At a used car company, EMOJI was performing their hit song, "Let's Boogie" with Emma and Donna on harmonies.

Let's Boogie Folks

Let's Boogie, Let's Boogie

Oogie, Oogie, Oogie

Let's Boogie, Let's Boogie

Noogie, Noogie, Noogie.

"Ladies and gentlemen" shouted the announcer, "EMOJI"

Helen came up on stage, "Before we take a final bow" she shouted, "I like you to meet the band. Beating it hard on the drums, Red, strumming and kicking on bass, Nick, tuning the dramatic keys, Simon, cooking up a recipe of smiles on guitar, Nora, tooting the blues on trumpet, my baby brother, Bram, backing up on harmonies, Emma and Donna, and finally, singing with the power of love, Abby, and I'm the proud manager, Helen, "Aech" Harris."

After the gig, Helen was counting up the money and realized that the band hasn't been making much money since their Dancing with The Cars gig. She couldn't bare send her brother back to their father and their mom never got over how they were gay. Her luck changes when she got a call from Cho. "Padleia" Helen said to the band's choreographer, "Get the band and tell them to meet me outside Berry High at 3:30pm tomorrow."

"Got it" Donna replied.

The next day after school, Helen came up to the band with exciting news, "We get to play at Lake Erie's Blooming Music Festival." she smiled, "All the greatest Pennslvanians get to play there. Whitney Houston, Bleachers and Fifth Harmony has played there."

"What are we waiting for" Abby smiled, "Let's get our song faces on."

"And it was really nice of Emoji to let us perform there." Helen smiled as they took off in the RV she rented.

"Principal Rivera even thought it was a good idea for our college applications" "For history and music."

While they were on the way to Pittsburgh, Ben went over a few ground rules. "Here's the deal" Ben said, "Michael, Rocket, Caleb and I are in charge of special effects, Syd, Lea, and Payton are styling the band, Aiden will help with vocal warmups for the band, Toshiro, Shou, Animal, and Wade are doing security, Samantha and Bailey are going to help with souvenirs, Donna is doing choreography and Emma is doing snacks."

Animal got excited to go to Lake Erie's Blooming Music Festival, because he hasn't been there since The Muppets took a break during The Muppets Take Manhattan.

Along the way, it started to rain hard. The band and everyone else was passing the time by playing Duck, Duck, Cluck. It was like Duck, Duck, Goose, but they got to Cluck, they have to come up with a rhyme with a word. They blew a flat tire. Rocket got mad, because they got a flat tire, "On the bright side" Rocket smiled, "You get to be soak and have colds from the rain."

"Rocket" growled Ben, "We need shelter."

"Perhaps we could stay in that hotel." Nora suggested at a hotel.

Beets Motel, Lots of Vacancy, "I've heard of Bates Motel" Red replied, "But never Beets Motel."

"I read the hotels in the hotel guide in Pennsylvania" Lea replied, "And they've got a 1 star rating. The service may be bad, but it must be cheap."

"And we need to get inside fast." replied Ben.