Inside, they saw that the hotel was empty. "Hello" Helen shouted, "We're here for some rooms."

"Try ringing the bell." Lea suggested.

"Good idea Lea" Helen said as she ringed the bell.

A stuffy British man came up and said, "Hello, I'm, assistant manager of The Beets Motel. How may I be of service?"

"We're on our way to the Lake Erie Music Festival when our RV broke down." Helen explained.

"Are you some kind of singing group." asked the assistant manager.

"Not just any singing group Antóin" a pretty looking chef said as she came out in excitement, "Their Emoji."

"This is our cook, Honey" Antoin explained, "She gets excited whenever we get rock bands come over.

"We haven't gotten many travers since the incident 15 years ago." Honey explained.

"What happened?" Nora asked

"It's our own business." Honey nervously replied.

"Nora" Simon growled, "It's not called "Private business" for nothing."

Some of the chefs came in with a big buffet, "Look at all that food"

"We were going to have a touring ballet troupe book stay here" Honey replied, "But they cancelled minutes before you came in."

"Food! Food!" shouted Animal as Ben and Lea grab hold of him.

"Animal!" Ben replied, "This food is for all of us."

"Don't worry" Honey replied, "I got a little something for your little wild friend. I'm also a member of The Electric Mayhem Band fan club, "The Mayhem Maniacs" and I knew that Animal loves eating peanut butter and seat cushions. We'd just tossed out our old employee lounge sofa."

"Peanut butter!" Animal shouted as he tackled her, taking the jar of peanut butter.

Everyone else started to dig into the meal, "This looks delicious." shouted Red as she chewed on a chocolate cake.

"I know" Nora replied as she ate a chicken leg, "I wish I could learn the recipe."

"Got all the luggage" said the bellhop, "By the way, was that RV expensive."

"Why?" asked Lea.

"Because that rude DJ of yours called me "Stupid" and he pushed the RV down the hill" he answered.

"ROCKET" everyone shouted as Rocket barged in.

"Hey there dudes" Rocket replied, "It was an accident, I had to use a high power wrench to fix the tire."

"Now we'll never get to the music festival in time." groaned Ben.

Donna found some chocolate roses and gave one to Ben, "Here Daddy" Donna smiled, "Have one of these"


"What's wrong with them" Donna asked.

"Hey" shouted an overweight grumpy man, "Nobody eats my chocolate roses."

"Anything but the chocolate roses, their forbidden." Honey replied.

"What is wrong with you blue eyes" shouted the grump, "Only I can eat them."

"We didn't know" Donna replied.

"What a beast" Abby said.

"It's Beet" corrected the grumpy man, "Quincey Beet III"

"There here to rent a room" replied Antoin, "And we gave them a free meal."

"The food isn't free" Quincey replied angrily, "You have to pay and through your buts out."

"I like this guy" Rocket smiled,

"What are you going to do to pay for all of this." Quincey replied, "The RV is destroyed thanks to that DJ Rocket."

"We can entertain guests" Nora said, "If there is any."

"We already got entertainment." Quincey replied, "The Harmonious Honey."

Honey quickly got out her magician's cape and hat and did a lousy rabbit hats trick, "That's a toy rabbit." Nick replied.

"There's going to be plenty of chores to be done." Quincey replied, "So get to work at 6am sharp you brats!

While they were being scolded, Rocket sat back while eating popcorn from the buffet they were just eating, "Now this is entertainment."

"I Am Groot(Rocket, they just got into trouble with the manager and your okay with this?" Groot said.

"Of course I'm crootaken okay with this." Rocket replied, "At least they won't bother me for a while."