Ganon whipped his head to the side, terrified he'd been caught before he could run and his eyes were drawn upwards as Dinraal, the red dragon, soared above the clearing. He watched in awe as the dragon circled, letting out a mournful keel, heading in the direction of Satori's Mountain. Exclamations of disbelief sound out as the bright Farosh and the graceful Naydra join Dinraal in circling the mountain.

Ganon's awed trance was cut short as sharp claws grip his arms from behind and lifted him into the sky. Sucking in a breath of terror, he refused to shout out and announce his presence to the warriors down below, futilely attempting to latch onto the talons carrying him skyward. Glancing up, he saw the giant bird of legend, a loftwing, had him in its clutches and it circled the base of the mountain, dropping him off on his behind in a nearby meadow at the foot of the mountain. The bird landed several feet from him and cooed softly as Ganon shuffled away, scraping more of his injuries. His back hit something soft and he froze as a gently woof greeted him. Glancing up, he met the soft eyes of the golden Guardian Wolf and didn't know how to react to being surrounded by two great predators. The wolf gently nudged him and move back causing Ganon to almost lose his balance.

The bird trilled at him as it took to the skies, joining the three dragons in circling the glowing mountain. The wolf looked back and nodded his huge head up the mountain path, walking a few paces before looking back at Ganon. Ganon shook his head, not wanting to follow an animal that easily took down a giant boar. The golden wolf turned around and nodded his head in the direction of the mountain once more. Ganon shook his head as he took a step back, wondering if the wolf was trying to lead him towards his den. Tatl caught up to Ganon and observed the situation.

"He wants you to follow him." Tatl said. Ganon shook his head venomously.

"Why not?" She questioned.

"He'll kill me." Ganon whispered. Tatl's glow softened as she flew in front of his face.

"You trust me right?" She inquired. Ganon stared at her, face twitching in exhausted turmoil. Shakely he nodded his head.

"Then please trust me when I say that he's not going to kill you. He's going to lead you where you will be safe. He's a dear friend of mine and I'd trust him with my life." Tatl coaxed. Ganon's face twisted in indiscision, but the sound of armor and weapons rattling accompanied by shouts prompted him to jump and scurry towards the wolf, hopefully choosing the lesser of two evils. Tatl gently landed on his shoulder in a silent show of support as he followed the wolf, glancing at the three dragons circling the mountain and realizing they were headed straight towards the enormous beasts.

Tears of frustration and uncertainty filled his eyes, but he refused to let them fall, closing his eyes as the toll of the past few days bore down on him. His mother slayed his adopted family before his eyes, he had no clue what happened to Link, Yiga chained him to a wall leaving him alone, his house burned down by warrior women, a loftwing carried him here, he was following a golden wolf up a steep mountain, and he headed towards dragons that were massive, sparking electricity, fire, and ice on anyone who got too close. Weariness dragged on his limbs, clouding his mind, and he wanted to sleep for the next week. A gentle bark jerked his eyes back open and when his vision stopped swarming, he found himself staring at the Guardian Wolf in the eyes. Too worn to react in fear, he held up his hand and stroked the wolf's soft head as a small laugh bubbled up. He laughed deliriously at himself for being so scared of this soft animal and maybe he would let him cuddle him. Ganon bet that the wolf would make a wonderful pillow.

A sharp nudge broke through his hazy mind and he sluggishly focused back on the wolf as the wolf nudged him on his wide back. Ganon stumbled on his back and gripped the fur as the wolf stood up and trotted the rest of the way up the mountain, walking underneath the dragons. Ganon's vision bleared as he struggled to stay awake and his limbs became dead weight. He heard Tatl explain to him that she couldn't heal his wounds with his energy levels so low without risking hurting him further. The rocking of the wolf made it difficult to hold on and when he thought he couldn't hold on for much longer, the wolf stopped. Ganon forced his weary head to rise and he couldn't understand what he saw. There stood a glowing animal surrounded by glowing bunnies with owl faces and strange leaf like antennes raising out of their heads. The creature had a body of a deer and two owl shaped faces and seemed to be conversing with the three dragons overhead. Ganon rubbed his eyes several times before looking upon the strange scene to find it hadn't change. As he wondered if he'd finally gone crazy, the wolf nudged him off, forcing him to stand on his feet again.

"Ganon!" A cry called out and he barely had time to look to his left before something small slammed into him, causing him to fall on the wolf and they collapsed in a pile. Stars swam in his vision as his injuries were jostled and the breath knocked out of him. When the ringing in his ears faded, he heard babbling and saw a tuft of blond hair blocking his vision.

"Link?" He questioned in disbelief. Link's head shot up and tears were pouring down his face.

"Of course it's me! Who else would it be? I thought you were dead! I came back with the doctor and our house was on fire and I ran inside to find them, but I was grabbed by Shadow and carried up here-"

"Who's Shadow?" Ganon's awareness peaked at an unfamiliar name and at the memory of an unnamed man that gave him food.

"Shadow's like the Guardian Wolf but darker and he blends into the darkness really well." Link explained. Ganon blinked at Link's bizarre explanation, unable to follow his logic. Soft movement under him had him looking to his right and he saw a massive dark brown wolf nosing the golden wolf, who had broken his fall.

"Ganon, this is Shadow. He saved me from being crushed when a beam almost fell on me. And I'm calling the Guardian Wolf Golden and the bird that is circling with the dragons is Loft. I think there's another wolf in the corner, the cream colored one, and I'm naming him Scar. because the red on his face looks like a scar." Link introduced. Ganon nodded absentmindedly and watched as Shadow plopped down on his left and lay his head on Golden's neck. Before he could look for the tan colored wolf, the hair on his arms and neck stood up when he heard the clip-clop of hooves approach him. Glancing up, he shrunk into Golden's fur as the Lord of the Mountain looked down on him with the three dragons behind him.

"Fear not, I did not have you guided here to harm you. It is not your time to leave this earth and you have been brought here to be given a blessing. There will be many difficult trials ahead of you and your journey will not be easy. The choices you make will define who you are going to become and I pray you choose the heroic path. Everything will seem to be against you if you choose this path, but the reward will be many times greater then the seemingly easier path. The choice is ultimately yours. There is a foreboding feeling about your destiny and I have an inkling as to what it may be. But no matter. The dragons have graciously agreed to cast a protection on you, but this protection is not foolproof. If you come in contact with a curse, you will not be immediately consumed by the curse but if enough time passes, it will possess you. If this ever comes to pass, seek out the dragons to strengthen the protection and wash the curse away. For now, the dragons will breath on you here, with Link, Golden, Shadow, Loft, and Scar to bless and guide you for your journey." When the Lord of the Mountain finished speaking, a colossal cream colored wolf, a head taller then Shadow and Golden, with red markings rose from behind the Lord and settled to Ganon's right as an enormous scarlet colored bird descended from the sky to land behind them.

The dragons shifted behind the Lord of the Mountain as Dinraal rear his head and an ash scented hot gust washed over the group of six. Naydra took his place to breathed in and exhaled a cool, refreshing breeze to envelope the small crowd. Farosh replaced her and blew out a moist burst of air, coating company with his vapor. All three dragons once more exhaled on the group at the same time before rising and circling the mountain once more to keep out anyone who was curious enough to investigate. Exhaustion dragged Ganon's eyelids closed and warmth surrounded him, pulling him further into sleep. He couldn't keep his eyes open any longer and he sunk into Golden's soft fur, letting sleep take him.

"Ganon? Ganon!" Apprehension coarsed through Link when Ganon became limp and unresponsive.

"Do not fear little one. He is merely sleeping. Since the fire, he has gone through harsh treatment and overwhelming emotions, unable to sleep." The Lord of the Mountain approached the small group.

"I need Papa. He'll know what to do, he always does. Can you tell me where he is? Or Mama. I need them!" Link pleaded, tears cascading down his face.

"I have many wondrous powers, but even I can not bring back those who have gone off to a better place. They are happy where they are and at the end of your life, you will join them in the heavenly banquet if you live your life in a way that would make them proud." Shadow rose and moved towards Link, allowing him to throw his arms around his neck and sob into his fur.

"But I want to see them now. I miss them and want Mama to hold me." Link gasped out, tightening his hold on Shadow.

"All in good time. Allow your grief to flow over losing them. It will take time before the grief fades, but accept it when it comes and do not let it overpower you. Trying to bottle up emotions will lead to disastrous results. Now sleep little one and rest from your worries. Tackle your problems tomorrow." The Lord of the Mountain gently touched Link with his hoof, causing Link to bonelessly collapse against Shadow, deep in sleep. Scar, Loft, Shadow, and Golden stared at the lord, awaiting his words.

"There is much to protect these two warriors from. Demise will stop at nothing to seek the destruction of them, but he may try to lure Ganon to his side as he has done with previous Gerudo males. Golden and Scar, I am entrusting Ganon in your care, watch over him and help him know he is not alone. Loft and Shadow, protect Link with all your might and power and teach him the Hero's way. I fear Demise has something planned that will result in grave peril and will catch us unawares. Guide these two as best you can and if you have no other choice, you are allowed to transform," The three wolves and the loftwing nodded, "Good. I give you an extra blessing. You will be able to feel the strong emotions of Ganon and Link and be connected to them but they won't be able to hear or communicate with you unless they wish it. They will have to trust you for you to have a deeper connection with them and if they so choose, they can cut off the connection. You will always be able to know where they are regardless if they trust you or not." The lord breathed over them and each animal shook his head, getting use to the connection.

"I will leave your charges in your care. Support them, give them hope, and let them know they are not alone in this vast world. Tatl, please inform Navi when she arrives that she doesn't have to stay away from Link anymore. Both of you guide these young men on their journey." Tatl nodded as the Lord of the Mountain glowed brighter and vanished, causing the blue haze that surrounded the mountain to fade as the sun began to rise, the dragons taking off to watch over their respective region, leaving the guardians and Tatl behind to watch over Ganon and Link.

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