A/N: This is set in BotW. Kinda a retelling that includes a Gerudo Ganon as well as Calamity Ganon. I think this story is going to be split into three acts. One: growing up with Ganon and his experiences, two: during the game, the after affect of Calamity Ganon rising 100 years later, and three: after the Calamity is defeated. That's the plan at least. This prologue is to explain the Gerudo race a bit more and to give you a bit of back story. Let's see how it goes, shall we?

(If you want the short version of the prologue, see the bottom in italics)

The Prologue

The Gerudo were a warrior race that had their share of hardships, trials, and tribulations. Over the course of their history they have been hated, unwilling outcasts, and at several points in history, almost completely wiped out. But they were a stubborn race that refused to allow any hardship keep them down. Throughout the course of their generations, the Gerudo males tend to not survive past the first few years after birth so the mother's bodies adapted to only producing females, with a few males born on rare occasions, but only one typically surviving to adulthood every one hundred years or so. Because it was a rarity that the males live, every time one did survive, they became the Chief because they were extraordinarily powerful. There's a saying in the Gerudo village that the reason only one male survives in every generation was because the Gerudo would be too powerful if they had more males to help them fight. It's a bittersweet story.

At this point in the story, there had not been a Gerudo male for almost fifteen generations when Urbosa's mother became Chief. They were starting to think that they couldn't conceive males because their feminine genes were too strong and would over power any chance to give birth to a son. Their genes were stronger than the Hylian and any male born would die within a year of being born.

Now to fully understand the events that are going to happen in this story, there must be a backstory to explain how things came to be. Urbosa's mom, Kounako inherited the Chief title when she won the fight against her sister, Yiga, for the throne. Kounako was stronger, wiser, and a compassionate leader, but pity the fool who tested her wrath. Bitterness consumed Yiga, her pride smashed when she lost to her younger sister. Yiga grew up proud, vain, and arrogant because most of her life she assumed she would be leader as Kounako was five years younger than her. Since her loss, she released her anger and frustration by training and vanquising increasingly large hoards of monsters so soon she was the best warrior the Gerudo had sans Kounako. She rarely stayed in the village unable to let go of her resentment towards her sister, choosing to fighting monsters and those who dared to attack the Gerudo. Yiga loved the thrill of the hunt and wasn't afraid to take a hit to the head if it meant she'd win.

Many years later, after Kounako gave birth to Urbosa, who grew into a prodigy sixteen year old, Yiga lead a hunt in order to get away from her nagging sister as she was starting to become a danger to the other warriors because she didn't pay attention to her surroundings and had already caused the others to be injured on several occasions. On this hunt, she completely lost herself in the bloodlust and tore the monster apart, suffering dreadful wounds. A red haze clouded her vision as her mind screamed for more bloodshed and for the satisfying resistance of tearing flesh from bone. She attacked anything moving within her line of sight, revelling as blood splattered across her skin and the bodies dropping from her onslaught. The warriors accompanying her were horribly wounded with two guards having such grievous wounds that they succumbed to their lesions. They didn't expect one of their own to attack them and with the ferocity of which she attacked them. When Yiga came back to her senses she knew exile or execution waited for her if she returned to the village so she disappeared. Urbosa's mom was furious at the actions of her sister and saddened that she had to ban her from entering on Gerudo territory.

Two years later, Yiga returned and it showed that life had not been kind to her. She looked like she was becoming an animal herself as she attacked the warriors guarding the village. Urbosa was out, patrolling the area when Yiga attacked the clan, as she planned it. Yiga knew Urbosa was stronger and more talented than her, even if she was only eighteen years old, and Yiga was seeking warped revenge on her sister. Kounako was drawn out by the sounds of the battle and saw the Gerudo's keeping her back just barely in the plaza area. Yiga managed to break out and was about to attack one of the children when Kounako moved and fought her sister off. The fight that followed was bloody, vicious, and went down in history as the Gerudo's Shame. Yiga had managed to mortally wound her sister and was horribly wounded herself when Urbosa finally returned. Yiga disappeared as she had come for what she had accomplished, to kill her sister. Years of being alone had warped Yiga's perceptions, causing her to lose her grip on reality.

Yiga was found after the battle with Kounako by some Sheikah traitors that treated her wounds and she managed to endear herself to them. They described how they hated the fact they were being treated like they did something horrible by being intelligent and strong. They didn't like the fact that they had to hide that they were Sheikah. Yiga gets an idea at that point to warp their view in supporting Calamity Ganon. She makes him sound like he's going to be their savior and that he takes care of those who follow him and he wants to destroy the Hyrulians that have hurt and belittled them. He'll help them accomplish their goal. The Sheikah drink it up and decide to follow her, dubbing themselves the Yiga Clan. The group heals her and those that don't follow her, she beats into submission, showing her strength and feeds them stories about how Calamity always came from the Gerudo and one day he'll come back to lead them. She poisons them slowly into believing everything about the Calamity.

It's only cemented when two years later, Yiga gives birth to a boy. She names him Ganon and tells the others that he's their savior reincarnated and keeps him safe so he lives. She tells the Yiga clan that it's proof the Calamity heard them and decided to join them. She wasn't the best of mothers, being rough and after he lived his first couple years, began to train him into the type of warrior that would serve her purposes. Ganon was walking in the footsteps that all the other Ganon's followed. She lived separately from the Yiga Clan to raise him to be who she wanted him to be. She forced upon him all her training and his strength grew as did his cunning. During those years, Yiga began reconstruction in creating the Yiga Clan Hideout and giving them a place to gather. Because of this, she was gone often and Ganon was left alone in the house she'd build at the base of Satori mountain at Rutile Lake. Ganon's only influence was his mother and she was harsh with him as he grew up and he hated it. He built his own mental barriers and was relieved when she left as she usually left for a minimum of four days. Ganon was nine when he first met a five year old Link and this is where our story begins.

Yiga is a Gerudo that is Urbosa's aunt. She's insane and was banished from the Gerudo tribe. She left, returned two years later to kill her sister (Urbosa's mother and current Cheif), succeeded and vanished. The Sheikah traitors found her and patched her up. She became the leader of them and further corrupted them to help the Calamity when he rose. She gave birth to a son named Ganon and has been training him for the past nine years. She was gone often to help construct the 'Yiga Hideout' and Ganon left to himself mostly. Ganon was nine when he first met a five year old Link, and this is where our story begins.