Chapter One

It was strange being on a new world, it was so different. Xehanort smirked as this world was so much bigger than the one he had come from. True, it was still islands, but it was a city made of islands. There were big box thingys on these ropes that went from island to island. The buildings were mostly white with gold and brown mixes in here and there. It was beautiful and the boy finally smiled as he looked back at Harmony. He walked back to her noticing how nervous she was and wrapped an arm around her. " Its gonna be ok."

Harmony swallowed as she looked at him and leaned into the touch. As long as he was here, yes, it would be ok. So why did she get the feeling he wasn't always going to be here, by her side? What would happen to drive them apart.? What in all the worlds could drive them away from each other? They had been thick as thieves since middle school. Shaking her head she did her best to push down the feeling. This world was beautiful, full of life and light. Though many were looking at her funny. Now that she really looked around Harmony noted that she had a very dark skin tone compared to the townspeople. There clothing was also a lot or convervitive than her crop top and wrap skirt. It looked like she was gonna have to get some new clothing. " If you say so, Norty."

Yep, he still hated that nickname, but he was unlikely to kick it with her. If he was honest in a way it was endearing as it was the only nickname he had. Harmony was also the only friend he had, and if the man had refused to take her too he would have stayed on the islands. Xehanort could not bear the thought of leaving her, little did he know that he would do just that in the future. " Come on, the master he headed to the tower on this island."

The violet nodded as she let him pull her along. The master had used a spell that made her luggage fallow behind them. She looked up at the tower and swallowed. Everything was so white here with almost no other color. It actually set her on edge as she was used to the colors of their island home. Greens, Yellows and just about every other color one could think of. She actually wanted to paint the walls just to see what would happen. Would it be washed off, or would her colorful paintings be allowed to remain on the walls? There was really only one way to find out though she might get in trouble for it.

" Norty, do you really think we will be good at what he wants us to do?" Harmony asked as they stopped in front of what appeared to be a bronze gate. The metal work was very intricate and she couldn't help but appreciate the craftsmanship. " That gate is gorgeous."

" It is." The silver nodded as he looked at her. Xehanort could see the worry in her eyes, really it was in her body language too. It was in how she had curled against him after he had put his arm around her. They only really knew each other here. There was no telling how well t5his world would receive them. He had already noted the looks that Harmony was getting, most likely due to her skin color and clothing. So far he had not seen a single person in town with skin as dark as hers. Coupled with the fact that the townspeople weren't showing nearly as much skin and it meant that Harmony stuck out like a sore thumb. " We will do just fine.'

How was he always so confident? New things never seemed to bother him, and this really should have. It was as if the knowledge of other worlds wasn't a surprise to him. Like he had somehow already known there were other worlds.. It baffled her to no end. Taking in a deep breath she tried to calm herself. All of this was so...overwhelming to her. It was like being thrown into the deep end of a pool and not knowing how to swim. In the end she knew she was gonna have to learn how to navigate this world and many more. Fore now she would start by getting settled in a new room.

Their master took them into the tower and into a large library. Xehanort didn't think he had ever seen so many books in his life. The public library on the islands were small and he had already read every book there. The silver felt Harmony relax a bit and looked at her. This room was likely to be their favorite place.. Both of them delighted in getting lost in a book. The silver had lost count of how many hours had been spent holed up somewhere with a book. There was however still some tension in her body. He expected that as this was all new to the both of them. Yet, she was far more nervous then he was. This was his chance to show he could be more then some islander. Some nobody whose father had been a drunk and insane as well.

" Its gonna be ok." Xehanort stated as he rubbed her arm a bit. He felt a bit more of the tension leave her before it all came back. Looking up he saw a boy about their age coming over to them. Blinking he couldn't help but let his eyes moved down the other males body. In truth he had always been more attracted to males. Harmony was the only female to have ever caught his attention and they were friends long before anything romantic surfaced. Even so, he did enjoy a good dicking when her could find a male willing to do it. He hadn't even thought about giving the violet beside him a dildo, but she was also a virgin. Not that Xehanort was all that experienced ether, as he had only fucked and been fucked by a handful of men. He had no experience other then the porn he had watched for how to do things with Harmony. When that would happen he wasn't even really sure about, soon was his hope.

Eraqus tilted his head having not expected two. His master had said he was only getting one, a male. Yet here were two his age and one obviously female. He let his eyes move over her and a small smile appeared. She was gorgeous, but the arm around her hinted that she was taken. Though, they could just be close friends, he would never know until he asked. The burnette turned his attention to the male only to get an intense glare. Yeah, they were definitely together so he would not be getting any. That was ok though as he was more interested in a long lasting friendship with these two. " Hi, I am Eraqus."

A chuckle left their master as he watched the exchange in mild amusement. Luxu had not been expecting Eraqus to check her out like that. Though he could say the same about Xeha checking out Eraqus, not that his pupil had noticed that. " Eraqus, this is Harmony and Xehanort they both come from Destiny Island."

She had noticed, and shot her own glare at Xehanort. Was he really gonna do that here too? The violet really just had to face the facts and that was the likelihood of Norty leaving her for a dude. Harmony pulled away no longer wishing to be held by the silver. She wasn't some child he had to pamper, she could stand on her own two feet. If she was gonna have to brace herself for him leaving her, she might as well make a new friend. It hurt though since Norty had promised he would work things out if they had an argument, but if he fell out of love with her then she wouldn't chain him to her. That would only make them both miserable. " I am Harmony, and this is Xehanort."

He expected the glare, but not for her to pull away like that. A sigh left him as he watched her introduce herself to Eraqus. Could he really blame her for being mad? No, no he could not. He would get mad if he caught her checking someone else out too. Though he had yet to tell her that he really did prefer males over females. It wasn't something he was unlikely to ever tell her, though if he was honest she might already know. Everyone knew everything on the islands about everyone. Did she think he would leave her for a male? In the end that was a very real possibility and as he looked at her his eyes slid to the boy. He had the face of an angel.

" It's nice to meet the two of you." Eraqus smiled his full attention on Harmony. She appeared to be shorter than he was, which was nice. He was only five ten so some females were taller than him. Offering a hand to her as he glanced at Xehanort only to find the other looking at him. There was no glare this time either, instead it was something else. His attention was pulled back to the violet when he felt her hand in his. SHe was looking back at Xehanort, and she looked close to tears. Maybe their relationship wasn't as stable as it appeared to be. " I can show you both to your rooms."

It hurt to see him look at another like that. Didn't matter if they were male or female, but it was always males. She knew that was what he preferred, everyone on the islands had known that. No one, not even her had expected him to start following her around like some lost puppy. It seemed however that whatever they had was fading now. That he was going to slip away from her and that would be the end of things. Most friendships didn't last once the pair started dating if things went sour. It was a sad truth, and yet she really should have expected it. This was another reason she had been so hesitant to even go into a relationship with him.

The silver followed behind them trying to figure out a way to fix this. Harmony was the only good thing he had ever really had on the islands. They guys he had been with her just bed acquaintances. Xehanort knew nothing about their personal lives, at least nothing he had wanted to know. There had been no emotions between him and the men on the island. Just a quick fuck to get that itch he really couldnt scratch himself. This was different however as there was a tug on his heart when he looked at Era. his heart however ached when he looked at Harmony as he could see the pain in her eyes. She was so open with her emotions, while he had a lot of trouble emoting. Sometimes he didn't even understand what it was he was feeling It was then that he would pull out his violin and play. HArmony seemed to know what was in the music because after she was usually able to put into words what he could not. She also knew him well enough to not accidentally set him off;. Though that was a lesson she had learned the hard way.

" So, what are things like here?" Harmony asked trying to keep her focus on Eraqus. It felt strange to hold someone else's hand, though it wasn't unpleasant. The violet swallowed as they walked down the halls. This place was so alien to her and far too stark. The white walls were actually making her feel claustrophobic. Her breathing picked up as she started to panic looking around frantically for an exit. There had to be a way out of this white prison. They were gonna have to figure out something fast.

Eraqus noticed something was wrong, but Xehanort was the one that acted first. The silvers arms wrapped around her and he pressed himself against her back. " Harma, what's wrong?" He asked feeling her body shake as he held her. Her breathing wasn't getting any better either, it was actually getting faster. She was gonna pass out if he didn;t figure this out soon.

" Walls…..closing…" She gasped as her head started to feel light. HArmony knew she was hyperventilating, but the panic wasn't going away. She leaned back against him hoping that feeling him against her wwould help her to calm down. The violet heard talk around her but didn't catch the words. Her vision was going and she soon blacked out.

Xehanort picked her up when she did in fact pass out. The claustrophobia was new, but it was also a whole new environment. Something here could have triggered it, What he wouldn't know until she woke up. " Is there a room we can set her down in?" The silver asked looking at Eraqus. He was surprised to see concern in the others brown eyes when he barely knew them. Even so, Xehanort could tell it was genuine and appreciated it very much.

" This way." The brunette stated as he led them into a room with double doors on the opposite side of the room. Set in the right corner closest to the door was a bed with a trunk at the foot of it. The bed frame was a dark wood that was hand carved with flowers. The other wall was lined with dressers and really, this room needed a make over. Perhaps Harmony would make this her room. Eraqus had a feel she would bring some much needed color to this place. Maybe that was what was wrong too. Her clothing spoke of a colorful world and this one was, almost colorless. Even compared to his own world, which wasn't extremely colorfulhad more color then this place. " Those double doors lead out into an over grown coartyard."

The silver looked over his grey eyes taking in the waist high grass and smiled a bit. This room might actually be perfect for her. It was large and she could certainly add her own flare too it. Xehanort walked over to the bed and set her down on it. It could take some time for her to come too and he knew it. He would just have to watch and see if she went into a vision and hold her down if she did. Hopefully that wouldn't happen so soon, but he really didn't know. Had they even told their master about that? He didn't think that they had, which could turn out badly later. " I hope she picks this room."

" Why?" Eraqus asked as he sat on the bed and tilted his head. He should have done something to try and calm her down. Instead he just stood there and let Xehanort take over. Though if he was fair with himself, the other male did know more about Harmony. Xahenort has seemed to be a bit surprised by the few words she had managed before she passed out. Was this the first time something like this had happened? "I mean, it is one of the bigger rooms but….."

" Harmony loves to keep a garden." Xehanort stated as he leaned against the bed frame with his arms crossed over his chest. His eyes were on her, Hiw her chest rose and fell with each breath. He was watching to make sure her breathing didn't pick up. Right now she was peaceful, which was best for all of them. It meant she wasn't having a vision. " I do wonder what brought this on though. She was never claustrophobic on the islands."

" I was actually thinking about that." He stated and he looked at Xehanort now. The silver was keeping a close eye on the violet and it wasn't a loving gaze like couple did. It was as if he waiting for something to happen that he was hoping wouldn't. What was it that he was hopping wouldn't happen? Was there ability that she had that could cause things to happen when she was asleep? " From her clothing I can gather that the world you two are from is extremely colorful and this place a a very obvious lack of color."

A groan left her as she started to wake up. Harmony could hear them talking and caught the tail end of it. Eraqus certainly was not off the mark, really he hit the nail right on the head. This one was smart and Norty liked them smart, it was another nail in the coffin of her quickly sinking relationship. Sitting up she looked between the two young men before looking around the room. It was white, like everything else in this place, though the darkwood furniture was nice. Her eyes were soon pulled toward the only source of light, a set of double doors that led out into what appeared to be a courtyard. Looking at the waist high grass she had a feeling it hadn't been used in years. Could she maybe use it herself? She did love gardening and it meant she could have her own source of color. That might actually be the best thing for her. " This place has no color.l and I hate it."

" There will be other worlds as colorful as your own." Luxu stated from the the doorway. His arms were crossed as he watched them. She was looking a bit pale. He hadn't taken into account how unforgiving Scala's lack of color was for some people. She would have done well in Daybreak Town with all its colors. Too bad it was under water and full of fishes. Walking into the room he went over to where the bed was and stood at the foot of it. " How about you take this room? I don't mind if you wanna paint the room. You can even have full reign on what is done with that court yard."

She nodded and a smile appeared as color returned to her face a little bit. That would be perfect actually. Harmony already had a feeling she knew what she would do with the walls. A happy yellow would make her feel a lot better, though she would have to make sure it wasn't too bright. The furniture would remain the same and she could easily fill up the shelves and dressers with her things. The desk could serve as her alter for her ritual work. Out on the courtyard she could do an herb garden. Maybe she could even collect herbs from other worlds and make tea blends with them. That reminded her of the bag if Ocean tea that she had in her bag. She would have to make it for the master and Eraqus. Hopefully that liked it as much as Norty did, it was his favorite of the tea she had made at home. " That would be perfect, thank you."

" Is there a room close to here that I can have?" Xehanort asked as he seemed the release a breath. No visions, that was good. He was also glad their master had given her permission to do what she wanted with the room a court. What she said when she woke led him to believe Eraqus was right about the color thing. Harmony was also, just a colorful person. Her personality could be loud and annoying at times, it even grated on his nerves. Sometimes he wondered how they stayed together when they were so different. However it seemed to be their differences that brought them closer more so once she had learned to respect his space and not cling to him. That had been the most annoying thing about her, and her insistent nurturing. Though he eventually came to appreciate that and her ability to give comfort without asking questions. More so when his schizophrenic decided the act up and give him vivid hallucinations of his father. The silver had lost count of how many times she had found him cowering in a corner of the room her parents had given him at her house.

" There is one around the corner that has a window seat that looks out at the courtyard." Eraqus stated as he got up. He looked at Harmony and smiled as he offered her his hand again. The brunette watched as she looked at Xehanort first this time. It looked like she wasn't mad at him anymore, but what did that mean? Did it mean she wouldn't hold his hand? Eraqus has likely holding her hand. It was soft and it made him wonder how soft her lips might be. Where had that thought come from? He had only just met her, and yet, Harmony was a much needed splash of color here in this white washed place. Even Xehanort with his dark caramel complexion added color to this place. " I can take you there."

" That sounds good to me." The silver stated as gave a nod to Harmony. He may have preferred males, but that didn't mean Eraqus swung like that. The other male could be straight, or prefer woman. Considering how most of his attention had been focused on Harmony, Xehanort was willing to bet he at the very least preferred woman. If he found someone else at the very least she could have a friend to turn too. She deserved better than him, and always had. Someone that wasn't damaged like him, his scars showed and she shouldn't have to deal with that. At the same time he knew she would notice if he suddenly started to pull away from her. It would freak her out as he had promised before they even started dating that they would always work things out. A sigh left him as he watched Harmony take hold of the others arm instead of his hand. She was so thoughtful, considering everyone's feelings before taking action. It was one of her strengths and a weakness.

She noted the slight disappointment in those kind brown hues and looked away. It appeared that even her carefully thought about compromise had hurt his feelings a bit. Harmony was almost tempted to pull away and not hold onto either of them. In the end she needed to prepare for what was to come. She needed to get ready for training and the high chance that she was gonna lose Norty. The violet glanced behind her only to catch Xehanort looking at Era's back side. Her feet stop as she pulled away from Eraqus. She could see the brunettes confusion as she turned and walked away from them both. All she suddenly wanted to do was go home even if it meant leaving her silver haired friend. He was the one that had always wanted off the islands, not her. She would have been content with their world, though she knew he would kill himself if he stayed. They were still close enough to her would be room for her to go in it and lock the door behind her. Once that was done she slid down the door and started to cry. This was not how things were supposed to go.