the slipspace procedures, not a single soul would dare breath. With the final confirmation, the Covenant began their new journey to…
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away….

Author's Note:
This is just going to be quick stories of what would occur if the Covenant Empire clashed against the Covenant Empire. Any criticism is welcomed. This is not really like a regular story where there is a theme and all, but basically just simulated battles.